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Djourou open to permanent Hamburg move

On loan defender Johan Djourou says he’s enjoying life at Hamburg and is open to a permanent move to the club this summer.

The Swiss centre-half has made 15 league appearances for the Bundesliga side this season, as they battle against relegation.

Although Arsenal are short on central-defenders, and will be on the look-out in the summer with Thomas Vermaelen a likely departure, it does seem as if there’s no chance of a Gunners return.

“I know the coach, I love the club, I love the city,” Djourou told Bild. “HSV is incredible. The club has so much potential. We have to go way up.

“The fans are great. The mood is different than in England. If all goes well and the club also want to, I would stay.”

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Parisian Weetabix

I got nothing. Someone else start.


If that picture reflected anything of the present then it would show.

Djorou hanging on for the shirt as Hamburg manager tries to pull it away from him.

Ill get my effin coat!


Anyone who hasn’t seen it – look up Hamburg’s 3rd goal against Dortmund at the weekend.

In-fucking-credible. I hope Johan doesn’t expect that too often!

gooner odst

Hamburger…*Homer Simpson mode activates*

Swede Goon

This guy must be very tall, since Djourou is 192cm.

Jack's Right Foot

Don’t do it, Johan! You are a quality 5th choice centre back on FIFA 14! 🙁


To be honest, I wouldn’t have minded as 4th choice centre back. He’s always been a loyal servant and with us needing two centre backs this summer, an improved Djourou wouldn’t have been a bad option.


Considering that the press can’t differ between the pronounciation of Djourou and Giroud it might be a good thing, but great lad djourou is.

The Press

Watch your mouth.

Daft Aider

Down with that kind of comment!!!!


Careful now…


He’s still on our books?


“The fans are great. The mood is different than in England” Best you stay out there then young man !


I think he’s a good 4th choice CB, the problem is he’s heading into his peak now and wants to play first team football, and who can blame him? I wouldn’t be surprised with a bit of experience and confidence if we see him get a bigger move after Hamburg. Best of luck to him if he does go, he was always loyal and gave 100%. Can’t ask for much more.

The Night Elf

Gir-Djour-oud … Dj-irou-rou … the possibilities are endless!


I loved how when we played Reading last season, and Giroud scored, the camera went straight to a shot of Djourou, before quickly flashing to Giroud….. Stupid cameramen…


He showed much promise when he was younger and was able to play multiple positions.

Unfortunately, right back wasn’t one of them and when he struggled in that one, his time at the Emirates started to come to an end. Also, he was derailed by multiple injuries at an age crucial for his development like a few other promising players at the club.


How quickly we’ve forgotten how dominant he looked back in 2010/11 🙁


For our defence he did too.

Swede Goon

I think Djourou was a bright prospect and was excellent for a period in that season; good in the air, very fast and not bad on the ball. After that bad injury at Old Trafford, he was not the same again. I don’t know whether that was physical or mental but he did not return to the same level. But I hope he has a good career, since he is a good professional and always seemed like one of the nicest guys at the club. On the plus side, his name sounds too much like Giroud, so for me they… Read more »


Aww, man.
We’ll have to get a permanent, “We’ll bounce back” guy.


He is like a dropped popsicle. You wanT to pick it up and continue munching but you are afraid people might see you and wonder/be embarrassed for you when all you could have done is buy a new popsicle, a better one


Hm. That’s very interesting. I’ve never thought about it like that. So what you’re saying is, you eat popsicles?

Reality check

Apparently he drops it and then picks it up and eats it.. Some people are just badass like that

Swede Goon

Putting your Freud hat on?

Daft Aider

Well I always liked him so boo, good luck anyway


Who will be lurking in the shadows of the boot room now??

das pauly bear

Ship him out sagna can play all across the back we should get coleman


Very FM-oriented


I love this new style of english, no punctuation, just put one thought in after another.
ship him out
sagna can play all across the back
we should get coleman.
Not hating, honest, sometimes it reads hilariously well.


Miquel and Hayden are likely to come in as 4th choice and assessed for the future.

We will need someone who can replicate some of Per’s height and some of Koscielny’s speed to come in as 3rd choice, preferably someone between 24-26.


The problem is, you’ve just described Djourou.


I miss his rah rah comments at the most inappropriate times after a crap team performance or defeat on

Other than that,not much else but hey, he wore the red & white so he lived my dream.

Gunsen Gunner

This is all a ploy.Djorou has actually been offered a role as a think tank economist by the German government.Playing for Hamburg is just the distraction he needs but you can be sure Angela Merkel has him on speed dial.


Best of luck to him whatever the outcome. Would of been wierd anyway if him and Giroud were to be on the pitch at the same time..


Gormless defender. We’re well rid.

Swede Goon

Yeah, he should be punished. He doesn’t play for us anymore, but he should not allowed happiness or success, because he played some bad games and we are like the mafia, we will never forget. And as we all know, if you play a dozen crap games, you will never bounce back or have future in the game, just ask Ramsey or Kos.

Vermaelen's Death Stare

@Danny I think you might be forgetting who was playing in defence when the Arsenal beat Barcelona at the grove


Djourou has reached an age, like Vermaelen, where he really should be playing first team football, and Arsenal just can’t offer him that. With these two players likely to leave in the summer I think Arsene should be looking to bring in some younger centre-backs who are willing to learn from the deadly Per-Kos combo while playing on a less regular basis compared to what any top defenders would agree to.


You’re right, it would only be bad for him if he came back, I think, he should play for a club where he is assured of minutes. As for the younger defenders, I haven’t seen enough of Miquel to have a firm view of his talent, but he must have some potential since he has been around the place for a while. He’s tall but not as strong as Kos and not nearly as quick. Maybe we can unearth a young gem of a CB who is content as a back up until he comes into his own.

Black Hei

Arsenal Player is never the same without Djourou

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