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Wenger keen to play down Gnabry hype

While everyone agrees Serge Gnabry had a fantastic game against Sp*rs as Arsenal beat Sp*rs 2-0 in the FA Cup sending Sp*rs out of the cup by defeating them 2-0 in a 2-0 win over Sp*rs, Arsene Wenger was keen to play down the inevitable hype that such performances generate.

The boss acknowledged the quality of his display yet refused to jump on the ‘Next best thing’ bandwagon that popped up in the press conference afterwards.

“I am a strong believer in Serge,” he said, “because I integrated him at the start of last season but let’s not make superstars with one game. The top level is about consistency but I believe the ingredients are there. He has to show he can turn up with these performances in every game.”

The young German set up Santi Cazorla for Arsenal’s opening goal and was involved in a string of excellent attacking moves, and Wenger was happy to praise his contribution.

“Overall today he has shown that he is quality. He had a very good game. He is very young and he has the quality. He is bright, he has a good football brain.”

Of course there is a tendency for players to be made heroes after too short a time, so it’s understandable that the manager would play things down.

Yet there’s no disputing the fact Gnabry took his chance with both hands last night, and should find himself more involved as the season progresses.

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Good lad he is…btw when will ox be back ?

Bergkamp fan

Why on Earth does that have a downvote?


Spurs fan on a mass down-vote?

Eyes too puffy from crying to see they were in the wrong thread?


Gnabry – the next best thing.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

He looks and built a lot like young Tyson. Remember I said JUST looks.

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

“He reminds me of a young Lenny Henry”

Well, that’s my obscure quote for the day.


He was excellent yesterday..
And how good was monreal? I don’t think he got the praise he deserved yesterday. Was up and down whole game and gave that cunt walker what he deserved. Making it hard for wenger to drop him..


He had a big hiccup against city at the etihad and people are looking at that too much because that game aside hes been awesome in every game hes played this season! nacho nacho man!

Jarl Frantzen

Nacho was also left 1 against 2 each time Shitty had the ball on their right hand side. Jack didn`t exactly help Nacho very much in that game I think 🙁


Very true Gary Neville did a excellent analysis on that saying we was exposes on the wing… thats why at Chelsea we played Rosiky on the wing to sort the mess out..


Also Fabianski was a real shot stopper yesterday.

It was weird because i felt he had learned afew things from Szczesny (the younger goalie). his distribution to Sagna especially and getting the ball quicker to players so that we can stuff the sp*rs on the counter. i thought he was superb.

Dick Swiveller

His distribution has always been pretty good imo, I think the other parts of his game distracted from it but it was a strong point of his.


His distribution has always been better than Szczesny. He has always been the better
all-round keeper of the two IMO. He had a bad first season, but has been very good when called upon since then.


I agree that Monreal has been fantastic. I don’t know if the stats back it up, but it seems like we get more joy down the left when he plays. And that means Sagna willing to get into the box to win headers, which he always does. Always.

No knock against Gibbs. I think he’s been great too.


Yes, it certainly was Arsenal beating Sp*rs 2-0 in a match were Arsenal scored 2 and Sp*rs 0, in which the Arsenal won over Sp*rs sending them out of the FA Cup with a 2-0 victory.


Indeed, but the question remains: did arsenal beat sp*rs 2-0 in the FA cup or did arsenal beat sp*rs 2-0 in the FA cup? Personally, I think arsenal beat sp*rs 2-0 in the FA cup, but then, that’s just me.


My favourite part about us beating Sp*rs 2-0 was that we beat them 2-0. And also that they lost 2-0 and got sent out of the FA Cup.


So you all are saying that the first time we met them this season we beat them 1-0 , the second 2-0 so the third meeting will end up Arsenal 3-0 Sp*rs.
By the numbers.

Brahma Pochee

Powerful, football minded, good dribbler and seems to be unshaken by football’s top stage….he’ll go as far as he wants.


To Barcelona? Sorry. I’ll get my coat.

Bould's Eyeliner

Is your coat made of unicorn leather and children’s tears and the sweat of an online troll?


Can’t we laugh at ourselves a bit? That was a pretty funny.

