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Giroud: we watched Everton video nasty

Olivier Giroud has revealed the team have watched the Everton game as they went over what went wrong at Goodison Park last Sunday.

The Frenchman and his teammates endured that woeful display again this week as a means to try and get things back on track ahead of this weekend’s FA Cup semi-final with Wigan, and he admits the team need to show more fight if they want to progress to the final.

“”If sometimes you are not at 100 per cent in the head, you are not ready enough,” he told Arsenal Player. “We were not sufficient in our commitment and in our intention to play at Everton.

“We have seen our mistakes on the video and we need to learn about them and not do it again. We have to come back to something simple and restart to the basics, like more commitment, more determination.”

And the former Montpellier man, who has scored five goals in his last five FA Cup appearances (via @Orbinho), including three this season, is looking forward to playing Wigan on Saturday.

“We have a great opportunity to show a strong answer on the pitch this weekend,” he said. “We want to do it together and to look forward.

“We really want to bounce back and concentrate on this FA Cup that we really want to win for our fans and for the club. After that, we know we have five finals in the league.”


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Jack's Right Foot

As a fan I don’t have the balls to watch that game again. Hopefully only good can come from that.


hopefully they were forced to watch the trailer of “who killed captain Alex ” .

They were that bad


Why is there an article that they watched that game again, isn’t this a norm anyway?

Rocky Rocastle

Same thing i thougt. I remember My old coach from 4th division in Norway back in the day used to show us Premier League games on VHS which he had recorded off the tele at home. And he would be all passionate about the tactics, explaining it in tedious detail. I also rememher Tactics back then was often just about smashing the ball up top to a striker and then take it from there. This was Probably because alot of the pitches they played on back then was really poor, so not really suited for a possesion passing game. Point… Read more »


Really sick of this guy opening his mouth if I’m honest. He hasn’t put in a performance in months and comes out with this kind of thing every other week. I’m all for reviewing the tape, and addressing what went wrong, but actions speak louder than words – do it behind closed doors and show you mean business on the pitch! Talking about never does anyone any good, and only sets you up for more critisism if you don’t deliver..


Giroud said

“joder, when we watched the video and i seen my hair and how big my ass looked i was most disappointed”.

And added

“our approach will be different in the cup game as I will have my hair done the day before the match, giving me time to get the style I like in before Saturday evening. Also my ass looks much smaller in the navy shorts so playing in the away kit will be a bonus”

Bould's Eyeliner

to be fair to Giroud, it’s not like he can be called up to the press conference and be all:

“Giroud, how has the team looked back at the Everton game?”

“….heh. pitch.”

While I understand where you’re coming from, and agree that his performance has been a little more than abject as of late, there’s really no reason to rip into a player for a press conference… unless he says something utterly inane of course…


Oh how I would love to see more commitment and more determination! COYG!


Good that they’ve seen how crap they were but worrying how watching their past performance sounds more like an exception than a regular occurrence.

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen with Wenger but if I was a manager I’d get the players watching their last match first thing on a Monday morning.


Don’t mean to be petulant but we’re always reacting. Why do things like this AFTER a big game? We should be proactive. That game really hurt to watch, really pathetic display


In a way there is because you can always improve. Even Pep says that about Bayern.


That’s partly because he’s trying to sound modest and partly because if he’s asked whether he thinks his side are perfect, he’s hardly going to say “Yeah we’re as good as it gets.”


emphasis on PROACTIVE!!

Clock End Mike

I agree. Much better to watch the video BEFORE the match, so that we don’t make the mistakes at all. Now that *would* be proactive. And a bit creepy…


You’re trying to be witty, but the obvious flaw is that they had other videos to watch and learn from before the match. We made some mistakes at Anfield, repeated them against Chelsea, and then served more of the same against Everton. All these 3 games were very important for our season, so they should have been up for them. If you’re trying to suggest that this could not have been avoided then that is just sad.


might do some good if you watch some Wigan videos and other COMING fixtures… to PLAN ahead and provide adequate tactics

Alright Mate

Why are we not funding this?


All they do is talk then hide on the pitch. Wenger has filled the team with absolute cowards

Tom knight

Cowards? Such venom. Go find another team to “support!” I bet you wouldn’t have the guts to say that to one of those players if you were standing in front of them. Easy to say on a comment section of a blog page. I wonder who the real coward is.


Oh God. Its one of those ‘we must do better’ speeches again. Committed? What do you need? You play for a great football club, earn millions and have a fight for the first trophy in 8 years and a top four finish, to ensure you are playing the likes of Bayern next season and not Zlobydan Pileofshitski next season like the spuds. I know he could nt say much more than this…but still.


“A big match here this Thursday night as Arsenal look to edge back to Champions League contention with this quarter final match against Zlobydan Pileofshitski. The Gunners faced tough competition from Tottenham Hotshit and Metallurg Twatsburg in earlier rounds but look to get their season back on track, after last year’s disappointing 5th place finish.”

Please, by the grace of Pires, don’t let this happen boys. Come the Fuck On You Gunners.


We’ve got to accept that it could happen.

