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Gazidis: club deep in transfer conversations

Ivan Gazidis has assured Arsenal fans that the money available to the manager this summer will be used to boost the squad and that they’re already discussing potential moves with other clubs.

Speaking to a supporters Q&A meeting last night, the Arsenal Chief Executive said that winning the FA Cup was a taste of success and that everyone wanted more.

“We are all really pleased with securing Champions League qualification again,” he said. “Last season was a great experience for players to win the FA Cup and now we want more.

“Transfers are obviously important and we are deep in conversations already. I am confident we will add what we need this summer

“The manager is not scared to spend, has the experience, but as always will have to juggle a set budget.”

How deep those conversations are is anyone’s guess and let’s hope he’s talking about the kind of deep that means we’re in negotiation territory not the kind of profound deep you get when you smoke some good grass and try and figure out your place in the universe.



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Kevin Butler

Hopefully bringing Cesc back


Considering we are on a Budget, and are in need of a RB, CDM, GK, CB and a ST, I think the money would be better spent signing what we need first, and then we might look at bringing Cesc back if there is money left over. It is important to not let feelings cloud our judgement. We all love Cesc, but unfortunately he is not what we need to be signing right now.


The players you say we need are primarily backup players.

GK: could be filled with Martinez. Plays CCup, develops under Szcz.

DR: 100% agree.

CB: Keep Vermaelen, and promote a youngster to cover the fourth slot, Pleguzeulo? What quality CB will come knowing that our 3rd choice can hardly get a kick. Why waste £10-£15m.

DM: 100% agree.

ST: 100% agree.

Id say there’s room for Cesc.


Did you just agree with everything he said except CB? I thought you were about to disagree…


forget there’s room for Cesc, we should make room


…at the expense of who ?

Wilshere, Ox, Gnabry, Zalelem…

What a waste.

Why not

Were people not complaining that are season derailed when we lost ramsey.

Add fabregas…… no such problem

especially considering he would be way under his real market value


Agreed. Last year we essentially had one striker. Even including the league cup, we played 56 games last season. Giroud appeared in 51 of them (only bettered by the BFG). Our system is really 5 midfielder types rotating around him. We had 12 players to use for those 5 places, but the way we play means they get kicked a lot and injured (high possession + opponents resorting to physical tactics to try to stop us). At times last season we were struggling to find enough fit midfielders to fill the team, let alone the bench. We lose Ramsey, he… Read more »


I’m sorry, but we can all agree that Jack will never be in Cesc’s league, in terms of quality and ability. Heart and bite yes. But nothing more.

Zelalem is 17, keep Cesc for five years and he’s only 22. Rosicky, Arteta, Flamini and Diaby will all move on in that time too. There’s room.

Ox and Serge will find opportunities out wide, which will be great as their extra pace is a real asset in a team that looked fairly slow without Walcott last season.

Springbank 1965

Reminder: Ramsey’s gone from being viewed as one of the worst players at the club to a star capable of pretty-much anything.

And as far as I know, Wilshere is still regarded as being the best technically-gifted player we have. He’s also only 22.

We’ve also seen what injury-reduced seasons have done for Rosicky and Ramsey, maybe that’s all Jack needs.


Actually we don’t all agree on that one. Wilshere may not have reached the heights Cesc reached but he certainly still can. And Barcelona have certainly held Cesc back a bit because he certainly looked like a player no one would ever consider benching or even selling… including the ‘mighty’ Barca… but alas, now they’re about to get rid of him. Well, still they’re stupid to sell him but he’s dropped a bit. Jack offers something different to Cesc and if he improves on a couple things we will have 2 consistently complete midfielders. And we’ll run things. jack is… Read more »

Springbank 1965

The Ox is already injured. Gnabry may well still be injured. Wilshere will be doing his level-best to get injured during the WC. Which leaves us with Zelalem. Are you seriously saying that we shouldn’t strengthen our midfield with one of the best midfielders in world football but instead fast-track the 17-year-old Zelalem instead. How soon you forget that our dip in form last season just so happens to have coincided with the various losses of Ramsey, Wilshere, and Özil. Of course we have no idea what the internal report into our perennial injury situation will reveal, but overplaying (not… Read more »


Didn’t arsenal put a buyout clause in the contract when we sold him?

Does that buyout clause mean we have to match the highest bid? Or just the $30 Million people are talking about.

If it’s only 30 million lets buy him and sell him to the highest bidder on the last day of the transfer window. Just in case we have a plague of injuries at the start of the season. Or maybe keep him for depth? remember when ramsey and Ozil were injuried this season?


Can’t do that. A player’s registration can only be held by two teams in one calendar year. The rule’s there to prevent exactly the scenario you are describing. That’s why there was such a huge fuss over the Mascherano and Tevez transfers a few years back – that rule (among some others) was broken, and some team ended up having to pay some other team a boatload of compensation.


We don’t need Cesc, we need a decent RB, defensive-minded midfielder, someone to partner or replace Giroud up front and possibly a ‘keeper. The only reason why we’re interested in Cesc is because he might go to a rival English club. If that’s the case, so be it. Bringing Cesc in would only stunt the growth of players like Wilshere and Ramsey and would cause a constant squad rotation to ensue. He made a grand fiasco about going to Barca and now he wants to return when we’ve rebuilt our squad and replaced all those who departed? Bollocks to that.… Read more »


This perspective was held a number of years back.

I have to say I would love to see a repeat of Denilson, Diaby, Bentdner, Senderos, et al.

Quality players learn from the example and leadership of more experienced players. Cesc has won a Euro Championship, a World Cup and been part of the second best team in history (haha!).

