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Wenger defends Ozil, dismisses RVP nonsense

Arsene Wenger has leapt to the defence of record-signing Mesut Ozil labelling the German an ‘exceptional’ player who is still coming to terms with the physicality of the Premier League.

With a £42.5 million price tag hanging over him the midfielder’s recent poor performances have been the subject of intense scrutiny in recent days with certain media outlets chomping at the bit to write him off as an Arshavin-esque flop. Seriously?

Accepting that the 25-year-old was far from his best at the weekend, Wenger backed his star man to come good:

“He didn’t have the best of games on Saturday, but that can happen. He works very hard to adapt to the physical level of the Premier League and for me he is an exceptional player.

“I wouldn’t like to put too much pressure on him because he has been a top-class player until now. He knows when he is not good enough he will get questioned — that is normal.”

As is customary these days, the boss also had to face more transfer speculation nonsense with frothing hacks quizzing him on a hypothetical Emirates return for Robin van Turncoat.

“I don’t think that’s an ideal subject for us to treat today,” was the boss’ measured response (although we suspect he was actually thinking “What a bunch of cunts they put in front of me”).

“I think it is best we don’t talk about that at the moment. Robin van Persie is a great player, we know that. It doesn’t mean he has to score [against us on Wednesday]. It depends how we defend against him.”

Hopefully we don’t defend against him in the same fucktarded way we have in the three previous encounters with our former captain. Seeing him score against us every time makes Arseblog News want to stab itself in the eye with a rotting wishbone.

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Rvp: I’m a grey haired cunt and i know it.

*do the shuffle*


If RVP scores tomorrow, I swear I’m gonna stab some cunts.

German Gunner

Thats it, don’t hold back, get it out there!!!


As a striker, when you play alongside the “joneses” the “cleverlys” the “valencias” the “youngs” and the “evanses” then you realise life is not that easy.. If we lose to such awful players on wednesday I will automatically stop watching arsenal atleast till the end of the season


That’s exactly what a Man U “supporter” would do.


No sir! why, because a united supporter knows how awful majority of their players are, they are sincerely not expecting a top performance from such players. So me doing that to arsenal is justified because we have far better quality to roll such mediocrity over

Bould's Eyeliner

Do it. We dare you. Stop reading anything Arsenal related too, it’ll really have an impact. The Arsenal will really feel your protest very strongly. Also why don’t you show some of those awful united supporters the strength of your logic. it’s infallible.


So, let me get this right:

if Arsenal live up to your expectations; you support them.

If Arsenal Don’t live up to your expectations, you stop (if even for a while).

You are either a fan or not; good times and bad.

You are not. Do what you will; we (and the club) will manage perfectly well and not miss you.

Dr Baptiste

Whatever will the club do without your support…..

Titsan Arse

I can just imagine you now on the Chelsea website ordering a replica shirt and a ‘Greatest Chelsea Fan Ever’ mug.


why be a cunt when you can be a god????… (eminem)

glory Hunter

I think i understand where Previgo is coming from(apart from automatically stop watching arsenal)

If we cant beat this Man Utd side at home, then when will we?

Toby C

Looks like Previgo has made some life-long friends today.


I’m not going to be as polite as the others. Fuck off and don’t come back!

Stoph Stoph

What’s with the thumbs down? I think that’s totally reasonable.


So do I. They’re a poor team with a clueless old-school manager whose idea of football is combative defending and putting an endless series of crosses into the box. Let’s just hope he won’t take the advice of the pundits and decide to play Mata centrally where he could do us some damage. If we can’t beat a demoralised United there’s something seriously wrong.


tell us how you really feel


To the tune of What is love

What is cunt,
robin van persie, van persie,
thats cunt.


Sounds good but might go better as:
What a cunt!
Robin Van Persie…
Van Persie’s…
A Cunt!


Just got it. Was trying to fit it into the Howard Jones tune…

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

The Hadaway one, mate… I tried the Jennifer Lopez one, too!


