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“He lets you learn for yourself”

Kieran Gibbs has paid tribute to Arsene Wenger’s 1000 game milestone, but also the manager’s educational style.

Wenger has long been known to let players work things out for themselves. In some cases that’s the wrong approach as certain players needed to be told what they were doing badly and then told again and then punched in the face until they understood, but for the ones with more than half a brain it’s appreciated.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, Gibbs said, “He lets you learn for yourself before he tells you, which I thought was interesting.

“When I first started playing in the team a good few years ago he didn’t give me too much advice. He let me learn for myself and then when he needed to speak to me you listen even more.

“He’s got a way of making you feel that you deserve to be there and he has a certain way of giving you confidence to play.”

And the left-back says he, along with all the other players brought through by the manager, feels they have a debt to him and want to repay him on the pitch.

“He’s been very important and I think a lot of players will say the same. He’s been instrumental and has pretty much given the platform for mine and other players’ careers.

“I think it’s fair to say that the players that have played under him have tried to give him everything.”

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“He’s got a way of making you feel that you deserve to be there…”


This explains Bendtner.


All those loans plus fat camp made it clear to Lord Carfuck where he stands. As blogs points out “For the ones with more than half a brain it’s appreciated”, plenty of wasted talent due to our soft approach but it has certainly found us world class boys.


I despise Bendtner.


Long live le’ prof.

Hopefully the squad can repay him fully by smashing Maureen and all the other cunts at chelshit. Would be a magical moment to mark his 1000th game with a win that puts to bed this whole ‘undefeated at home’ bullshit for the special-ed one. I’d smile for a month straight like the time i lost my virginity on xmas day. I’m smiling just thinking about it. COYG


I wouldn’t have told that story if I was you, mate. Most people spend Christmas with family…


Maybe he was with family.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)



That was the point of NoseHair, me thinks.

AN Other

Agree with Rambozil.


What, right down to the Christmas day – virginity thing?

The Artist Formerly Known as Danger Mouse

Genius manager. Growing up I had no affinity for Arsenal. I only started to pay attention to them when this different looking bespectacled Frenchman arrived and I thought ‘ this guy doesn’t even look like a manager, who the hell is this’? As the years have passed, his wit, intelligence, far sightedness, humour and belief in beautiful football won me over to the ‘Arsenal way’. I’d imagine theres millions more like me around the world. Arsenal should be proud of him. Genius.


The boys have to give something more tmw, this is payback for mr Wenger gunners so let’s beat chelshite tmw!

Rambling Pete's fan

Eagerly anticipating the next ramble Pete!


Rambozil, you lost your virginity on Xmas day?
Bet you didn’t see that coming when your dad said he had a “special present” for you 😉


I actually have never met my dad. Left when i was a kid. Thanks.


Must have been because of the rape!

Chairman Meow

oh get a grip you soppy tart, this is the 21st century after all

The Artist Formerly Known as Danger Mouse

Is there no end to Mourinho’s cuntishness? Have you seen his ‘tribute’ to Wenger? Classless prick. If there is a God then Arsene’s thousandth game will be Mourinho’s first home defeat. Please let it happen.


Everything has kind of aligned to set this up, hasn’t it? Wenger’s 1000th game, Chelski missing two of their best through suspension, the “never lost at home” streak, the “never lost to Wenger” streak, and so on. Perhaps the FA were thinking about this when they assigned Clattenburg to be the ref – that would be the same Clattenburg that Chelshit filed that bogus racism charge against last year. Nice to have a ref who dislikes the other team even more than they dislike us, for a change.


This will be the biggest win for me since becoming a Gooner (Nov ’12)…still just a Gooner Toddler.

I think this will instill the confidence needed at the club to gain victory over all challengers for the rest of the season, hence: climbing back to the top of the Premiership and winning the F.A. Cup without faltering.


AN Other

I wish writes a coaching manual for all of us.


Now that is a good idea- way more classy than an expose/memoir.
But I hope he sticks around for a while first.

Gunner pundit

Arsene wenger #Best Manager in prem imo. Just because he hasnt won the most trophies dont mean hes not a quality manager. The amount of clubs that have tried to sign wenger and he still arsenal manager #Loyalty

palace gunner

6.0 the games rigged, how can a ref mistaken a sending off chelsea are cheats they dont deserve prem title there c/lge game was given to them through drogba

No More Sprouts

Yes it was rigged, so obviously rigged. I mean, since when does an outfield player saving a shot deserve a red card and penalty ? And 2-0 down after seven minutes we were clearly matching them blow for blow. Typical Arsenal fan looks at everyone and everything else than Wenger to blame – can’t be his fault because he has never messed anything up has he ?

No More Sprouts

Again I ask the question why people think Mourinho is a cunt when he simply told the truth about Wenger. OK he might earn the respect of his players and he might develop world class players from scratch (not so much in the last four years though) but the measuring stick for any manager is the delivery of success and improvement and there has been no success and no improvement over the last nine years. Mourinho’s comments about specialism in failure were below the belt and unnecessary but it cannot be denied that Wenger has failed to deliver. Ask the… Read more »

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