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Club confirm Bendtner departure in 11 man cull

Arsenal have confirmed that Nicklas Bendtner will be leaving the club this summer at the end of his current contract. The Dane, who has scored 47 goals for the club, will join South Korean Park Chu Young in the departure lounge.

Bacary Sagna and Lukasz Fabianski have already confirmed their moves to Man City and Swansea respectively, while youngster Zak Ansah is set to join Charlton.

Chuks Aneke has taken the interesting step of moving to Zulte Waregem in the Belgian Pro League, while fellow youngsters Daniel Boateng, Zach Fagan and Leander Siemann all move on at the end of their current deals.

The club are also willing to listen to offers for Japanese winger Ryo Miyaichi who is deemed surplus to requirements and was offered across Europe in January with no loan or permanent takers.

But it’s the departure of The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived that will resonate most with Gooners today. Bendtner, who has recently had a tattoo of himself brandishing a light-saber riding a killer-whale motorbike into the sun inked onto his entire back, is now a free agent.

Where he ends up is going to be interesting. Let’s just hope he’s got a new turtle-neck to wear to his unveiling.

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What about Djourou?


A quick check of Wikipedia, gives us this: “On 2 April 2014, Hamburger SV manager Mirko Slomka announced that Hamburg had signed Djourou on a permanent deal, with the Swiss defender moving to the Bundesliga club”

Since he had been on season-long loan to them, “with a reported option to buy,” it may already be considered completed business, or it just slipped Arsenal’s mind.


I think they might be waiting for official opening of the transfer window.


Yea that’s why still bring up Djourou in their world cup watch. As he’s at Hamburg on a season long loan he officially joins them on July 1st.

Don’t worry, he’s gone, we won’t have to worry about him coming back.

An Oreo for Aurier

Weird one… he’s now in the revised squad list on the official site. Hmmmmmm


Nooooooooooooo! Maybe we can pinch Sanchez when he goes to Barca or Benzema when he goes to Real tho?


I was hoping that we offered Park and Bendtner new contracts and then offered them to livepool as a straight swap for Suarez…..

Ah go on then chuck a quid onto that offer.

Would love to see Suarez in an Arsenal shirt just to see him bite Fabregas and Van Cunty


I would rather set fire to our lovely, shiny FA Cup than see that hateful composition of human turd float up to the bucolic Emirates turf. I have nightmares about him joining frequently. We are a classy club that needs an A+, classy striker. Suarez is an A- striker who bites people and cheats. If we’re spending 40 million on somebody, I’d like to have be spent on somebody I don’t despise.

Runcorn Gooner

Talking of Bendtner and Suarez just heard NB was fined more for showing his underpants than Suarez was for biting
the Italian.World governing bodies don’t you just love them


Bendtner was fined 80,000 euros for dropping his pants. Suarez was fined 100,000 euros and banned for four months for biting Chielliini. So no, Bendtner wasn’t punished more harshly for showing his undies.

Runcorn Gooner

I said fined.Read the comment


No, we don’t want the vampire cannibal at our club. He’s a pathetic recidivist little monomaniac who happens to have some talent for scoring goals. That he not only repeatedly performs the same disgusting act even after having been severely punished for it twice says to me there’s some kind of mental disability in play. That he tries to shrug it off by referring to it as “one of those things that happen during a game”, the same way he tried to play down his racist comments two years ago, indicates that this is someone who not only won’t learn… Read more »


Perfectly said, friend. TGSTEL is his own worst enemy. Now, he might try to hump a ball on the pitch or pull his pants down, but those things only make Him look like the idiot he undoubtedly is. As for Suarez, no amount of talent (which he has a good deal of) can make up for the fact that he is a truly hideous man. The kind of guy who sums up our squad is Ramsey, who is both a superb player and seems a remarkably modest and likable young man, of whom I am always proud to elbow Chelsea… Read more »


Just realised that by spelling ‘him’ with a capital H, it looks like I’m referring to TGSTEL as God. I doubt he would see the problem, though.


Good luck to him. Hope he manages to forge a decent career and make use of his considerable talent. Unfortunately, I envisage another David Bentley scenario; I wouldn’t be surprised to see him retired in a few years to concentrate on the Mick Bendtnaaar House of Fashion.


Lord B will be missed. What a character!!!!

Gunner From Another Mother

He is so ridiculous that I am genuinely unsure as to whether the bit about the tattoo is a joke or not


It goes to how ridiculous the transfer season has became that having seeing the tweet I still said “Won’t believe it till its on Arseblognews.”

Merlin's Panini

Shame about Chuks, otherwise meh.


Shame indeed. Maybe there’s a buyback clause? Either way I wish him all the best.


I’m so happy, I haven’t cried since Ramsey scored the winner in the FA Cup. May go celebrate actually 😀


The Greatest Striker That Ever Left

Subhankar Pasalapudi

Am I the only who finds all the Bendtner jokes boring, now?

Third Plebeian


Merlin's Panini

Does Bendtner try to dry hump it or something? Is that the punchline?

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

The Englishman asks for fish ‘n’ chips and bangers ‘n’ mash, the Irishman asks for a Guinness and potatoes, and Bendtner asks if you know who the fuck you’re talking to.


bendtner gets thrown out as he went in pants down


Did TSTEL feel that Wenger let him down after Adebayor headbutt incident (by not punishing Adebayor)??? It may have had some impact on motivation. However, the fact that he did not try hard enough even to find another club just is sad. There was potential, no doubt.