If it does, I would play the youth team in the Europa. It would provide them with games in front of large (ish) crowds and a very competitive learning experience.

Who knows, we could find a gem or two?


See that’s the worst thing, if we do end up in the Europa, we could conceivably win the bitch and grow our players alongside it. But the fact that it’s not the CL would be enough to probably force Wenger out… And I still don’t want that… Yet.


“Metallurg Twatsburg!”


Thanks, but I stole the name from Blogs’ daily post from some point this week 😉


I hope Arsene watched the video along with the players.
Some of the tactical decisions along with team selection in the “Big” matches have almost been criminal.


Fuck me! There were tactical decisions in those matches? Missed ’em, sorry!


Are there tactical decisions in any matches? Really.. Arsene I love him and respect the hell out of him for what he has done for this club.. but HE keeps letting me down with his stubbornness.

Alright Mate

Earlier in the season we played more counter attacking. Now teams are sitting deep on us, drawing us up the field and breaking quickly and scoring. Our full backs and midfielders go too far forward, and the opposition have a player or 2 sitting 20 meters up from our full backs.

I hope the mistakes Wenger concentrating on are not when the likes of The Ox, Rosicky or Gibbs turn over possession leading to attack, but the fact that we have been sucked so far up the field in the first place.

Mills N7

A bit difficult to counterattack when our fastest (and perhaps most ‘efficient’) player is out (Theo), along with the one with the best stamina for all those sprints (Ramsey), and the player who can pick those passes the best (Ozil) and the guy who has a great 5-yard burst of pace to dribble (Wilshere). And before people get mad, I’m not saying that it isn’t AW’s responsibility to reinforce the squad, or to make active tactical decisions, etc. etc. I’m arguing that it is difficult to play the way we played for the first 2/3 of the season without (especially)… Read more »


More commitment. More determination. Dur. Of course that’s what it’s about Ollie. Get on with it!

kels (Naija boi)

Stfu Giroud.


That attitude will certainly help a lot. Thanks for your contribution.

Bolarinwa Mayowa

Bla bla bla… Yeah, u guys did say that after the chelsea humiliation as well.


or city or pool.. not to mention we couldn’t even get a win against Manure!


So did they not watch the city, Liverpool and Chelsea away tapes?? 4 times in a season no excuse! You should only need to watch those mistakes once maybe twice but certainly not 4 times in the same season! I love aw and believe he deserves the chance to put things right after guiding the club through tight financial times but my only concern….will he use all available funds to put things right??


Scratched record again? They obviously must talk in class because they are not learning from their mistakes.

Jap's Eye

Watched the video? Maybe spend an hour watching Wigan before Saturday 1707!!!


I wish they would just let their action on the pitch do the talking. all this talk by the players AND the manager is really adding to the frustration.


If they were good enough they would. I agree that it has become incredibly frustrating to hear the same phrases uttered after every big loss.

People who have mental strength and pride don’t need to talk about it.

Giroud is saying they need to go back to basics…. in APRIL! Not exactly making me feel warm inside.


I for one wont put up all my expectation on arsenal at wembley on saturday….i’ll just go out there and enjoy myself regardless we win or lose…darn! someone has to put a stop to these heartattacks


To be perfectly honest, they should be watching every game. There is no such thing as a perfect game – ok Bergkamp might be the exception to that – so they should be watching for every mistake. Every misplaced pass, every second ball to learn how to be better than the last game. Win, lose or draw. In my job – I’m a programmer – I am always looking at what I wrote the previous day, if it the best it can be? The most efficient way of doing something etc. That being said it is goo that they are… Read more »


Goo? Sorry, I heart comedy typos. 🙂

Dial square

Blah blah blah……meh


Why wasn’t there this same reaction when we were beaten 3-1 opening day against villa? Or after being embarrassed by City, Liverpool and Chelsea – while all top clubs, our performance was still dreadful; lacking the same commitment and determination Giroud is speaking of (himself being in the midst) Wenger has made a few costly errors this season, yet he should not be responsible for having to make players committed and determined, particularly in big games. We have top players, but we seem to have a horrible lack of chemistry in midst of pressure. A little too late in the… Read more »


please god, let this be like after we lost to sp*rs last march

Andrew Tait

He must have felt like an extra that hasn’t made the director’s cut.


Goocher, of course Wenger should be responsible for motivatinf players into being committed and determined on the pitch. It’s his job as a manager.


To certain extent, I disagree. If there’s something lacking in a player or the squad coming in to a match then it’s the manager’s job to see that and provide something that rectifies the situation. That said, motivation is something every player should have, this is their job, and I’m sure they don’t want to lose matches. The phrase “they’re professionals” gets thrown around a lot that it isn’t very original, but it is the truth. These ARE professional players. Showing up and putting a shift every game is the bare minimum. We can look at Arsene and say in… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

After that game I watched the end scene from Marley and Me and the beginning scene from Up just to cheer myself up


Scary man … Don’t want another Birmingham.


it was an absolute ridiculous performance from arsenal against everton. The height of complacency has reached its epitome, and when the team needed to perform their best on last sunday gave such a flop performance. Its an open message from us fans to the manager and the players ” You better not lose FA cup”. Bloody hell, get up now and fight for the club !!

baba ijebu

these players are beginning to sound like broken record. only to turn up and play shit

Bergkamps bronze statue

Watching any video with Giroud playing is a video nasty. He makes Hesky look like Henry!


