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Wenger: Season can still be a success

Arsene Wenger says Arsenal can still make a success of this season by securing Champions League football and winning the FA Cup but believes injuries to key players proved the downfall of his squad’s Premier League title challenge.

Talking to the press the day after quotes from Santi Cazorla surfaced questioning the Gunners winning mentality, the boss admitted that there is always room for improvement.

“You can always improve in our game,” said Wenger. “When results are not as good, you always think you can improve. There is no perfect team and we will always try to improve our squad and our team.

“This season we lost key players at big important moments of the season, but we have to just to focus on finishing as well as we can. We are in a position where we can still do very well until the end of the season, that is what we want. It is not about next season, it is about this season.”

Aware that reigning champions Wigan are not only on a good run in the Championship but also bolstered by the experience of beating Manchester City twice in the cup in consecutive seasons, Wenger also touched on the respect his team need to show Uwe Rosler’s squad.

“For us what is very important is to win the semi-final and it’s important we focus on that,” he continued.

“After that we play against an opponent that has done well in this competition. They have beaten Man City at Man City so we want to focus on that and make sure we can go through. We respect highly for Wigan for what they have done and the best way to go to the final is to do that.”

Pinpointing consecutive home victories against Tottenham Hotspur, Coventry City, Liverpool and Everton as reason for optimism, Wenger concluded:

“You win when you produce a quality performance. We have, in this competition, produced top quality performances so just let’s continue with that.

“We have a team who has a lot of experience. We are in a competition where we have a great opportunity, we play against a good opponent but it’s a great challenge for us and of course we want to take the opportunity to go in the final.”

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strong finish is expected.. and a win tomorrow at all costs… COYG


A win tomorrow? Am I missing something? Though we were playing Saturday!

Dan Gunn



umm, we play on saturday?


hibrid : got a bit excited..hehe.. hope Rosicky and Ox are fit to be on the bench atleast.. Its hard to string a proper 11


It’s the day after. Whilst on the subject, why does the ‘whatsthescore’ widget above have the wrong kick-off time?


That’s the right kick-off time. All English football games on the 11th and 12th April will start 7 minutes late to commemorate the victims of the Hillsborough disaster.



He’s not mad – it said 6.07pm earlier, rather than the correct 5.07pm it’s displaying now.

Oursane Vengar

6 minutes of mourning+ 1 minute of silence.


Indeed, but yesterday it said 18:07 and it says it again now.


If we bottle this match.. and blow our best chance of winning the FA Cup for a decade, in a similar fashion to which we lost to Birmingham a couple of years ago..

I’m going to rage quit life.


We’ve had a tough run in the cup this year and come out strongly. Let’s finish it off the same way!!!


Gunner From Another Mother

All Gooners at Wembley better be in full voice!!!


It can indeed if we lift the FA cup but I think that will really only paper over the cracks of what has been another groundhog season. We’re just making the same mistakes, lacking mental strength and that transfer or two that will propell us to higher glories and for a club of our wealth it’s just not good enough. I believe that Wenger should stay regardless, I still think he has a lot to offer but it seems crazy that with a totally different team to that of 6-7 seasons ago, we’re still found wanting in the same areas.… Read more »


I think all season ticket holder should be allowed vote on whether he should stay or not


Brilliant idea: give a mass of people the power to decide the future of a 125+ year old club while having absolutely no idea of how the administrative, financial and sporting processes work and what their statuses are.

It’s almost like asking people to vote for a personnel with no knowledge in economic, technical and cultural growth of a country as president of said country… oh wait…


Yes, I would give a mass of people who love the club and pay handsomely to watch the club every season the power to decide the future.

It’s almost like asking citizens of a country or members of a club to vote. What oo they know?

I think you have no idea what you are talking about if you think the majority of season ticket holders have “no knowledge in economic, technical and cultural growth”


It’s almost like asking citizens of a country or members of a club to vote. What oo they know?

……… if youre a grown up saying that then you must be slightly confused…..

Arsenal F.C is a privately owned company. they belong in the industry of sports entertainment. they pay vat and are governed by shareholders and board of directors.


