Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Report: Everton 3-0 Arsenal

Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Flamini, Cazorla, Rosicky, Podolski, Giroud.

Subs: Viviano, Jenkinson, Bellerin, Ramsey, Sanogo, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Kallstrom

Arsenal crashed to another humbling defeat on the road as Everton bolstered their Champions League credentials with a thoroughly deserved 3-0 win at Goodison Park. Steven Naismith and Romelu Lukaku gave the home side a two goal advantage at the break before a Mikel Arteta own goal drew a line under proceedings.

Having won six games on the bounce at home Everton started like a team enjoying the confidence that comes with momentum. In contrast Arsenal began like rabbits trapped in the headlights.

Inside two minutes Osman took a pot shot on the volley which flew just wide of Szczesny’s post. At the other end Podolski had a couple of pot shots from range but his opportunism really just masked the fact that we were struggling to get our game flowing in the final third.

Time and again the Toffees targeted our wings often sliding balls between Monreal and Sagna. Both, as was the case at Anfield and Chelsea played a risky game, pushing high up the pitch when we attacked only to leave the centre-backs exposed when Arteta and Flamini invariably gave the ball away.

Osman picked up a booking and went off injured to be replaced by Barkley on nine minutes. Four minutes later Martinez’s reshuffled pack took the lead.

Baines swung in a low cross which took out Vermaelen and found Lukaku. The Belgian’s snap shot was saved well by Szczesny but Naismith, who should have been booked moments earlier, knocked home the rebound. It was far too easy for the home side; Baines in the build-up was able to jog thirty yards unchallenged before making his pass, while Vermaelen inexplicably just allowed the pass to roll pass him.

Naismith nearly grabbed a second on 20 minutes but couldn’t get enough on a McCarthy cross shot. At the other end Giroud squandered a chance failing to connect properly with a Sagna ball across the near post.

For the most part our build-up play lacked any pace and any imagination; we lumbered into the final third and more often than not surrendered the ball far too easily. Giroud struggled against Distin and Stones while the distribution of Podolski, Rosicky and Cazorla was abject.

Szczesny made smart stops from both Barkley and Mirallas as Everton turned the screw on the half hour mark and there pressure was soon rewarded as they deservedly doubled their lead on 33 minutes. Naismith spread play to the right wing where Lukaku cut bound inside Monreal and smashed the ball home with his left foot from the edge of the box.

Howard produced a fine save to tip over a bouncing Podolski effort as we looked to grab a goal back before half-time, but if any moment summed up Arsenal’s first half performance it was the sight of Flamini losing possession under no pressure at all and then diving in on Naismith to pick up a booking which rules him out of the next two games.

Arsenal enjoyed a spell of decent possession (well four minutes or so) at the start of the second half with Monreal and Sagna whipping in decent crosses but nobody could get on the end of them.

Mirallas and Stones both did their best to imitate Arsenal’s defending by giving the ball away in and around the Everton box, but neither Giroud nor Flamini could make the home team pay.

Everton killed the game off on the hour mark. Sagna lost possession on the right wing, Mirallas ran forty yards unchallenged before feeding Naismith behind Mertesacker. Szczesny did well to stop the Scot at close quarters but when the ball spilled back towards the penalty spot Arteta’s desperate attempt to get to the ball first saw him flick the ball into his own net under pressure from Mirallas.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Aaron Ramsey were thrown on in place of Podolski and Flamini, Sanogo then replaced Giroud. Aside from two Chamberlain efforts – one which cracked the bar, another blocked by Coleman – we chased shadows for the remaining twenty minutes, the home crowd indulging in oles, the home players in showboating.

It was all very depressing. Losing games long before the final whistle just isn’t acceptable.

Two months ago Arsenal were top of the Premier League, after today’s drubbing you wouldn’t be surprised if we drop out of the top four for the first time in Arsene Wenger’s tenure. The Toffees may still be one point behind us in the table, but with a game in hand their Champions League destiny is in their hands.

It’s Wigan in the FA Cup semi-final next weekend. There’s one thing for sure, they won’t be quaking in their boots.

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I’ll take exactly one positive from this game: At least Spurs passed up signing Martinez

Remember the invincibles

Are you suggesting the he might’ve helped them finish in the champions league? That won’t happen. That will never happen no matter who manages them. From the looks of it we won’t finish in the champions league either though. Interesting that Wenger hasn’t signed his contract. I think he’s done- we’d better look for a new manager


Only reason I disagree with you by the way is because you disregard Everton as Champ’s League potential. I can easily see them pipping us to 4th. The rest you’re spot on.

