Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Grrnabry plumps for Gerrrmany

Serge Gnabry has committed his future to the German national side after rejecting the opportunity to further himself on the international stage with Ivory Coast.

The 18-year-old winger, who has been tipped to make Joachim Loew’s World Cup squad, had been courted by the native country of his father, Jean-Hermann Gnabry, but told Die Welt that his decision had been made.

“Since I have played for the Germany youth teams, it is no question for me that I want to play for Germany by any means. I hope that I can make the leap into the first team.”

Elsewhere Lukas Podolski has told adidas that tonight’s game with Bayern Munich is ‘important’. Speaking in a video, which one suspects won’t go viral, the striker said, “This is an important match.”

Yep. Astounding insight.

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Daft Aider

Gerrrmany?, I realise German is a fairly gutural language of course but still, lol

Daft Aider

Guttural even


Yes, Grrrrmany. Founded by Tony the Tiger all those years ago.

Daft Aider

it’s no wonder Serge plumped for them then!

Arsene's Zip

Tony _der_ Tiger


I work in the land of the cabbage (in the small town of Bad Herrkutt) and it’s grrrrrrrrrreat today cos the game is on Gerry telly. COYG

Ryan tan

Poldoski is a joker.he was being sarcastic.


“I’m being sarcastic,” he explained.


Spurs are shite.


This doesn’t get said enough


Important true fact of the day thank you kind Sir. Just saying it out loud cheers me up on a rainy day.

American Gooner

And John Terry is a cunt.

Stuart Steele

I think tonight will be a good game between two good football teams.

Arsene's Zip

And I think, at some stage, some men will kick a ball.

Arsene's Zip

On some grass, for around 45 minutes, then stop for 15 minutes, then kick a ball again for around 45 minutes.

Arsene's Zip

Do you think Ray’s massive face will pop up and let me chuck a few quid on that?


Still better than the Sky commentary.


Also dont be surprised to see some people coming to watch.

Gunner From Another Mother

@qotsaamkw: Consider yourself lucky you don’t have to deal with Warren f*cking Barton on Fox here in the US…ugh, he’s as despicable as Mourinho

Stuart Steele

Good shout.

Paul S

Then the Germans win on penalties?


you know, it’s a game of 2 halves.


When Podolski gave away that penalty on the weekend, he was smiling.
Which other player could do that and get away with smiling?
Got to love the fella.


I hope podolski starts today and scores!

super gunners

Who’s doing the Arseblog live commentarie tonight?
I love it…
Some cunt off, some cunt on.


I always liked how Arse introduces Sp*rs team on the live blog (before Real Madrid spent a world record fee and got the wrong Welsh Jesus):

Sp*rs: Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, ape.


In Germany biscuits is banned since world war the 1st and instead must eat choclat covered bark when having cup of tea


Rotflmao. Sorry, what???

Dr Baptiste

This is your worst biscuit comment so far, it was hard to digest(ive).


Crumbs Dr that was a quick reply




I hear Nice biscuits are the Ox’s most favouritest biscuit and that makes me sad, which in turn makes me soggy…because I’m a biscuit.


BTW did you catch Biscuits’ tackle on Kolarov last night? Crunchy.


Er, By The Way. Sorry blogs, forgot the rules for a moment.


So tonight is an important match? Thank you podolsky for telling us we didnt know before 😀


thank you alayn for showing us how to replace an I with a Y


An irrelevant but interesting stat I came across today, The Ox has contributed to six goals in his 5 starts this season (3 goals and 3 assists).


Sweeeet won’t be losing him to the Africa Cup of nations every two years right at the crux of our season.

Andy Mack

I agree on that point. It does seem to me that there are less ACN players in the very top teams now than there was 5/10 years ago. I think teams expected the ACN to have reached maturity and changed to a 4 year event rather than continue as a money raising exercise every 2 years. Obviously some players are worth having the rest of the time (Yaya T type) but unless they are exceptional I think most will be stuck in the lesser teams (the CL teams that rarely get past the league stage and the nearly/occasional/regular Europa teams)… Read more »


I wish Gnabry the best of luck with Germany then! They have a fantastic squad at the moment, just look at our very own German players. It certainly seems like Gnabry is playing both for the right club and the right country in terms of becoming the best possible football player. Which is all to our benefit of course, as he has lots of potential.

Naija Gunner

Never a dull moment on here at arseblog news…love u guys for always making me laugh out loud with ur comments and all…!


Gnabry too plump for Germany? What is this nonsense? I spoke to his dietician’s uncle’s friend’s dog-walker and he assures me that Serge is on the world renowned Butterfield Diet Plan.


I have fucked up. I had a whole bunch of stuff to do today that would have taken me up to the match. Kept me occupied. But I went to ikea instead a did nothing..NOTHING…productive. now I’m done fannying about and its only 3.45. Faaaaaaaack.


Wonderful comments: funniest, serious, thoughtful and misillinous. one of my Fav blog too.


If Sagna goes to another PL team, I will sue. I’ll also get Roy Walker to bum Sir Chips. Tossers.


I’m currently suffering from PMT…..Pre Match Tension.



Help, I’m at work and I seek knowledge of this butterfly diet you mention. At the moment I am eating Hoisin Duck flavour crisps.


Brush the butterfilies lightly with olive oil, dash a light salt, a very light dusting of ground cayenne, and bake until crisp. Just like making Kale crisps.

Darth Gyro

That’s Grreat insight.

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