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Wenger: Gibbs edging closer to fitness

Arsene Wenger says Arsenal have no new injuries for Sunday’s game against West Bromwich Albion but revealed that none of the injured parties are yet available for selection.

The Gunners currently have Abou Diaby, Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieran Gibbs fighting to return before the end of the season with the latter looking the closest to securing game time.

“Gibbs will be a bit short for Sunday,” the boss told Arsenal Player. “The good news is that he’s back in fitness training but he is not back in the full training group yet. 

“At the moment no, the same group of players should be available for Sunday. It’s our last home game and you want everybody available and finish with a win.” 

Despite Roy Hodgson confirming yesterday that he has no worries about Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jack Wilshere being available for England this summer, the boss made clear that neither will feature this weekend.

“They are not ready yet. Alex is in treatment at the moment and not in training. It’s very difficult to give you a time-scale on him at the moment.”

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No need to rush him, top 4 now secured. Hope he starts at Wembley, London lad , through our academy, and will be with us for many years.

jack jack jack

*Top 4 now *almost* secured


In keeping up with the spirit of optimism, Top for will be secured this weekend.


Good news. Definitely need Gibbs at Wembley!


I’ll be happy to see gibbs back. I feel he gives us a little more going forward, and better aerially than monreal. But at this point in the season I think our squad is strong enough to see out the last 3 games. No point in rushing, lets get everyone fit for our league winning season next year!!

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

Is that Gibbo celebrating with Santo? Wengo must be pleased.

Which book are you quoting exactly?
I am a physicist btw.


Being Arsenal manager is a super position.

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Hoping for a fresh Gibbs and a fresh Ox for Wembley!

Andy Mack

They both need some ‘game-time’ before they play at their best, so it would be good for them both to be on the bench now.


love that picture

Bould's Eyeliner

Me too. I love how Gibbs doesn’t care to mount Arteta and get all over him, but still refuses to mess up his hair. Bromance.

Bould's Eyeliner

oh but it’s cazorla. Now I only half love this picture. And hate myself.

Just A Gentleman

He can rest till the final, Monreal is there to cover for him, and if not Nacho then Vermaelen can play there as well.


That’s all good and all, can we please splash some cash (early and often) in the offseason?

Andy Mack

Lets finish this season before anyone starts whinging about the off-season!


Right on jc don’t w A it until the last day to bring new players.


Ya arsene is going to buy superman, spiderman,Heman and even Hanuman.


What about Saruman?

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Don’t think he would gel with the hobbit members of the current squad Rosicky and Santi.


Don’t be silly.

He plays for Chelsea and they’d never sell us their captain.

Andy Mack

No ones mentioned Cunt-man (the chavski club captain!).


Six more points. Whether we need them or not. Let’s finish strong.


It’ll be nice to have you back Gibbo!

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

Gibbs! I love the lad, well i love everyone at Arsenal FC & i hope he gets full recovery. Oh and also John Terry is still a cunt, a crying cunt. 😀 …

AN Other

Think Monreal has done good in his absence. I just wonder if Gibbs could ever be fit for the whole season. It is such a shame that he is not available.

Gunner who loves Angolan girl

Echoes my sentiments exactly John Terry the crying cunt

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

oh thank you 🙂 i love you too 😀

The Beast

What about Gnabry?

Lagos Gooner

Gibbs any day Over Nacho… Can’t wait for the Wembley Showdown #COYG


Gibbs is a terrific full-back. It’s a shame he keeps getting injured. Maybe if he was at a club with a better medical record he might play more.

By the way: it’s amazing how “financial doping” hasn’t prevented Athletico Madrid from potentially doing the La Liga/Champions’ League double. Somebody forgot to tell Diego Simione that money is all that matters.


Money isn’t everything, but it *is* very important. That’s why we were able to top the league longer than anyone else, until injuries fucked our season. Or did someone forget to tell you that Fatgooner?


Oh, we blew the League because of injuries?

Fuck me, there are people who swallowed that bullshit.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

i’m with Fatgooner on this one. It’s a bit lame to blame our title collapse on injuries considering we lost 5-1 6-0 and 3 – 0 away from home to our closest rivals. It’s clear to see the difference Rambo and Ozil have made since they returned but those scorelines were due to our tactical naivety. Whats really irked me is that we repeated the same mistakes 3 times ! I love my club but really hope they don’t put us through the embarrassment of those beatings next season.


No, Fatgooner, we blew the league because you’re a whiner. Anything else? Arsenal must be the only team where injuries to key players doesn’t make any difference whatsoever. And we’ve have more injuries, and more to key players, than any other team. Of course, if you’re Fatgooner the problem is always Wenger, isn’t it? And how do you know having our best players available for those games would not have made a difference? Also, you don’t have to beat the top teams to win the league. Just looking at this year alone, not the entire season, we drew with Southampton,… Read more »


Fuck you, Fats? That’s it. I am getting a couple of gorillas now. Don’t run!



And they will be gutted this summer and never get close to this again for a while; you can beat it once or twice but never consistently.

Everyone said that Dortmund showed what could be done, gutted by Bayern who now have a stranglehold on the league.

Everyone said Lille showed what could be done, gutted by everybody (including us) and now PSG have a stranglehold on their league.

Andy Mack

Well said DR.
Unfortunately too many can’t grasp that AWs in the process of turning us into one of the ‘super clubs’ and would have succeeded already if the sugar daddys hadn’t all turned up in the middle of our transformation.


AHA! You missed a hyphen in the first Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

And how nice is it to not have the journalist hacks masturbating over the “tactical genius” that is Maureen? 😀

All they have left is “Brenda is a genius”, and “Gerrard is the Greatest Evah!!!!!”

Mice de zummah

Gibbs must rest nicely no need to be rushed back..

m a gunner

Did anyone else notice how quiet marinio was over the 2 legs with athletico think he is shit scared of simione ! And simione has got a good group of dirty fouling skilful , hardworking players ! I think they bully la liga they bullied Chelsea , just shows what you need to win in any league !

Tony Hall

Fg does have a point. Every year we get the “injuries buggered up the season” excuse. It is something that needs looking into. So many of our players getting injured every year, more than you would expect and taking longer to recover. For this reason improving the squad depth has to be a priority?


Since it’s transfer rumour time, here’s an article on Lars Bender:

Our £19m bid last summer failed. Leverkusen are currently in fourth, one point ahead of Wolfsburg, with four games remaining. It will make our job a lot easier if Leverkusen finish fifth (mwahahaha). Otherwise you’d think a bigger bid was necessary, say £23m or more. He also has four years left on his contract. We might have to look elsewhere for our “destroyer”.

In other news, Robbie Savage is not impressed with King Cunt and Captain Cunt, aka Maureen and Terry.

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