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Wilshere wants ‘more intelligent’ Arsenal

Jack Wilshere says that Arsenal will learn the lessons of the last home game against Bayern Munich, and has stressed the importance of staying in the tie before the second leg away from the Emirates.

Last season the Germans took a 3-1 lead back to Munich and although the Gunners won that game 2-0 – giving the eventual competition winners a bit of a scare in the process – the away goals rule was enough to send them out of the Champions League.

This time around, Wilshere is hopeful Arsenal won’t make the same mistakes.

“We have spoken about the importance of staying in the game,” he said. “If it is 0-0 at home we still have a big chance of qualifying, because the away goal is massive, especially in this competition when it comes to these big games.

“You saw it last year when we went out on away goals. So this year we have to be a bit more intelligent and stay in the game.

“I think we were a bit nervous going into it last year. We had lost to Blackburn the weekend before and there was a lot of tension in the stadium.

“Once we calmed down a bit we took the game to them and we created chances. Their third goal was a lucky goal and that killed us a bit but this year we will be intelligent going into the game.

“First of all we will work on our defensive duties and then we will play.”

Wilshere is set to return to the side after spending the FA Cup clash with Liverpool on the bench, and he’ll anchor the midfield alongside Mathieu Flamini in the absence of the suspended Mikel Arteta.

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His role (if he plays CM) will be the most vital. Can’t run around giving up his defensive responsibilities. Would prefer him RW with Ox in the middle.


…if I may add to that…

I know he’s still young, but he really needs to learn how to channel his anger and avoid petulant behaviour. It’s great that he shows passion and he shouldn’t lose that. A little more self control would be great.


…and if I may add to that, I’d be happy to see him on the bench. At this moment in time there are better players ahead of him.


I agree with this entirely. It’s funny he says they need to work on their defence first of all. I really hope he takes his own advice. It seems all he wants to do is make runs from deep, usually straight into a defender. Even Yaya Toure and Ramsey don’t shirk their defensive duties. Yes, he’s technically very good, but if you want to play in that deeper central role you absolutely have to do some defending, and Wilshere doesn’t.


huge game for Jack and Ozil


Yes! As long as you don’t give away the ball in the midfield cheaply like you’ve been doing in the last few games, then I’m game.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Love ya Jack but last time you played against ManUre, we could have concededa hattrick just from your losing of the ball in our final third.

When under pressure: BOOT the ball down the pitch or sideways for a throw… please.

Offensively, hope you watch video of 3 years ago against Barcelona. Back then you were the hottest 19yr-old in the world… swooping and swerving past multiple defenders towards their 18 yard box. If you see a brick wall, go around it not through it please.


It would be tremendous if our game ends a nil nil draw. Fingers cross.
I’m at the game tonight and as it may be the last time I see my team play CL football I am aiming to enjoy it whatever the result. Come on you Gooners


“it may be the last time I see my team play CL football”
Are you moving or are you a time traveller from last year?


Or a ManU fan?


I’m sure everything he’s said here was drilled into him by Wenger after his last couple of performances where he gave the ball away too often. As long as he keeps his head in the game and plays the safer pass I’m more than happy for him to be in the starting lineup.


Sagna Merte Koscielny Gibbs

Flamini Wilshere

Ox/Rosicky Özil Cazorla/Podolski


devil's advocate

Thank you for that mind-blowing insight


now i know these refs arn’t the best, but i think they will notice us sneaking a 12th man on the pitch 😉


My thoughts on team line up
Four of the team (tall ones)
Two of the team
Three of the team(small)
One of the team (tall again)


I like Wilshere as a person and as a passionate player that plays with his heart on his sleeve. No matter how big the opposition may be he never shirks a challenge.

But when he talks about being more intelligent, I hope he looks at himself as well. He can’t afford to give the ball away as cheaply as he did against Man Utd. None of this headlong charge into five opp players and then strop on the floor while Bayern are countering.

damien joyce

I thought he would have given up the fags

Me So Hornsey

Sagna Mert Kos Gibbs
Flamini Rosicky
Ox Ozil Cazorla


Wilshere was at the pressconference. Så it’s pretty sure he will start imo.


