Saturday, December 10, 2022

Watch out: club announces new timepiece partner

After the announcement of PUMA as kit manufacturers this week, Arsenal have made public another commercial deal.

Via a statement on comes the news that Swiss watchmaker, JEAN RICHARD has signed ‘a long-term partnership agreement which provides significant presence within Emirates Stadium on matchdays and the right to create and distribute licensed product through Arsenal and JEANRICHARD retail channels.’

The head the club’s Marketing and Sales department said, “This is another important step as we build our partnerships portfolio and underlines the momentum we have on our commercial agenda.

“JEANRICHARD share many of our core values and we are delighted to welcome them to the Arsenal family.”

Those core values include:

  • Giving us money
  • Us taking the money
  • Discount swag for club employees
  • A free sundial for every player

Jokes aside, it all adds up as the club try to catch up with others whose commercial revenue is legitimately higher than ours.

We await the announcement of Arsenal’s Official South East Asian Ramen Noodle Partner and our new Worldwide Iced-Tea With Lemon In It deal.

Meanwhile, let’s hope that Captain Jean Luc Richard can boldly go where no official timepiece partner has gone before.

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Arsene does like his ticky tocky football.

Gareth Murray

Well done sir!

DL Gooner

It’s five minutes to Draxler by my watch.


About time we get some time at the emirates


Does this Jean Richard play up front?


May be pay up front?


I’m afraid blogs is mistaken. After some long and demanding wikipedia research, I’ve learnt that JeanRichard is not in horology but is actually a historian born in 1921. So that’s who we’ve signed. Tallies with rumours that we’re tearing down Highbury to build a library.

Also JeanRichard and Puma are subsidiaries of the same parent company PPR, now Kering.

pirate hunter

Wenger’s time


About bloody time


I checjed the price. That’s one watch I am not going to buy. Any idea on how much this and Huawei deal will give per season?


This is for real? You’re winding me up.


Get that money Arsenal, get that money

Hank Scorpio

Just checking my JEAN RICHARD watch now and apparently there are exactly 6 hours 5 minutes and 20 seconds before we announce the signing of Draxler.


Yeah that ain’t happened.


In other news newly formed company etihad watches have signed a deal with man city worth 5billion squidoodles a year.


Should have gone for Wenger


absotively posolutely, gotta get me the nail clippers, only $59.95 to remove the excess calcium from my digits, nearly choked on my big toe..Bring me the drax


hopefully,it would tell us the time we climb on top again. Hope its feb.3

Dr Baptiste

I’m really hoping the club get a sponsor who provides items I can realistically afford right now like Casio or Lidl….


The way for you to go is Huawei
I believe their phones may serve as some sort of modern time-keeping apparatus


and that’s all its good for. garbage phones.


You should check the article before commenting you know, there was a leak of a done deal with noodles and ice tea suppliers.

Bould's Eyeliner

Arsenal to sustain me literally. Now they just need a deal with Sriracha.

A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

I don’t know how to tell you this, Jean, but I THINK YOUR SHIFT KEY IS BROKEN.


Wow, we are totally whoring ourselves out, awesome as long as it brings in funds. Looking forward to the Arsenal’s official cat litter tray company and Arsenal’s official choice of pork pie.


JEANRICHARD is one of the oldest manufactures. So at least it’s classy whoring.


In other news, Draxler wears JeanRichard

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

This was already announced on Enough with the second hand information.

On the face of it though, this is a pretty good dial for Arsenal. Especially as we’re so strapped for cash compared to others, if you catch my (horolo)gist.

I know right. Go fuck myself!


Beware those team members who turn up late to the training ground….Per will be standing at the doors with a top of range blingy time piece grinning. ..

Cygan's Anal Beads

Am I the only one wondering how much money we’ll get from this? (So I can then work out Championship Manager-style which world class player we might be able to buy next)?


I would say a couple of hundred thousands plus watches for management and players (slightly lowers wage requirements) plus share of the sales of joint products (not significant imo).

The Playmaker

Off topic, but does anyone remember Mourinho’s quote “I think boring is a team that plays at home and cannot score a goal,”


That wankstain just had the nerve to criticize West Ham for “not playing football”. Does he not remember his own tactics at the Emirates a few weeks ago? What a total, complete, and utter cunt.


Is Jean guy a striker? Wink

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

VENGA, that’s not what we meant when we said that time is running out to make a signing..

Puff puff

Mourinwhore is a cunt a disrespectful one.Did you hear his comments on alardyce


they are all cunts.


Good to see the club not resting on its laurels with the two mega deals with Emirates and Puma. Lots of money can be made from these types of sponsorship’s. In the last week Liverpool signed three worth around £31m [Liverpool deal with Garuda worth £16m a year, Dunkin’ Donuts (£8m ) and Vauxhall (£7m )]

Malaysian Gooner

If that Garuda deal is really worth 16m a year, Liverpool have done very well for themselves (especially since our deal with Emirates includes training kits and naming rights and is only worth 30m). I’m not sure if the Vauxhall deal is really worth that much but we have a similar tie-up with Citroen anyway.

I’d be curious to see what Swiss Ramble has to say about all these deals. Liverpool seems to be making a few fairly large sponsorship deals while we’re going the Man Utd route and signing many smaller scale regional deals.

Alhaj Sa,id

Please!!! We want top striker and striker, and striker.
Beg!!! Striker

Ryan tan

I just hope we can get draxler on time

No mind the gap jokes please.

Does this mean when the players are doing post match interviers they will be standing there wearing a great big stupid watch like they do in F1?

Yankee Gooner

Seems like a good dial on the face of it.


Is he a target man?

Dr Baptiste

He’ll be an important cog in our time of need


What will wenger do with his IWC now??


Like A New Seiko.


Lol blogs you’re on fire and today! I’m still laughing at that “delegate ” song. Classic!

teddy salad

Capt. Sullenberger has signed with us, according to the website. Another rabbit out of a hat for Herr Law! Also, there’s a really fucking big watch being held by Arsene and some Klaus Maria Brandauer bloke. The ‘little’ hand points directly to Arsene. A hidden message? Or perhaps this explains what he has been keeping underneath that puffy coat with the shit zipper.

murray's whale ale

Sorry to burst your bubble but ramen is as south east asian as tottenham is a football team

Tom Thumb

Mourinho criticizing west Ham for playing for a draw,exactly what they did against us before Christmas, fucking hypocrite

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

Awesome. Can’t wait to get my new Arsenal souvenir watch.

Per as the big hand, Santi the little one and when you turn it upside down they switch into the away kit.


Yankee Gooner

Randy Pan, do the hands switch to TV5 and Rosicky after 70 minutes?


Sam is Baba Cunt. Maureen is Mama Cunt


I’m glad you specified Lemon Iced Tea. People who opt for the Peach one are worse than John Terry


Thumbs down. NO-ONE is worse than John Terry.


So is this when they announce the Jean Richard clock end?

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