Remember the invincibles

Above- I was talking about Sp*rs not Everton


The only positive to take is that when Wenger leaves one day and a new manager comes in it really can’t go much worse than this. – So at least we wouldn’t have a Man U situation..

Runcorn Gooner

Some fans keep forgetting just how many players we have had out through injury.Having said that some of the performances today were
poor and I am getting fed up of hearing XXXX (choose a player) has lost the ball and our opponents have scored.
At least the cup match is at 17.07 and not lunchtime so no excuses.
PS Giroud looks washed out

A Yank

We’ve had injury issues every season for the past 6 seasons. It’s no longer an excuse but a reason that something about the way things are being done inside the club needs to change.


Not only that but we had a team of German, French, Spanish and other experienced internationals playing as we do most weeks, i. What we witnessed is one team playing without fear for the club and the manager, and one that was not

Alex Cutter

“Some fans keep forgetting just how many players we have had out through injury.”

*rolls eyes*

There is literally not one fan who forgot about the injuries. Why would you even say that?


Our injury problems are dire, yet this is the deepest squad Arsenal have had in years. If you look at our best starting 11, many of the names it DOESN’T contain are good enough start for most teams in the league: Podolski, Wilshere, Flamini, Monreal, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Fabianski, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Kallstrom, Rosicky, Gnabry. It’s not really about personnel: There is something really lacking at our club, and it’s character. For a team heavy on creative midfielders, we are incredibly lacking in invention. Missing key players is no excuse for their replacements not to know how to win a game. Ultimately this… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

The squad is not deep at all. We have numbers but we do not have depth. There is a difference between the two. One injury and suddenly there is no pace in our entire squad. Would you call that depth? Not a single winger in the squad – is that good depth? Not one striker with pace – is that good depth. I’m sorry but the balance of our squad is pretty bad


Even Mark Hughes beats us every time, Pre Moneybags Man City, Fulham and Stoke, not to mention that peasant Mourinho and his bunch of vile yobs at Chelsea who gets our measure every time.
Wenger seems to have no tactical variety



i just wanna cry….

Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit

Has there ever been a team that topped the table at the New Year and went on to get so many hidings? We used to set records of greatness, now we set records of failure. Mourinho – like it or not – was painfully right. Arsene Wenger: A Specialist in Failure.

Cygan's Middle Foot

wenger out, martinez in

A Yank

And with our luck he would turn us down because we don’t have Champions League football next season.


Not with our luck – with our lack of foresight.


Wow what a great performance from our boys, giroud was his speedy self, podolski? His clinical self, flamini bossed the midfield, and wenger was a tactical genius! Hope the club reward him with a new 4-year contract, well and truely deserved! Coyg! #Topoftheleague# Specialist in failure? You mad maureen!

Gunner Rob

Why would he want to come to us, Everton are on the up.


It was a shit of a performance, and Wenger has to be accountable but agreeing with that cunt is overstepping it mate.

Alex Cutter

The only cunts are those still defending Wenger.


The point is that agreeing with a man that spent his entire carrer spending clubs fortunes and having won almost fuck at all with Real Madrid is like saying: John Terry, hmm there’s a fine lad.


The Club needs to do a lot of self reflection come the Summer but between now and then, the manager needs to revise his ways. His style/tactic of letting the players assess, decide and to react to situations on pitch worked well when he had characters like Bergkamp, Henry, Viera, Adams etc. You never heard him talk about confidence issues back then. When a team spends 9 years making the same mistakes and capitulating at the slightest hint of pressure you have to stop and wonder. The common factor in all the teams across those years has been the manager.… Read more »


+ Emmanuel – Think about how long he’s had to change his ways. If he remains, it’ll be the same story next year.

Remember the invincibles

Disgusting performance. Yet again


Smashed, in chronological order, by Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton.

Not narrow defeats with a referee who enjoys the following week with prostitutes in the Bahamas as a guest of Gazprom or Bashar Al-Assad for his performance. But smashed. Letting in 20 goals in the process.

Think about that.


Simply unacceptable!

I’m just surprised people still talk(ed) about how the team has improved this season. Confidence at a low again. Fighting spirit? Absent. Is a 3:0 against Everton a “normal” defeat now or just another “accident”? No, it’s just another score that proves that we are not serious title contenders over the whole run of the season.

