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Kallstrom revels in ‘fun’ first 90 minutes

Kim Kallstrom has spoken about his first full game in an Arsenal shirt describing last night’s 3-1 victory over West Ham United as ‘fun’.

The Swede, who came off the bench against Wigan to score in the penalty shootout at the weekend, was handed a start by Arsene Wenger for the first time since his loan move from Spartak Moscow and didn’t look out of place in an experienced line-up that eventually ground out victory.

Speaking after the game to homeland publication Expressen (translated by Sky Sports), the 31-year-old midfielder admitted it had been a while since he’d had proper game time.

“It feels very good, it was fun to play, it was long since I did that.

“It was truly fun to get to play 90 minutes and terrific to win. It is obvious that it feels very good, you play together with very skilled players here.

“Of course, it feels good that you are starting to play your part. The more playing time you get, the easier it becomes to get into it.”

Suitably impressed by his teammate’s contribution, Wojciech Szczesny said of Kallstrom’s contribution:

“Kim played 90 minutes and he is a very experienced player. Especially when we under pressure in the second half, he did really well. Hopefully the experience of fighting and having good run-ins over the last couple of seasons can help us get through again.”

He wasn’t the January signing we wanted, but now that Kallstrom’s injury problems are behind him he’s proved very diligent when called upon. His time at Arsenal is unlikely to surpass the remaining five games of the season, but he’s still got a chance to carve himself a niche in the club’s history. Let’s hope he takes it.

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Last night the commentator on Sky (in between mentions that Everton were above us and we hadn’t won the league for years and all the other usual negative arsenal digs) kept calling him “Shall-strum”
Anybody know how it should be pronounced?

Si in Galway

I’ve heard shall-strum as well.

Rosicky's Sound of Music
I dream Arsenal

I downloaded the audio and I’m listening to it repeatedly..


Using the voice function of Google translate, that’s pretty much how it pronounces it in Swedish.


Depends a little on what part of Sweden you’re from but it’s generally “Schell-strum”


“Schell-strum” is correct.

Turkis Gooner

More importantly, Everton are trailing 1 – 0…keep the faith…


I’m Swedish, Shell-strum is the correct pronunciation.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

I’m going to start pronouncing Ikea “eye shia” now.


Well, you shouldn’t, as that’s incorrect.


F**k skysport commentator, Everton lost, we are 4th for real


Its pronounced shaellstrhoehm / swedish gooner


I thought it was Kelstrum, never heard it pronounced the way it was last night.


A k in Swedish is sometimes pronounced “sh” and the ä is pronounced as “e”.


That’s a load of kitä


Well played, sir.

Jack's Right Foot

I like him.

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Sign him up!

Oor Wullie



It is pronounced Shell-ström, the ö is pronounced just like Özils.


Here in Sweden he goes by the nickname “Kongo Kim” 🙂


So that would be spelled Shongo Shim in English?!


I thought those marks above Kallstrom’s arms were indents in my screen then


What are they???


Magical flying umlauts, of course.


Creepy little eyes spying on us.


Kallstrom looked to get rid of the ball quickly to up the tempo and some accurate lob passes to unmarked players. Liked the new dimension he brought to the game.


yeah he made some hurried passes and gave the ball away few times. but overall he really did look to push forward, which was great to see.


I was quite impressed with those “lob passes”. Different from anything I’ve seen us do this year, and certainly seemed to surprise West Ham.


Bit of a unit, isn’t he? Decent enough though, and lord knows we need midfield options at the moment.


It’s pronounced “Shell-strum” as the man on the tellie said. As a swede, I should know. I do not, however, have the knowledge to pronounce our first keepers name. I call him Sch.


Chezzers, Sir Chesney, Sesley, they all work 😀


As a Pole- our first keeper’s name is sort of “sh-tchens-nay”

I’ve never heard anyone involved with the premier league pronounce it correctly. Even Szczesny himself anglicizes it when he says his name.

