Friday, June 2, 2023

Report: Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool (inc goals)

Arsenal: Fabianski; Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal; Arteta, Flamini; Chamberlain, Ozil, Podolski; Sanogo

Subs: Viviano, Sagna, Gibbs, Wilshere, Cazorla, Gnabry, Giroud

Arsenal ended a difficult week with a great 2-1 win over Liverpool in the FA Cup at the Emirates today.

Arsene Wenger made a number of changes from the midweek team, handing starts to Lukasz Fabianski, Carl Jenkinson, Nacho Monreal, Mathieu Flamini, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lukas Podolski and a first start for summer signing Yaya Sanogo who replaced the knackered Olivier Giroud.

After opening the scoring after just a minute at Anfield, Liverpool waited until the 2nd today to have their first attempt. Daniel Sturridge’s run was brilliantly found but his shot from close range was saved by the legs of Fabianski.

Moments later, Sturridge had an even better chance, rounding the keeper but shooting into the side netting when he really should have put Liverpool ahead.

Arsenal settled a bit after that with Sanogo having some promising early touches, and the young Frenchman was heavily involved in the 16th minute opener.

Mikel Arteta’s deep free kick was cleared, it came out to Mesut Ozil who clipped it back into the centre. Yaya Sanogo took it on his chest brilliantly and hit a shot which rebounded off Gerrard, into the path of Oxlade-Chamberlain who slotted it home. 1-0.

The game then hit a kind of a lull, Arsenal looked better able to cope with Liverpool defensively, and bar a couple of corners, the Gunners didn’t really threaten.

It was a half of many bookings with Coutinho and Flanagan yellow carded for the visitors, Monreal and Flamini for Arsenal. Lukas Podolski fired an effort over the bar after good work from Mesut Ozil, and the former Cologne man had a great chance to cross for the impressive Sanogo, but overhit the ball badly.

Gerrard got a yellow card for a foul on Oxlade-Chamberlain who looked to break again, before Fabianski made a good save from a clever Suarez effort. Raheem Sterling was lucky to escape a caution, after seemingly laying hands on the referee but he escaped with a talking to from Howard Webb as Arsenal took the one goal lead into the break.

The second half began with a fantastic Liverpool chance after Suarez found space in our box, but once again Fabianski was equal to the shot, saving well with his legs.

But almost straight away Arsenal doubled the lead. Mesut Ozil set Oxlade-Chamberlain free down the right hand side, he got to the byline, pulled it back for Lukas Podolski and the German slid it home beautifully with his right foot. 2-0.

Liverpool tried to react straight away and again Suarez was the danger man, lashing a shot just over the bar after good build up play, while at the other end Jones saved well from Ozil when he’d been set up by Podolski. Fabianski had to be alert again when Sturridge shot from the edge of the box, but Liverpool were gifted a goal from the penalty spot in the 60th minute.

Lukas Podolski was the guilty man, kicking Suarez from behind in the Arsenal area, and Steven Gerrard tucked away the spot kick to make it 2-1.

Liverpool could have equalised moments later, when Sturridge was one on one but once more Fabianski made a brilliant save, scooping the ball away from the striker’s feet.

The Mugsmashers should have had another penalty when Oxlade-Chamberlain clearly fouled Suarez in the area, but with Webb looking right at it, he pointed for a goal kick.

Suarez once again found space for a shot but saw his effort saved by Fabianski, before Arsene Wenger made his first change replacing Podolski with Santi Cazorla.

The Spaniard was involved straight away. The ball fell to him in the D, with nobody around him, and he hit it first time and sent it miles over the bar. He had time to take a touch.

Howard Webb then bottled a decision to send off Gerrard for an obvious foul on Oxlade-Chamberlain before the winger was replaced by Kieran Gibbs. A Laurent Koscielny mistake almost handed Liverpool a goal, but once more Fabianski was equal to the effort of Suarez.

Liverpool spurned another chance to equalise when Fabianski came for a Gerrard free kick and missed the ball entirely. With the goal at his mercy, Agger headed wide in the 87th minute.

Olivier Giroud came on for Sanogo in the 88th minute as Arsene Wenger looked to hold on to the one goal lead, and indeed they did, ensuring a quarter-final and a tie against Everton.

A good response to a difficult week.

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Puma's technozip

Looks like our “B” team did quite well. Time to support the team and stop flipping out because of one loss.


Fabianski MAN OF THE MATCH !! Hands down.

lady nina

yaya sanogo has woken me up!


I agree. The Ox’s contribution was massive today as well, but Fabianksi kept us in it. A performance to show how much we’ll miss him when he leaves.