Gustavo Almadovar

Doesn’t look like anyone at Arsenal has a fucking clue at the moment…

Just A Gentleman

I don’t mind losing, I really don’t, it’s disappointing but it’s a part of the game, happens. But losing like this is just embarrassing. Damn it, I’ll watch Arsenal on thursdays if we end up in the Europa. But these players that care so much about playing with Europe’s elite, they’re the one that are supposed to care more, yet there was barely any fight for it. I don’t want us to go to Europa, I really don’t, but a fighting Everton trying to do whatever they can, against an Arsenal team where players don’t show up to half of… Read more »


finally , well said..pathetic display from the players in a perido where they shoudl be fighting and playign for their manager.

20% cut? only? …


What’s worrying (well, just one thing!) is that AW just said we need to go back to basics. No shit, but too fucking late. That process should have begun after Shitty away. Changes have to be wholesale.


over all the years (since 1991) i read every word about Arsenal but i stopped today. i can´t stand it anymore listening to the same crap coming out of Arsene´s mouth every week, it´s too much…. sorry i even listened to bruce rioch…


Anyone that’s surprised at this performance need to open their eyes.


Now is the time for a change, bt not a change of coach, but a change of ideas. Giroud is not Wright, Henry, nor even Vanplastic who can make sometime happen upfront single handedly. Keep playing him alone, and we get results like this against top teams, because he is not just fast enough. You want to win? then Arsene you need to buy quality players, cus seeing Sanogo coming on makes it feel like I was watching Hull City or Cardiff take on those Blue Cunts.

Big Chief from Antarctica

As much as I like Wenger a lot for various reasons, his tactics have been questionable. I’m still not a Wenger-Out, but his tactics have become predictable. One thing that stands out, can someone state the ratio of goals that we have conceded because of loss of possession? Because it seems that nearly every effing goal comes from a loss of possession. The teams we face don’t even effing build up any amount of pressure, they don’t press us for sufficient time. They catch us on the break. That’s as much Wenger’s fault as the players. The full-backs shouldn’t be… Read more »


The word you are looking for is fucking. Don’t worry, using it here will not get you banned, however trying to find circumvent it by spelling it differently just might.

That said, I agree with your assessment, you are making good points.


I am also disapointed and also would like a change, but anyone agreeing with that piece of egoistical shit can fuck right off in my book. Fu*king cunt getting in your heads…


Really neat that censured only the last swear in the comment. Sorry, I’m pissed. And I ain’t saying that Portugese rat is completely wrong, but he’s trying to divide everyone and make a mess. He can go kiss John Terry’s ass


It looks like he’s been helped all the way by Wenger himself though.


Literally want to cry. Wenger has to go, why do us fans never get heard? Why would anyone want him to stay? Living off past achievments is never healthy, the man has developed such a huge ego. He needs to realise that he isn’t bigger than the club and that he is turning into a hate figure among most fans. I’m sorry, but WengerOut


I think I know what’s up with Wenger. He’s just been here too long. I’ve noticed that each manager has a sort of shelf life. They start off great, with excellent tactics and a wonderful system, but as time progresses they get less inventive and their system becomes stale. The players seem to be like robots in the system, and results plummet. Some managers have longer shelf lives than others. For example, AVB’s had an unusually short shelf life both at Tottenham and Chelsea. Sir Alex never hit his, since he kept winning until he retired. On that note, I… Read more »

Szczesny's left thumb

Oh Bother

Remember the invincibles

Szcz you were rubbish today and have been for the last few games. Time to be dropped again?


What wrong did scezny do apart from stoping us from conceding more? You mad dude? Giroud was the man of the match!


He can’t catch a ball, it’s something he’s rarely been able to do.

Remember the invincibles

He rebounded the ball straight into the path of Arteta and Mirallas and said here. Please score. Arteta promptly accepted.


Interesting that Szcz is now the issue. Brilliant!


You can’t blame him for the paper thin defence in front of him. They practically invite the opposition towards goal.


I remember bragging about my team’s title chances to my mates, not so long ago.
Now we’re fighting for fourth.


the whole ‘title challenge’ was overhyped by us, we thought we were better than we were, all down to us still not fixing the same fucking problems we’ve had for 10 years. i wish it wasn’t true

Remember the invincibles

We’re losing the fourth place battle


You think?

