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Wenger backs Clattenburg ahead of FA Cup clash

Arsene Wenger has given his backing to referee Mark Clattenburg who was the subject of a complaint by Southampton.

The Saints claimed that the referee ‘abused’ Adam Lallana, and wrote to the referees’ governing body the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) on New Year’s Eve.

However, the complaint – which was apparently down to Clattenburg saying, “You are very different now, since you’ve played for England – you never used to be like this” – has been rejected.

Asked about the issue at his press conference today, as Clattenburg is to take charge of the Sp*rs game tomorrow, Wenger said, “I would be disappointe if Mark Clattenburg is not referee tomorrow. As long as you’re not proved guilty, you’re innocent.

“Nobody has proved yet that what he’s accused of, so it would be a very bad decision. I personally have no problem with Clattenburg refereeing the game tomorrow.”

That’s the way to do it, Arsene, get him on side. You wily old dog.

Southampton, however, have refused to let the matter drop, insisting that the referee was a big meanie-pants poo face and they’ve told their mum who is going to ring up his mum to give him what for.

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A N Other

Laughable. Saints are going mad.

Runcorn Gooner

Some of the abuse used by Rooney,Terry,Cashley etc etc towards referees makes me think Pot,Kettle,Black in this case.


Backing of refs might be a step towards them not hating us.

remember the invincibles

He had better send Adebayor off and gives a few penalties for this. Wenger’s helping him save his career.
How come it’s always Clattenburg who gets in trouble?

Bould's Eyeliner

Good men are always in trouble when they work in a piece of shit governing body.


Lallana (didn’t she used to go out with Aliadiere?) has obviously come out of this looking a bit of a wet lettuce. But, to be fair, I would have to agree that referees shouldn’t be making this sort of comment. A referee is there to officiate – not play the wind-up merchant. Crosses the line of objectivity in my opinion.


It’s interesting. What would happen to a player that said that to a referee?

The FA and Premier League are big on respecting the officials… well I’ve said this before but respect is a two-way street.


What would happen to a player that said that to a referee? I guess that would depend on the player who said it- as Wayne Rooney can say what he likes to referees in every game and get away with it

Gearoid Kelly

I’m pretty sure players get away with saying much much worse to a referee.

I’ve long been a fan of the referee being mic-ed up, as in rugby. People would have to choose their words very carefully then.


I’m sure they do on occasion, and yes as tj says, depends on the player maybe, but still I think if the refs and the ruling bodies wish to demand “respect” from the players then they need to be sure that they behave in an equally above reproach manner to the players. No matter what the players say, the FA have put the refs in a position where they need to be above reproach at all times. And yes, it would be interesting to get the refs miked up. Honest players and honest officials shouldn’t have anything to fear from… Read more »

Finsbury Park Gooner

A referee should be allowed to say pretty much whatever he needs to (apart from genuinely abusive language) to communicate with the players. It’s a mans game ffs (or it was once). Besides, how many times have you seen refs smile or share a little joke with a footballer? How is that being objective? I find it absolutely staggering that they would choose to make a formal complaint over something as trivial as this.


Totally agree that a formal complaint is way over the top. That wasn’t my point at all. But I do disagree with you about a referee being able to say whatever he needs to; that’s nonsense. The ‘pally, pally’ approach is archaic and should have died out with players like Tim Sherwood and Dennis Wise. Being amicable with players is one thing; clearly taking the piss out of them is quite another.

Bendtner's Dog

‘a man’s game (or once was)’. you melancholy draconian titbag.


It _is_ crazy that southampton would make such a big deal out of what is a small thing. However, I come back to the ref essentially being disrespectful to the player… maybe not the sort of disrespect that would have us all crying and making formal complaints to anyone who will stop and listen, but still disrespectful… while the game’s ruling bodies demand that the officials are respected no matter what.


Surely the point is that players should not be allowed get away with it either. If refs started booking players the second they open their mouths it would stop very quickly- and the bonus is Shrek Rooney, who can’t help himself, would be suspended most his career


players should grow the fuck up


Again, agree with this completely, Blogs. I couldn’t give a mole rat’s left tit about Lallana’s feelings. But, purely from a fans’ point of view, referees forming personal relationships with players – developing ‘favourites’ etc. – is not a good thing.


Absolutely. I find it equally amusing when fans scream the most awful things at players and have the police on speed dial the moment a player so much as raises an eyebrow in return. If you dish it out you have to be prepared to take it back.

Runcorn Gooner

No she was hoping out with Paulinho,she fancied someone younger

Runcorn Gooner

going out obviously


Actually he was banging a chick on the side called Lloris.

5280 Gunner

A) Adam Lallana is a twerp, and B) That’s hardly abuse. Can we just go forward and dislike him for his incompetence instead of any supposed disrespect.


I actually like this guy…cant put my finger on why but I do. I believe we get our fair share of pts when he officiates our games as well..


Clattenburg is actually one of the better referees.


Totally 100% agree. He is one of the few I feel that normally gets it right and you can see the players have a lot more banter with him. Not the first time he’s been accused of being a naughty boy but the game needs refs like him.