I hope TR7 wikl be in the starting line up.
He is not only having attacking talent, but also energetic when he have to defense.
and Chambo will make difference I guess.


Really hard to trust JW not to fuck up. Anywho…if Wenger trusts him….

The Ox

Vermaelen was on the press conference against Bayern at home and still was dropped.


Vermaelen drew the short straw for last year’s home game. He was emergency left back. Thomas Mueller skinned him all night. I felt sorry for him. He’s not a LB.


——-Lord B———

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Well, the Sanogo ‘surprise’ worked wonders against Liverpool. So if we do get a Bendtner ‘surprise’ like you say, pray the football Gods to be on our side again!

Poor Giroud, the sofa in Laurent Koscielny’s living room must be one of those cheap ones from DFS.

The Ox

I mean away ffs

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

Meh meh meh. Jack gives the ball away a lot. That’s because the lad is trying to make stuff happen! When he broke into the side he stood out because we finally had someone who would run at the opposition with the ball. remember this came at a time when we were completely one dimensional in attack ie pass the ball a gabazillion times before finally giving it away because we constantly wanted to pass the ball into the goal. If you watched Barca (ie a poor imitation of their previous vintage) last night, the way Cesc carried the ball… Read more »


Well said, Yes he give the ball away sometimes but at least his having a go. As he’s young and English he takes an absolute hammering in the press for not being man of the match every week. One minute the savior of English football the next he’s useless, I’m afraid to many people buy into the rhetoric coming from the football hacks. Actually watch him in a game and what he’s trying to achieve, it might not always come off but he’s having a go and can really drive the team forward. Also have a look at the times… Read more »


I agree, but as long as someone is prone to giving the ball away, there are certain matches they probably shouldn’t play. For example, using a player prone to giving the ball away when you’re playing the best team in the world could lead to a disaster, which is the last thing someone like Wilshere needs. He needs time to improve, gain experience and confidence. If he loses his head today, it could end up being a real nightmare for the lad. I really hope it doesn’t happen, but I fear it might. Then what? His confidence will drop and… Read more »


MTZ, is that you in the football365 mailbox this morning?


Not at all. Someone there with my style of writing or some such thing?


Similar views. I was convinced it was you and you can see my response in the afternoon mailbox. Shame it wasn’t but there we go.


It was me! 🙂 No hard feelings. Easier to discuss the topic here than worrying about being published in the Mailbox. Good response, but I think you missed my point. We did beat them however we did not qualify, and that is what is kind of important in football. Remember, we have Walcott out, Ramsey out and an exhausted squad that could barely keep a 0-0 against United, got thumped 5-1 against Liverpool. I agree, football is full of surprises and we can beat them because football is not something that can be calculated. But, come on, realistically speaking. Deep… Read more »


I think we can, and that’s not me letting my heart make my decisions for me. We will have to be at our very best for sure, but if we are, then we’ve got every chance.

The not knowing is terribly exciting though don’t you think? I already have butterflies and there’s still three hours to go!


And and thanks for you kind response.

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

MTZ we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t play Jack.

Play him and risk losing the game and knocking the players confidence should he be liable for any goals.

Don’t play him and he learns nothing (other than he isn’t trusted for the big games).

Guess we’ll have to trust Arsene to do us right.

Personally tonight I’d opt for developing a different talent. The Ox is on form and his pace on the break could be invaluable.


Training exercise required quick movement and short sharp passes will build confidence and frustrate them. They are used to lots of possession if we deny them we will stand a good chance of sneaking one

Rambling Pete

I think we need to have a bit more patience with Jack, just like Ramsey I’m positive he’ll come good. He just needs to keep playing and in time he’ll find his rhythm and confidence again. When he does it’ll be like that time I used to work in a factory which manufactured plastic hinges for swing bins that you can pick up in your local hardware store. I was in charge of the clasp conveyor belt and I had a target of 450 per hour which involved a lot of concentration. At first I could only manager 150, then… Read more »


hahaha you need your own column on this blog rambling pete


What’s not to like about clasps? I bet we all feel a little clasp fetish from time to time. Oh, it’s just me? Dang.