Fed-Up Gooner

Remember the invincibles ’cause we’re no good anymore’. Time to change your comment name again, it seems.


Drop Arteta for Kallstrom and drop Giroud for Sanogo for the rest of the season. AND WHY DIDN’T THE OX FUCKING START. FUCK.

Crouch End Gooner

Why didn’t the Ox start? Did you watch the Chelsea game?


You’re right, he would’ve saved Lukaku’s shot. Dammit!


Because he played shit in the past few games he has started. Remember Chelsea? If he had started and played shit again, how many would be chastising Wenger for that mismanagement? I have no problem with that decision.

I do have a problem with the team put out there giving the ball away cheaply and playing generally like they have never played together before. And not tracking runners. No excuse for that at all.


Against Chelsea he played as a central midfielder, I meant start him on the wing, and drop one of Rosicky, or Santi.


Arteta has passed it. Past couple of games, he has been awful. No good for the Arsenal. Time to find a replacement. Monreal was a liability too.


Before you start blaming Arteta, remember he wasn’t even bought to be a holding midfielder, and he was bought as a last minute fix over two years ago. That’s lack of forward thinking right there.

Dennis Gunner

Why is Arteta the constant in all these games? He keeps playing him in that role and he gets overrun. How is he of any benefit to the team anymore. Again Wenger chose a high line and was overrun by a younger quicker more ambitious outfit. Other than Oxand walcott is there anyone in this team with pace .? He hadan opportunity to purchase a quality player last summer and he chose a slow, lackadaisical Ozil, when we had too many of those types of players in the lineup already. Cazorla rosicky Ozil Ramsey podolski Arteta have that much in… Read more »


Ok! Now I’m convinced! Wenger won’t take us any more further! Jesus! Is this the arsenal I supported? How slow is giroud? How toothless are we? How embarrassing was this performance? If your an arsenal fan and you dont accept its the end for wenger then your absolutely sick! Man city was an accident! Liverpool was a bigger accident! Chelsea? Yea an accident! And everton? What kind of a driver do we have? Wenger should please in the name of God leave arsenal for good! And giroud? Send that shit back to france, he’s damn useless! I wont be surprise… Read more »


There are many things that we, as fans, can take issue with: (1) lack of investment in January, (2) Giroud’s poor form, (3) our injury record, (4) the players lacking fight. But I think the fundamental problem is that the team never seems READY for the game. The team is not playing to its full capacity. There is so much unrealised potential even in the squad that is uninjured at the moment. Think about it – how many full internationals have we got in the starting 11? And compare Everton – how many full internationals do they have? Mentally something… Read more »


Highlights of Giroud performance against Everton today:



Sanogo was on for 10 minutes and contributed about 10x more than Giroud all match. All Giroud does all match is what I like to call the “Giroud Trot”, where he puts “pressure” on defenders or “moves” into position at speeds approaching a whopping 0.2 miles per hour.

Remember the invincibles

Santo go was only denied his first goal by the stupid referee. He booked Arteta when he should have booked Barkley, can we appeal for mistaken identity? Stupid ref


If you were the ref and you just witnessed arsenals performance surely you would have done the same thing! Leave the ref out of this, yea he got some decisions wrong including failing to book naismith for the late challange on arteta then booked flamini for smae thing but we were comfortably shite today! Even 3 penalties wouldnt have gotten us a point in this game. You know who to blame, leave the ref, sum up the courage and point the finger at him!


actually, 3 pens WOULD have gotten us a point, but no matter.


Still better hold-up play than Giroud. Feels bad to pick on our players but the whole lot was poor today and deserve the stick they will get.


That donkey kept the ball to its feet for 1.19 minutes. And Giroud?


Better ball control compared to Giroud

Giroud's abs

The donkey has better dribbling and ball control skills than Giroud…


Woah! To be fair to the donkey, it actually hits the net several times in that video.


Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit

Don’t insult that hardworking, honest and up-for-it Donkey man.


To compare Giroud to that video is offensive. That donkey didn’t once look pleadingly at the ref when he was muscled off the ball.


Wait a minute, that’s not Giroud. Giroud doesn’t run with the ball.

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

I have not laughed this hard for a long time…My word, I’m crying! Thankfully, I didn’t watch the game by the way; treated myself to a smashing trip to north Wales. What a weekend!!


Players just don’t fight enough. Which is a disgrace.


