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Wenger gives fitness update. Eyes response

Arsene Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of tomorrow night’s game against Manchester United confirming there are no new injuries after the mauling at Anfield.

Having played for the under-21s last week Yaya Sanogo is available for selection (don’t get too excited) although Thomas Vermaelen and Aaron Ramsey, as expected, remain sidelined.

Promising that his team will deliver an improved performance, the boss spoke positively about getting the season back on track.

“We will respond tomorrow in a very positive way, I’m convinced of that. We know our form at the Emirates will be decisive. I think the Liverpool game was an accident and we want to treat it like that.

“We’ve been very stable until now defensively, we have to consider how well we have done until now. Winning the Premier League will be a big achievement when we do it but we have a long way to go.”

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Looked very confident , time to deliver.

Le Jaded Handbreak

And deliver one up VP’s arse as well. Secondary incentive to winning of course; but the thought of him celebrating at the Emirates like he did at Old Trafford is unbearable. Smite that Judas used douche.


Emirates has been close to a fortress this season despite our shoddy atmosphere, lets hope it continues tomorrow evening. Inevitable that United will play out their skin against us even though they’ve been woeful all season

Reaper the Gooner god

History has proven it doesnt favour Arsenal. The reality is we only have 4 games left to determine the EPL. Chelski, Manure (tomorrow) Sh!tty and Everton.


I’m glad you left out sp*rs. You are a champion sir, a champion!

New guy

I think it is actually all the rest of the games that are important. If we lose all four of those and take 27 points from the other 9 we will have 82 points. I bet that would be enough this season. Alternatively if we take 4 or 5 points from those four matches and let’s say 23 from the rest (7 wins and 2 draws), I think that also makes us champions.


I’d love you to be correct new guy, but I’m not really sure. Can’t see Chelsea dropping that many points in the remaining games. Unfortunately.

Anyway, let’s start things off by showing RVP he definitely made the wrong decision two years ago… COYG!

New guy

I just hope that we do well enough that we can test it rather than stumbling over the line with something like 75 points.


I like your optimism, but Chelski play nine of their remaining 13 matches against bottom half teams. They aren’t going to drop very many points between now and May. We need to beat Man Ure, we need to beat Chelski, and we need to beat Schitty if we are going to win the title.


There is no space for pessimism. Every loss for us, has shown us bounce back. This defeat is no different. Watch us absolutely trounce United tomorrow night.


You mean like how we bounced back from the loss at Napoli?


With every presser i keep hoping Wenger unleashes this “Ramsey is back in trainning”

We’ve certainly missed this welshman lads.


I keep hoping he does not say “Ramsey is 2-3 weeks away.” No news is good news,


Im with that – say nothing im advance and then inflict him as a surprise upon some unfortunate team and watch them shit their pants.


Time To Respond….I hav one suggestion for our team “Play Like You Are Rosicky”


Haha that was brilliant. We need 10 Rosickys tomorrow. I’m assuming the original Rosicky starts, obviously.


10 Little Mozarts! now that would be a team full of running!


Szcz: Why won’t you let me play like Rosicky? Bollocks!

palace gunner

At least no injuries occured to afc players, tomorrow game is massive, home game, coyg

Block 98

When Kim Kallstrom will be match fit?


5 weeks ish!


From the presser today, late February or early March.


Let’s wipe Manure all across the turf! #COYG

gunn cabinet

Le boss really wants a go at the league, and why shouldn’t he. I think we have a good team to go for it too. We just need to cut down on these ‘accidents’.


OK wishlist: 8-1, with a quadruple from Giroud and eight assists from Ozil. And RVP crying when he realizes he will have to miss the US tour because of a match against Mettalursg Dynamo Moldavia FC in mid-July.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Kick’em when they’re down!

Normally we’d have far too much class… but after years of Fergie’s mind games / influencing referees / outright cheating / stealing our best player / throwing pizza at our manager / 8-2… couldn’t give a fuck about ‘class’ just for tomorrow night.

8-0 please.

Zorro in the box

Would be more amusing for Fabregas to be in the stands watching the game and lob one more slice at Fergie. Just for old times sake.


or even better, an own goal or two, from Van Prick…


Would kind of like him stood around the half way line with his hands on his hips wondering why he had left us to join that sack of shit. Maybe he won’t talk to his little boy for a while.