Sir Pete, I am sure you are the life and soul of any party/ get together you attend.

Your anecdotes are just legendary. We should start a petition for your column as Serge pointed out.


Wonderful – sheer genius

palace gunner

Dont forget bayern without ribery, this game is big the gunners know pressure just keep focus team & fans on bayerns attacking, coyg

Air Bergkamp

Did you know that Wilshere was the name of the prison camp Arnie escaped from in The Running Man? You know, where people’s heads exploded if they crossed the perimeter? Well, you know, here’s hoping a few Bayern players do just that. Not escape from a prison complex, you understand. That would be just silly.

Chairman Meow

…really? haha

La Defense

We need Jack to keep the bench warm tonight.


Jack should cut out the weights training and protien for a bit. I’m guessing he can’t dribble as well as he used to because he carries too much weight around these days.


Wilshere should not start this game. We can’t afford players frequently losing possession in the middle of the park like Wilshere is noted for this season. Rosicky should rather start instead of wilshere. I believe Wilshere should start working on his flaws like Ramsey did and stop thinking so highly of himself.


He has been a liability in the last few games. Rosicky should start instead IMO


Ox on the wing will terrify Bayem IMO

m a gunner

He is an amazing player to go with our other amazing players ! They will all benefit from flamini covering , com on the arsenal !


Since he was at the press conference, I assume he’ll start, but I have to admit I don’t think this is the right match for Wilshere. I hope I’m wrong though, and that we see an excellent performance from him (he certainly has the potential), but I fear he might just lose his head a bit as he has previously against the biggest teams. I’d go with experience over raw talent in this one, in order to grind out a 0-0 result. I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but today I’m actually hoping for 0-0! Holy mackerel, that’s flat… Read more »


for once, let’s out sing the bloody German fans too please.


Let’s be honest: we’re out of our (Champions) league here. We’ve done OK in the mediocre Premier League, but Bayern are a massive step up in class from anything we faced so far. And the worrying thing is that we haven’t been playing well recently. Hammered away at Liverpool; lucky to beat the Scousers last Sunday; very lucky to get a draw at mighty Southampton; and unable to beat rubbish Man United at home. I can’t see any reason for optimism against the best club side in Europe. I just hope that we’re not humiliated. I can see a repeat… Read more »


whatever the result, we are going to see some seriously entertaining football! Did anyone see Zlatan? wow..


Yes I did (City – Barca on one screen, Leverkusen – PSG on the other). He’s spectacular right now. Only Ronaldo is better at the moment in my opinion.


Your glass is not even half empty, let alone half full, eh? With you, the glass is shattered: from its serrated edges your blood is dripping instead of water; the weapon wielded by homicidal psychopath hell bent on detaching your testicles from their proper location, all the while you are paralysed, strapped to a rack undergoing the most vicious torture methods derived straight from Guantanamo Bay.


This sounds like how we’re all gonna feel tonight at about ten.


What enjoyment do you get from supporting Arsenal Fatgooner?


I certainly understand your fear mate. I’ve watched a few Bayern matches recently and they really are the best team in Europe right now. However, it’s not impossible. I consider the first half or so vital here, as we tend to start slowly, but if it’s still 0-0 at half time I’d say our chances increase quite a bit.

Of course, this is the same team that beat Barcelona a grand total of 7-0, so if they get an early goal it could get ugly, which is why I’d prefer the “grind out a result” approach today.

Chairman Meow

your pessimism is a disease

Puma's technozip

Found this amazing quote from Wenger, that I believe he said after reading Fatgooner’s posts on here (the boss is a big Arseblog News fan)

When asked about his [Fatgooner’s] constant negativity the Frenchman responded: “It’s a fear to fail.”

“If you’re not in with a chance you cannot lose it, if you declare yourself to have no chance you cannot lose it, simple as that.