I would change the final line to “you cunt”.

What a cunt.
Robin Van Persie
Van Persie
You cunt.


Lyrical. poetic and to the point what a little gem . Obviously you have the sould of an artist sir.I shall be humming it the whole evening


or even the “soul” silly old duffer that I am

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

….In Hammy’s voice. You wanna cooo-kie?


I’ld pretty much be happy with a chamakh return! RVP is a massive cunt and cunts are not something associated with the ARSENAL


Haha, Cheers Benis, I shall be singing that for the next few months.
Wouldn’t it be great to hear that ringing out around the ground tomorrow.


He will score, of that there is no doubt.

It’s just a shame that it will be a consolation goal in a 6-1 thumping.


You think he’s gonna score an own goal?

I jest

I hope…


Like the time he almost walked into the wrong locker room?


With the thumbs down for my first post already, I take it we’re not doing that joke anymore?


Not about stabbing, I think.

Arsene knows

Calm down mate (sharpens blade..)

Dr Baptiste

It’s a no go

Cazorla's smile

no he’s available again


To the under 21’s not yet to us.


I think a lot of people don’t realise it’s a joke …

Dr Baptiste

Stabbing cunts is never a laughing matter….

Mark Hughes

Uh oh… Should I leave?

Emmanuel Eboue

I feel like kicking that dutch cunt in the balls. Repeatedly. Until he falls to the ground yelling, they are in my throat now, stop kicking them…

I have vivid fantasies.


Ozil signing, what a waste of 42m when we got Cazorla.

Imagine if that 42m went to a world class striker


Oh bore off. Let me ask you SuperArsenal, ever had a bad day at work?


True dat, sick of our supporters who bask in wonder of us playing great football but knives are out after 90 mins of football. They’re like bi polar gooners and we can do without it on the eve of a massive game. On another topic, I really wish Wenger would just brush these questions aside as now bbc sport, football365 and caught offside are all printing stupid fucking bollocks like ‘failing ozil given backing’ which highlights the situation and allows twats from other clubs to flood the comments with condescending guff. And people to tweet. And the papers to pick… Read more »


Robbie Savage is a knob who was overlooked for lower division players when it came to selection for the national team. People want to get off Ozil’s back so many players struggle in there first season in the Premier League he will get better so lets get behind him.

On another note David Moyes must be pissed he keeps saying they have been unlucky. No David your team has been shit!!

Hope we give them a stuffing COYG!!!


We had cazorla last year and came fourth. This year we have added ozil and are a point off the top.


Have a sneaky feeling WBA might sneak in a draw today.hope i don’t jinx it


I share your sneaky feeling too! Just that this time I hope westbrom are not robbed! By a cunt ref who finds it hell difficult to differenciate between a football player and an apprentice diver(Ramires taking lectures from suarez and ashly young)


Victor Anichebe is more of a gooner than RAP ever was if get what I mean. I love ur sneaky feeling. Sneaky indeed. Now let’s smash those bastards to death tomorrow. #COYG. Am positive about this!


Good Call

FReezin gooner

Its working, WBA did it, pls feel Man u go down 10goals at halftime, + a 2 year ACL on d dutch cunt and that shld usher in his disgraceful retirement. Pls just keep on having this feelings, just might work again.


Hey, wishing a career ending injury on somebody is a disgusting thing to hope for, even when they are as much of a cunt as RvP! Shame on you…
Although I am definitely hoping we’re 10-0 up at halftime.


I called it elsewhere on this site as well.. They have been one of those sides who have done well against teams near the top but not those around them. Theve taken 4 points off Chelsea and it should have been 5, but for dodgy refereeing last november


Don’t know about anyone else but for me it’s hilarious that journos are quizzing Wenger about a RVP return. How demeaning for United and theirs.

the only sam is nelson

it kind of nails van persie as the kind of glory-hunting fucker who’d leave his team for another with a better chance at winning titles, too…


I think RVP hates transfer windows, he’d rather have it open all year round, so he can transfer to the ToTL team in May


Ozil needs runners.