@Jagger….how is it that some went right off on a tangent? I thought that was witty. Massive sense of humour failure today


@Highberry: I am most disappointed. I spent half an hour thinking of the right way to write that! The internet can be a cruel and unforgiving place…


“and some shall fall on stony ground” oh well tomorrow’s another day


@Jagger & Highberry,
Had thought of giving the green thumbs but could not reconcile it with a failure to notice that even if they do understand, 48-52% of citizens in the country in question give fuck-all about Technical and Cultural growth and vote against their own economic interests because of personal biases.

You’re right, the parallels are astounding.


did anyone force you to buy a ticket macduff? did ivan come and stick a gun on your head and threatened you to buy a season ticket ?

you dont like whats on…? stay away…come back when we start winning stuff again..there is no shame in that….


Walter/ Tony birbicholi

As someone who hails from London, I was supporting Arsenal when Ivan was supporting Man City and Arsene was playing for Strasbourg. And I will be watching Arsenal long after they are gone. For me its not about trophies, and I would be happy to waive the FA Cup this season if it means Wenger will be gone

Dan Gunn

I think the gun to the head analogy is a little far-fetched. Whilst i don’t agree with Macduffs point… I do think the fans views should carry some weight? How that is quantified i will leave to men smarter than me but i do feel like there is some neglegence when it comes to our transfer startegy of late. Afterall what is a club without it’s fans?

The Ox is a fox

The Club needs fans and fans need the club too. Your life will become incredibly boring without it. That’s why you buy the tickets. The possibility for all fans to stop going to game is … zero. So, the scenario of a club who has no fans is just imaginative and ‘far-fetched’. And that’s why fans, not one entity but a group of people with divided opinions, will have very little influence on the club’s decisions. Not until the number of season ticket holders drops low enough to significantly affect the revenues of the club. Certainly, Arsenal has lost some… Read more »


yes macduff thats all nice about london and stuff ..but you still havent answered the question.

does anyone force you to buy a ticket?

yes? or no?


ox…all im saying is that noone twisted anyone’s arm to go buy a ticket and thankfully not all of us are like macduff to not appreciate and respect the sacrifices made so that macduff and his children and grandchildren can go to the stadium for the next 125 years…..


The Ox is a fox Good post and I agree with you except for the part about the loss of fans due to the trophy drought. I think for the majority of fans it has nothing to do with trophies, it is about the club and manager deceiving us and their complete refusal to use the resources generated by the supporters to improve the playing squad. Going into the season with the striking options we did was unforgivable. Playing Giroud every game until he was knackered and Ramsay and Ozil until they were injured was retarded. The annual collapse that… Read more »


it is about the club and manager deceiving us and their complete refusal to use the resources generated by the supporters to improve the playing squad. deceiving you? if youre not smart enough to understand that arsenal didnt have money to spend on world class winners for the last decade dont talk shit at least…. like i said….noone forces you to buy anything….. youre in no position to tell a privately owned company what to do with its money/resources. just accept you had to enter lean years to repay the ground and stop presenting the last 9 years as the… Read more »


actually the best yu can do (and i encourage you and everyone else who thinks with your limited way) is to vote with your feet… not buy tickets and dont go to the stadium

noone will miss you guys…. you can stay home watch video of gg’s arsenal dominating ajax and madrid ….. 🙂

in fact im sure the 40-50k people on the waiting list would welcome your decision

in most stadiums in the world the fans go to encourage and sing for their team…not boo the players and manager


Yes birbicoli, I don’t like David Cameron so I think I will leave my friends, family, city the country and everything I grew up with that I love and emigrate until the new government is elected.

I do not expect you to understand but to me supporting the Arsenal was not a choice for me, it was a birthright. My love and support for the club is unconditional. My love and support for the owner, manager, board or any player, all of whom come and go, is not.

I hope that explains things darling


unconditional you say…yet the last years youve been moaning about trophies and want to sack your greatest ever manager……… while showing complete ignorance to the financial restrictions the club had to work under tell you what mate…you who support arsenal since infant or since sperm or whatever you shoull be the one telling me to not throw toys out the pram and you should be the one embracing what the manager is trying to do for you. on the contrary you are telling me to stop supporting the club’s policies, the manager and our players and not to go go… Read more »


” but to me supporting the Arsenal was not a choice for me, it was a birthright.”

ha..i take it you suffered a lot then before wenger came round and turned you into a proper football club… a world class football club.