Told you I had all the time for Sanogo and I must say this is way beyond what I expected of the lad. He’s similar to giroud but technically abit better I suppose. He’s also a hardworker and thats always key for me with strikers. Yaya!


Would be terrible to lose him in the summer but its difficult not to see why he wants to be playing regularly. He has gotten better and better and a mere no.2 betrays his ability. Hopefully he get a good pl team like So’ton or even more hopefully he signs dat new contract!!!


Heroldgoon “Told you I had all the time for Sanogo and I must say this is way beyond what I expected of the lad. He’s similar to giroud but technically abit better I suppose.” Nothing like an immediate reaction ay? One game, one game and he’s already better than Giroud ‘technically’ (Seemed more physical than technical to me). Next week you be complaining he hasn’t scored a hat-trick. Menwhile, in real life, he was fantastic for a debutant who hasn’t played all season. Massive respect to him. Ox was immense! Fabianski played like a brick wall in front of a… Read more »


Wake me up, before you sano-go!

i don't comment here often

Yaya Sanogo reminds me a bit of players like Benteke and Welbeck and Shane Long. They generally have good instincts about when to shoot and often look dangerous through sheer physical presence, but the first touch can disappoint and the passing can lack precision. But he looks like a good player to have around for a cup game. Decent.


Yeah mate by technical I meant better with the ball at his feet than giroud is. He looks like he can nutmeg a player or 2 while we know giroud struggles in that dept and abot me bashing Sanogo thats a no no. Ramsey taught me to be nice to players and give the time.


Heroldgoon, you were pissing and moaning about this team before the start of this very game. You are the worst kind of supporter; a whiney pinhead when things aren’t going well and a gloating know-all when things are.


Yes i agree. The team out there was no where near strong enough considering the team pool had put forward. in the end the team pulled together and got a result and i was proved wrong and gladly.

As for Sanogo. i’m a fan always have been.


Too many seem to get “The Way of the Whinger” whenever things get difficult. Özil put in a real shift today as did Sanogo and Fab and indeed the whole damn team. Grinning like the cheshire cat now.


B team? Not entirely. Liverpool could have hammered us again. We can only play well in spurts. True grit though.

2013-2014 = 2003=2004

Liverpool started with their strongest team, including SASASASAS.

Arsenal started with SANOGOGOGOGOGO.

Ligue 2 striker > { (GBP40mm and a quid man) + (Chelsea reject) + (“I flap my hands like Aaron Lennon” man) + (“I have no vowels in my name” man) }


what i have learned today.

Yaya is a go go!

Remember the invincibles

Absolutely.Thought it was going to be a bad birthday when the match started. Turns out it was a very nice one indeed 🙂

Diaby's ankles

Lads, do we play Everton at home or away in quartres?


at home I believe


Home I think.

Means we can do the whole thing without leaving London






@Home but Giroud wont feature as he likes to play away from home…….


The god of drawing names has not been kind to Arsenal this year, from league cup, to CL and in FA as well.


Its 2-1 and Mourinhole is going MENTAL!!!

Bergkamp"s Third Nipple

Fuck him. I absolutely hate him. He’s up there with Vincent Tan (and I especially hate VT because I’m Malaysian)

Trapped in Wenger's basement

You hate him because he has the same nationality as you?

Yay! 1 More reason for me to hate John Terry!

Canadian Arsenal Fan

you don’t need to be English to hate John Terry.

Bombay Gunner

Ozil was so good today.
Worked hard. Made good runs.
Involved in both goals.
And that one run was brilliant.
He is going to be scoring soon. You can feel it. Hopeful against Bayern!

And OX!Hardly put a foot wrong all game. Only flaw was kicking Saurez in the box. But referee did not give it. So more power to him – got to kicky the bitey cunt. Oh god! now I am thinking of bitey cunts. That is a scary thought. Damn you Saurez.


good assassin

Vagina dentata?


Hah! That one is going down in history. From now on, we refer to Suarez as “vagina dentata”. Brilliant!

Az Ahmed

Thank God for Michael Owen being on holiday, but Andy Gray was not exactly the impartial co-commentator. Really biased throughout. It seems like a general trend in the media that everyone seems to have a thing against Arsenal. Okay Oxlade fouled Suarez, but then Suarez flopped upside down on his head like a gymnast before writhing in agony. He didn’t exactly help himself. Immediately after, Ozil was fouled in the opposition area, yet – NOTHING. They didn’t even go back to look at it. Then Gerrard hacked over Oxlade Chamberlain, a blatant yellow card if there ever was one, yet,… Read more »

Captain's Armband

Nobody takes the piss when Flamini’s about.


