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Giroud: I need to score again and again

Olivier Giroud recognises he has an integral part to play in Arsenal’s quest for Champions League qualification claiming he must maintain his scoring momentum in the club’s last four Premier League games of the campaign.

The French international notched his 20th goal of the season last night against West Ham – and a very attractive one it was too – as the Gunners crept back into fourth place above Everton, who play Crystal Palace this evening.

Reflecting on his record in front of goal so far the striker told Arsenal Player:

“I enjoy my stats because when you are a striker you think that we are looking for the stats and assists as well. I am OK with my stats but I know the team will need me again for the last [four] Premier League games. So I need to score again and again.

“We need to win the last four ‘finals’ because we don’t have our destiny in our hands. I hope Everton will lose against maybe Manchester United this weekend. We keep focusing on what we have to do and win our games. After that we will see but first we have to do the job.”

Speaking after the game Arsene Wenger also assessed Giroud’s role this season, bigging up his compatriot to finish the season as he started it.

“I think he started [the season] very strong and then went through a difficult patch,” he said. “Now he looks refreshed and I am pleased that he’s back to his level. The goal he scored tonight will certainly give him the confidence that he needs.

“Overall I like his mentality and I like his spirit. He has great charisma as a player and I’m sure he will finish the season well.”

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Couldn’t agree more, but on the pitch please & not in hotel rooms.

Francis Jeffers' Sous Chef

Djourou and Carl Zola linked up well last night and the Mesut Mobile is on it’s way back to town \ö/

The world will soon be a happy place again my friends.


I like Giroud. I share the frustration most fans have when he’s playing badly but we have to take a step back and realise that: 1. Most strikers wouldn’t want to play every game of a season 2. Very few would be able to stay fit 3. Most would not give as much effort/ work rate as HFB does 4. IT IS THE CLUBS FAULT HE IS OUR ONLY OPTION NOT HIS 5. A lot of players would be happy to take extra weeks lay off with injury to ensure their selection for their World Cup squad. Giroud has done… Read more »


I’m replying to this one!
I like him and his attitude at the moment. He definitely went through a sticky patch, he was for example rank at Stoke. But, the manager stuck with him, as he does, and he has come through stronger and apparently refreshed. We gave him some stick but he plugged away and importantly last night, after that horrendous 1st half effort, he did not let his head drop. He deserves a lot of credit the HFB.

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Arrant nonsense.


Point number 4 should be point number 1. And also points two through five. And then printed in Arial Black size 1200 font on a massive boulder which should then be surgically welded on to the head of whoever makes our transfer calls.


Yes.. until next time we lose then we will point our fingers at HFB again.. The truth is he has done well, he is a good player. BUT we need a TOP quality striker if we want to be champions! and a TOP dm while we are at it.. while I love Arteta’s side passes, he needs to go.. does not really add TOP quality defensively or offensively.. He offers ok support.. If we have flamini as the master of the dark arts.. We need someone who provides TOP defensive stability and TOP passing.. there are a few of those… Read more »


I like Giroud. I share the frustration most fans have when he’s playing badly but we have to take a step back and realise that: 1. Most strikers wouldn’t want to play every game of a season 2. Very few would be able to stay fit 3. Most would not give as much effort/ work rate as HFB does 4. IT IS THE CLUBS FAULT HE IS OUR ONLY OPTION NOT HIS 5. A lot of players would be happy to take extra weeks lay off with injury to ensure their selection for their World Cup squad. Giroud has done… Read more »


Spot the difference 😉

Woolwich Peripatetic

It’s Liverpool’s fault we didn’t get Suarez in the summer, not the club’s.

The Ox is a fox

It’s Arsenal fans who called him Bitey Racist


I’m glad we didn’t get him. He’s a great player but an even greater cheat. Spent most of Sunday against Man City diving. Sadly, that’s something that will never go out of his game

Az Ahmed

I downvoted you Billymac because Suarez would have won us the league in my opinion

Az Ahmed

Let us look at the strikers of other premier league clubs and where does Giroud fit in in comparison to them?

Aston Villa – Benteke
Man Utd – Van Persie, Rooney, Hernandez
Chelsea – Etoo, Torres
Man City – Negredo, Jovetic, Aguero, Dzeko
Liverpool – Suarez, Sturridge
Swansea – Michu, Bony
Newcastle – Remy
Everton – Lukaku



Goon-unit Zappa

Everyone’s upvoting the post with the mistake lol :-3


Hope he doesn’t mean in the bedroom.

don pricky

His first half miss made me break my screen, he’s not the best striker we’ve ever had


I think the only thing that bugs me about Giroud is his tendency to stop playing when he thinks there’s a foul. Aside from that, I don’t really have that much to complain about – he’s the only proper senior centre forward we have right now and it’s obvious he tries really hard & loves playing for us, so I’m behind him all the way.