Petit's Handbag

Jesus the Ox is gonna struggle to get near the team, we’ve two wide positions which can be divided between Walcott, Podolski, Gnabry, Cazorla,Rosicky, Ozil not to mind Arsene doesn’t mind playing Rambo or Wilshere there.
Which should mean every time one of them steps onto the pitch, they’re playing not for their starting place but a spot in the match day squad.
I’m pretty sure this signifies the end of Ryo, seems a good player, but just look at the names above


I have to disagree. He’s a quick, lightweight tricky player who was always going to take more time to adapt, especially now after quite a few injuries. He did very well at Feynoord, earned himself nickname Ryodinho. Maybe we should’ve left him there for another year as the Dutch league seems to suit him. After that he did reasonably well at Bolton and than the injuries. But if you remember a certain skunk who took about six years of nursing to fulfill his potential…


Pele, Maradona… Gnabry?

Jarl Frantzen

Or just Gnabry.


Perhaps a Pele-Maradona mix with a hint of Jesus Christ it’s called irony.


you forgot to mention we beat sp*rs 2-0

gunner for ever

Again my big respect and appreciation goes to Arsene Wenger!!! he have never been afraid to give chance for everyone and ready to take the risk when young and unknown players sometimes fail to perform well.We fans must learn to be more patient and respectful in times when the team and individual players fail to perform well.If we do not stay with the team what ever the results show,we can not have the moral strength to appreciate and enjoy times like now when our team is really doing well in and off the pitch. Long live Arsene Wenger,the coaching team… Read more »

Wrighty's Gold Tooth

Gnabry looks like he could be an Eden Hazard for us.

Jack's Right Foot

Except stronger, more selfless and less of a wank.


Not sure, AFAIK he didn’t kicked any children so far.


Off topic-if you want a good laugh have a look at spud blog ‘dear mr levy’ this morning…it’s full of cunts but one of the comments states –
‘It’s probably a good thing we’re out of the cups as focusing on a CL spot is more important…’
Fuck me,sp*rs really are the gift that keeps on giving,you couldn’t make it up!


Fuck me, I should not have went over to check out that spud blog. Second comment in and I was already infuriated by the cunts. My God they really are a bunch of wank stains.


FYI Ox is back in training this week.

Also those folks worried about him being ousted because of the mass talent we have in his current position, remember that Wenger sees him one day playing through the middle! The little powerhouse that he is!

Toby C

I think Wenger sees everyone playing through the middle!


It is not hype if you can back it up.

Kid will be immense, After years of experience wenger knows how exactly how to handle the G-nab. Exposure but not so the michael owen-esque one where by 28 your career is over.


Love that Rosicky/Gnabry picture: “Well done, lad. Now let’s see this off.”

Wenger is spot on with his comments. Also, his whole press conference was brilliant:

“Arsene, does Theo regret what’s he’s done”
AW: [Smirks] Look, he was smiling.”

I love seeing that spark back in his eyes. What a difference a year makes. Awful seeing him come undone at that CL press conference.


i liked…

on being short up front…
We are short because Theo is not very tall!


Yep, classic Wenger! Also: “When the FA has a look at this, which they will do . . . ” AW: [smirks] Are you the FA?” He also clearly told a white lie in the build-up talking like he would play his best lineup while having this lineup in mind (unless WS picked up some injury I don’t know about). I think he did it to keep Sherwood guessing. And maybe he wanted to let Gnabry know he was starting as late as he could. I recall the kid responded well when that happened in the fall (forget which league… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

My favourite part of that match was the sp*rs fans brilliant embodiment of their club. Always throwing money away.


I’ve said this before gnarby reminds me of luis saurez, he has some similar skill set and saurez this start out in the same position in his early days and he has good balance and can twist and turn good body movement and he has a shot on him he can develop into a forward I think wenger sees this

Dick Swiveller

They’re both good dribblers and have an eye for goal, but that goes for a fair few players so I’m not sure it’s worth besmirching the poor lad like that!

Unyoke the Ox

Too late Arsene, he is too good and has far too good of a name for cheesy/great headlines. Great game yesterday.


It’s hilarious when you think back to the start of the season, when pundits were moaning that we had no depth in this squad.

Sp*rs spent 100,000,002.50 (2.50 for the bus fares thrown at Theo), and their bench on paper was hilarious.

Denilson's back pass

It’s almost like Gnabry is like a

no neck

what was the score?


I too am a great believer in Serge! All hail Serge, Slayer of the Scum!


I like what the boss said,he is 18,he needs to have a cool head and hunger to develop further,give him all the hype associated with the English press and he just might be tempted to think he’s already there……..IMO.


…And I forgot to say we beat Sp*rs 2-0 🙂

Dick Swiveller

Luckily, he’s German.

So he’ll have some sound advice from his compatriots in the squad and a lack of hype from the Sun, he’ll be fine.