With Theo and Ramsey out it cuts down his options, I guess he was spoiled at Real.

Fuck RvP I want Reus.


Exactly. With three fast and high-quality strikers moving in front of him, Oezil is lethal. Trouble is, with Walcott (last season’s top scorer) unavailable we’re not able to make use of his particular gifts. Wenger talks about his need to adapt to the physical side of the game, but I wonder if this isn’t as misplaced as expecting Arshavin to turn into a Vieira. No wonder Oezil is looking tired, bewildered and frustrated. Adapting to the physical demands of the Premiership simply isn’t his gift. He needs to be himself, directing pinpoint balls into the path of a Ronaldo or… Read more »

some bloke

Oezil? Am I missing a joke or is your spelling seriously bad?


Nope, not a joke and my spelling in German is fine. An e following a, o or u in German = umlaut, changing the meaning and sound. (I can’t do umlauts on this laptop – the number code is fucked). Using e might be a bit frowned on if you’re writing something very formal – the equivalent of saying ‘it’s’ rather than ‘it is’ – but it’s perfectly acceptable informally somewhere like here or in emails. It’s one of the few joys of German. No need to faff about copying and pasting from character map which I have to with… Read more »


Brilliant post @ Miranda…spot on with your observations…I’ve been saying it for a while…we don’t have enough slashers in the team…THATS whats hurting Ozil, as well as an admitted dip in form


I’ve got lots of Ö’s Miranda you can have mine cos I hardly ever use them


Too kind.

Jack's Right Foot

I would do strange and terrible things to get Reus.


Wouldn’t it just. Draxler too could be the right sort of striker in time. Joel Campbell is very quick also and has a fantastic left foot. Oezi’s a visionary who looks like he’s standing in the middle of the pitch doing nothing. If that’s not to your taste, as it isn’t to some managers – it’s why Real sold him, to the consternation of Ronaldo and co – then you do better to buy a workhorse, a Mata perhaps, or, if that’s too expensive an modern Ray Parlour. Wenger loves central attacking midfielders and collects them in large numbers with… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

Uh I don’t think anyone believes Wenger is going to drop Ozil for Ox… Not to mention they play different roles entirely. Also tracking back and defending is the duty (now anyways) for all players, and Ox seems to do that just fine.


I still think Ozil will come good – maybe not this year if he’s already gassed but next year definitely. Aside from last game, I haven’t had many qualms about Ozil’s “effort” and think you’re spot on Miranda about his play not being up to everyone’s taste. At Man U, I’d like to see Giroud playing less of the 2nd of the 1-2 passes on the edge of the box and looking to play the 1st pass at the edge of the box and turn. He’s quicker than Vidic/Smalling and strong enough to hold them off for a step if… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

I believe he fancies the Ox as more of a deep-lying playmaker with passes and tight control, but also making runs from deep, Ramboesque one might say.


So Ox behind Oezil? With some combo of Ramsey/Wilshere/Arteta/Flam behind them? It’s an arrangement which would free Oezil to do what he’s good at (provide assists for slick pacy finishers) and let him off some defensive work. Sounds sensible, but I can’t help wondering why Wenger was never prepared to do the same with an Arshavin-Cesc combination. The Bould’s Eyeliner person says that Ox doesn’t shirk his tracking-back duties – I agree. But if Ox is to take on the burden of much of Oezil’s defensive work, won’t this limit his usefulness as one of our few pacy finishers who… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

If the Ox plays, it will be when we have no other option in Central for now – he’s much too underdeveloped. RW I can see. Either way, it’s not ‘realistic’ to just peg players in a spot like that, Arteta came as an attacking midfielder, and he’s transformed into one of the best DM’s. It comes down to positional discipline, and Ozil is actually much better at that than either Wilshere or Ox, for certain. Defending is a team endeavor, and it’s about coverage and balancing zone and man to man marking – it doesn’t mean you have to… Read more »


