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Sanogo: Big boys don’t get bullied

Yaya Sanogo says he relished his first Arsenal start underlining how much he enjoyed the physical battle with Liverpool centre-backs Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger.

The French under-21 international was a surprise inclusion in Arsene Wenger’s FA Cup starting line-up last weekend and was rewarded for his promising performance with a follow up against Bayern Munich in midweek.

Reflecting on a huge week in his fledgling career the 21-year-old spoke about his own physical qualities and how happy he was to play a part in the victory.

“It was my first start in a competitive game since I joined and I was delighted,” Sanogo told Arsenal Player. 

“I felt really good physically and gave everything I had. Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger are very tough to play against, really big and strong, so it was a good test for me.

“But I am a big boy too, and it was just a case of not letting them intimidate me. I didn’t let them bully me – I had to be there in the physical battle. The last 30 minutes were difficult physically but overall I was happy, especially as we won.”

Having seen a shot blocked in the build-up to Alex Oxlade Chamberlain’s opener on Saturday the young Frenchman also came close to scoring against the reigning European champions on Wednesday. Still waiting for his first goal in Arsenal colours Sanogo said he was just happy to be taking part at such a high level.

“I had that shot early on and really thought it would go in, but Neuer made a great save. I’m disappointed about the result, but there is still a second leg to be played and anything can happen.

“I came here to gain this kind of experience and to learn from great players. I take it all in, working hard every day in training, and I’m hoping to play as much as I can.”

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Indonesian Gooner

There’s a strong lad. Powerful personalities are what great players are made of.


I know people on here might not like the comparison but I think there are some similarities between Yaya and Adebayor when he was at his prime at Arsenal, which for me is a good thing cause he used to be quiet a good player. Got to admit that I was a bit worried when I heard the starting line up for the Liverpool and Bayern games but now I hold VERY high hopes for this guy! – And hopefully he can start scoring goals cause then we might have our new first choice striker and finally some needed competition… Read more »

I miss Bergkamp

I have hope that there is no need for remedial classes in the offside rule and how to avoid being flagged for being offsides needed for Sanogo. Other than his personality that had to be my biggest complaint about Ade.


I like 🙂


Go Go Sanogo, You’re better than that cunt from Togo!…who is a chicken just like their Logo!

Mark Gibney

Decent chap..looks promising

gunnersaurus is my dad

If he can sort out his first touch and close control he’s going to be quality!!


It’s already decent now:


Impossible to take anything away from the Ox or his speed but I can’t help but think that Walcott would’ve reached the ball before Neuer did !!


Yeah he’s technically very good now, he just needs match fitness and experience imo. I love Giroud but I can see Sanogo overtaking him if he stays fit. Basically they’re similar players but Sanogo has more pace and I think will show himself to be a better finisher. He also seems to win a lot more headers and actually direct them towards teammates, whereas often Giroud wins them but turns the ball over anyway.


I hope that the competition within the club will now be heated-up! Obviously, based on personal choices it looks like Giroud was becoming not only comfortable on the pitch but in his “real-life”…I hope after having hit the first level of rock bottom in his marriage and now with the threats to his role on the team, he can wake-up, man-up and raise-up out of the ashes/dung/slag… COOG12! Yaya, drive him on and overtake him if you can! Allons-y mes amis!!! Also, can we please get Sagna signed…sheesh. Top rate right back, loves the place, loves the badge and we… Read more »


he is 20 years old for god sick, he will sort those things out. Just give him the time to develop.


Right attitude is there. Now he just needs to keep his head down and work hard in training.

Gunner pundit

Wenger best scout in the premier league


If the Ox had scored it would have been one of the assists of the season.


I see a brighter future ahead of him

african gunner

This is our own kind of yaya,who can shoot,beat a marker & who’s good in the air.much luv for yo already bro!


Bullying’s a no go?

Not a chance.


Off topic, but some people were asking about injuries. In the Team News on, Wenger says “In terms of injuries, we have Gibbs (buttock) definitely out for the weekend. Nobody else is coming back apart from Arteta who is back from suspension – he will be available. That should be the squad.”

So I guess that means Chambo could still be available, they’ll just have to give him a late fitness test or something.


Buttock? Really?


I also thought it was his buttock. He landed awkwardly and on his heels. The strain must have been felt on his buttock. i know this sort of injury coz it has once happened to me.

Cork Gunner

A bit of perspective please.

While his performances this week may have shown potential let’s not get carried away.