I wonder if Arsene gets them to watch the live TV versions of the match too (I’m sure they have official club records etc) but it’d be interesting if they could hear the fucking commentators (Michael Owen notwithstanding) say the truth about our weaknesses.


I prefer this to Owen’s ‘commentary.’

Will Hosegood

Our problem isnt the players. Its how they are told to play. Give them confidence to run at players. Beat players gain the advantage. If you beat a player the another opposition player has to commit….which leaves a hole. Which in turn gives our players space to move or run. Remember pires freddie henry and overmars running with the ball?!! Not holding the ball looking for a pass. Pace and aggression is key!!!


Lol! The comments here are quite funny actually…Right like someone said 4 times is not a mistake anymore…They should just shut up and turn up!!!!arrrggghhh…The heartbreak just has to stop.I know people say you dont have a right to win every football match bla di bla…Arsenal MUST win the FACUP…No excuses really, simples!


It was a terrible eyesore and not enough videos in this world would save giroud from his terrible football ability.


im now going to go officially mad, the man I least wanted to open his gob has finally done so!

Just fucking shut it, shouldn’t be even infront of the camera, should be in the circus. clown footballer.


I’ve always thought you were mad, but now it’s official. Straight from the donkey’s mouth.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

“We have to come back to something simple and restart to the basics, like more commitment, more determination.”

As a professional athlete, commitment and determination should be present any time you wear that jeasey. It’s the least you can do for the fans who pay a lot of money to watch you play.

Fredrik öhlin

I also find it a bit worrying that the video analasys sound more like an exception than a rule. I was hoping they took a look at every game, either good or bad. The bad games to learn from failure, and the good ones for egoboost/winning mentality.

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

What the hell more do they need to be more committed and determined to win? The league was there for the taking! Is t that enough? What is Arsene doing before the games?


Fucked any models lately Ollie? Commitment?…. Hypocrite.


Ahahaha he is smocking bad weed@ soviet. Walcott says they as told to “just go out and play” to prove that, when does wenger go to the lines to counter the mistakes of his players in the pitch. Or even encourage them to whatever he could have interacted them to do before the game? He is busy with his zip or looking confused by whatever is happening in the field. We shout for the players to smarten up in the out TV sets as wenger is bust on his zip


huh, me no speaky eeenglish.


Heroldgoon and others who don’t like hearing the players/manager speak, you do realise that you don’t have to read/listen to what they’re saying.
If I was as bothered about it as some of you seem to be, and I saw a headline like the one at the top of this article, I wouldn’t bother clicking on it.

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Dunno what’s more painful/gets to me the most – the humiliation after humiliation or the drivel after drivel following each one. Just stfu, go out there and fucking do the do.


I don’t understand this headline. It is some Britishim that us fat ugly ‘Muricans don’t understand or what?
Is it missing punctuation?


@clgooner i think you’re just dumb


Im not looking forward to Saturday.. If we don’t start well I can imagine it turning ugly inside the ground.


Blah blah too much talk and excuses really. Just play to your best giroud.


Awareness is the key. And if I watched that display of myself I’d definitely come out of the other side of it wanting to tear a new one!

Come on Arsenal!!!!!


We need a 7 nil to us


We need 7 of those.



“We were not sufficient in our commitment and in our intention to play at Everton. “We have seen our mistakes on the video and we need to learn about them and not do it again. We have to come back to something simple and restart to the basics, like more commitment, more determination.” Seriously – for one of the biggest games of our season they couldn’t bother to show 100% commitment. I really do worry about this team after reading comments like that! If they’re not showing 100% commitment in every game then there is something wrong and with that… Read more »


It’s long been known that mourinho spends ages getting the team to watch games of their upcoming opponents and their strengths and weaknesses. I’m worried if this is the only time arsenal are watching tapes… Which means Wenger send them out thinking ‘just play the arsenal way and we will win’

Unfortunately it takes tactics to beat quality opposition. Not some overwhelming right saying we are better than these guys. Look at martinez… Lukaku right wing against monreal? Genious if your an Everton fan.


personally, i feel arsenal players always talk a good game after bad result but hardly put a quarter of that effort into preventing a bad result in games that really matters.


Shut up flop!!!!!!


I’m sure that will help.


I watched it again. I’m mental like that. Monreal got a lot of stick, but he shoved in some good crosses and good tackles. Not realising that Lukaku was left footed was a joke. Players should be aware and the manager should remind them. Lukaku cutting in from the right is nothing new. Martinez was not reinventing the wheel here. The biggest problem was Vermaelen. On a few occassions (one led to a goal) the ball went down the Everton left. A back four should move accross together to the right. Sagna went. Per came too (correctly) about 5 yards… Read more »

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