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Flamini: Why not win a title?

Mathieu Flamini says it’s up to Arsenal to prove they are worthy of a title this season but believes the collective unity shown by Arsene Wenger’s squad so far this season is making a real difference.

Speaking to ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League knockout round first-leg against Bayern Munich, the Frenchman played up the solidarity in the Emirates ranks. 

“I think it’s more a team effort and a mindset that is making the difference at the moment. I feel that we’re attacking together, defending together.

“The players are putting in the necessary effort for each other. Everyone is fighting for each other on the pitch and that’s what makes the difference. We all know the difference between winning and losing is very fine.

“It’ll be up to us to prove that we have what it takes to win titles, that’s why we take it game by game and we try to stay focused and work as hard as possible. Why not win a title this season?”

The 29-year-old, who returned to the Emirates this summer after five years at AC Milan, also touched on his time in Italy and how it has helped him grow as a player.

“Having spent five years in Milan I have learned a lot. First of all tactically, because it’s true that you learn a lot about that aspect in Italy.

“I have also learned a lot as a person. I am 29 now and after five years in Milan, and having met a lot of new players and new people, it’s true I have learned a lot. Today I feel a lot more mature and I have a lot more experience than when I was only 24.”

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Why not have a title or two? You won’t regret it!


We missed the flam during his four game ban, glad to see him back and savaging that gimp gerrard


three games.

Peanuts Peanuts

Felt like four


Everyone missing the point here. That Gerrard is quite clearly a dirty gimp.


Why not indeed!


He has also learned to say “learned a lot”

Toby C

And ‘it is true’

Toby C

I love the Flam! So great to see him snarling around the pitch, cajoling, barking orders and dishing out the odd bit of retribution to those who need it!


3 game ban! I don’t know why people thought it would be a 4 game ban at first.
But it turned out to be a 3 game ban.
Did I mention it was a 3 game ban and not a 4 game ban?
Because if I forgot, I’ll remind you that it was a 3 game ban.

DL Gooner

Oh you card you.

Dr Baptiste

Probably because, at the time, it was reported everywhere as a 4 game.

Did I mention it was reported everywhere at the time, you know, that it was a 4 game ban.

It was even reported by our own blogs as a 4 game ban at the time.

The Artist formerly known as DangerMouse

I know he’s not particularly popular on these pages due to a connection with a certain under- achieving club but kudos to Gary Lineker for his defence of Wenger and his bitch slap of Mourinho over the weekend.

Eddy The Gunner

He’s a beast!
Who is he?
The Flame!


Have to give it to Flsmini, we look more likely to win a title when he plays.

Dr Baptiste

The stats this season do back this up. Did you know that we have scored more and conceded less whenever Arteta and Flamini have started together. Our win rate is also higher


Where did you get that from Dr Baptiste ? There was an article in the Guardian at the weekend which confirmed all those stats (scoring more, conceding less, winning more) when Flamini plays. There was no mention of Arteta.


Can remember only 3 games like that. Napoli, Man city and Liverpool at home.


That is not correct!


I’m in favour of that

Thierry Bergkamp

I couldn’t care less what whoever says or thinks of me at the time. If he does what he does, to help win the title this season, I’ll cry tears of joy


Wouldn’t worry about it. If it happens; I’d bet many of us will be doing the same

Rocky Rocastle

Wonder if Wenger will punish Giroud for cheating on his wife. Personlly i lost my respect for the guy since he did not own up immediately, but set his lawyers on the case denying everything until some very revealing pictures had him crawl to the cross apologizing.

What a dick.

Dude you have a family remember? Break up the marriage if you dont love your wife nomore before you go hitting up other women.

Agree with Flamini. Lets win some trophies!

Az Ahmed

Could not agree with you more


His personal life is his personal life, I definitely don’t agree what he did but alas as an Arsenal fan who isn’t actually friends with him, its none of my business. Now cavorting with a model till 3am the night before a match…as an Arsenal fan I’m livid at that, it shows a disrespect not only of club rules but of his teammates and the manager, who bust their asses and try their best to get results for the Arsenal and not indulge in bullshit like that. Regardless it will blow over and he’ll be fine at Arsenal. Now for… Read more »

Perry S.

Yes, but when his personal life starts impacting his pitch performance, we won’t be happy. If this ends up ruining his marriage, there is a good chance it will mess with his head for awhile.

Az Ahmed

Exactly, football players’ personal lives affect their performances on the pitch. He played like he had just woken up because he probably had just woken up from all the hanky panky he got up to the night before. It was the biggest game of the season to date (probably) and he disrespected the team, the fans and everyone by his lack of proper preparation.

Rocky Rocastle

Everyone can make a mistake, but then you own up to it, and humblely ask for forgiveness which any normal person with a concience would do. You dont sick you lawyers on it and deny everything like it never happened, manipulating your family, trying to get away with it. It shows he is a manipulative bast*rd, and the only thing he is sorry for is that he got caught. I would not like such personalities to be associated with our club tbh. I would have been more forgiving if he owned up to what he did, instead of trying to… Read more »

Az Ahmed

I think he should be sacked.