Peanuts Peanuts

Thanks. I’m gonna impress/annoy my friends by saying like this from now on.


I’ll work on it, but for now I’m sticking with Sneezy. In a good-natured way.


He is a decent player..
Would like to see him getting more games, or maybe score 1-2 goals to stay in Arsenal. Don’t forget that he set up 3 goals to force Germany a 4-4 late comeback.


couldn’t wait till mid night here in India but always hoped his part to witness as soon as possible; looks like he did finally got some time to exercise his role over the 90 minutes along the slips of covert experiences that he posses. Great varieties of football at arsenal are to see in few remaining matches following Ozil and already Ramsey…lol


It’s Shell-stroem – but the Swedish Ö is not a very common sound in the English language so would have to refer to the Swedish chef in the muppet show for that… Kim (who I’ve followed for many years) could have a role to play for Arsenal in the next few games: if Arsenal is up by a goal he’s an ideal player to bring in as he’s physical and hard working, with pace being less of an issue if he enters the game around 60 min or so. His crosses are usually accurate and sometimes brilliant (ref Swansea game… Read more »

Insert name here

Is it just me or is he like a giant. Maybe we got use to arsenal players being really small (with the exception of BFG) but I for one welcome his giant-ness, plus he played rather well for a first proper game.

Goonbay Dance Band

If it’s Shell-strum, is it also Shim?


Haha no, its a regular K sound. Kim

Peanuts Peanuts

As in Szc-im? Fuck me this is confusing tonight.

Clock End Mike

No. The ‘ä’ in the surname is a “soft” vowel, so it softens the K to a sort of “sh” sound (try saying a ‘k’ with your tongue against your palate, instead of gutterally). The ‘i’ in the first name is a “hard” vowel, so the K remains hard. If you really need to know.

True Red

For the right price he could be an excellent squad player next season


looks like a bit of a jack of all trades in midfield really and he has some height and weight behind him which is nice for once, a nice combination of skills. looks like he doesnt mind putting himself about a bit which is lovely. i think he’d be a good one for newcastle, i can see him having a bit of a battle with body-cheick tiote and the fact that theres only 4 games left means he can go into the tackles %100 and not give a shit.

LABBS – like a broken-back signing


He was OK. Looked quite rusty. Maybe because of little playing time. But good to have an experienced head in the squad during difficult times.


Don’t think he stay with us next season and we don’t really need him too. But he did well yesterday, and if he excels in the last few games, it’ll be nice to see some EPL team snap him up.


Do you think the move might become permanent? He’s got skill ( even when rusty ) a fantastic pass, and is an experienced head, perfect back up for Arteta/Flamini.

More game time and he’s only going to get better and bolster our defence/midfield.

This might be the perfect trial…

Dick Swiveller

If we didn’t already have 2 guys over 30 playing in his position, I’d agree but as it is I’d much rather we got someone a little younger but with a bit of experience (with all those Germans around 23/24, we could easily ge another one, right?).

Canonbury Gooner

If you’re in a bind, I’m the first in line
Wenger I’m still free,
Take a chance on me
If you need, let me know, gonna be around
If you want 4th place to go , If you’re slipping down
If you feel alone and the midfield’s legs are blown,
Wenger I’m still free
Take a chance on me
Gonna do my very best and that ain’t no lie
If you put me to the test
If you let me try

Etc etc


Not bad … not bad at all.


Shellstroem – ö as in Özil. Ström is stream in swedish

Peanuts Peanuts

If Strom is stream, what is Kall–is it “rusty” perhaps? Because with that lovely red hair he is a bit like a rusty stream. That would make sense to me.


“Nocerino broke into space while Kallstrom was sleeping” I love that yesterday’s match report!

m a gunner

Very intelligent player at times was running the game always available for passes and in space ! Would like to see him being a permanent fixture any young player could learn a lot from him .

Puff puff

OFF TOPIC:Anyone know other good arsenal blogs

Clock End Mike

Look at the page.