I think your being generous to suggest United will qualify for Europe at all.


8-1?? If your going to let them have the one then give them a secomd to make the final score more meaningful


Will Ozil turn up tomorrow!? Rosicky must start. I expect a lot of drawn matches over the next 4/5 games…this will be the first of them as we start to drift away….


Arseblood did anyone turn up on that pitch on Saturday?


Thanks for that. Not.


‘Winning the Premier League will be a big achievement when we do it…’

I’m liking that confidence.


Problem with Arsenal is Wenger biscuit management prehistoric. Not every player like same biscuit. All custard creme, NO Wenger!

Giroud you have pink wafer. Arteta need penguin. Mertinsacker must have rich tea. Sczesnty to have lemon puff. Then win things, win league, win cup.

Make more better biscuit or season die


That really takes the biscuit, your philosophy is a little too deep for me.


Whatever drugs you are on right now, I want some too!

Alan Jalzeera

I see Arteta as a ‘Garibaldi’. But is ‘Garibaldi’ a biscuit or a cake? What about Jaffa cakes? Are they biscuits? Sanogo is a Rich Tea – very brittle. Giroud is a fondant fancy (pink one). Ox is a Hob Nob.


I bet I’m not the only one who read that post in a ‘meerkat’ accent!

Zorro in the box

Arshavin knows his cakes and biscuits


I’ve got a flunky from colonial days: the guy in the white jacket who knows more than his ‘master’.

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

Whatever you’re on; I want some. I mean it!

Jacques Derrida's armpit fart sounds

Anyone thumbing that comment down is clearly impervious to genius.

Chairman Meow

hahaha brilliant


Thats a very post modern assessment


Looking at how this team has responded this season, I can’t help but think we will turn up tomorrow and show the Mancs what Wenger ball is all about. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Liverpool “incident” turns out to be the result that spurs us to up our performances and we go on a winning run like the one after the Villa game. The team has shown us this season that they are capable of responding to set backs in the best possible manner which is going on a long winning or loss less streak. COYG lets tear a… Read more »

glory Hunter

Every single Arsenal fan is hoping you’re right Bisshopp


Im not so sure. The way some jumped on Wenger and certain players after Saturday (completely ignoring our season so far) it seems some are hoping for failure so they can resume their vitriol.


Man, wouldn’t it be totally awesome if we plant the final nail in United’s top four hopes with a trashing. But after last game any sort of win would do. But need a win at any cost.


The Liverpool result was an accident alright… an accident just waiting to happen!

Sorry couldn’t resist 😉

But it is certainly very curious for a defence to have held up so well so capitulate so abysmally against, albeit it, very decent opposition.

Despite all the improvements we’ve made this season I think we’re still prone to our old cavalier attitude of all out attack that at times, borders on naivety.

Sometimes I fear that we’re just one stray pass away from disaster… Ozil I’m looking at you!


AW is the only manager who in his press conferences shows that he is going for the PL. to him winning it is not going to be about luck but hard work…other managers are busy calling their teams little horse…ope the big Horse (Arsenal) takes it and they keep liking their fingers!!


If we start playing football in the first half, as opposed to the second, like in the last 5 games, we win. United can’t handle our midfield if they show up. Rosicky must start in my opinion. when he plays our tempo increases by 15% and the team presses forward about ten yards. i believe if we win convincingly tomorrow, we cant do away with this thing of not beating the big boys.

Le Jaded Handbreak

so…no go? shite pun but you get what I’m sayin’


We have a new signing… Yaya Sago… Used to be he wa-S-a-no-go… But Now Yaya’s-a-go! Title push?

Le Jaded Handbreak

Yaya, le title pusher


“I don’t think it’s the best time to
talk about that cunt ,” said Wenger when
asked about the possibility of Van
Persie re-joining his old club.




Yaya not to mistake the target and black eye the “I like were Man Utd is going” guy?