Ten games unbeaten, top of the league, one shambolic game and suddenly our record signing, who has the greatest number of assists in europe this season, is an “Arshavinesque flop”. Measured and reasonable, that is.

the only sam is nelson

not only that, he looked peeved when he was substituted! everyone knows that you’re supposed to laugh and light a cigar with £50 notes when that happens


Even moreso we were 5-0 down. Ozil should have gotten rid of his shirt and run to hug Arsene wenger before toasting a champagne on the bench. i mean what need would be there to frown on such a fantastic day?

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

No one is calling him an ‘Arshavinesque flop’, but we can all reasonably expect better from a world class player.


What else do you want from the world class assister other than leading the number of assists in europe?

the only sam is nelson

the leading number of assists in the world? obvs


I’m not doubting it, but is there a link to back up the ‘greatest number of assists in Europe this season’ claim?

If there was a chart, I’d be interested to see who else was on there. Man City have scroed so many goals, that you have thought that they’d have a player or two in there.


Ozil has 8 assists and Rooney has 9 assists, so far this season.


Fabregas is leading the way in Spain, with 10. Good lad.


I think they meant chances created, not assists.


Probably referring to this: I couldn’t find anything for this season, so I trudged through Squawka and Transfermarkt, and I found, for this season: Ozil: 1712 league minutes, 56 chances created, 1 chance every 30.6 min.(!) Rosicky: 760 league minutes, 16 chances created, 1 chance every 47.5 min. Wilshere: 1431 league minutes, 28 chances created, 1 chance every 51.1 min. Walcott: 859 league minutes, 23 chances created, 1 chance every 37.3 min. Ramsey: 1492 league minutes, 26 chances created, 1 chance every 57.4 min. Cazorla: 1531 league minutes, 34 chances created, 1 chance every 45.0 min. Giroud: 1966 league… Read more »


Fabregas is a good lad but he would be better lad if he came back.


By the way, last season, when he played centrally more often, Cazorla’s figures are as follows:
3 297 league minutes, 95 chances created, 1 chance created every 34.7 min.
Which compares favourably to Ozil, but so far Ozil is a bit better in his first season (1 chance every 30.6 min).


where are you getting this ‘greatest number of assists in europe this season’ from?!

He’s obviously got a fair few, but he doesn’t even come close to Rooney or Suarez in the premier league alone.


I think the key is this *year* and they mean last year, and they are counting assists at RM, or were referring to assists in CL, which I doubt is true either. Anyway its all bollocks, Ozil is not having a huge impact at Arsenal and he was a vanity buy after Wenger failed to land Saurez or Bender. People who think we would have bought Ozil in addition to Saurez are smoking whatever Dick Law was when they bid 40000001.


Speaking of Transfer nonsences – anyone hear about HFB telling Hugo Lloris to jump ship

The thought that Hugo would willing play as number 2 behind ‘Sir’Szczesny rather than play for in the first team for the mighty Lily-shites ammuses me greatly 🙂

Me So Hornsey

Context: Ozil cost a mere £7m more than the incredible Spud signing, Eric Lamela….


And to be honest 109mil for those flops ???? I don’t know about Daniel Levi but I’d return those USELESS bunch for partial refunds… SELL Tottenham Hotspurs together with the fans, and go and live in Dubai for the rest of my life


Lamela IS incredible. Did you watch him at Roma? Have you talked to Roma fans? What’s gone wrong at Spurs I haven’t a clue, but there’s a fantastic player still there somewhere and I bet he’ll blossom once he moves from England.

In vain.

‘What’s gone at SPURS I haven’t a clue.’

I’m beat. Anyone?

In vain.

‘…wrong at…’ I mis-misquoted.