He does not rate anywhere near Giroud at this stage of his career. He may eventually surpass him but at this point Giroud is our main man.

While he has gone through a poor few weeks for a number of reasons people shouldn’t be slow to forget Giroud’s contribution over the last 18 months.


So much this. Until he shows he’s capable of scoring goals, Sanogo is pretty much the same player as Giroud, but obviously not as developed. Can’t really grasp why people love Sanogo so much already and says Giroud is shit since Yaya’s only done just what Giroud normally does: work hard, win headers, use hold up play.


Until hating helps.. i will continue to love Sanogo and ozil…and Rosicky and podolski and….

Dick Swiveller

He’s more of a threat running in behind than Giroud and people love the counter attack, that’s my theory anyway, glad to have him as backup but I reckon he’ll be getting more gametime than Bendtner ever did as second choice.


Maybe people like Sanogo because he shows how he’s different from Giroud? They’re both physical, hard working and good in the air, but there aren’t many other similarities. Sanogo has more pace, more directness and energy in attack, can dribble, an eye for a pass, short or long, and isn’t scared to go for goal. And he’s only 21, so he has great potential. And maybe people are just tired of having to rely so heavily on a badly out of form Giroud. Yes, some people were saying Giroud is shit, but most of us just wanted a good alternative,… Read more »

Julian Monay

HOW is Sanogo a carbon copy of Giroud? Their styles of play are obviously very different–Sanogo relies on his pace and dribbling a lot more than Giroud, whose play seems very limited to back-to-goal play like one-touch passes and those little flicks that are admittedly awesome when they come off. Look at our first v Loserpool: Giroud would never have t r i e d to chest and control that ball. And that amazing bit of play v. Bayern. Would never have crossed OG12’s mind. Giroud is a good player who is currently out of form; a tall, strong, slow… Read more »

Julian Monay

o wow looks like i forgot the top half of your comment when i read the second bit

The Artist Formerly Known as Danger Mouse

Theres something really good about this teams spirit compared to other years. Really sickening how during the MONTHS of good results none of the usual moaners on these pages showed up here to say anything positive. Then after our first little tricky spell they all come a crawling out of the woodwork to say how terrible everything is. Bloody miserable gits.


“Negative Ill-Disposed Gooners”…they’re our brethren, but some times we’d like to toss ’em in the drink…

Other than that they’re fine fellows aren’t they? Stirring up the muck. Bringing a cross point, counter opinion and catastrophic attitude to the discussion.

For me, I guess, I’d rather be a Polyanna than a Chicken Little. But, then, that has it’s own set of problems 😉


I suppose cause a fucking circle jerk echo chamber of corrrr HFB gives me a massive boner… gets kinda boring after the millionth pat on the back post?

Bould's Eyeliner

Then there’s the whole thing where people only see in midnight black or purgatory white. Everything’s fine or it’s the march through the hellfire. And then it’s also kind of funny because the whole circle jerk thing is pretty much a response to all the moaners out there.

There could be a middle ground guys, “Hey Giroud’s worth a little precum but it’d be nice if he could finish.”

Cork Gunner

That should have read “should be slow to forget”!


Disclaimer-Liverpool fan-: I think Sanogo looked quite good on his debut. Not an easy way to start, Liverpool then Bayern. He looked dangerous in the opening stages against Bayern. Chased shadows once down to 10 men but that just shows his enthusiasm. He did nick the ball a couple times but the breaks fell apart (not due to him). He has tons of potential and probably a higher ceiling than Giroud. Look forward to seeing how he progresses.


Sanogo? Sayesgo


Is this so bad it works? Samaybego

Canadian Gooner

After this week, anyone who says YaYa’s a no go for the team, will Luk-akuard. However, he should work on his finishing to Luk-as Podolski’s.

Pg Venkat

I thought as a tall lad he is gonna be bit off pace but well he got some pace and can go past defenders! Good sign from an young lad COYG


Looking forward to his first Arsenal goal


he is a big powerful lad to be sure but very early days for him. his touch needs a lot of work and he’s obviously nowhere near match fit yet, but i have to say i enjoy seeing him take centre backs on physically. he must be a nightmare to play against! go yaya!!!


Would have loved to have seen him take the penalty and score against Bayern – imagine what that would have done to his and the teams confidence lol as well as denting that of the German manure!!!

