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Wenger on Ramsey setback & full-back fitness

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Aaron Ramsey has suffered a short-term setback in his recovery from a thigh problem and won’t be available for the North London derby at White Hart Lane this Sunday.

The Welsh international hasn’t played since Boxing Day and was tipped for a first team return but it appears Arsenal will play it safe given the hectic schedule ahead.

“We have had to defer his comeback to full training a little so he is not available,” Wenger told the club website today.

“He is having difficulties in the final stages of his rehab. It looks to be short-term.”

Ramsey is set to be joined on the sidelines by Mesut Ozil with reports the German could be out for six weeks with the hamstring injury he picked up in Munich.

“He is out,” confirmed the boss. “I don’t know for how long but it is a hamstring injury. There are scans going on.”

In more positive news, the likes of Kieran Gibbs, Nacho Monreal, Yaya Sanogo and Kim Kallstrom are all in contention for Sunday.

“Kieran Gibbs has a test tomorrow but I am hopeful that Nacho Monreal will be fit. They both have a good chance. Kallstrom joins the normal training group today and Sanogo too. I will have to decide if Kallstrom is OK to be in the squad on Sunday. I will see how he looks, it is not impossible.”

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Would be really nice to have Rambo back sooner rather than later


Always seem to get totally shagged by injuries.


I hope this Swedish chap has the peaches to play in EPL.


Haven’t heard much about the fabled “red zone” this season. Maybe because some of our players have been well and truly in it for most of the season. I love Wenger, but he needs to rotate the squad a bit more, and make substitutions that will preserve our best players when we are comfortable. Too many games I have thought to myself early in the second half “Great, we have the game won, now take off Ozil/Rambo/Santi, we have more big games coming up” but they end up playing 90. Just my opinion of course. Just hope the Mertesceilny axis… Read more »


So much burden on Santi now…


So Walcott, Wilshire, Ramsey and Ozil are injured.

…and meanwhile NB52 is rubbing himself on taxis apparently in rude health.



Our three most dangerous players, Walcott, Ozil and Rambo, are all out. Thankfully Spurs are shit, otherwise I would be getting scared.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

How can you assume Bendtner is in good health? Maybe he managed to get ‘injured’ too when the taxi driver slammed the door shut… ouch!


“Recent Sky Sports News reports state that Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner has been on yet another bender and will be sidelined for the Sunday match against Middlesex FC following a stomach and groin injury. More to follow”


Can Bendtner not rub him self against a John Terry filled vehicle? It clearly cannot affect his salary as the damage has been done or prospects, but at least time well spent at Arsenal whilst he’s here. Personally I would forgive him for previous behaviour if he had the balls; on the vehicle also.


Good choice on Ramsey.

We want him to be fit for Chelsea and City and don’t risk him against small clubs.


Damn it. An injury with initial prognosis of 4-6 weeks is now approaching 12 weeks. I hope they don;t rush him back like the last time and rule him out for the season.

Türkiş Gooner

On that basis, Özil could also be out for as long as 12 weeks! 🙁


Hmmh….Seems Ozil going out is not sufficient enough for the injury gods to give Rambo back to us. we’ll have to take out one player completely!

I nominate bendtner.


like ballotelli saying ” why always me”

Arsenal should have the slogan

“why always us?”


When will people realize that Wenger and his rubbish and outdated training methods are the main cause for the massive number of annual injuries that our players sustain.




I don’t think its the trainning, I think its just he played too many with no break, ie Burn out. From Pre-season until he got injured I can’t remember him missing many matches for club and country except capital cup. I know once you find a winning formula its hard to change, but squad rotation is key to the modern game.


Yep, fairly certain this is the issue. It’s no coincidence, with their massive billion pound squad, is able to rotate more than us and thus have less injuries despite playing a similar amount of games.

We don’t have unlimited funding though, so we’ll never be able to rotate as much as they are. That being said, Ozil and Ramsey should probably have been given a rest at some point. They’ve practically played every minute they’ve been available, and Ozil especially must be completely knackered by now.


When will people with no inside knowledge, experience or expertise in the matter stop thinking they know more than Arsenal’s greatest ever manager.

Stop guessing.

Yes, we do seem to have more injuries than other clubs.