Likes to throw himself around balls doesn’t he? He can break a neck for this team.


If this is specialism in failing then am loving Arsene Wenger.


Someone should tell Maureen that the cup is like the lottery, you have to be in it to win it

Bergkamp"s Third Nipple

Just thinking out loud here, but we should have our own version of the haka before matches to intimidate the opposition. Just get the team to line up and rip their sleeves off above the elbows. Flamini can go one step further and rip the opposition’s off too.

Bergkamp"s Third Nipple

Scratch that. He can rip his balls out and give them to Van Pussy. A new pair will just grow out over the course of the match.


Revenge IS sweet.


…..and it’s best served by an Ox

Arsene nose

I like you Sanogo



Captain's Armband

Over the top! He looked promising though.

Good Omens

Credit where credits due armband, he wasn’t a world beater but for someone who hasn’t played all season , his age, the occasion and that to a greater or lesser degree we have all written him off, he deserves plaudits, he pulled up trees with his effort – who can ask for more all things considered.


Steady on, he was good and worked hard!

Captain's Armband

Hey, I agree with you guys….all I’m saying is that we’re still talking baby steps with Yaya. That was his first start, and a very bright one it was, but we’re wise enough to know that the kid will need a little bit more the time to see if he can produce that level every week.

If he can, then he can be a top, top top quality player.


Looked pretty confident for a kid making his debut.

Hopefully Wenger has found another gem.

He was funny. The way he Gervinho-ed himself in the first few moments and attacked Howard Webb were both absolutely hilarious moments. But he grew into the match and he’s got a bit of arrogance which I like


And apparently punched BFG in training? That takes some balls.


I figure he’s the only one who can reach 🙂


Yaya was real centre forwad today. Held the ball well, good with his feet just needs abit of time to really intergrate with his teammates and he could lead the line ahead of Giroud….whose scandal may affect his head.

jack jack jack

Sanogo was excellent. Really like the cut of his jib. Didn’t get bullied by those scouse goblins, and worked fucking hard for the team. Huge, huge win, and players rested for Bayern. Brilliant stuff.


From this performance only, I see him a striker that can and is willing to shoot. Like it.

The Chef Who Poisoned the Spuds Lasagne

looooooooooooooooooooooooooool scouse goblins


Sanogo will be a beast of a striker. Yes I said it!!!

Remember the invincibles

How good was Suarez though. Don’t think I’ve seen a striker as good as him since Henry. Suarez is not close to Henry but he’s still a one of a kind.

jack jack jack

He’s one of the best in the world without a doubt. Give him the ball anywhere in the final third and you can expect something to happen.


Seems very intelligent in his movement, willing to work as “the first line of defence”, physically strong and balanced. Very Very encouraging.

This is the first I have seen him play 90 minutes, apart from youtube clips. Very happy with what I saw. Faded a bit in the end, but overall an A+ performance.


before anyone feels the need to comment. Yes I know he was subbed, and I didn’t really see him play a full 90 minutes. If your first reaction was to comment on that. Well…

Remember the invincibles

Well… He didn’t play 90 minutes.


hahaha.. @remeber the invincibles.. but this boy Sonago has talent.. I think if he had not been injured he would have already made a few strides towards maturity due to more games.. Is raw but definite potential.. power and pace.. lacks composure but will come in time.. I am willing to bank on him to become the next world class player Wenger uneartherd

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Fabianski/Ox MoM for me. It’s really a damn shame he’ll leave in summer. Sanogo did much better than I expected… First win of the deathrun I, let’s make it two against Germans on Wednesday.


Did you even see Fabianski? Man of the match by a fair distance.


My bad, didn’t read good enough haha.

Özil a great job too, good to see Jenkinson too.


Jenkinson went berzerk after chambos goal. Patting his mid section so hard I wanted him to stop. You never know with this injuries hehe


What a game…. Amazing football from two teams. Football doesn’t get better then this.

dink arnold

Stuff it all you negative nancies crying about the lineup.



actually it was a joy seeing Giroud wasnt starter


I vaguely remember it as a slight panic attack, but sure, hindsight is a wonderful thing.


Have to admit, I didn’t think Arteta/Flamini would work out well after their last few drab performances together, but I am so happy I was proved wrong.


Gives Özil room.

Most of the times when he’s been lauded for playing well recently, its been on his own in that central attacking role.

Its not that he’s playing better/worse, but Ramsey/Wilshere/Rosicky share the load and you don’t notice him as much.


