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Are they saying ‘Abou-urns?’

Arsene Wenger says he’s unsure if Abou Diaby will make his comeback in the current campaign.

The midfielder has been back in light training for a little while now, but after so long out of the game with a cruciate ligament injury, and complications on top of that, the Arsenal manager is cautious.

He’s also likely to be concerned about putting Diaby back into the team at a time when the stakes are so high and there’s so much pressure on the team to get results.

Asked if he expected the Frenchman to make a return in the next few weeks, Wenger said, “It’s very difficult to say because he has not played for over a year now, and it’s very difficult for me to decide.

“Abou is back in full training on Thursday. He looks physically fine, but he has to play one or two games before I consider bringing him back.”

It could mean a run-out in an U21 fixture just to give him some match practice, but with so few games remaining between now and thee of the season, it would be something of a gamble to take.

Diaby’s last appearance was came on March 16th last year when he started against Swansea at the Liberty Stadium. Although he started that season with a full summer’s training behind him, he also missed a substantial spell between September and January, making just 16 appearances in total last time around.

Yet those of us that dream can hear the FA Cup final commentary now.

“And it’s Diaby, picking the ball up deep, he plays a one-two with Bendtner who takes the ball back, does a Cruyff turn, a rabona and that flip-flap thing that Ronaldinho used to do. He threads it through for Diaby with just the keeper to beat. He goes around him and his leg falls off he rolls it into the net. It’s 4-0 Arsenal!”

Any by dream I mean take industrial amounts of hallucinogens. But hey …

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Hans Moleman

I was saying Abou-urns.


best news site ever


I swear when Felix Magath speaks, it is like looking at the real Hans Moleman. I’ll be he was saying Abou-urns.


“his leg falls off” – Cruel. Funny, but cruel.

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Hopefully it stays attached for a bit.

Diaby to the World Cup!!!

2he0 Walcott

Would have loved him to have been a success here. So much potential. More than likely he’ll be strutting his with Alladierre in the lower reaches of the french league in years to come.


Doesn’t he have a year left on his contract? It’s not likely we’d be able to sell him this summer, so maybe we’ll see him next year.

Big Dave

If we’re sticking with Abou-urns, rather than his leg fall off, perhaps he should get a football in the groin?


That one about leg falling is a bad joke blogs. Bad boy blogs. It may be “edited” but doesn’t rub out the original intent. Damage already done. Ffs its not Diaby’s fault that he gets injured often. The least one can do is wish the lad luck going forward. We all know what kind of a player he is when 100% fit. Rosicky used to get lots of stick too but look at him now.


I wish him luck but when you think he get’s injured just kicking a football, you can’t help but laugh or cry or both.


Abou. I miss his Viera-esque tackles and his languid but ok dribbles.


leg fell off but the spirit?


Full training and just a game…What’s all take.


After all this years on the sideline, Abou remains one of my favourite players. I remember him against Liverpool in the 2nd leg of the CL. He was in fire, and scored a brilliant goal.
Everytime he comes back I have very high hopes. And still today I believe he can make it as a giant player. He deserves it. Next time he is on the pitch, just like with Rosicki, I will genuinely believe that it is the beginning of something great and meaningfull.


I agree. He is honestly one of my favorite players to watch on the ball when he is on form… or uh, playing. He has everything; power, finesse, balance, vision, control… it’s all there.

Stoph Stoph

Is “Abou-urns” word play? I don’t see it.

Stoph Stoph



Oh thee of the season…



Jumping Jack

I think I love blogs


I genuinely feel for him, but as a club we have done all we can. We cannot rely on him to be fit, all because some shit kicker call centre worker from Sunderland broke him. We cannot start any more seasons with him as a squad member because he just isn’t. I am proud we have stood by him all this time, it is the right thing to do, but for the team as a whole, we need to move on.


How dare you! That comparison is an insult to call centre workers!

Insert name here

I don’t recall Rosicky getting stick to be honest. I mean for one thing the guy is so likeable, plus if it wasn’t for his injuries keeping him in and out of the team he could’ve been a world class player

New guy

…so if I typed “Ro-sick-note” you would say you had never heard anybody make that (terrible) “joke” before?

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Several people classed him as dead weight around 2011/12, I remember when we lost 8-2 and Utd scored a freekick – Rosicky just walked away without even turning around and was criticised for it.


Good luck Abou you are going to need it.


I try not to preach violence but I have see what it can do, but if I was Diaby, I would break the leg of anyone who tackled me the way Esien, Nolan, or any of those fuckers that go for his ankle. I mean he has missed more time sideline than he could have if he was banned.


when you see the videos of him it really hits home how good he could have been. he is vieira with mad skillz! in hindsight he made a mistake coming to england where players get away with far too much thuggery. i am always amazed by how upset the english get by a player biting or spitting at another player or, heaven forbid, diving, yet they hardly bat an eyelid when someone deliberately tries to break another player’s leg. if they brought in a law to ban players for the length of time the victim is injured after a violent… Read more »


Bendtner and diaby are like bergkamp and white and one black.


this has to go down as the strangest comment ever…

i want to boff bendtner and I'm not even gay

At least AS talented as Fabregas, wouldve been a huge player. Obviously, he wouldve been sold about 4 years ago but still a huge player.

Dial square

The only way he should play again this season is coming on for the last ten minutes of the cup final (only as long as we are winning of course) but then again, he could trip while climbing the steps to collect his medal, break both legs, four ribs, puncture a lung and tear both hamstrings….happy days


You’ve just killed it!, LOL


Simpsons reference… Leg falling off… Lubchenko learn nothing!


“Abou-urns”, “legs broke off” just can’t stop laughing!

Barney Gumble

Don’t cry for me; I’m ready dead.


Hope he get his form ASAP.
We need a player like him cutting a ball and competing with other player in the midfield.

Neil #2

Come on Abou. Would love to see you in the shirt again at the Emirates.


let the lad have the summer off, a good pre-season and he will be the best LANS ever next season….


dear arsene. if you read this blog please play diaby up front next season. no defender in the world is going to want to mark him and he won’t get injured so much.

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