Bould's Eyeliner

I actually really enjoy it when he has that look of ridicule when a player complains about a pretty accurate call. Not to mention he’s actually fit enough to be in position to make calls – I actually thought the whole new ‘FA Referee Conditioning’ bs they spouted preseason would have some impact, but obviously the whales of refs shall preserve their whale ways.


Wait and see what he says after the match


For me anyone other that Mike Dean is ok.


Probert? Taylor?

Gearoid Kelly


monsieur petit pois

Howard ‘3 yellow’ Webb?

monsieur petit pois

My bad that was Graham Poll

monsieur petit pois

Although Webb is still a dick.

Runcorn Gooner

Now if it had been Mike Dean………..Only joking,possibly

bacary's right leg

Refs get worse ‘abuse’ from players all the time. But you never hear a big deal made over it. So I don’t really see anything in this

The Fonz

I remember reading an article by “thesecretfootballer” about how Clattenburg has always been very pally with the players, calling them by their nicknames etc, so this doesn’t surprise me at all.


Finally has been found out this ref. foolishly abused john obi mikel (not that i care) and now feels he has the right to judge Lallana and sort of belittle him. If refs are lowering to this levels bigotry then expects players to be in their best behaviour. He should be relieved off his duties for some time….

The Fonz

I believe he called Mikel “Mickey” as that is his nickname, which was misheard as Monkey by some of the players and he was later cleared of all charges.


I believe the comment he made was “may your ears turn to arseholes and shit on your shoulders” said the cheerful cockney stereotype and as such when said to a Chavski or Sp*rs mercenary is quite in order


Well if the FA insist we shouldnt be privy to refereea reasons for making their decisipn no matter how unreasonable the decisions look. Then surely the referee can spare the player whatever he thinks of his person.

I’d have said what’s the big deal. But please we dont even get to be told why Walcott wont get a penalty kick after being hacked in the box. Except hacks on tv explaining it away. So Markie Mark keep your opinion on Adam to yourself please.


Still has had one to many controversies in the space of only 10 months. His employers the FA! the fucking FA!cleared him yes but take it from a guy who has had run ins with peeps who take the moral high ground. Clattenburg looks the type. Needs time off!


If I’m Adam Lallana and I don’t want to come across to the whole country as a complete baby, but still feel upset by this complete non-abuse, then just have a word with Clattenburg in private and be done with it. Aside from this though, there are a few refs in the Prem who do seem to enjoy the limelight a bit too much and think by being all matey with the headline-making players, that this will help them with their after-dinner speaking circuit that they will inevitably fall onto once retirement looms….(different topic though possibly)


I think Clattenburg has really grown into the job the past few seasons. He isn’t Mr. Webb yet but I like his approach to his job unlike say Mike Dean’s which I have liked less and less as the years go by. Personally I have always appreciated officials who interact with players throughout the game, not just when punishment is being handed out. Some of the antics of the players should be laughed at and Clattenburg is one of the few who actually does laugh at them. This comment, probably true, but would agree not one of his best. Yet,… Read more »


Have any of you people actually refereed? At a level higher than, say, U12? Do you actually have the slightest idea of what referees are subjected to every time they take the field? Props to Clattenberg for putting Lallana in his place, and doing it (IMHO) quite politely. There is nothing the remotest bit abusive in what he said. Lallana and Southampton just look like spoiled children to me. I get a little pissed off when not only do I see a mountain being made out of this trivial little molehill, but also I see uninformed idiots closing their blinkered… Read more »


What’s ‘ Baseball ‘?


“Have any of you people actually refereed?”

Not football, but yes at a reasonable level too, including the equivalent of being the 4th official and running the line at a European fixture.
In any sport, being any kind of official is not for the faint hearted.


So now Clattenburg has a grudge with Chelsea and Southampton. Also he most likely hates Sunderland as he’s a Newcastle fan.


Don’t care. They’re all corrupt Arsenal hating c*#ts , employed by even bigger corrupt Arsenal hating c*#ts.

It will become clear come the revolution.


I just cant tell anymore.. which ref is the least cunty when it comes to officiating our games? It really feels like not a game goes by without a clear peno shout ignored.. or getting battered by offsides that should’ve been on. I know most fans feel this kinda “injustice” because they only look and register when bad things happen to them. It’s quite obvious we get decisions against us.. or players fly in with studs up and don’t get booked then the opposition fans start singing “same old arsenal, always cheating”… This collective retardation makes me sad for humanity.… Read more »


retardation is not the preferred nomenclature dude.


funny thing here, and i’ll be bold and state the obvious, but Southampton lost this match 3-0.


Blogs, please remove Lethgooner and report him to the authorities. Scum


I heard Lallanas dad is stronger than Clattenburgs dad….anyone know?


Anyone know what this umpiring is?


It is what a fucking umpire does.

Air Bergkamp

Can someone ban Lethgooner please? I REALLY don’t want to have to look at that shit.


Even if he was thinking it AW is hardly likely to call him an incompetent C U Next Tuesday


A nicely played mind-game by Wenger.

Whenever I see a club complaining about the officials, I know that the whole fuss is about something else. Southampton is trying to use this to gain credibility and respect in EPL over-night, and aside from it being wrong, it’s hurting the competition. Too much media attention on the referees is not going to do anyone much good, especially the teams.


Is McNulty refereeing his kids games now?

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