Time for the draw. Hope we get another small club.


My hope for serge is that he continues to make cameo appearances for the 1st team this season and then goes on loan (somewhere midtable pl) next season, coming back to arsenal to challenge for a real 1st team spot in 2015-16 season.


With the way he’s playing,I agree he shld make Cameos for the rest of the season,but I don’t need he’ll need to go out on loan,he needs to keep playing at the highest level…..unless we’d send him to small /mid-table clubs like United 🙂


Nice Coventry at home


Wow that was fast!!


we are playing conventary at home so we get to reshuffle a bit hope to see zelalem or somebody else


Hype or hype time infinity. Gnabry is undoubtedly a star in the making. There is a dangerous element he brings to the attack and we saw that before he went on the injury layoff.


Stop heaping praise on arsenal and Gnabry because they played a team good for the championship. Don’t forget a gooner was their coach. What did you expect ?


Great Gnabry Batman!!! its 2-0!

Perry Groves

I don’t want to overhype him, I think he could become a great, but from what I could see all his good stuff was in the final quarter of the field (not a bad place, I’m happy to admit), but when receiving the ball further down the field he often seemed to hesitate and play too safe a ball, rather than trusting himself to try something faster to keep the move flowing. I’m sure that he’ll learn, and gain confidence in that part of his game, but we need to bear in mind that he’s not the finished article yet.… Read more »


Imagine the headlines if he was English…


Imagine if he plays for Manure. We won’t hear the end of it. The media would worship like he’s the f*cking Prince of England.


With the emerging Serge and The Ox nearly back out his box it gives us tons of wide options. Hopefully at home with can see Theo through the middle more. Although he won’t play against slow carthorses like Dawson every week. Btw AFC 2 – SCUM 0


U r an awesome writer blogs 🙂

mr hanky

@sanjeev “when that happened in the fall”…do you mean that Mark E Smith has gotten rid of more band members than S***rs has ditched players and managers alike.Not sure what any of this has to do with SG but as Mark once said “If its me and your effing granny on bongos it’s still The Fall”…nurse I think it’s happening again


Heh must admit this is over my head. I meant when Gnabry found out he was starting in place of Walcott (?) very late. Unless I dreamed it, which is not uncommon for me.

The Artist formerly known as DangerMouse

Nice one Mr. Hanky. Love The Fall reference. Showing our age now.


Remember reading Gunnerblog’s piece just recently about how we have become a bit too accustomed to playing with a target man in Giroud (or Bendtner) this season. I don’t think we will be afforded as much generosity (some would say stupidity) as Spurs yesterday by most teams, not enough to employ Walcott as a false nine on a regular occasion, but the pace we prosecuted our attacks with yesterday because of Walcott/Gnabry was exceedingly refreshing. And we have the Ox returning which means we will be flushed with pace and able to mount a different form of offense now. Which… Read more »

Clock End Mike

“a player who can add goalscoring threat with pace up front”? Doesn’t that describe Walcott to a T?

Who better?


“The top level is about consistency but I believe the ingredients are there. He has to show he can turn up with these performances in every game.” I think that’s pretty harsh actually considering Gnabry looked a million times better than Theo did at the same age. I remember Theo coming on in the first ever game at Emirates, he looked pretty good; but did not set up a goal nor score; something Gnabry has done in two big-ass games this season. Yes he has to do it every game, and he has done it whereas others haven’t at the… Read more »


Gnabry cost the same as one week of Adebayor’s exorbitant wage demands. Even he doesn’t turn out to be a worldie, what a buy from Wenger.


I dont mind Spurs i generally enjoy our rivalry with them and always look farward to the next one I even enjoy their blog cause theres no rating system people are never afraid to speak their minds neither Example of a amazing yet sad post.You’re not too old squire. I know exactly where you’re coming from. I had a similar epiphany after Sol Campbell’s return to WHL with them. I had my ten year old daughter with me who had idolised Campbell at Spurs. His birthday was on the same day as his. I hated Campbell for what he did… Read more »


the discussion started by Theo Walcott and the fans throwing coins yesterday…

Stop the childish abuse respect and enjoy the rivalry we have with them 🙂

mr wright

So what’s that they were saying about Januzaj?!?!?!


youre a decent man jason…. my daughter is 9 now and your post actually made me a better person.
Still i wont take her to nl derby till shes a lot older even though it is a lot of fun watching them lose 2-0…
i mean 2-0


Goontang you got a lot of thumbs down but I gotta matey that was FUNNY prob right too

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