Arsenal have been a proper football club for more than a century, but good trolling kiddo


Wenger on Everton: “2nd goal was offside, 3rd goal was a foul and our goal was onside.”

Is it just me who’s had enough of these excuses? It’s a bit pathetic really.


Doesn’t excuse the piss poor performance, but he’s right on all three points

Injured Gooner South Africa

How was the second goal offside?


I think Naismith was in an offside position right in front of Szchesny when Lukaku shot, interfering with play

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

You thought right 🙂


he also said something like ‘everton deserved to win and we were poor’. not excusing his excuses, but I’m pretty sure there was acknowledgement of more than just the referee’s bad decision.


Ah I apologise, didn’t read the whole transcript.

I still think he needs to stop bringing up bad decisions even if they were truly wrong and he isn’t using them as an excuse.

It comes across as being bitter, and let’s be honest, we were outplayed and would have lost regardless of the decisions.


Yes, he also blamed injuries. Who could have seen us having injured players?


Sanogo was onside though, truth be told


Yes thank you Arsene. Go out on a high with our blessing, thanks and respect. But please step down in the summer. The club needs to begin its next chapter.


And replace him with who? For me, Martinez is the outstanding candidate to replace him given his Premier League experience and the way he has managed to have an immediate impact at Everton, but I think there is no chance, even if we come above Everton, that he would join us in the summer. Maybe next summer, or the summer after but I think he’ll want to have at least one more season at Everton, particularly after he, allegedly promised them Champions League.

Klopp and Simeone won’t come this summer either. Don’t say Laudrup


martinez did manage to get wigan relegated. also, lets not forget that moyes looked like a potential candidate for replacing arsene last year (well the tuesday club podcast thought so at least). its ‘easy’ to look good at everton, but its a big step up from there to the arsenal. thats not trying to be disrespectful to everton, I think they are a fantastic squad and deservedly are challenging for the top 4. the difference is 4th would be a massive achievement for them, whereas for us its a huge let-down.


Fourth is not a huge let down. 3rd/4th is whereabouts we should be.


This is one of the big reasons I hope he’ll stay for a few more years. There are absolutely no good enough replacement available right now and when he does leave, I want a top 5 guy like the ones you mention, and hopefully they will stay for a long time. Not just an Abramovicesque quick fix


There are absolutely no good enough replacement available right now? Unless you didn’t know Arsenal pay their manager £7-8 million per year. Offers of £7-8 million per year tends to make people available


arsenal pay WENGER 7m a year ….. not just anyone….


And what a waste of our money that has turned out to be.

And before you say he built the stadium, he didn’t. The fans built the stadium, the ones that are being lied to and deceived annually at renewal time and at the AGM.


I’ve heard that Wenger is actually paid £12.5 million a year


thats just your opinion…a poor one if i may add.

as for the fans and stadium…of course the fans will pay for it…who was it built for again? wenger wont be here for the next 125 years ..we will and our children and grandchildren……


oh really john? you counted it?


Greek Tragedy you believe he should stay regardless?! Regardless of what? Our predictable shortcomings? Our lack of a transfer strategy? Our over reliance on brittle players?

Please open your mind and see what is going on at our club.



My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Fuck off.


When did you leave the Oxford University debating team?

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

When your mum did.


Does your name rhyme with hunt or plastered?

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

That was beautiful, my friend.


Best thing I’ve read in a while. “Fans” on this site and others have been absolutely repulsive the last couple of weeks to say the least.


Yes, we are very ‘unscandanavian’ in London


MACDUFF and the rest of you dooming arseclowns….english football culture is too poor to grasp Wenger and his philosophy or appreciate his work.

now go hail a classless arsehole translator winning trophies with other peoples corrupt money buying leagues and trophies cause realistically thats what your culture is all about….


Macduff, I don’t think one has to be scandinavian to understand that there are more nuances to football than world class or utter rubbish


If you don’t like our culture why don’t you go and support Colorado Rapids or your local team



If you don’t like us ‘arseclowns’ on a site where people of all points of view are allowed to express their opinions, why not go back to untrue where comments are edited to suit the agenda and you can blame the PGMOL, FA, PL, UEFA, media, an imaginary group called the AAA and other teams being too rough with us for not having a good enough squad


if your culture is ‘damaging’ arsenal then maybe its you who should look in the mirror mate…….


your points of view could be wrong…ever thought of that?


