Thursday, February 29, 2024

Date confirmed for Everton FA Cup tie

The time and date for Arsenal’s FA Cup quarter-final with Everton has been confirmed for 12:45pm on Saturday, 8 March.

It has been confirmed that the game will be a Category B fixture, but given the match again falls outside the remit of season ticket cup credits its still going to sting the pockets of the loyal home support.

It remains to be seen how many tickets are allocated to the Everton support although you suspect Arsenal will again cite safety issues as a reason to deny them their full entitlement.

The match will be shown on ITV 1 and comes sandwiched between away trips to Stoke and Bayern Munich.

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Indonesian Gooner

I really want us to win the FA Cup. Let’s make it all the way nowm CoYG.

Bould's Eyeliner

We all know how reckless Martinez can be… he’s a gambler, so we should soak it up easily and hit them hard for our signature 2-0. COYG!

Bergkamp"s Third Nipple

Let’s start a new signature, 5-0!!!!


the dreaded 12.45!!


Let’s just make sure Giroud gets to bed early. Lock him up in a tower or something.


Doesn’t matter. Sanogo would be leading the line, hopefully.


I have a different idea where to lock him.


We did away with Palace at Selhurst at that time so it can be done

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Against Crystal Palace, Giroud was unable to ‘score’ however he had a lovely ‘assist’.

He had a similar performance the night before at that hotel, so he claims!


Yeah, I don’t understand it either.


Important to get challenged sometimes by the best team from Liverpool.


I’d take the FA cup and a top 4 finish if it was offered right now, this death run is bloody nerve wracking


Sorry mate but that’s a loser’s mentality. We go for until the end! We might fail and end up with nothing but we will fight.


My heart says yes but my brain says no. I guess ill trust my heart then


So what will it take for Arsenal to be like the Bayern and Barca of this world?

Desert Fox

Copious amounts of cash and dodgy deals with local government?


No No No.We have never won the CL dont you want Arsenal to be CL winners if only once in our lifetimes

Adam Richards

I’m pretty sure if Ox15 was offered the CL he’d screw the FA Cup and then the top 4 then becomes irrelevant. In fact I would want Sp*rs to come 4th if we won the CL.

I’d take the FA CUP and at least 2nd in the league, but I’m just going to enjoy/not enjoy at times, watching us doing it!

Oor Wullie

Tyldsley and Townsend instead of whoever that guy is and Michael Owen. Not sure which is the lesser of two evils.


Facing Everton at home now could actually work in favor of us. Take them out now and get a weaker team in the semis at Wembley, then eventually face ManCity in the final.

But just before the Bayern away tie. Bummer.


But you know this doesn’t mean we can’t get Man City in the semis though 🙂 I like your optimism but I would have preferred some shit team.


It was the only time it could be scheduled for since we are away to Bayern Munich the following Tuesday. But I hope we don’t play a weak team as City should be the only top four rivals left if we win.

DL Gooner

Mmmh, Stoke and Bayern Munich sandwhich. It’s like corn beef and caviar.


or dog sh*t and cavoar….

Al Gilmore

A home tie is all you can ask for. Everton are a very decent side, but if we could meet them before Lukaku is back then I don’t think they have the out n out firepower to beat us, IF we defend properly.

brian Molloy

Ha ha mark hughes has only got corn beef but still keeps trying to make ham sandwich clueless


Strong team would be a must


When’s the Swansea game being moved to?


Everton are in my opinion the team that gave us the most trouble. It won’t be easy. Apart from City, certainly the strongest team still in the Cup.
We should be looking to play our best team, they are to be taken seriously.


All what we want is just a win


Any idea when tickets go on sale for red members?


Gives us maximum recovery time before going to Munich. It could’ve been a lot lot worse…


Wow! Just a day after the premiere of 300-Rise of an empire. A pretty entertaining weekend if you ask me. Hope thepiratebay and kat dont keep me waiting.


I wish I had Gerald Butler’s six pack instead of a flabby gut.


Kim Jong-Un is much more powerful than Gerard Butler. He created everything from thongs, good wine, photoshop, prison break and angry birds to Bendtners hairband, penalty kicks, ffp, the wordcup and football itself.


Why all the down-votes for this fella’s comment? Some folks here had a total humour bypass?
I’m befuddled.

Aks Arsenal

I hope Ramsey gets back by then and by back i mean in full form. Gonna keep the players fit and prepared for this game because it really is sandwhiched between those Maneaters and Shit eaters.


Think Everton will be right up for this one, Lukaku will be back for them and others like Barkley, Coleman and Deleufeu will be fit and rested after their recent injuries too.


What’s all this safety nonsense? Why have a ground that holds x amount of fans but it’s not safe to hold x amount of fans? If it were Wigan there would be no safety issues because arsenal know they wouldn’t take up their allocation whereas Everton will.


Depends on tomorrows result how strong the team will be if we get spanked by Bayern it will be a strong team.If we are still in the tie it will be Sanogo and co


Why would we cite safety issues unless there are safety issues?


I’m curious. Are there safety issues every home game? Sounds to me like arsenal don’t want 9000 away fans top affect the home advantage.


when will the Swansea fixture(home) be decided ?


FA cup pretty similar to Emirates Cup this year and by that I mean home fixture all along!!


Maybe, this is the year all the stars align for Arsenal. After all the February implosion appears to have a fault start already.


3-2 all over it, hopefully Ozil double 🙂

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

The safety issue being that the extra allocation for away fans has to go in the top tier meaning a section of arsenal support are sandwiched between away fans, above and below. That those fans are club level supporters has no baring on the situation at all I’m sure. Going away at Stanford Bridge when they were redeveloping their pathetic shit hole we used to be in the bottom tier which was always a bit intimidating given that Chelsea fans are a bunch of moronic thundercunts. Personally though, I couldn’t give a toss what the reasoning is, the fewer away… Read more »


Sarson vinegar: didn’t know that ad I finally can see the reasoning. But why aren’t the reasons put out there so evertonians can stop whinging?
Not to forget that some idiot toffee fans have brought flares along to our games and have previous form for pyrotechnics so this probably helped afc to say no.

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

Elk, I’m sure it’s just an excuse from arsenal to sell more tickets to home support.

Everton can always do what Liverpool threatened to do and give us a reduced allocation for the return leg. What? Oops.


The reasons are there if Everton fans want to google it. But ues….certainly agree wth elkieno RE: flares. It seems to be more and more prevalent(especially from fans from certain North-West cities). Unsure anyone wants any Everton fans on upper tiers….

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