Napoli First leg please.. thank you 🙂


this is gonna be an open affair i think from one end to the other hopefully we will take our chances every time but with the Cnut & Rooney u know they will score “Will the real Arsenal please stand up”

Ryan tan

Be prepared for the wrath of the media if we lose this one.this season might just boil down to wenger’s failure to buy another striker.blunt but true.giroud is not at the level of negredo augero suarez or even torres.i cannot see how he can miss that.its apparent to everyone tht we needed another striker desperately and yet who did we buy?another centre can wenger make such a huge gamble on giroud,lord bendtner,inexperience young sanogo is beyond my imagination.his gamble might just be the small fraction of out failure to win any trophies again this season.dont get me wrong,i am… Read more »


I was willing to listen to what you had to say, until you got to the point where you said Giroud is not up to the level of Torres. Please explain how it is possible for anyone not to be up to the level of rock bottom?

Agada Victor Collins

If we are to beat woman united come tomorrow night the Olivia Giroud should be excluded from the starting eleven, we can also play German mighty heart(Lukas Podolski upfront, he has proven to be a wicked and merciless shooter. Olivia Giroud is such a lazy and sluggish player. I don’t know what Podolski has done to Arsene Wenger that he can not forgive him, he is such a solid and reliable player.


particularly this season, Arsenal has shown their Bouncebackability after every loss which is unfortunate for united plus we were supposed to win one between the two meetings with Liverpool (league and FA cup) meaning the FA cup is closer if you get me. Some silver Linings.


My main problem in the team is our DM and CF, i just know that GIROUD can’t take us to the promise land he is too slow, can’t control the ball can’t take on a defender, can’t run or move with the ball. His confidence is to low for my liking, and to say the truth he can’t take us to the promise land. Though OZIL was responsible for two of the goals against L’Pool, he is a kind of tied now and Wenger really need to rest him.


Not being pessimistic, but who’s gonna win the match tomorrow.. Ozil, Oxchambo or Giroud… perhaps?


If we win 5-0, I will have my login name here changed to “Judas Wept”

The font

If we are talking about arsenal players being biscuites then perry groves must be a ginger nut


It’s going to be a wierd occasion tomorrow night. The weather is going to be awful and there is also a tube strike. It could be hell for Utd. I can’t wait.

I’m thinking of calling the NSPCC to check on the little boy inside of Van Persie.


If we don’t win anything this season, I wouldn’t blame it on not getting a “world class striker” (yeah, I know I’m probably the only one). Would a world class striker have stopped Liverpool murdering us in the first 20mins? Would a world class striker have stopped Man City running (almost) rampant? (I say “almost” cos we did score 3, plus the dodgy offside calls). We’ve done pretty well with “just Giroud” so far and, should we finish potless, I think blaming the lack of a new striker would just be a lazy, easy, excuse to use. I think we… Read more »


Would a world class striker put away those two late chances against Chelski… Giroud, and some people go over the top with criticism of him…..he’s an Arsenal player, for sure….just NOT an arsenal starter….keep in mind we are THE Arsenal, and what it is we are hoping to achieve…our premier striker should be a world beater and a game changer…Giroud is a brilliant second option


Keep in mind that against Chelski, by the time those “two late chances” occurred, we should have been at least 1-0 up on the penalty that wasn’t called and playing against nine men on the two obvious red cards that weren’t called. Pretty unfair to blame Giroud when Mike Dean decided the match long before then.


Don’t see how that impinges on a striker missing chances @ pedant…thats what you need a world beater for… right any injustices, to take away any doubt……didn’t notice Mike Dean deflect those shots past the post, did you?……like i said it’s an observation…Giroud is a big part of the team, no doubt


sorry,but this must be said.the liverpool game wasn’t an aberration. we’ve being playing badly all season.and times has arseblog written a match review with words like “though we did not play well, we did enough to win. and that is how top teams behave….they grind out victories ” i well we played our usual way at anfield ,which is badly, and lost to a better team. mark my words its going to happen again


I agree. To call it ‘an accident’ is to suggest something completely unprecedented, weird and unforeseeable occurred, like having four players sent off and several crazy penalties awarded against us. There was nothing accidental about what Liverpool did. Look at their goal-scoring stats. Any team with massive pace and lethal finishing has been able to get past our defence, as they and City have shown. We’re solid enough against most sides, and fortunately United’s goal-scoring stats are utterly abject. If we don’t thrash them tomorrow that really will be an accident – or it should be. Trouble is, though we’ve… Read more »