@MacDuff How ironic:
“If you don’t like our culture why don’t you go and support Colorado Rapids or your local team”

I do support the Rapids, they are my local team! And The Arsenal!

BTW, for MLS, Rapids actually have a pretty good product. Cheers, mates.



there is a difference between being rough and systematically targeting arsenal players legs and refs taking the piss… kills your desire and spirit. (see hleb)

if youre happy watching your countrymen referees mocking our players right to a fair and equal contest then good for you mate………


This is the most juvenile thread I’ve read in some time. It’s pathetic


Your use of the word ‘product’ says it all.

Stan Kronke

EuripidesMac, I do hope you shop at Wal Mart too…..



Brilliant! Haahahahahaa! That was awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂

I only make an effort to support your sporting ventures 😉 Your wifes family’s goods selling venture I go to when I have a purchasing need that can’t be met at another purveyor. Cheers, though, dude!

Stan The Man

The ArsenalVison writer clearly sets individuals higher than the club. I second his vision on Wenger, and i think he deserve another season to prove he still got it. But that Giroud is getting stick is hardly surprising with the amount of effort he puts in. He walks back from offside, he gets knocked off the ball byplayers half his size because he cant be bothered to throw his weight around. Even if he got an airField of space infront of him and no one marking him, he will still not do the run. Perhaps he is afraid of breaking… Read more »


Full of true points. But let me just highlight just this one – talking about perspective again: Be honest – if we had started the season like the last and fought our way to secure 4th on the last day + the FA cup, I guess a LOT of current moaners amongst the supporters would be quite content. But now people really say, even if we win the cup, this season is a failure. What a shame that the last 8 matches always seem to outweigh the first 20. Remember WWWWWDWDWWWLWWWWWWWWWW ? Remember ? I dunno, it seems like… Read more »


He deserves a chance to spend the money which is available this season. If the transfer problems occur again this summer then something must be changed. A one-year contract would be a good idea i think


This is the first season that Wenger has actually had a substansial amount of money to spend and he brought in one of the best players in the world and as a result we were the best team in the league for 4 months until injuries to key players at key times made our position untenable. We got hammered by two teams who were right on the top of their game with a squad which was bare to the bones. Take 4 first choice midfielders out of any team in the world and let’s examine what’s left. Example you say.… Read more »


Wenger’s had 17 years to build a squad any short comings are of his making. He also spent £42m on one player so lack of funds is not an issue


have you even seen the net transfer spend for his career at arsenal? have you seen the net transfer spend since we moved to the Emirates? I guarantee years from now we will finally realise how much he has revolutionised the club. He could have easily kept the club at Highbury persuaded the board to let a Billionaire buy the club and follow that model. If he had done that he would have won lots of trophies etc. but he cared about and valued the future of the club more than his own pride. If anything he is a victim… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

To be fair since 2004 he has been priced out of pretty much every top class player available. Last summer he had money and he chose to invest it all in one top drawer player. Although our downfall has been horrifically predictable, we have also made progress. We are within 7 points of the lead (how far off were we this time last year?) and we stand a good chance of winning a major domestic trophy. This summer he will have more money available to him than ever before. He will be able to compete on wages and he will… Read more »


Again conveniently leaving out realities of paying back a debt.


I know how much he’s spent, but that has nothing to do with it. Arsenal has spent money but he chosen not to spend it on a balanced team, no defensive midfielder or back up striker, there’s no excuse for that. There’s also no excuse for not preparing the team properly, something he’s failed to do for several years. I personally don’t trust him any longer, due to many years of experience, to do the right thing when it comes to transfers or tactics. Arsenal no longer play either exciting or cutting edge football and our tactics are several years… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

Wenger plays the long game. Short-term sacrifice for long-term gain. Everything about his approach to management suggests this. Unfortunately we live in a culture of instant gratification – and the short-term sacrifice is just asking too much of some people. In the case of last summers spending I agree- the squad is completely unbalanced. But ask yourself this – would you sooner have seen him spend £45m on three good players for the good of this season – but could only take us to a certain level in the longer term, or would you rather have a world class player… Read more »

Howard's Webb

Continuing with the same scripted nonsense. He’s never going to leave is he.

Why is my name required

Who the fuck leaves when he has the best job in the world?