So that should have cleared that up.


anyone else reckon he may drop cazorla, and play ox and rosicky wide with flamini and wilshere sitting?




Nope indeed. If he were to drop Cazorla or use him as somewhere other than on the left, it would be a crime against the king of hash tags to not use the hammer of Thor there.


The team I think he’ll start, not the team I’d like to see start

Shez, Sagna, Mert, Kos, Gibbs, Flamini, Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, Özil, Giroud.


I think Arsene will opt for the usual back 5 in Szczesny, Sagna, Per, Koz, Gibbs. Flamini as the midfield anchor. Ozil and Wilshere in the middle. Cazorla and The Ox at the flanks. Giroud up front. I think Wilshere will up his game and will be well drilled not to give away the ball. And in the one occasion where he might (I hope he won’t), Flamini will provide the cover and will avert any impending disaster. Arteta never gave wilshere that cover in the previous matches, that was why we were left exposed at times. Here is to… Read more »




Fingers crossed man! If Arsenal play like they did for the most part after the Munich game with the emphasis on defense first and then taking their chances with the offense we will end up singing “oh what a night”!


Before any game it is 0-0. Let’s not play it before a ball is kicked. Even great teams have bad nights. Let’s hope that’s the case with Bayern tonight, though am a Pep Guardiola fan.

Wisconsin Gooner

taking off work to watch Arsenal kick the shit out of Bayern.

Thierry Bergkamp

A clean sheet is vital tonight.. unless we win 5 -1 or a big score like that. If we’re hammered by a great team, I can live with that, but I hate losing on away goals. Valencia did it to us, Bayern twice, I think.. they always leave me with that “what if feeling”


I’d take a nil nil draw.


I hope it won’t be as the time we played Napoli, we went for a draw but we became to passive and lost.


We were too cautious in that game. This is a problem when we have permutations in the head. We should just set out to win. If we go in tentative, we will start slow with the proverbial ‘handbrakes’ and if we invite a team like Bayern into our half, we will be punished sooner than later. We need to be extremely competitive in midfield knowing when to drop back but we also need to push up as a unit and risk a little. Otherwise sitting deep will cost us. Chamberlain could provide useful width but we must support him (and… Read more »


Did Jack really say all that ? Oh the irony.

m a gunner

Watched city barca game the pelagrini said they wouldn’t change the way they play but started with a lb playing lm and a mid playing up front , they created their own downfall ,not putting barca under pressure ! You can’t change the way you play especially in Europe


There is something to be said with being familiar with your positioning and indeed your team mates in games like this.

If things get switched around too much, gaps will open up and a team like Bayern won’t need any invitation to exploit it.


Jack n Flamizzle in the Dm positions makes me worry a bit as they both have a hard on for cards. We need a spot on Jack to advance, the Jack we saw against Barca.


I hope Wilshire does not start. His propensity to give the ball away is worrying. If he starts, he needs to hound Lamm &/or Schweinsteigger. I hope Gibbs outplays Mueller – his pace if unchecked can create some serious problems.


Yeah Muller is a big worry.

Flamini and Jack will have to be very sharp or they will be out played in the middle too. So much will be dependent on Jack’s link up play. OTOH, Ox out wide may provide key width for us.


Under injuries, I saw Ribery listed as ‘buttock’. I don’t know why, but that could be an important sign.


I doubt there will be too much surprises with the line up : ………………………….SZSC……………………………. Sagna………….Per……………Koscielny…………Gibbs ………………….Flamini……..Jack………………………. Ox………………………Ozil…………………………Santi ……………………….Giroud…………………………….. Possibly Podolski for Santi out left later on. also Rosicky at some stage (either for Ox or Jack), both to add energy and sustain our momentum. We will likely want to come out the blocks faster than we’ve been. Chamberlain could be key with Sagna supporting particularly sans Riberry threat. On the other side, Gibbs will have to be extremely wary of Robben and Santi will have to be at his best. Ozil should be up for this one (as would Metersecker… Read more »



Ugandan Gooner

Arsenal need a more intelligent Jack

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