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Bendtner rubs belly off car, whips it with belt

As Arsenal were going out of the Champions League against Bayern Munich, Nicklas Bendtner was, allegedly, leaving his mark in Europe by becoming embroiled in a row with a taxi driver in Copenhagen.

Out with friends at a restaurant watching the Gunners play, a taxi was called and the driver claims damage was done to his property inside the cab.

The cabbie alleges that the Arsenal striker called him “a fat little pig,” and continued, “I locked the doors and windows, but Bendtner was out by the side window and began to unbutton his pants. He also took out his belt and began to whip the car while he rubbed his abdomen against the window and yelled that he will f*ck me.

“I have encountered drunks and alcoholics in Copenhagen for over 25 years, but I’ve never experienced anything like that.”

A spokesperson for the Dane declined to comment, but it’s not the first time he’s been involved in somewhat drunken escapades.

It might also be a case of an incident involving a famous person being blown out of all proportion, but he does seem to have more than his fair share of incidents.

Having not been involved with the Arsenal squad since February 2nd, his chances of being involved this Sunday against Sp*rs seem unlikely.

Alas poor Nick. Let’s, at least, remember one of the good moments.

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remember the invincibles

just saw the viideo and when you score against spurs- all is forgiven


Almunia’s face at the end priceless,any good vids of him blogs?


Everyone has that mate, who on a night out .. just handle their sauce, and ends up doing something rather hilarious at their own expense. Usually a Taxi drivers usually take the brunt of it… or a late night kebab house, McDonalds .. etc ..

‘a fat little pig’ said in a Danish accent probably sounds absolutely hilarious.


‘Cant handle their sauce’


If my I remember my Danish correctly it would be “fede svin” which is probably more a Danish term of endearment than an insult. Then most of the Danish language sounds like one long harangue anyway. It’s not a pretty language but it is funny.

All the above sounds too good to be true. I hope to God it is though.


I’m not quite sure what your friends have been telling you, but if you travel to Denmark and call out “lille fede svin” in the belief it is a term of endearment, you might get into trouble. More likely you will get a black eye.


a fat little pig = Lille fede svin (In Danish) 🙂


Yes, that is correct, “lille fede svin”, which makes it even better.


We’ve all been there.


No comment required.


One foot out the door already, couldn’t care less what antics he gets up to.


He rubs his abdomen where he wants.


When Nicky B next scores he celebrates doing the ‘Truffle Shuffle’ … Legend

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yeah, the Cambridge Utd fans will enjoy watching him do that


My kind of man! Sign him up Wenger!

Brian Mendoza

Amazing. Is this real life?

Dave Gooner

The fella’s clearly a three pot screamer.

Johnny Barleycorn and The Devil’s Buttermilk are NOT your friends Nick. Best steer clear.

Maybe order yourself a fizzy water next time? Something you can handle without making a complete tool of yourself.


Bendtner is never satisfied, he’s always looking to top his latest misdemeanour. now if he could only do the same with his footie!

Rambling Pete

There’s talented player in there somewhere but if only he’d sort his head out. What sets the top level sportsman aside from the rest is not just their ability or talent but their capacity to be mentally strong, and Nick seems to get distracted too easily. A bit like a fella I used to go to school with. Drooly Jones we called him because he’d just sit there in class with saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth and the teacher would sometimes have to hit him on the head with the chalk duster to get his attention back.… Read more »


Blogs should have a “Rambling Pete” section in this news site somewhere where we can read complete compilation of all the comments made by Pete. Right now I have to rely on google to fish out his comments.


I have a taxidermy Pheasant called Pete. His stories aren’t half as interesting as yours though 🙁

Daft Aider

Wow, he’s clearly very worried about the image future employers will see of him


Nice to see you back, Pete.

Der Kanonier

It gets really difficult to distinguish genuine news from satyr this days…


I read the title on my phones app and thought “what could that possibly be a euphemism for?” Nothing apparently!


one plays a lute and has hooved feet, the other one is information regarding developments in the world

Gutbukket Deffrolla

One is usually pissed, the other is usually sober (but often written by somebody who is pissed, if it’s football news you’re talking about)

Siz C

Lol, to the chant of ‘he scores when he want. Nicholas Bendtner. he rubs his abdomen when he wants’

AN Other

What a waste of talent?