7.5M in the bank is guaranteed every season for 4th place trophy and profit for those cronies upstairs.


In all fairness he made it the best job in the world. Whoever eventually takes over from him has a set-up which rivals Bayern Munich without the corrupt president

The Mullet

F.A Cup, 4th place finish and we all wish you well in your future (elsewhere).


…and next season it’s a Moyes and the 10th place trophy, just for you! 😉


Even with the bad run of injuries we have had that can’t explain the lack of fight or organisation the team has had ar times this season.
We need a quality finisher up front someone that is mobile and can create the runs that our gifted midfield can feed, until Arsene sees that’s what’s needed to get the best from the likes of Ozil And cazorla etc then we will struggle.


We are tired of hearing the same tune from Wenger!! Instead of bringing players in to cover for the injured players you rather allowed the window to pass without any significant activity. This is not the first time he has done that and it won’t be his last if he is not forced to resign.


If you offered me top4 and and a cup at the beggining of the season then sure that is success. However when you have 2 transfer windows and have 2 panic buys stay top of the league for 20 weeks then suddenly drop off into a 4th place battle, that is a failure. The best team is as strong as its weakest link, having giroud/bentner/sonago was was never going to win. I still believe wenger deserves time to spend because he did build this for us by being tight the last 9 yrs. but after a full yr with a… Read more »



First few comments effectively saying time to go.

I’ve really seen a sea change these last few weeks regarding a change of manager. That’s been reflected in a lot of blogs.

I’m just desperate for that FA Cup win first of all, that moment when the captain lifts that trophy……. then I want the ‘comfort’ of knowing we’re back in the CL which means its one less excuse for a lack of transfer activity this summer because only then can I put this most stressful of seasons away.


“There is no perfect team”

Errm….does anybody remember the invincibles?


Some devilish thoughts are creeping in. I can’t help it.


No excuses. Diego Simeone has had the same players playing upwards of 40 games all season. The difference? His sideline motivation. He pushes the club no matter what, he gets up he cheers on the fans, he switches tactics repeatedly to suit the situation in the there and now! That’s what you need, your manager to make you WANT to fight! Hindsight is an issue we suffer from heavily at this club! Always realising our mistakes when it’s already too late.


Solid point, however Atletico also have one of the in-form strikers of Europe playing for them. A player like Costa would have made the difference for Arsenal this season, regardless of feasibility. If Giroud had banged in over 30 goals, we wouldn’t be contemplating 4th or 5th place.


I agree, we may have upward goals however you have to do with what you have, and I feel better motivation from the manager on the field would have helped us to gain a few more than 11 points out of the last 33…


I adore Wenger and would tattoo that man on – my girlfriend – however isn’t enough enough?

A new top manager can bring in his top current players from his foreign club to Arsenal, and we can build on what Wenger has done.

This is my first anti Wenger post but another transfer season like last summer’, can we even risk it?


As Well
Of course
As Well
Of course


This man got us Özil, yeah we’ve got Özil dudes. Chill, Wengers got this.


It’s been said in many interviews this season by players even after games that they are given freedom to roam around the pitch and play sexy football. It’s all good when players with freedom can produce and it’s a beautiful thing. But when u replace inventive players with not so inspired players, or ones who are but who are coming in under pressure, they seem to use the freedom to play in a completely predictable way to try and be safe. This doesn’t mean they aren’t top players it just takes away what was so special at the start of… Read more »


completely agree with you.


-= COY,AW =-

Ramseys right boot

All we need to do is give a massive support. COYG!


Huge-Mongous weekend football-wise, personally:

Our Gunner’s taking on Wigan to go to the final of the F.A. Cup. COYG!!!
My son’s U12 Team, 2nd place, has a 6pt weekend against the 1st and 3rd place teams, can take over 1st place, and all but secure their promotion.
My daughter’s U8 Team, looking for their first win.
Colorado Rapids (“Kroenke Jr.s” soccer team) taking on Toronto and that exSpud guy, hoping to keep up their early season good form!

Cheers to all!


I for one am gutted that Bradley chose Toronto and not NYRB. His close proximity to Defoe makes for a major cognitive dissonance in my brain.


Here, here…agreed.