Az Ahmed

Tries, tries, tries. Everyone tries. If we were to get a third division player, he would also ‘try’.


One word: Arshavin


Az is right you know! fans are fickle


We got a 3rd division player in Carl Jenkinson and he tries his bollocks off every time he pulls on the shirt and I love it.


Good thought HFB. Now walk the talk. Make the fans/club/team/manager proud.

glory Hunter

Giroud has always been good but not fantastic and imo we should have a better, more dynamic striker.
If only he had the pace of Sanogo, he would be even better.

But he’s definitely our best bet for the last few games of the season.

I do like Sanogo’s unpredictability, it makes him a lil bit more exciting, cos we all know he’s going to get a goal sooner or later.

Just A Gentleman

I’m not saying Sanogo won’t score, but we all though Diawara would score eventually as well. Boy could he hit a post though..

not that handsome french bloke

I need him to score more as well, I’ve got money riding on him scoring 30 goals this year!

glory Hunter

The Calender year or the season?!?!
If its the Calender year, then you can start spending your winnings, but if its the season, 10 goals in 5 games is difficult but not impossible.


I need many custard cream and also pink wafer that get in christmas biscuit box but you don’t hear me talking about like I need more biscuits

Giroud, score more, Cheyu give you biscuit.

Not score I give you good fist

So score


Haha, no idea what you said, but thumbs up anyway.


you need to score again and again and again and again and again and again…….and again and again…every game!!


He’s needed a break recently for sure, too many games and pressure on him to deliver as our sole CF is massive.

I really like Giroud and think he’s got great qualities, he’s not as mobile as you would like in a CF but he’s technically very astute around the box, his finishing needs working on.

I think competition would help Giroud, he wouldn’t have to have the burden of chief goalscorer on his own and would get much needed rest when required, CF has to be the priority in the summer…goals win you titles, just look at Liverpool…

Dave Gooner


If we sign a half decent centre forward next window, Giroud will unquestionably be surplus to requirements. He’s just not good enough to be Arsenal’s striker. He has proved as much time after time.


so you want to continue with only one choice as striker?


If only he had the finishing of podolski.. or if poldi had the hold up play and work rate of giroud. Some striker we would have. Some sort of Giroldi. Or just play two strikers and both up front…


Here is a great article about the plight of Olivier


We all agree Giroud should up his scoring. He should be able to work better with good wingers. You just need to look at his early season form to see how good his positioning is for those low crosses.
What I’d also like to see is TV5 played as a DM. He’s a good defender and has a tendency to attack the goal. And he pulls some wonderful moments of brilliance. Like his assist for Giroud.


Giroud! Giroud!! Giroud!!! Hmmm?

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

I would also like to score over and over again but the wife won’t allow it. A man can dream, can’t he?


it would seem Olivier is in the same boat.

9 years and counting

Wow, the guy scores one goal against poor opposition and suddenly everyone’s loving him. He’s a striker who has terrible finishing, he needs replacing

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

His finishing is not terrible but his pace is an hindrance to him truly being a top notch striker. He has everything else but pace. Unfortunately that’s the only thing he can’t improve.


For the third goal, I was amazed when he ran out to the left wing to receive the pass and then play it back in to Ramsey who headed it forward to Podolski to score. Amazed because I didn’t see that as a conventional run for a centre forward at all but it helped create a goal and Giroud saw it.


He’s not in the same class (yet) but some of his ball control (or attempts) at times remind me of zlatan. Also like the way he is always thinking and trying to get others into the game although of course, he could still afford to be a tad selfish. Those that deride him (and Sanogo) should do well to remember Ramsey and Walcott. Giroud of course does not have age on his side but he is a late developer and constantly working on his game which is part of his charm. 20 goals this season is not too shabby. Like… Read more »

palace gunner

3 needed goals coyg


So many so called top class strikers like Torres, Eto’o, Demba Ba, Soldado, Cavani. Higuan, Rooney, RVP and so on do not have great statistic this season. So let’s appreciate what we have.

Injured Gooner South Africa

Everton just lost to Chamachk


He is better than Lee Chapman was

palace gunner

Its not hard asking for goals but you see other team results can also bring afc to success role on palace & sunderland impressive coyg

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