Roma does that to players: Gervinho


Haha, even Gervinho looks incredible at Roma. That doesnt mean he will be as good if he came back to PL.

Francis Jeffers' Sous Chef

I would fly Robin Van Persie to Mars and just leave him there and I wholeheartedly mean that

The Playmaker

That’s fu**ed up.
What did Martians ever do to you???

Francis Jeffers' Sous Chef

Mikael Silvestre is one of them and sometimes a man can neither forgive nor forget.


I think he’d love it there. The rover can be programmed to give better passes than Cleverley.

The only Olivier is Giroud

@the only sam is nelson, I sometimes skip the match report if I’d seen the match simply to read the comments, and it’s because of comments like yours!

Ps. Guess who inspired the name 😉 #mancrush


Eric who?


One bad day in the office and the daggers are drawn for Wenger, Ozil, Arteta, etc. The away fans were immense on Saturday, hopefully that rubs on to the home crowd as well for the rest of the season!

And on a side note, not that there was an iota of doubt but the FA’s decision on Toure is totally absurd like all it’s decisions.


The lack of consistency from the FA is infuriating


Its perfectly logical – they dont have Nasri, Aguero and Fernandinho. No Toure for 3 games would effectively mean ManCity dropping off the title race, what would happen to all the primetime TV slots they would have been given.


Aww, @the only Olivier and the only Sam, this could be the start of something beautiful.
Does blogs need to buy a hat?

Thierry Bergkamp

As much as we all dislike him for his disloyalty, we’d be in a much better position with him, than with that imposter for a striker Giroud.


not so sure about that. if your game plan depends on striker distributing balls, Giroud might actually be better than van cunt. mind, i’m not saying he’s a better player overall, just that in our gameplan right now, he fits better.


with him we struggle to get top 4.without him we score more goal last season , and this season we are second 1 point the chav !!! yes much better without him lol


The worry for me about Ozil is the bloke just doesn’t seem happy.
No arguments that he has the talent and am sure more enlightened people on here than me can say if he had the same demeanor at Madrid. Hope so and maybe that’s just the way the bloke is.

Bould's Eyeliner

I respectfully disagree – the fact that he seems unhappy looks like it stems from what he does, and what the team does on the pitch, and that he’s not as well protected from ridiculous tackles in the EPL. If that’s the case, it’s clear he feels that he, and the team, can do more – and for me, that ‘unhappiness’ is the most beautiful and exciting thing i’ve seen in a new, fresh player. He has ambition, and it’s exciting.


Do you want him to call you out and give you s fucking hug?

He enjoyed playing with Ramsey (celebration vs bvb anyone? thats a happy chap) and Walcott. (his through balls darling)

could be the source of his frustration if anything. Giroud isn’t helping i must say.


Is it too much to ask that RVP Is beheaded as a oath breaker and his severed head put on a pike at club level as part of the on-going arsenalisation


Ah, watching GoT reruns in preparation for the new season…

Fatboy Gooney

More money coming in,
Less going out.
Cooper tires are the latest sponsor’s.
let’s hope there’s no more accidents then,
Hopefully this will prevents our wheels from falling off.

thumb me down if you are a gay wankstaine cunt… lol.


Hi, my name is WengersNoseHair, and I am a gay wankstaine cunt… lol.

Naija Gunner

No comment!

But just one thing the massive demolition of man u.

2he0 Walcott

If I was a player tomorrow night we would lose. Im shit scared we’re gonna lose. The amount of abuse I’ve given my United mates this season has been relentless. I woke up yesterday nervous and still am. Im gonna be a wreck. Haven’t been this nervous since injury time against Newcastle. Liverpool style start might relax me a tad.

Fatboy Gooney

@ wingers nose hair..
That figures.. lol.


FYI “lol” means “laughing out loud”.

You may want to stop using it, as nothing you have said is remotely funny.

FYI, “FYI” means “for your information”.