1) When you support a team you only take note of their injuries and so it always seems like there are more injuries for your team

2) Arsenal tend to have pacey, skillful players who are often shorter and less bulky. This type of footballer is more prone to injuries.



“Arsenal’s greatest ever manager”? Herbert Chapman would like a word with you, son.


Haha, fair point. But you get what I mean…


Number 3) was that Arsenal have more possession than your average team. You get kicked and fouled when you have the ball. More possession is likely to equal more injuries.


Good point mate… never thought of it that way but it makes a lot of sense, especially when teams like Stoke are considered (not to mention Bayern on the Ox t’pther night!)

Gordon Ramsey

You’re just repeating the nonsense spouted by that Dutch coach who said the same thing re: Moyes and the Skunk. He’s just seeking attention, maybe because he wants a higher-paying job as a (klaxon please) “Controversial Pundit”. The pseudo-science he spouts re: slowing of electrical signals and injuries is bunk. Nerve responses don’t consider whether you’re in the “red zone” before deciding how fast to travel.


Any thing else you would like to add to this Danny to backup your claims? If not we all have to assume that you didn’t read beyond the headline of the recent attention seeking article.


Clearly you are the first to realize that, so “people” will come after you.


Hey man! I read that article too. It’s an interesting read but it’s just one guys opinion. Let’s not be such slaves to the media, ‘ight bro? Nearly all of it is BS for your click$. Think for yourself.


Ox in the middle it is then? Or do we keep the Ox out wide right and plug Rosicky in the middle and Carzola on the left. When one gets tired, fire supersub Podolski out to the left.

Sagna — Mert — Kos — Gibbs/Monreal
Flamini — Arteta
Ox — Rosicky — Carzola

Wow, this only leaves Kallstrom and Zelalem as healthy midfield subs. I guess Podolski and Gnabry can play deeper if needed.


You can also put Ox through the middle that gives you an extra man for “healthy midfield sub” by having Poldi out wide and one of Rosicky/Flamini on the bench.


I support that one, because we need to keep as many of our midfield legs as rested as we can get them, and Poldi needs some game time to raise spirits. He did pretty well in the 2nd half against Bayern, so I’d like to see him start against Spuds.


Yeah, I agree, especially since we face Chelsea after Spurs.


who is carzola

Arsene's Zip

Gianfranco’s automobile brother.


haha, Cazorla I mean. I mean no disrespect to Might Mouse!


Mighty Mouse!!! Damn it, I’m done typing today.


With all these injuries we have had this season I expect the injury gods will give us a total injury free year next season. We should have covered enough for the next couple of years by now.


jesus christ….


Nah – he’s only available till Easter…


We are cursed!


We are so unlucky with injuries its unreal. No surprise Diaby hasn’t been mentioned still. I have high hopes for him, could be Rosicky mark2

H. P Arsecraft

Not saying this article is right or wrong,, but our injury record is worrying and it doesn’t get better with time.


Don’t pay too much heed to Raymond Verheijen! He’s also been slamming ManU as well and blaming them for RVP injuries (despite the fact he was always injury prone with us). He has his own “expert” training methods and assume he wants clubs to hire him.

H. P Arsecraft

RVP had one full season with us and one with manure. I might be completely of the reservation here but I think something changed in his training with us, I don’t have any quotes or anything but I remember someone saying somewhere that he got a new personal training schedule that did wonders for him. It isn´t that far fetched that he took it with him to manu and then when Moyes took over he dumped it overboard for a collective training schedule and now his injuries are back.


What a surprise. Not real analysis, or factual support to their claims


It’s been an issue for years with the number of “muscular” injuries the squad continues to get and also how often players aggravate the same injury upon returning and are out for a much longer period of time.


Now I’m enlightened. All the fractures over all the years were down to Wenger. If he’d trained them properly, there is no way anyone could get Shawcrossed. Yeah, right.

WAKE UP!!! Not everything you read in black and white is gospel. Use your brain to filter the drivel!


Our Squad is not large enuf the league gets tougher every year we end up having to flog them too close to the red zone and minor knocks become weeks into months lets hope the season dont go tits up thru injuries theres only so many times Wenger can pull the rabbit out the hat #karma is a Cnut

Mr Eko!