So why didn’t Liverpool do that to us at the Emirates I wonder? Did they have an accident? Going down 4-0 in twenty minutes to a team with fecking Jordan Henderson in it is an aberration, unless it happens again tomorrow when we play United and we make Cleverly look good. Dortmund have more “massive pace and lethal finishing” than anyone in England, or at least they did when we played them in the fall, and we beat them on their own patch. You can’t doubt the quality in this team. It’s up to the players to fix it. And… Read more »


Arseblood, your blood type must be O (so) negative. You should go to the blood bank and ask for some B positive.

Ryan tan

Maybe giroud isnt the best forward there is.but the lone striker position doesnt suit him well at be a lone striker,you will need pace to out run the 2 cb that is marking u tightly.unless giroud do a thierry henry,i dont see how he can out pace or out dribble anyone unfront.giroud have a fantastic attitude which us fans like,but lets be real,giroud is a average player.his dribbling ability is his downfall.which is sad cus he has shown alot of heart in every game.but its just not good enough.


Ryan, Are you related to Vincent?


To the tune of wycleff Jean’s song, “perfect gentleman” I give you the yaya sanogo song:

We’ve got yaya sanogo,

and he will score a go-goal,

he put’s the arsenal shirt on,

and we’re going to the final!

That’s got to be a winner surely?!

*fumbles around looking for his coat*


In pecking order, Bendtner will be ahead of him. Unlikely to see Sanogo.

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

Just so you know, the ad displayed on the top right hand side of this page is the picture of a chinless former arsenal player in a City shirt offering a 10% discount on all shirt!



It’s Google that does that to you. Stop Googling pictures of Nasri and start hanging out on Eastern European mail-order bride sites, and in a week or so the ads will all be for Eastern European mail-order brides.


I’m really not making a joke–wasn’t Diaby supposed to be coming back soon?


err don’t get your hopes up on that one.:D

Poor Diaby. shame really.


The team news still says end of March for Diaby, but I’m pretty sure he’s not coming back at all this season. Real shame, he could have been so great.


I’m not optimistic.

United may be shite this season but they have big match players like Van Persie, Rooney, Mata.

Who do we have that performs in the big games?


Certainly no room for complacency after the trashing and we must not underestimate them.

They will be up for this one and their Europa league hopes on Thursday nights are hanging in the balance. They will like nothing better than to de-rail our title challenge.

If this isn’t drummed into the team before tomorrow, I don’t know what else should.


Hard to say we should leave out Ozil. As Andrew mentions, he is under performing but his quality is such that he can produce the magic moment. If we look at the squad, the back 4, Arteta and Jack are pretty much set as is Giroud up top. …so the attacking midfield line has a bit of play. Likely santi (on form) will seal a berth at LW. If Ozil starts in the middle then Chamberlain’s pace will be useful. A lot has been made about him not being that quick but that is a mistake. Chamberlain is quick. He… Read more »


We were getting far too cocky in the days leading up to the Liverpool mauling, all the interviews and featured about our rock solid defense, the fact we’d already kept them out last tine we met, even you mr blogs got carried away I think. It felt like the team thought they just had to turn up and they’d get a result. The game brought us back down to earth with a bump and maybe that’s a good thing. From tomorrow, we work hard and re-build. Onwards and hopefully back upwards…


Yes, hopefully the right lessons have been learnt.




Lol @Hadjuk. We seriously need a +ve response tomorrow. I think I’ll prefer an Arteta-Rosicky partnership. Ox as RW and Poldi as LW. Monreal and Ozil shd rest. Ozil hasn’t been himself. He needs some talking up. When Rosicky was introduced in the L’pool game, the midfield regained its solidity. I don’t think Sir Jack is fully fit and I think “Ozil” is on red. But as he was withdrawn v L’pool, he’ll most likely start tomorrow.

chris b

“Winning the Premier League will be a big achievement WHEN we do it…”

(key word there being ‘when’).

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