Chairman Meow

FYI language changes, so stop being a pedantic keyboard warrior.


How can journos be so stupid to ask if this fckin cunt is coming back to us… I hope he doesn’t score against us. Would prefer a red card for him.


“Fate – commenth here while I tempt thee..”

I would prefer he stayed on the full 90 so we can watch his misserable dutch skunk face think of what could have been had he not been a Judas, when we smash them.

Up the Gunners!


I’d welcome RVP back, no problemo. Say sorry to the fans and bag some goals for your real childhood club! Admit it was mistake to leave (although he did win a league title) and time will heal. Or we can try and sign Suarez again in the summer! 40 million and 2 pounds just might do it this time 🙂


Win and all Arsenal fans will rejoice at Judas realising his best hope is the Europa. We can’t lose this. We can’t even draw. A win is a must. (I’m shouting) We need this! Yes, I’m talkin’ to you players and Wenger. We’ve been through shitstorm after clusterfuck for years. We’ve seen that bellend parading the trophy around and fawning over Baconface. We’ve seen him celebrate with fury after scoring against us. We had to give him a guatrd of honour at our fucking ground. The humiliation was unbearable. I almost fell out of love with football at that point.… Read more »


I am very sad and angry that Ozil is getting all the abuse for Liverpool defeat. Yes he lost possession twice that resulted in the two goals….but the whole team actually didnt turn up on Saturday especially our defence and defending of setpieces. The two early goals were the real game killers and both were preventable. He has nothing much to do with that part of the blame. Ozil is a creative player and he lost possession trying to create something from a 2-goal deficit at that stage. Creative players try stuff and when it works out, they will look… Read more »


There is a strange kinda philosophical meaning within your bad English and I mean that in the most positive way possible:
“He has nothing much to do with that part of the blame.”
“…they will look good and nice but ocassions that they didnt come off, we still have to support them so that they dont stop trying to be creative….not condemn them to pieces!!”
my favourite: “Why was that skirtel not tracked properly”
it even rhymed sometimes:
“…our players was shocked and their confidence rocked”
Love it

but your right: they were two cheap 😉


But YOU’RE right. YOU’RE!!
Pots and kettles and stuff…


Mate just pointed out it was ironic as two is also incorrect!
Walking away shamed and embarrassed…….


The two setpieces goals were the turning point of the game. Not the lost of possession in the middle of the park and the last third of the park (4th goal) that cause the defeat. The two goals totally distracted the players from the game plan. The two goals resulted in some very nervous play. It is almost the same with City defeat. We were hit two on the quick and the defence just collapse together with the other players around it. Some fundamental,issue here perhaps? Arsene need all his experience to address them…and to do it ASAP!! Im confident… Read more »


Yeah the cold start was the main issue and we were hit by an early goal (recoverable)

but the Set pieces really compounded the whole thing. thereafter a tough ask.


I don’t get all the hate on RVP.

Sure, in Daredevil he was shit, but I thought Argo was okay?


Some seem to want Judas back. I would rather cut off my winkle with a rusty breadknife, and eat it. Then eat the winkle poop. Then vomit it up into a glass. A broken glass. Drink the vomit and eat the glass. Then go to a dodgy surgeon in Papua New Guinea to remove the glass from my bowels. Only to wake with my kidney sold to a local tribesman and my arse superglued together. Then I’ll go the the tribesman and get eaten by cannibals. They’ll send the video of me being eaten alive to my mum. On her… Read more »

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

So Neil, I’d hate to see your reaction if (God forbid) the dutch cunt scores tomorrow.

Petit's Handbag

Anyone else slowly but surely just losing all passion for the game?


CYG, damn.



If that’s all it takes to prevent that twit from ever coming back, you have my support.

If you could throw in something to prevent him from scoring, that would be even more charitable of you.


Bould's Eyeliner

he could just CC the video to cuntsie right? That would keep someone up all night… and more..