Guess this means Podolski gets to play. Hopefully he’ll score us some goals. #COYG!!


If Kallstrom is “joining the normal training group today” how in the world will he able to do much of anything on Sunday if needed? We are going into this stretch with arguably four of our most important midfielders out along with potentially our two left backs (though if they play either is likely to pick up an injury or aggravate his before the match is done). Ramsey is not going to be ready to make an impact on any of the big matches coming up in the next few weeks if he hasn’t even been back to full training… Read more »


Have we ever had a player who did NOT suffer an injury setback?

Dr. VC

Just Giroud, I guess


Pretty sure our injury list would finish mid-table as a squad. They’d be a terror going forward, but a bit thin in the back. Might have to play with 9 or 10.


Injuries aside, the players we have to choose from still have a lot of ability. I think it’s a good sign that when we have 3/4 midfielders out, we still have a really dangerous 4/5 midfielders to choose from. (not ignoring the fact that the recovery time for Ramsey is very frustrating).


This whole thing is based on “Over the years I’ve spoken with many Arsenal players”.

Great… Not really based on any factual information.

Arsenal are often at the top of the injury list, but that is partly because we persist with players that other clubs would let go after horrific injuries (Ramsey, Diaby etc.)


This Verheijen is not quite the quack people are making him out to be. He has a Masters in Exercise Physiology and Sport Psychology from Vrije University, and he’s studied at the Liverpool John Moores University, and their Sports Science research is ranked in the top 4 in the UK. He has been a football instructor with Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard, Ronald Koeman and Johan Neeskens. He has been involved in every Euro or World Cup since 2000, working for Holland, South Korea, Russia. He has worked with Glasgow Rangers, Barcelona when they won the Champions League in 2006, Zenit,… Read more »


sick of these our back please for crying out loud!

Gunner in Ghana

Trust the Arsenal medical team to deliver. when they 4 weeks, it’s 12 weeks! And when they say a minor setback, ………………….only God knows


Arsene Wenger and his stubburn out dated methods, are to blame for these injuries. Wenger has allways flogged his players and he doesn’t learn from his mistakes.


Please do divulge this information that you have managed to get from inside the club.

What are his ‘out dated methods’ ?


Sure Panther, Wenger should rotate his squad the way Rafa did at Liverpool. It shredded their league form (although they fluked the champions league). Why don’t you give us examples of modern training methods?


People in denial on here. Laughable. Truth hurts I guess.

I’m reliably informed that the training methods at London Colney are outdated and Wenger doesn’t want to change it, instead hiding behind the “bad luck” excuse. It’s bollocks. The amount of injuries we get is not down to bad luck. If you check our injury history on the physioroom website you’d see that we’re always top.


We haven’t been top for 4 years.


“2) Arsenal tend to have pacey, skillful players who 2) Arsenal tend to have pacey, skillful players who are often shorter and less bulky. This type of are often shorter and less bulky. This type of footballer is more prone to injuries.”

Suárez is a player in that mould and he never, yes never gets injured. Explain that one away then numbnuts.


“prone to” not “guaranteed to”


Watch Ox get injured next after being run to the ground by Le Clueless.


I know it’s an old one (complaining about our medical team) but we seem to suffer more than most clubs with injuries. From our possible starting line up we have Gibbs, Ramsey, Walcott, Wilshere and Ozil out. That’s half our outfield players. I could understand it if it was a one off, but it’s every single season. Something ain’t right. I don’t know what it is, but it needs sorting. Is it the training methods? Is it our style of play? Is it the medical team? Is it ‘over playing’ young players? Do the physios check the players’ reflexes with… Read more »


On average a footballer gets injured twice a season (around 50 injuries a season per team). Its not unusual to have a 6 or 7 injuried at once. Yes I do agree that Arsenal seem to have more than most clubs, but we are also one of only a few English clubs that play in Europe every season. Of those clubs we are the poorest and so don’t have the biggest squad. Of those clubs we play the most possession based football which means we are subject to more tackles and fouls than anyone else. We also carry people with… Read more »


By the way, I’m not accusing you of blaming it all on the manager, just making a point.