Aside from the Arsenal vs. BalancingCircusCockOnABasketball dissonance, what about the dissonance of “How does it work that the MLS ‘seems’ to help certain teams get certain players (Dempsey, Bradley) and they don’t ‘seem’ to help every team get a Dempsey or Bradley?” Maybe there’s just not clear info out in the press, but it seems like the MLS helped, even paid transfer fees, etc.


Also agreed. Toronto gets Defoe, Vancouver gets … Nigel Reo-Coker? Vancouver’s golden boot striker pulls a van Persie and fucks off to a team in Mexico, which subsequently defaults on the transfer fee, and the player’s rights revert to … Toronto?

Something fucking wrong here.


Abysmally unjust. I don’t get it.


No worries Dickie, neither will be there long.

Hereford Gooner

A cup and 4th spot will do me fine. It has been another frustrating season and we all know where the shortcomings have been, but the stadium was a ten year project and he has done as well as anyone could possibly have expected under the circumstances. The players are clearly lacking belief – but this is largely due to the shortcomings of the squad and in-turn the impact that this has had on results. With a few more players on the books we would still be winning games and the belief and morale would still be there. I think… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

And lets be fair we have made progress this season despite the recent blip. If we win a cup and finish within 7 points of the lead then this represents good progress from last season when we finished 25 points off the pace…


there you go banterers

Bob A

Yes I think he is right about the injuries, and hopefully he will buy 2/3 squad players for next seasons that are battle hardened and 1 luxury super star to give the whole squad a boost.
As for this season after the cup we have 5 league games to play, and if we really knuckle down they are all winnable which would be 15 points. All the other teams above/around us have to play each other so some off them if not all will drop points.


Time for everyone to just support the team and see how the rest of the season pans out. Some big games to come still. Players to return. Time for a bit of silverware. COYG





“Our main task [next summer] will be to keep the team together and think ‘where did we go wrong?’

Anybody else troubled by this?


I bet all you “Wenger out” cunts weren’t calling for his head in December.

Arsene Wenger could have left us for bigger and better clubs during the transition to the Emirates but he didn’t. If he did, we’d be fucking lucky to get anywhere near the top four. He’s loyal, and more of a gooner than you think you are.
We now have money, a core of young talented players who have said repeatedly he’s a big reason why they signed.
I don’t want anyone other than him leading us back to glory and i believe he will.


Arsenal fans have to be the most divided in the world. Some want AW to succeed and show him respect, some want him out and want ‘anyone but wenger’ to come in and will boo the team at home games until he leaves. Some will offer AW respect but look in a subtle way for an alternative. We have to remember our opinion means nothing,I assume none of us are on the board. If you have a season ticket and aren’t happy, don’t renew it. Save the stress. The waiting list is big enough for you to not be missed.… Read more »


We have to remember our opinion means nothing,I assume none of us are on the board. If you have a season ticket and aren’t happy, don’t renew it. Save the stress. The waiting list is big enough for you to not be missed.

thank you my friend !


Wenger’s right, this can still be a successful season, but we have been playing so poorly of late it’s difficult to believe we can win all our remaining games. Still if we can, then we will have gone a long way to losing our ‘nearly men’ tag which might augur well for next season, whoever’s in charge. Here’s hoping that the end of this season is the beginning of a new era where we start winning things again.
Fans will really need to get behind the team, especially if things are going badly, leave the Wenger bashing for another day.


Wenger is right. If we can finish at least fourth and take the FA Cup then I would have taken that at the beginning of the season.


Aw never went to another club because failure would have led to dismissal. He’s a control freak and would have been very limited in the influence he could have exerted at real Madrid for example. Plus he can’t handle confrontation, time and again ex players say he avoids it at all costs. Big name players have ego’s and at a real madrid they all would have thrown their toys out the pram.

Issues re aw and his inability to buy a striker and school boy tactics aside, coyg sat!


FA cup is a consolation at best. Neither FA nor League guarantee CL which puts in perspective the importance of this cup. OTOH, it will represent modicum progress proviso we seal top 4. Still think we have an outside chance of stealing 3rd spot if one of the front 3 drop toward the end. That would not make much difference but would be a better finish overall. Season almost promised too much for us and the frustrating thing is it did not become quite as urgent to seal the striker we needed in Jan because of our position in the… Read more »


It’s shouldn’t be offensive to want change.

We all all love ARSENAL!!!!

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