I am no fottballer but I believe close to everyone of them cheat on their spouses or wives just that they dont get caught. They spend half their time travelling the country and abroad surely a missus or 2 is bound to get the professional footballer D. Though I agree giroud should have owned up immediately,


well if you believe that.. the world is a nasty nasty place


Speak for yourself. Cheating on your spouse is pretty much as low as you can get.

DL Gooner

The amount of pussy that man has offered up to him must be ridiculous though. If Giroud was a bin man he’d have hot women falling all over him.

Glen helders soul glo

don’t forget the amount of arse he is offered too


True- but the reputed father figure Wenger is, I imagine Giroud’s got an extra father-in-law to deal with now!.. One who is very practiced in dishing out ‘that look’.


Flamini is going to be crucial against bayern. Needs to put in a big shift and crunch some of those bavarian bastards

Stuart Steele

Flam Dog- The player and type of character we’ve been missing for too long at the Emirates. Good to have him back.


Matty flam burned geeraaard.


Anyone hear Mad Jens before the game yesterday? When asked what Flam was like in the dressing room he said “He’s a funny guy. He’s a bachelor, always it would seem and he’s always telling stories about his off-pitch activities.”

Sounds like he’s a lady killer off the pitch too.


Can just imagine Flamster’s chat up lines.

He’ll enter the club dressed in a loin cloth with club in hand. ”Ungabunga want bang, bang!” and drag her out by her hair.


Flamini played a real difference yesterday. Every time Fabianski saved, you could see our rabid dog of a Frenchman barking commands left and right and pointing and stuff, and that in itself was properly entertaining. Collectively one of the more fun matches to watch, even though I thought I’d gotten 39 heart attacks or so in the latter part of the second half.

Saffa Gooner

Even when we lost against Liverpool and City. Even though many players played poorly, I never felt in any of those games that the players didn’t care. In fact it seemed they cared a lot and kept running their socks off until the end. Özil has been getting a lot of flak for “jogging” bag or appearing lazy. Overall though he has been getting back and closing down space, running hard. Getting to the point: the apparent indifference of players departed (need I mention names? Hleb, Nasri) during unpleasant games (ie games where we were behind/not playing well/facing weak opposition)… Read more »

m a gunner

Great player we need him controlling the game and organising players , worked a lot better playing deeper than artetta !


That looked to be the real difference from the last games Arteta and Flamini played together. They were in their more natural positions.


“I’m 29 and feel more mature than when I was 24″…fuckin’ hell! That’s real insight.


Flamini is just the guy for the job, he yells at players and screams at their face. That is a great combo with Wenger showing faith in players and flamini yelling at Teammates on the pitch!


And if that does not provide the proper lashing, we’ve Per with the Stare looking over the top of him from one row back.


I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m basking in all the talk this season of the TEAM fighting for one another. That has been a bit light in recent previous.

Oh, and Arsene, it’s Bac. Break the rules for him. Just tell everyone else a warrior of that dedication deserves it.


Let’s be honest: we had the better of the luck against Liverpool yesterday. After watching the game again this morning I fear for what Bayern Munich will do to us on Wednesday. We will have to defend better, that’s for sure.


I remember how sad I was when Flamini left, especially after all those clean sheets in the CL when he was playing left back. So happy to have the warrior back!

RVP, you are next! 18 million should just about cover it. You apologize and we welcome you back when you start scoring in bunches for us again.


I’m pretty sure the RvP thing won’t happen (he’s getting too old, the injuries are back, he’s a cunt, etc.), but I wonder how many Arsenal fans would forget about his treachery with the Mancs if he came in next year and scored 30 goals for us again.

I personally won’t forget it, but I wonder how many would.

Rocky Rocastle

18 million for a 30+ year old player whom is the most injury Prone in the league. Hm, no thanks. That money would be better spent being put towards a striker with more of a future Ahead of him. Besides, i would not have RvP back Even if he was a free transer, and im sure im not the only one feeling this way. Sure if he went abroad like Cesc or Flamini, then i would welcome him back. But he went to our biggest rival in the Wenger era wanting to win trophies at our expense so to speak.


Even if he gets down on his knees and crawls from Manchester to London licking the road all through, the answer should be NO. I guess now that he has won a trophy his missus wants him back in london. I’d recommend QPR – overpaid cunts can go get redknapped.

m a gunner

You need a bit of luck in any game long may it continue !


Not sure how I feel about the Skunky Judas coming back to be honest. I’d say it’s extremely unlikely to actually happen in any case.


The Flams is as good as a new signing. I get worried and panicks any time he picks up a card. He is the manager on the field reason we call him “the field marshall” Arsenal need to win him a trophy.


Everyone remember all the shit Wenger copped for bringing him in on a free?

Now everyone is waxing lyrical.


Eyes may roll, but shit you not, when I saw Flamini signing I turned to by business partner (two man, Arsenal supporting office) and said, “That’s the Dark Horse signing of the window right there.”


There are 12 games left.

A lot will depend on the postponed City game. We will also need to pass Test number 3 and beat some of our direct competitors there if not both. Those will be cup final games.

It is still perfectly possible despite our wretched showing against Liverpool and the hangover performance to United.

This is when the fighters stand up to be counted where those with faint hearts will hold their hands up and call it impossible.;)




how much do you reckon he’s learned?

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