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Tube strike cancellation good news for fans

According to the Press Association, the tube strike which threatened to make the matchday travel experience a nightmare for Arsenal fans tomorrow night, has been called off.

Arsene Wenger had been asked earlier if the strike would affect the fixture, and said, “The game will go on, that is for sure. We are sorry for our fans about the Tube strike because many people will have to walk there.

“But we have improved the number of stewards and the safety and security of our fans should be guaranteed. Unfortunately these are not the best conditions to go into a game like that.”

You may insert your own joke about Man United fans, London and their journey home here.

Update: further clarification is needed on this, with an announcement expected this afternoon.

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We got battered by Pool, we want to put things right as soon as possible and even more so against the skunks’ team. Ofcourse the tube strike is cancelled. We thankyou.

3-0 to the Arsenal leaving rvp with 85% grey hair, a significant rise from his current 65%.


At the time of posting this, tfl website still says strike is on.

Also, sorry in advance for the going off topic but….

I understand players taking time to adjust and playing below par..but if they disrespect our manager then
the player should go…yes am talking about Ozil….hoping he is not going to turn into Arshavin, although he did not have the attitude Ozil seems to have…
here’s hoping I am wrong…if not sell him in the summer, last thing we need is another big ego’d diva in the team.


And i quote the gods must be crazy film.



First 5 months:
Ozil: 4 goals, 8 assists

First season:

Coutinho: 3 goals, 5 assists
Silva: 4 goals, 7 assists
Mata: 6 goals 13 assists

DL Gooner

Exactly, David Silva is a great example. After a very mediocre first season he turns into a goal and assist machine in his second, prompting a lot of horrible puns like, Silva is gold, the Silva surfer, sterling Silva and such shite.

It would be unfair to judge him so harshly in his first season, especially if some of the really good balls he does play are not taken advantage of.


Ozil is still an excellent prospect for the future, just not for the next game… In these bigger matches we Can’t afford to carry him during until he refinds his form.

There is too much ass kissing for this guy giving that he is no Arsenal legend yet


why are you giving me the stats, I know and accept that. ‘am not disputing that either and understand he is a good player. But I think.. people are missing the point of my 1st post, in short.. “if any player (including Ozil) starts to lose respect for his manager or show bad attitude, then the player must go” and to me it seems he had a bad attitude during the last few matches. Again I am not disputing his (hidden/suppressed/not so forthcoming) talent and hope his talents becomes more obvious to all of us as time passes. (and I… Read more »


I’m sorry, but what are you basing your opinion on? The stats show he is having a good, if not very good, first season. There haven’t been any reports about him being lazy or disrespectful. So while it may seem to you like he has a bad attitude, given the facts your interpretation is probably incorrect.


@ChocolateThirdLeg…as noble as your intentions are, what are you basing your comments on…if anything there are lot of reports about him off late in the media… if you base your opinions on media then dont… I certainly dont form any opinion based on tabloid reports as most of them suck arse anyway…. I digress… I formed my opinion on basis of the impression I got from watching him play this season. also for you to say its absolutely incorrect is exactly that , an opinion not a fact.. besides I never claimed what I stated as a fact, its just… Read more »

Perry S.

Facial expressions DOES NOT represent a bad attitude. Ozil’s face of late is that of a player upset with his own situation, in that, he’s been in poor form and he’s frustrated. He hasn’t done a thing to his own team or manager to warrant what you’re stating above.


@Perry…I hope you are correct on both front..but nobody knows.

on the facial expression ..its true it does not always, you have to pair it with the body signals…but as P. observers would say, it was confrontational.

anyway..I hope you(and others) are proven right.

the only sam is nelson

at the moment it’s only the TSSA that have called off the strike, and the RMT are meeting this afternoon

should the RMT decide to go ahead here’s what will be affected (and it includes the Victoria and Picadilly lines)

Arty's Art

Good luck to them, I hope they do go ahead and I hope they win.

Football is a game, a game I love, but this is a bigger issue for those workers and for London.