I disagree, strongly. Ozil is a passer, and when Ramsey has been there, those two have had the greatest passing combination stats. Ozil works best when he has got energetic players like Ramsey and rosicky around him.


Maybe. I guess I’m breaking my own rules by trying to simplify the way Arsenal play into straightforward elements. (you can’t)

You are right, its probably as much about who Özil has gelled with better and worse in the squad so far.

I just hate the: ‘he’s shit, he’s great, he’s shit’ game being played right now — especially in the media.


Looked to me like Arteta had the more upfield role, which worked much better. Flamini in front of Arteta just isn’t in character for either of them.


I had to go and wash my mouth out. Before the match I was worried about the team selection.
Never in doubt!
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to wash this brown stain out my trousers…

clueless rooster

lukas podolski …he scores when he wants ….


He needs to get more games! So clinical and a great bloke.

Wenger's Glasses

Couldn’t agree more. I hope Poldi will start again against Bayern.

& Flamini… Wow. He’s so ruthless!

What a great game. So proud of our team.

Lukas Podolski…..He scores when he plays

La Defense

Sanogo looked good!


good things to come, yaya sanogo


Well, I didn’t see that coming. Credit where it’s due.


Awesome stuff from the OX and Fabianski. Not a bad performance from Sanogo, seems like a good lad aswell. So happy. COYG!




Fabianski’s going to be boss for some other team next year. Hopefully abroad. Can’t blame him for leaving, he should be playing every week but I still wouldn’t drop Sir Chesney for him.


If things go as (sadly) expected:

1). hope he doesn’t go to another prem league side.

2). start looking for anyone half as good who will play 2nd choice next year.

{ 3). Somehow persuade him to stay}


I’d really like him to stay. I know it must be frustrating for him to play behind the best keeper in the Premiership, but Fabianski must surely be the best back-up keeper in Europe. I’d love for him to stay, especially when I see he’s got performances like that in his pocket.


Fabiański would be a number 1 for almost any team in Europe. He deserves to move on. He was on course to claim the number 1 here from Almunia had he not gotten injured half way through 2009-2010 when Szczęsny then came in. As long as he gets Champions League football somewhere, I don’t begrudge him for moving on this summer.

Indonesian Gooner

Onward and upwards!! Btw kudos to Fabianski!! Tremendous game!!


Never in doubt :DD

Me So Hornsey

Has anyone seen Michael Owen?

Captain's Armband

Co-Commentator Cunt duties went to Andy Gray, and he lived up to the title.

emir of emirates

Yea..i caught a glimpse of him…..where.? in Bossielny’s pocket..!!! I love the GunnerZ!!! Deathrun 1: Arsenal 1

jack jack jack




Who wants to see Michael Owen?



Bendtner's Hair Band

Ox is immense.



OK, probably should have been a pen, but flattening Suarez and barely noticing; the guy is really powerful


Probably should have been another Liverpool pen, but Suarez reaps what he sows. Players who set out to con refs make the ref’s job so much more difficult, and they really can’t complain. The fact that he went down again as if taken out by Barret-Browning sniper rifle, and, whilst on the way down essayed about 5 dramatic rolls whilst at the same time affecting that particularly stupid looking pained goofy griimace, probably explains why Mr Webb thought that he could possibly be taking the piss! Also, couldn’t see why Cazorla collecting stud marks in his leg from Skertl in… Read more »


Hopefully this marks the end of our short blip.

On a side note, congrats to Yaya on his full debut, and thank fuck for Fab.


This, was … good. We weren’t dominated, but we didn’t dominate. We fought hard, created plenty of chances and won the game fairly. I’m proud of the team.


Deathrun 1 Arsenal 1


Where are we going to find a quality 2nd keeper once Fab leaves?



Thierry Walcott


Arsene's Bored Banker

Sanogo and Fabianski : Fuck yeah!


I was dreading the worst but credit to the team they stuck in there. The team really needed this win.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Well done, Fabianski! Terrific goalkeeping.

chris b

scousers better clear some room in the fridge – revenge is a dish best served cold.


Trust in wenger. Always gad faith un sanogo whole team played better. More of an Arsenal performance. Well played boys.


For a slight moment I thought we had lost it.. bring on quarter finallsss !! COYG


Whole team played well. It’s a massive plus to have Flamini back shouting and pointing, think it helps all the players around him. Fabianski was amazing


Mugs must be smashed
Suarez is a cunt
The ox gores cunts
Poldi is a prince
The Arsenal is the best


What a cracker

Henry! Chance! Goal!!