Ok dude. I’m not blaming the gaffer (as you said), but I just feel we get a few too many injuries. What worries me is short term ones seem to turn into medium/long term injuries at our place.

Something isn’t right imo, that’s all I’m saying. I haven’t a clue what it is, but I don’t think it’s down to bad luck. It happens too much for it to be a coincidence.

georgia gooner

Can’t believe you’re asking these questions, Neil. How dare you?

Apparently Top-4 Pete here seems to think everything is just fine.


I posted a number of links on a previous post about our injuries. One of them, I think it was to, said that last year we came 15th in the injury league table (all prem clubs, most injuries = bottom of the league) which was an improvement on the season before when we came 18th.
Looking back over the last nine years (from our FA cup win over Utd) shows we are in fact a mid table team in terms of “injuries suffered” and “days missed through injury”.


Re: long term injuries. Too much healthy diets, feed them on raw steak, thats the way to do it


Here’s a link to last seasons stats from physioroom


I remember reading somewhere, it may even have been a comment on Arseblog, that other PL clubs rotate about as much as we do. The follwing article hints at it, but it’s not the one I remember reading, which I can’t find now: As far as I can tell, there has curiously been very little reasearch into what causes football injuries, why some leagues experience more, why some clubs experience more, etc., and I think Wenger has even alluded to this before. When you consider how much data there is tracking all sorts of things, the fact that there… Read more »


We need a couple of extra midfielders a left sider pacy of the draxler mould an striker I’ll say no more they say we’re close to morata but benteke or remy would be ok for me what other players u guys feeling atm we need a good bolster in the summer

Arsene Around

Gibbs, Monreal, Kallstrom and Sanogo won’t win you games so I’m not sure if that us positive news. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what is going on with our medical and conditioning team? We are always getting a high number of soft tissue injuries and a high frequency of recurrence … more than any other team it seems.


This whole injury thing is happening because we need a bigger squad and more rotation. If you look at what Chelsea and City do, they have at least a two-deep at each position and they actually use all those players. On the other hand, we only change a couple of members of our squad for the cup matches. Someone like Sanogo at this stage should be learning under our squad, not a key backup. Sometimes I wish we splurge on seemingly unnecessary players, because who knows we might actually need them?


Not sure we suffer more injuries than others. At a point this season United had 4 CBs out and Rafael only came back now. I dont think (this is not gospel, just my thoughts) other teams suffer as much from injuries because they are more spread out in position. Van Persie’s injury was okay for United but they only really felt it when Rooney was injured too. Ramsey’s injury is huge but not so bad when you have 3 other midfielders to cover. Lose both Wilshere and Ozil in a week though…thats much worse. I think we’ve been lucky with… Read more »


I’m a pessimist so I’m just gonna assume we won’t see Ramsey and Ozil until next season.

georgia gooner

Not really sure why people are trying to deny that we have annual injury issues. It’s been this way for a long time. Here’s a look at total injuries since August according to PhysioRoom:

– Liverpool … 37
– Chelsea … 37
– Man City … 48
– Man Utd … 70
– Arsenal … 83


It is a myth that we have a shallow squad. We are competitive in numbers if not quality in most areas to teams like City. Where we are lacking is in firepower up top which tells in comparative GD. We are short on a striker who create things on his own and have some pace in the final third where Giroud tends to require close support for his game. If we compare City to us, we can see that we are heavily stocked in midfield precisely because we are injury prone in this area where most of our work is… Read more »


With regard rotation policy, I’d say in general Wenger has struck a decent balance between injury consideration, continuity in squad and creativity in selection. He hasn’t got his set up entirely right at times and has been (as per usual) too slow to respond to on field developments. But pretty much with regards squad rotation, it is about right. Currently this season, the only long term injuries have been Walcott (and as a given) Diaby. Ozil is out and Jack too. Ramsey should return (baring more short term set backs) and Kallstrom. Gibbs and Monreal have shaken off their knocks.… Read more »


Imo I dont care who’s available i just want to smash some spuds on sunday….#COYG

Xhani (Kos for Verm if you like)

Am I the only one who sees Podolski playing directly behind Giroud? He doesn’t quite work as a lone striker, he’s not your classic winger (i.e beating his man 1v1) but he’s deadly in front of goal and could play off of Giroud brilliantly.

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