Wat’d Ozil do that makes you think he disrespected the manager? I saw a guy on twitter saying Ozil’s proud, arrogant and disrespectful because he didn’t tweet saying his performance was poor like Giroud, Wilshere, Per and Szcz. How ridiculous? The guy seems like a goo chap that’s at the moment having poor form. Support him and Arsenal and stop nagging.


fact is I don’t know,
but as impressions go, the impression I got from his body language when substituted in the last game,
the fact he almost gave a angry look at Wenger when coming off the field..
also before when did not appreciate the away fans after the game..
..these all point to a bad attitude/ego/inability to handle pressure.

so I am not saying its a fact, I was just hypothising earlier.
again hopefully I am wrong as he is good player

as per twitter/player comments, I would have them win matches rather than publicly comments


fact is you don’t know..


yes thanks for repeating what I said in the Ist line of my post…


Would you prefer players who are happy to be substituted when we’re losing?


no, but would you prefer players who start throwing toys out everytime they are substituted.
I would be concerned if the player starts showing a lack of respect for the manager


He is not a good player….he’s a freakin’ fantastic great player.


@David ….@ the last line of your post..

its not nagging to post a comment,
if you personally cannot handle it please don’t read my comments,
I can give a big lecture on postive/negative forms of support , difference between constructive criticism and ranting etc..but I guess that will seem like nagging to as well to you…(typically indicates a under developed IQ)
so in short.. please stop being a idiot..


Before I jump on band wagon i do believe ozil below par performances in recent months are to do with settling in bales the same at Madrid he hasn’t got the hights we expect let’s give him time half a season it took pires bergkamp vieira and Henry and look at what they achieved give him time let his family settle and learn the language and believe , getting the hump with Michael bench warmer Owen and carragher if u think courtinho better player bear in mind he’s bin here 14 months so adjusted leave ur opinions till next season… Read more »


Why does London put up with Bob Crowe?

the only sam is nelson

why does london put up with boris johnson?

Arty's Art

Bob Crowe is a hero, Boris is scum


the only sam is nelson, Bob Crowe has been pulling this shit for years, way before Boris was on the scene. Bob Crowe should have his hairy one towel whipped by Indiana Jones for a good half hour.

the only sam is nelson

Hulk, you might have heard of Margaret Thatcher. Once upon a time, she introduced legislation that forced unions to ballot their membership before calling strike action. That law is still in effect, which means that Bob Crowe hasn’t been pulling anything apart from putting the case forward that the majority of his membership demand of him.

The strike is the result of a legal vote conducted amongst the union membership, and if you don’t know that then the chances of you knowing anything about the issues around this particular action (or indeed any other) are, I’d suggest, vanishingly slim.


Why does London put up with sp*rs?


@meletios, just a quick question…
How do you “almost” give someone a dirty look?


ha ha …good Q

Short answer is to review the game footage.

A long answer is…

Its similar to..
..doing almost everything to pass an exam but still fail…
..doing enough to prevent a disaster…

from dictionary..
Slightly short of; not quite; nearly: almost time to go; was almost asleep; had almost finished

A human face can have infinite emotions, not just the simple ones but also many other in between,
which are not easily distinguished; that’s what I was aiming for with the use of word ‘almost’.
strictly my personal interpretation.


Such a joke anyway, going on strike when they get paid £30,000 a year for sitting on their arses and pressing buttons.


Thanks for your reply.
Didn’t really clear anything up, but thanks anyway ; )

@Greek, Re: the tube strike. They are not striking for more pay or better benefits, they’re striking because of redundancies. I have some sympathy cos my uncle used to be a tube driver, done the job for nearly 40 years, before being made redundant last year.


oh well, I tried..
and almost succeeded too but not really…☻


That’s Fulham’s gameplan out the window.

A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

I feel that my thumbs up does not adequately reflect how good I think this comment is. A+ work, sir/madam.


Seems that there might be a few London Transport workers on here. I do understand about the Union, but that doesn’t make Crowe any less of a shit stirring bastard. Anyway back to football…COYG, give RVP another reason to come begging on our doorstep!


Re: Özil.
I think people should get off his case.
Or preferably, not get on it in the first place!
I don’t even want to question his ethics or personality, because:
a) he’s Mesut f*cking Özil.
b) he’s Mesut f*cking Özil, and
c) he’s not Emmanuel Adeb*yor.
Adeb*yor’s issue is ego, and Özil’s only issue is trying to exist with too much class!
(And a little bit of trying to cope with the physical demands of the premier league)


One good thing about this strike, it’s normally difficult to get tickets for games like this. This time it was quiet easy….


It appears most heads of union are shit stirring bastards.

Look at Mo*rinho and that soviet lot for example?

Tony Hall

Somebody up there clearly likes us. Maureens classless cunts only drew with West Brom, we beat manure we go back to top of the league. What a crazy season lol


As glad that the Fulham game goes ahead… Last thing we want is that Liverpool team getting even more rest over your
Ads. Lets be honest Saturdays game did look as though Arsenal had played 8 intense (CL) games more this season then their opponents.

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