God, why the fuck do Arsenal and Wenger insist on playing slow possesion football? We really, really suck at it. We don’t score, we concede more and we keep losing. The timing in the attack is all wrong, our front players rarely bother showing any initiative because they never get the ball anyways. When we finally lose the ball, which we obviously will at some point, we’re exposed as hell. Doesn’t matter if we manage 65+% possesion first half as today or a lot less like against Chelsea. It’s a fucking, fucking horrible idea anyways. Get the ball, attack, take… Read more »


Because that is all Wenger can do.



Remember the invincibles

And sack the squad while we’re at it


Imagine the pre-game team talk.

Wenger: Well now lads, it’s an early kick-off away match against a decent side. You know what that means.
Arteta: Yeah, we turn on full retard mode.
Wenger: Spot on, Mik!

Mesut's Kisses

Fuck this. We don’t deserve shit.

Remember the invincibles

No. We don’t. Imagine will we have money to spend if we do to finish in the champions league? We should actually reject Europa because it would be embarrassing to play the like of Swansea in Europe.


I think i gonna bet for Wigan win


Why? However annoyed I was at the team, I’d still want them to win!


Well, if Arsenal win, i’d be happy and lose a little money and if Wigan win, at least i got some money.

It’s win win situation.


I think you might just be a little richer come next weekend…


you can’t argue with that

Alex Mark David Oxlade-Chamberlain

He’s saying Wigan will probably win though…


“be careful what you wish for”, yeah alright. but wigan are already looking forward to saturday. and then if we lose (what i don´t hope) and wenger is still there on monday i drive to colney all the way from vienna/Austria. i´m just so sick of the last years and mostly about the same blabla you hear from Arsene, jeeeeesus what a mess!


No. Never.

As much as I hurt right now, I will never, ever, even joke about making financial gains from Arsenal losing.

Really. Get a grip of yourself.


giroud is something else…and so is arsene wenger. no tactical decision to change anything about – just nothing.. do we even have a plan b ? when we find ourself in situation like this ????

Fest Arse

Is this the downward spiral that guy from white hart lane was talking about? Just wondering

Trex d Gunner

Damn it.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Never a fucking chance. What is this shit?

gooner for liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife

our problem is that we go into a game to not concede, and hope, only hope for a chance to score


I didn’t see any motivation to a clean sheet there. Especially with our high defensive line and the way Everton’s pace got behind us.

That Genius Bergkamp

Shit performance but none of us are completely surprised anymore.

American Gooner

Boring, predictable, mentally weak. Something needs to change. So tired of watching us capitulate every time we play a half decent side on the road. Only Szcz seemed to actually give a shit. We do not deserve CL football and that’s the hard truth. Can’t wait to see what next weekend holds….


Podolski was having a half decent match, and all the subs played miles better than most of our squad. If not for Szczesny we could have been looking at another 5-0 or 6-0 scoreline quite easily.


Every season it’s more or less the same :
We start off with a full squad and do reasonably well
Then we lose a couple of big games
Players drop mentally
At least half of starting line up gets injured
We have a free fall in form
Don’t bye anyone in January ( bar Arshavin )
And come towards the season players are back and scraping what is left to scrape for.
It’s getting ridicilous


We really miss Koscielny.

And I hope that late Sanogo goal that got chalked off doesn’t cost us at the end of the season in GD…

A Yank

Had the exact same thought. He was onside. And that’s a 2 goal swing in GD. Between that and the Flamini own goal, we could get screwed by a little bad luck and a poor linesman’s decision.

Of course it’s our own fault for being in this position.

Dennis Gunner

Why are we complaining about a Sanogo goal that was not given? How does that paper over the cracks of the problems with the team? Wenger should be coaching house league cause he uses the same tactics regardless of the opposition in front of him. He is someone who has lost touch with his job.


Because I think you need to take a global view of the way things stand. It’s easy to shout “the team is shit! Wenger out!” after a frustrating loss (or a string of them) just like it’s easy to shout “we’re top of league–why doesn’t the press think we’re title contenders!?” after a long string of consistent results. Vermaelen and Monreal had pretty awful games today–directly responsible for the first two goals. Without that platform of solidity at the back, it’s hard to push up. Koscielny (and Gibbs) were missed was the number one I personally took away from that… Read more »


I hope we win the FA Cup for ourselves and for Wenger. I’ll always love him but there’s no way he should be our Manager next season.