So you guys don’t think us not beaten united is awful? I tell you what, Chelsea,liverpool, and man city all won at home to united, Why not arsenal? Tbh, we failling to be united is a sin.(ok maybe i’m letting my hatred for united get the better of me)


At this point I’d be happy for the 3 points off a fortuitous own goal off say oh…Van Pussy. Or maybe an unjust penalty awarded to us off of a ‘striker’s challenge’ in the box from say …oh…Van Pussy.

I’ll take the 1-0 although we haven’t beaten a team thoroughly for quite a while. Would love it if we could spank the Mancs.


Apart from the 4 goals we scored agnst Coventry, i dont really remember any games in many months where we beat someone thoroughly when Theo was not in team.




I hate everything about that club MANCHESTER UNITED, seriously i would give up a UCL trophy just to beat united whenever and wherever we meet for the next 10years(a decade)


If we do beat them, it will put their hopes of qualifying for Europe…sorry Europa and Thursday nights in grave jeopardy.

That should be incentive enough besides trying to put away the recent humiliation, our title aspirations and RVPussy.


I don’t think we have a problem grasping the immense quality of Ozil. Despite not playing at his best, eh still delivers opportunities to the team. My main gripe with him at the moment is his negativity. He tends to drop his head way too quickly when things aren’t going our way. That neither helps the team nor him. Contrast Rosicky who will scrap for every ball and try and move us forward, particularly when the going gets tough. I think this is something Ozil can learn and improve himself with. It is a bit similar in some ways to… Read more »


OTOH Wenger is correct that Ozil should not be singled out cos the performance of the team all round against the mugmashers was absolutely abominable. The defense you would think have a point (or 3) to prove. I hope Wenger starts Gibbs (and he is fit to start). Monreal has been good going forward but is still suspect(let’s say getting use to) at the back. Gibbs has been far more solid defending. Like to see Podolski at some stage to. Santi is in form and should start but there could be good option for us to introduce Podolski and switch… Read more »

das pauly bear

He look good last game at home to be fair. Class is permenant ozil will come good again

See what happens when you let frimpong go! The lad was heart and soul of the place . And I think he got a raw deal.

Remember at home to pool 2 years ago even match tilll frimmy got a red.


If we find half the energy levels the scoucers played within the first 20 minutes we will batter them. Part of their early explosion was down to the crowd set the tempo. So COYG lets be the twelfth man.


With all the suffering in the last two season I would have that cunt (RVP) back in the team! But it has to be this summer not when he is about hang his boots!


lets batter that fucking little boy inside and shit in Rooneys mouth “we are the Arsenal” “we are the Arsenal”


I’m wondering why no one has commented on Wenger’s reply to the Van Persie question – apart from name-calling, that is – because what I take from his response is that he’s not at all ruling it out. I mean, in addition to saying that it’s an inappropriate question at this time, he could easily – and I’d have expected him to – said that our even contemplating buying back an injury-prone geriatric would be completely insane. We’ve got fatter fish to fry, ought to have been his reaction, livlier younger fish forming a long queue to join us, and… Read more »


Wenger didn’t say no to the RVP speculation, seems like he’s up to something on that front?


I got 8/1 on arse to win the league today. at 1 point off the lead these odds are unheard of. i can see why people doubt us but we are in the hunt despite the shite result on saturday. high hopes for tomorrow night. i think we will bounce back.


Yes the professor was heard in a coffee bar in Amsterdam ordering skunk but he did emphasize he did not want to be sold bad shit so I guess that counts out the traitorous dutch cunt, who is bad shit.


Check the film “Wenger and Kroenke get the munchies”


West Brom score level againsts the chavs. Happy days.


According to the fellas on ESPN, Chelsea are mustard because of their depth.

6 minutes of Mourinho time.


Its back on boys. its a competitive league this year. points will be dropped. its down to who can hold their nerve. maureens little horse stumbles the boys from motd will be so dissapointed. cunts.

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