Liverpool’s attack gave us problems to be honest. Fabianski was the difference between the 2 teams today. I wish he could stay


Downvote all you like – I think Liverpool were hard done by the ref. Should’ve been a second penalty. Mind, Gerrard should’ve been sent off around the 70th minute as well.


And we also had so many chances to win by a bigger margin that we didn’t take. It’s not like Liverpool dominated us and were let down by the ref. Your point is moot.


I’d say that means it evened out. Webb’s rules.

Dick Swiveller

Yeah, although Nacho should have been off in the first 10 minutes…if that was a challenge on one of our players I’d have been up in arms.

Considering the luck we usually get with refs though, nice to be the other side of the line.

German Gunner

find another site


so only say what unthinking fans want to hear or it’s “find another site”?

Chairman Meow



Down voting that comment makes no sense. They should’ve had a penalty and Gerrard should’ve had a 2nd yellow, thus getting sent off. There’s nothing wrong with that statement.


Someone tell me why Podolski has spent so much time in the bench this season…?

gooner odst

Secret weapon…cannot be revealed to the ‘other’ Germans.

emir of emirates

More to come from Arsenal..we all believe in this team….did anyone see their SaS until he laced Fab’s boot..?


now, the Germans Pep


Ooh la la….giroud’s one night stand is mmmmm va va voooooom!! Well done lad….


Are we ever going to catch a break with the draws this year? Group of death, Bayern, Spuds, pool, now Everton?


And don’t forget Chelski in the Mickey Mouse Cup.

Henry! Chance! Goal!!

It’s time for you to stay heathy Mr. Sonogo. I liked what I say today from Sonogo

Henry! Chance! Goal!!




gooner odst

Ox gave us pace on the wing, Poldi gave us pace from the middle and when he swapped with Ozil briefly, he looked alive, Sanogo gave us a gutsy performance with a few mistakes here and there but alot of passion and could have scored a cracking goal from the chest control and shot. L’pool should have had 2 penalties, lets be honest. They also should have been 2 up in the first 10 minutes but they fluffed it. Fabianski was a thorn in L’pool’s side and thats a good thing, probably a 9.8 out of 10 performance from him… Read more »

emir of emirates

Amen to that.!!

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

“L’pool should have had 2 penalties, lets be honest.”….I say a big MEH to that!…if that’s true then we should have had one of our own, don’t you think? The foul on Santi by Agger/Skrtel? And Gerrard should have been sent off as well, no? I thought it was a dive for their pen, too.


If you’re going to talk about referees’ mistakes, talk about ALL of them, don’t just cherrypick some to make your point. Yes, it should have been a penalty for Ox’s challenge on Suarez, but the first penalty was soft and Skrtel’s challenge on Cazorla was both a penalty and a yellow card. And Gerrard should have been sent off, as his second foul was worse than the one that got him booked.

Captain's Armband

I like how Agger was on the sharp end of being pulled back by the Ox on the way to the second goal.

Take your medicine, Agger, and give some to that grabbing baboon Skrtel as well.


I really wished Fabianski properly punched Agger in the face when he came out to clear the ball instead of whacking him in the body. Agger was literally pushing and pulling Sonogo the entire game (Webb only called him once for it), so would have been justice for that m0ng Agger to get taken out.


You could also see this as very encouraging… Sanogo, 21 years of age, just back from a long term injury, going up against one of the more experienced (playing for top teams) CB’s in the league. A lot of players would have baulked in similar circumstances. He didn’t.


Revenge is best served cold. It was equally fun to watch the red hot Ox serve it to them!


I’ve always said it and i’ll say it again. I have never doubted the technical qualities of our players, especially in the midfield. Every single one of them is exceptionally gifted. Rozza, ox, flam, santi, ozil, arteta,giroud, all of them. If they weren’t playing for us, the fans would be asking wenger to buy them. On our day, we can beat any team in the world. Whether we win or not has always mostly depended on our mental state. I am always so pissed when whiny fans come to this blog and act like it’s the end of the world.… Read more »


Sanogo is a monster. I loved it when Agger tried to hold on to him as he made a run for the box. Sanogo almost killed him with a sweep of his arm. Players were just bouncing off him.

The boy done good. A bit raw, but he looks a decent player. And hard as fuck.


Wtf! With Sanogo? Am overjoyed. Will always love Poldi, he’s got goals in him. Haters should just fucking eat their balls.


The co commentator was a cunt..


He still is


and always will be


Poldi needs to play more. Wonderful goal this evening.

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