An FA cup trophy would not be a shameful way to bow out. He’s been great for the club but he keeps getting tactically outsmarted by younger managers.

Henry!! Chance!!! Goal!!!

Once is an accident. 4 times is a habit


Arsenal have allowed most of its rivals at the top of the table to stake a 3 point lead in the table, having only won the home game with Liverpool. P8 W1 D3 L4 GF5 GA∞ GD -∞

It’s not good enough. We may not have the talent to score enough goals, but we should be able to keep it tight. But it hasn’t happened.

The imperative was to avoid defeat today. That basic fact seemed to have been not grasped.

A Yank

Is 5th place like a trophy, too?


If we’re gonna a blow it then blow it juuuust a little bit more. Cant face Europa League shite.

Rather finish 6th than 5th and give the league ago with less distractions ala Liverpool.


Winning FA Cup = guaranteed Europa League place.

Also, 6th place = Europa League place too because Man Shitty won the League Cup.

Dennis Gunner

Statistically this is the worst Gunner team since pre Wenger. I”m not saying stats mean everything, but we havent scored this few goals since 98 (when we only conceeded 17 in the league) and our goal differential is the worst in 19yrs. We are much worse than we claim to be.


Pooooooooooo..r from us today.

No fight, no desire, no execution, no forward runs, no off the ball runs, no creativity.

I thought players should have refunded away fans after Chelsea. I fell they should definitely do it after today.

Arteta, Santi, Giroud – All duds today


At least Santi looked like he tried. To be fair, there wasn’t much a creative player could do with that complete lack of movement. We looked so much better when the Ox and Ramsey came on and ran about a bit. It’s sad that a few months ago, most of the players on the pitch today were the ones we’d have said had the spirit and character and determination. I think there was just nothing we could have done today against a faster, more powerful and more confident side. There was no one in our starting XI who could have,… Read more »


I have never in my life seen a team at this level game in and game out completely isolate a single player on an entire side of the pitch by himself. I cannot believe that bloke doesn’t get caught on the ball more which shows everything about his quality and heart. I hope Sagna finds a club that pays him what he is worth. Dead on his feet at the end. Other than that, 6’s and 7’s in midfield, at the back, and obviously up front. This record….it’s broken. And stuck on repeat. The manager has no answers. It is… Read more »


Agree on Sagna. I feel terrible he has to put up with this shit. The reason why all our best players keep leaving every summer is becoming very clear. Fucking hindsight. You think RVP wanted to play with a man that can’t change tactics? hell no. You think Fabregas wanted to play on a team where he would never get reinforcements? fuck no. Arsenes’ tactics of letting the players resolve their own issues and handle themselves on the pitch however they want works great if you have players that are influential, such as Henry, Viera, DB… But to stand there… Read more »


I also felt sorry for Sagna. Watching him out there giving his all game after game reminded me of when Fabregas had to play alongside Almunia, Denilson and Silvestre. Some players just deserve better, and when we don’t give it to them it’s no surprise that they don’t stay.


@DJTayo: Hands up if you too are weeping into a pillow whilst playing Boys II Men ” End Of The Road”….

This tweet killed me…


Well, it can’t get any worse, that’s a good thing right?……sigh


wait for next saturday mate


We should try and get Martinez, excellent manager and very respectful person


It’s becoming a trend that all I do while watching Arsenal play is get pissed off. The substitutes should have all started the game, yet were introduced far too late and what the ref was doing in that second half is absolutely beyond me. Disgraceful performance.


Second best in all departments. Again.


Third best actually. Gunnersaurus was practicising at Colney and he was better than the team we put out today

Mr. White

Who’s the better team? Obviously us. Who’s got the better striker? Everton. Lukaku made the difference. He basically made the first and scored that second. We’re payin the price for missing out on 2 world class striker in the summer and then a decent one on deadline day. Top level sport is very hard and Giroud works hard but he’s terrible for this level. Still positive about the fourth and the FA cup though and then next season will be ours.

Wish I Had Charlie George's Hair

Better team??


Well that was painful, if not unexpected.





Fuck you, fuck me, fuck the players, fuck the manager, fuck everybody. Everyone is fucking responsible. Fucking disgusting season. Felt like shit throughout it and this fucking team has left me without a fucking glimmer of hope.FUCK.


Mmmm….. You’re down I can see that , so lets work through the problem and where others see issues, we find solutions……

Nah you’re right. Fuck em all.