After being released by Arsenal Bendtner signed for Crystal Palace there is scored 80 goals a season for two years, then came the euros. He banged in 20 goals and got a dream move for £1b to Real Madrid…. He was in the end crowned the greatest Striker that ever lived…

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Thanks for this,

Best of luck elsewhere


^^Goal 3 : TGSTEL


Is this finally the last of the infamous ‘deadwood’???

Nobody dare mention Diaby who is not, I repeat, NOT deadwood.


lol – tidy work so far in the departure of players – hopefully this mass exodus is just a tick on a checklist – last check before “SIGN SOME PLAYERS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Beloved Arsenal characters culled in shocking “red and white wedding” end-of-season finale.

Harish P

Good to see Arsenal trimming off some of the last of the remaining fat from this delicious bacon.

Third Plebeian

Huh? Why would you trim the fat off the bacon? It’s the best part!


Saw the first letters read “Ben” and I was like yessssss we got Benzema! FML

Dr Baptiste

That’s quite an odd problem you have. Does it happen quite regularly? Maybe you should read a whole sentence before jumping to conclusions, though you probably just read the ‘Tha’ and figured I said thanks or something.

Big Willie Johnson

Bendtner could have used a year in the army to get his act together. Then he might have emerged As a really good striker qnd made a decent career for himself.

Lot of talent gone to waste. A great prospect in his youth with great potential. He just could never be arsed to aply himself.


Lord Bendtner was indeed talented. Anybody saying otherwise is either just beating that joke to death or plain dumb. The 2009/10 season showed what he was capable of: a good finisher, good in the air, neat combination play and a sort of languid/lazy air that was sort of cool. He also has been a fine striker for Denmark. The trouble with Big Nick is that he is sort of a Peter Pan, he never really went from Promising Young Talent to Let’s Take This Shit To The Next Level (sorry for the image of him in Peter Pan outfit, guys…).… Read more »


Who is the 11th? I only count 10 here.

Dr Baptiste

I’m guessing they have included Johan

Petit's Handbag

One of our longest serving players & top goalscorers at the club has left.
Never forget who you are Nick
Ya mad cunt

palace gunner



If it wasn’t for his goals last season we would of dropped a few points and possibly missed out on champions league. Did his part for us and that’s all fine by me.

Good luck for your career ahead Nick, and if it doesn’t work out in the jewellery business, you could always try that plan B of yours. Football.

AN Other

The Greatest Striker that Never Played.


On the pitch TGSTEL showed he has the talent and scored some important and good goals for The Arsenal.

Off the pitch he was a disgrace with all his run ins with the police.

With Park, TGSTEL , Vela all gone or sold, Wenger must be looking for a FW or a ST. Even if Joel Campbell is in the squad next season.


Zac Fagan has signed for Welling United in the Conference

spunky balls

Bentner was the most talented goalkeeper Arsenal ever bought, the just played him out of position.


It’s good news but sadly our squad feels even more empty in some weird way, like it feels like we’d really need 5-6 signings this summer in order to have alternatives in all of the positions.


The best striker that never played, best of luck LB 🙂


The only Arsenal-player whoose career I’m genuinly interested in post-Arsenal. I hope he bags an hattrick in his opening game, peace out!

Rocky Rocastle

Far from our worst signikg ever, and he do have some important goals to his name for our club, so I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours both on and off the pitch.


Me too. Mad, sometimes crap, sometimes good, always entertaining. Loved the Shogun beard and high ponytail. Best of luck Lord Bendtner, somewhere you will get your mojo back. Thanks for being a part of this club that I love so much.


Surely Wenger inserted a buy-back clause in Bendtner’s contract?


Even his tattoos have tattoos I’m sure, anyway good luck to him and the rest wherever they go.

Dan D

We just need to wake the fuck up and get some players in now.

Chelsea, City, UTD doing good business while we appear to be fannying around again.

Black Hei

Hi Blogs,

That quote from Danny Mills made my day. Hilarious these footballers. It was not the words. It was how it was expressed with so much conviction.


Blogs, what happened to the turtle neck TGSTEL wore at his Juve unveiling?!

Dr Baptiste

Juve signed the turtle neck as a striker instead of Nick.


There is no reason whatsoever for the club to make any announcement about incoming players until July, possibly not until the start of pre-season.


I may have my facts wrong here or someone else (or all of you) might’ve realised this, but let me drop some knowledge on you that came to me when I was on the shitter. We signed Bendtner in the summer of 2004. We then won the FA Cup in May 2005. In October 2005, he made his first first team appearance for us. Following this, the 9 trophyless seasons came and the wait for silverware began. After this horrific 9 seasons, Bendtner announces to the press that he plans to leave the club. This announcement was made in March… Read more »

Naija Pikin!

I’m a bit disappointed for him to be honest. After his loan spell at Birmingham, I thought he’d have a good career at Arsenal. Unfortunately, he believed his own hype.
Plus his dad/agent hasn’t helped him either. Passing up opportunities to play for more money.

Bye Lord Bendtner…


I like cake


Great to see the ‘Dear Leader’ working hard on our behalf the other day with a bit of Beach Football.

Meanwhile Man U sign Shaw to go with the Spaniard. City confirmed someone the other day as well if I read it right and Dynamo Fulham have Fabregas.

Ah well, come 10.30 pm on August 31st we can look forward to Wenger and Gazedis waking up. If we’re lucky.


You’re entitled to relaxation and a holiday, people aren’t constantly harassing you for a photo or transfer gossip, people aren’t criticising you for taking a well earned holiday and saying you should instead be working, so why are people constantly having a dig at Arsene for taking a well deserved break. The transfer season is barely beginning yet people are already loosing their minds. We all know Arsenal are always very coy on transfers, and you nor I know if Arsene has already got deals lined up. The Puma deal is yet to come in to place and until that… Read more »



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