Infidel Castro

I remember Wenger making the claim at the start of the season ‘just because he’s not signed for £50m he doesn’t make the headlines but he’ll make the headlines when he’s on the pitch’ Wenger knows, Yaya could turn into a right beast for us.

Go Go Sanogo

Reckon better than Peter Crotch


If he stays injury free then i think we might just have a player on our hands, the way he skinned 3 Bayern players and played that peach of a pass for the Ox to run on to was Kanu-esque. He’s not as predictable as HFB either or Bendtner for that matter.


Big lad. Good prospect. He could be a Thierry Henry in the making. The earlier his first goal, the better.

Gunsen Gunner

Yaya is a gogo for us.His shot technique reminded me of amazing would it be if THAT loony with a mohawk was actually sane and playing for us? He’d be the perfect striker in our system.Shame but a Gooner can dream…



Off topic, stupid internet ads are showing me Nasri in a City Jersey.

Probably because me and the missus were looking at pictures of WAGs (don’t ask) and I saw Nasri’s and said he was an ugly little gnome, so I googled his picture to show her. Fair play to the chinless wonder, he’s got himself a fine woman.


Good lad, dare I say it he could be our Drogba, without all the falling over like a giant twat the entire time.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

To me, Giroud is our Drogba (but not quite on the same level)


Wow. Suddenly flavour of the month is player that cost nothing over player that cost 42.3m. Anyone for Julian Draxler still?:D Sanogo (as I mentioned before) replicates what Bendtner provides as back up to Giroud. He is strong and physical and able to hold up the ball, bring others in through the channels. That said, we need a more creative player on the apex and someone preferably with a bit of pace/anticipation around the box. No surprise we were after Higuain and Suarez last summer. Where we have sufficient for a domestic double challenge, we are a bit light in… Read more »


Torres is useless.
I’d never want him at Arsenal… ever.

Fireman Sam

He was good once but somehow became shite. Hopefully the same as RVP at Man U …

Luckiest guy

My girlfriend just take me to the hamburg airport, next stop gatwick!! Watching Arsenal vs Sunderland live Tomorrow on my birthday!!! Luckiest f****ing guy on earth right now!!!

m a gunner

Looks good prospect would like to see wenger buy a couple more physical players, we still a little light on players who can tackle !

palace gunner

You see the first 15 mins of 1st half against bayern ox & sanogo was effective upfront, the team attacked, tackled & did the normal ball to the area, it will be nice to see sanogo score plus gd assists.


I would like to see Sanogo start every game from now on. After all, he’s better than Giroud: that why he started on Wednesday.

Bould's Eyeliner
Fireman Sam

Lol. Random but a point well made.

Rocky Rocastle

Cant fault his attitude. Allready prefer Sanogo to Giroud. Funny thing, many of his stats are better aswell compared to Giroud. And thats saying something seeing as he debuted vs Liverpool and current superpower in football, Bayern München. One would expect things to go alot better vs Sunderland and the like. Hehe Groud average 2 defensive actions a game. (blocks, intercept, clearances). Sanogo had 5 defensive actions vs Bayern Munich. Giroud this season wins 46% of his duels. 57% last season. Sanogo won 58% of his duels vs Bayern Munich. But i think Giroud’s personal life has been affecting his… Read more »


Giroud had that spell in preseason and the first few games where he was scoring and creating, then we had to listen to all the internet sages telling us they were right all along and we just had to be patient. Turns out he is replicating his form from the first season, which is good, but not good enough for the #1 striker at Arsenal. To be honest, it looks like his confidence is off, he is afraid to turn and would rather make the easy choice of playing the ball back to one of the midfielders or trying a… Read more »

Tony Hall

I would like to see him start against Sunderland and get a goal or two, the sooner he get’s one the better I think for his development!


Guys what do you say about this?

Sry for the late post.


@lindhe… I’d say flamini should be pushing himself and focusing on he’s own game ( second goal )……

Jimbo Slice

To the tune of spandau ballet gold

Giroud got caught bangin hoes
Now you’ve got your chance
Time to show
Your skills with a football
We all believe in…
Sanago Go!


Now that we have seen what this boy can do could make the run in interesting. I wouldn’t mind seeing even a 4-4-2 some games

Sagna – mert – kos – Gibbs
Ox Flamini – jack. Ozil
Giroud/sanogo podolski

palace gunner

I think myself giroud was tired, did you see his game play stats, he played more time on the pitch out of all the prem strikers, a gd rest & ozil maybe coyg

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