Ramsey is the only positive thing we can get out of this game


And that ladies and gentlemen is that. It breaks my heart to say it but I suspect top four is out of reach. You can play better than this guys, we need to strengthen in the summer an come out fighting, but FA Cup looks like replacing top four as the silverware this season…


Unbelievable gutless shite from arsenal.
Same shite different year. when sanogo is your option on the bench you know you are in trouble. this is aw’s doing. we will do nothing in the league til major changes are made and that includes wenger. but i dont think silent stan cares. i feel sorry for those who spent money to watch this lot.

what's my name??

So sad how the team has fallen so low having been top for so long. Even worse nobody seems to be doing anything to arrest the obvious decline befalling us, not the management or the players.

Pin Finish

I am struggling to comprehend what has happened to this team. So much early promise in the season. Completely out fought today. Everton showed more desire, better movement and pace. We just never got going. The first half was painful. Giroud looks isolated, exhausted and when he cannot hold the ball up and there are no runners it makes no sense him playing. To see a young guy with zero goals in his career come on to try and change things shows an embarrassingly thin squad. We are plummeting down the league now as other teams are hitting form. At… Read more »


A season is a marathon and not a sprint. Arsene and Arsenal had a chance to drink some water near the midpoint of the race, but steadfastly refused, claiming there was no value in the bottled water market.


No fight, no desire, absolute joke.


I hope we will stop bringing out those stats to show how important Arteta is. Fact is, he is so so slow and at the very crucial moments, he gets missing. Giroud: get me a striker.

Yankee Gooner

Outclassed. But: Welsh Jesus!


That was absolutely embarrassing! It looked like we didn’t have a game plan out there. No pace whatsoever. Giroud is rubbish and should not be first choice. Arsene has no flexibility it’s time he left. I’ll always remember what he has done for us but it doesn’t seem like he can take us further. We need a change. A fresh young manager like Martinez with fresh ideas. The match next week is huge! I hope arsene bows out with a FA cup to his name. Worried about top four, just a month ago we were talking about the title! On… Read more »


When Arsene made his first substitutions when we were 3 down I finally realized that he has completely and utterly lost his plot. I wasn’t very happy up to this point, naturally, but this for me was the final nail in the coffin. Thank you for many amazing years and after that not so amazing but difficult because of financial restrictions and let’s be fair, it was a success in a way to reach CL every year despite budget restrictions, but now, I think, is time that we go our separate ways. I simply cannot see how we can make… Read more »


Who’s going to start with the excuses about missing players? What a load of shit, embarrassed yet again.
If you can’t play at your best because of missing players you at least make yourself hard to beat, football 101.
Time for changes…


I wait just to say one thing I have never said in the past nine years: Wenger out right away.




and more PACE…with a bit of dribbling skills…like gervinho… hehe..


It’ll be interesting to see what people say when we win the FA Cup and end up finishing 5th. Provided we win the semis.


I don’t think that would be terrible. If we can cope with that financially for one season, I don’t see why a 4th place sneak into the CL would be a bigger draw than actually winning the FA Cup. In previous seasons 4th place was often all we had left to play for.

That said, I hope it’s not either/or, and that we can do both.


Typical arsenal, fuck it up all the time. Sick of this shit. Wake to fuck up wenger or grab your stupid long coat and go. Only reason we are in the fa cup semi finals is because we had every game at home. Dreadful season, more than likely no champions league next season and wouldnt be suprised if man scumunited overtake us at this rate. Were a fucking laughing stock, 11 billygoats running around after a ball. Useless fucks dont deserve to wear the shirt. Get guardiolla or dortmunds manager and we will win trophys again. Absolute disgraceful managing all… Read more »


It was 6-0, 5-1 or 6-3….

…..But it might as well have been.

We’re still probably gonna get 4th but for a season that had so much promise just a few short weeks ago, this is very fucking frustrating.


looking at a very hard next weeks and an even longer summer and then the same s**t next year, groundhog day written all over. well wait, please Arsene, Parade the FA Cup and then get a loooong holiday, would be better for all of us……….


Qualify for the CL, win the FA cup and leave Arsene. Leave respectfully you don’t want to absolutely ruin your legacy.

Dennis Gunner

This is what it has come down to: the 4th place trophy. He has convinced most of you that a season is considered a success if we finish 4th. My oh my how jaded we have all become! Who in the entire sporting world considers 4th place a success year in year out?

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