Denilson's back pass

Sign dat ting


I feel he can do more than Giroud on the pitch. The big dane stripping


I thought this was a parody article


He doesn’t have to drop his trousers to show what a massive dick he is. So sad to see anyone with talent waste


The little boy inside will never grow up shame and waste of a good talent, plenty have the talent but waste it come down to too much money in the bank, he may never achieve nothing on the pitch but wont go hungry off it

Donal Doherty

Living the Fucking dream
Last minute Nick will never be forgotten
The goal against Cardiff this season, the one against spuds….but my favourite has to be the one versus Wolves back in 2010….Never forget big Sol’s reaction. It made him happy

el bahja

He scores when he wants he drinks when he want and he has a paddy power pant!!! TGSTEL what a waste of talent


“Bellies gonna get you…..”

Leave the jokes to me

If only there was a clip of this on YouTube.

Why the hell didn’t the Taxi Driver WHIP out his camera and record it. It would have been jokes to see it.

Perry S.

And monies to be made.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Disgraceful. Taxi-porn.


Was it not just last week he was saying that his image was all wrong and that he didn’t do shit like this?

I mean I drink my ass off more than I should, but I don’t do douchey nonsense like this, nor am I paid tens of thousands of quid per week. Actually maybe that’s why I don’t do douchey nonsense like this…

Regardless he’s on Arsene’s shitlist so he’s essentially an ex-Arsenal player at this point.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Sorry mate, but you’re obviously doing it wrong.


Don’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed that the video doesn’t match the description:


After seeing Eto’os “old man” and Meyers “headbutt” celebrations, wouldn’t it be great if Nic plays and scores on Sunday and does this as a celebration.

But instead of a car, he uses aaron “so gangsta” lennons head.


Rambling Pete. We’ve missed you mate.

Drink your milk or the big bad Wenga will come and SACK YOU



As much as this is hysterical, I keep thinking of the percentage of my wages that gets spent on supporting the club, and Bendtner throwing it down the drain.


But what ad was on his pants/underwear? Haha.


He’s an alcoholic he should get help.

dink arnold

Somehow this makes me like him even more

Michael Farmer

The best striker in the world,probably.


I’d like to say, “Taxi for Bendtner”, but he’d only try and hump it.

If this blog didn’t end with with the Totty goal everyone would be caning Bendtner. Funny how much doing one over Totty helps for us Goons. Not for Adebarndoor tho.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

That’s Missterbarndoor to you.


c’mon, would a man that looks like this ever do such a thing? I think not!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Under that disguise he’s wearing a cape and flying suit with a big TGSTEL shield on the chest. He, like Superman, creates a lot of interesting news stories for the Daily Planet.


Think Wenger is concern with Giroud at the moment hitting the Red Zone. Hence Sanogo starting over recent games. Cos when he starts him to protect Giroud, he gets criticised for not playing Giroud, when he plays Giroud he gets criticism for over playing him. I think the consensus is that we could do with a better striker option to Giroud. IMO we need capability over cover bc Sanogo to me (if he develops) is a viable replacement for Giroud down the line given his physical play and their comparative age. Could we have found a better striker than Bendtner… Read more »

Black Hei

Stop your rubbish and stay with the topic.

What else must Bendter do to get your attention

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Grow a proper beard and moustache like Mitroglou for a start. I’m bored with the hairy Samurai look. It’s time for Bendtner to get the d’Artagnan look (which Pires popularised). That would make him more sensible and a better striker if anything can.


What a massive bell-end. I don’t find this humorous nor do I have one ounce of sympathy for this idiot. Arse should just terminate his contract and be done with him.


Indeed ! He’s got the mentality of Gaza but without the ability.

The fact that we’ve spent the last five years paying this moron £52 K per week says it all about how the Club’s priorities are skewed.


He does have a lot of talent — but it certainly says something about his professionalism that he was getting trolleyed in a bar in Copenhagen during the season. I’m not sure if this is a question of the club’s priorities — more that the player is a disappointment and behaving ridiculously.


Ah, 2007-2008. Only Spurs will typically let you do something like that though.

Who dropped Morrow

Carlsberg don’t make strikers, but if they did…

Ivor BigBotty

quick question, is it ok if i copy and paste this article into a comment on another football website ? of course I will put : from

Black Hei

Yes you probably can. Or better still, just put the link in.

fat little pig

Had to change my name.

Nigerian Goon

Maybe NB52 should ditch football and become a train driver like Drooly Jones. He can’t be any worse.
He has a way of grabbing headlines even when not playing for The Arsenal. Wondering what BFG would do with him now…


I always thought that Wenger overrated Bendtner. But Le Boss just realized.

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