You already have a beautiful.and perfect wife at home. No need to look for another

Who the F**k are Sp*rs?

Looked tired toward the end but couldn’t keep the grin off his face. He is taller than i thought, our very own broke back mountain.


Great player. Loads of experience. Needs more game time, but I’d like him to stay.

Rúni í Jansagerdi

I am from Faroe Island, and i understand Swedish, and it sounds like that when you say it “Kim Shalstrøm”


2-nil Palace after 49mins. I’m watching from the couch in Sweden. With Kim Källström som är en riktig go kille eller hur.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

2-0 Palace. Come on you Palace and Chamahk!!

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

I wonder how Chamahk is pronounced in Swedish…,



Peanuts Peanuts

Loads of Swedes in tonight. Fantastic.

Get in

3-1 to crystal palace now 😀 finish 4th and win the fa cup! And everyone can shove there 10 years without a trophy right up their ARSEnal.

And bring on 10 years of man united winning nothing but laughter.

Sign drxwler. Benzema or Suarez. And take back Fabregas. And boom! The future is bright the futures red and white.

Get in



Everton lost 3 – 2
City drew 2 – 2
Yes yes yes

Charleston Gooner

3-2 to Palace!!! Didn’t see that coming, keep your heads up Gunners 4th and a trophy isn’t too bad!

Runcorn Gooner

The Baseball Cap and Tracksuit man strikes at the right time.Deep down he loves AW

Mikel Artekkers

Pubis you ugly, beautiful, orc of a man.


pulis genius
2-3 to cry palace


It is pronounced “Shamakh.”

We do favour for you goonies. Mostly because we are scared of the gaffer if we lose, but we still do favour.


Considering the slating we would get for either the man city or everton results tonight it sure puts things in prespective.
We have sold our best players for so many years and truth be told are only starting to rebuild it could take 2 summers to complete despite the need for a striker etc our efforts year in year out are nothing short of amazing.

fuck garry Neville and the rest of them top4 and a trophy and getting better each year here we come and were gun the lot of them down.

Coa brother

His contract with spartak expires at the end of the season,surely the boss will take advantage of that!


Great performance by Palace. They were clinging on for dear life with twenty minutes left. They looked knackered. Pulis eh? Love him or hate him, he’ll be in the showers naked with his team as usual. A bit weird that to be honest, but he can give em all reacharounds if he likes after that win. Well, we’ve had our favour already. Let’s make it count. City btw:D Felt sorry for Mannnone. Real howler from him at the end, but City look….catchable dare I say? Tonight they looked like a side that has lost it (a bit like us recently…but… Read more »


@Neil: Whoa wait what? He showers with his team?


Ok stop now coz I just know he leaves his baseball hat on and that somehow makes the image worse


Or better.


Brings a whole new meaning to that song “you can leave your hat on” doesn’t it 😉


“say we are 4th in the league, say we are 4th in the league”


If city play the same way they played tonight, 3rd is a good possibility.

Insert name here

Let’s not get ahead of our selves my fellow gooner brothers, cousins, family members ect, man shity still have a game in hand and there isn’t that many games left to catch them anyway. Unless of course they lose every game from now on which is improbable but one can hope


Hope springs eternal. ‘Specially when the enemy shits themselves at Sunderland.


So the “Master Tactician” didn’t fare so well against Pulis’ Orc Army v.2 eh?


An update to you Brittish gooners, Kim usually makes perfect passes in the national team, and also in his former club Lyon, and he’s used to those now-or-never games, e.g. Sweden – Austria in the World Cup Qualification game (and many more). Sweden needed to concede a goal, he got substituted and made a great cross to Zlatan who scored, although we got Giroud… Many our players are inexperienced in comparison to Kim when it comes to important, now-or-never-games, except the Germans. Here you got the assist by Kim Källström: I think we should sign Kim, he brings other… Read more »


You guys need to thank me for that assist.


Quit impostering me!!

Evil faker.

Guy gadbois

Kom igen nu Kongo! !!!

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