There is a wider picture, and I am sure when the annual injury crisis strikes we would definitely be relying on young players who have bugger all experience of league and Champions league triumphs.

Cracking idea.

El Capitano

You can never have toooo many word class midfielders in my opinion.
That’s been a big problem for us in recent times is that we’ve never had the squad depth to compete across a whole season. Imagine having Cesc as an option to play in midfield as well as Jack, Rambo, Ox, Ozil, Santi, Arteta

The experience of winning things Cesc would bring into the team would be a huge asset alone, not to mention he’s an unbelievable footballer.

I would be gutted if he signs for someone else.


To my mind, one thing is clear, if we spend £30M on Cesc, it improves our chance creation, which means our highest priority will be to buy a striker. With Cesc, Ozil, Ramsey, a world class striker & Theo back, while it would be goal feast we would also probably go back to ‘we can out score anyone’ policy – not necessarily a bad thing. However with possible lesser investment in the defensive areas (DM, RB, back-ups to CB & GK), we would have the ‘hearts in our mouth games’ a lot more. I think AW would find that to… Read more »


Possible transfer window:

Goalkeeper – Martinez
Right back – Bellerin (Jenks moved up to first choice)
DM – Diaby
Striker – Joel Campbell (maybe Vela or Remy)
CB – Vermaelen to stay as back-up

Zero/low cost, but at least no-one decent leaving.

Keep your expectations low, enjoy the WC, forget Arsenal, hope to be surprised.

That’s my advice.


Let’s hope we juggle it the right way.


ok, talk is good but don’t get gazumped, Gazidis.

Where’s my coat Eboue?

Sagna's wig

Can’t wait for next season, could really be the start to something special!



I wouldn’t believe Gazidis if he said Christmas comes in December.

Didn’t he ‘promise’ that when the various shirt and kit deals came to fruition, we wouldn’t see any more ticket price hikes ? Like the one we’ve just had ? Yep ! That sort of promise.

You’d have to be stupid to believe any of his spiel.


i’m going back to sleep

Oooh to, ooh to be

You’re clearly dreaming that we still have Sagna


I don’t really think we will spend £150m this summer either, lol.


If a deal for Cesc can be done, it should be done.

Türkiş Gooner

there is absolutely no excuse if he is available. We SHOULD get him no matter what


As lovely as that sounds, Wenger still has his eyes out for the usual bargain which ironically happens in the last minute of the transfer window, but who cares? WE WON THE CUP!!!

Andy Mack

Every manager with money is looking out for a bargain.
Hopefully AW can get them throughout the window.


At the money they are talking about; Cesc IS a bargain.


Depends on how much available for him to juggle…i hope more than 100 m as we need 3 big signing and 100 m for 3 transfer fee plus wages might not b enough

Andy Mack

No we don’t.


Cesc looks like he’s going to Chelsea. Who needs him? Not us. We’ve got Aaron Ramsey + Mesut “record signing” Ozil.


It will be another nail in the coffin of my enjoyment of football if Cesc ends up playing for that lot.

How you can say we don’t need him when both Ramsey and Ozil missed big chunks of the season is odd.


Say our budget is around the 50M mark.

Would you prefer we get Cesc for 30M and spend the rest on a full back,
or use it to get a monster attacker and perhaps another cheap (but good) utility player?


Maybe Wenger will buy cesc and go a full 4-6-0. Come to think of it, Giroud is more of a passer than a finished anyway


Yes ok. But I want the fans to explicitly declare what they prefer. 😉

Andy Mack

I have no doubt that AW has more than 50m for top quality players that will fit in. What he won’t do is pay Cesc 300k per week and piss-off the rest of the existing squad.


you have a point but theres no way our budget is £50m. If it was then the whole ‘well run club’ is a sham. Look at our accounts, we are loaded and dont think for a second Cesc will cost us £30m. There are a lot of factors including, money Barca alledgedly still owe US for his transfer, his buy back clause (alledgedly) and the cost of a player ammortised over the length of the transfer.

So even if the budget was £50m, id say yes we can afford him


Budgets and accounting are not simple things. It’s not a case of saying “we’ve got more than £50m cash, hence our budget must be more than that”. Cash is used and stored for many reasons that go beyond just buying players in one summer..

The fact is, any talk about what our “warchest” or budget is is pointless, because it’s never that simple.


With a budget that low?

Cesc for 30 mil
Vela for 4-5
Maybe add someone at the Remy level for 10ish

Promote Jenkinson and Bellerin at right back (risky, but worth trying for a season in those circumstances)

Lock Vermaelen in a broom cupboard with Flamini and the BFG to ‘negotiate’ a new contract


Sound like a plan. I’d go for it.

The Archway Kid

What are you on about? ‘Who needs him?’ Arsenal has been and will always be his home. He has highlighted his desire to return. I think the boss/ board owe it to the fans to bring him back. With Cesc (plus a decent striker, right back and central defender) on-board, we can truly challenge for the premiership, Champions League and the FA cup. Perhaps playing different combos for each trophy? Mouth watering prospect. I do like Mesut being at Arsenal but one gets the feeling, he might not be happy here. Granted he needs time to settle in, there’s no… Read more »


Just when I think Arseblog can’t get any better, he throws in a Boston Legal reference. I wish I knew how to quit you, Blogs.

Master Bates

Gazidis-san is gonna get us a toppru prayer

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Yawn fuckin yawn Gaz! Seriously bro! Pull that finger out. Okay now I’m being a cunt. Just please sign Fabregas. I can’t fathom that Wenger who raised Fab at the arse wouldn’t seriously push for his return.

Andy Mack

You don’t know what the AW/CF situation as we only know the media bull.
Barca have officially said that he’s not moving, but we know they’re a bunch of gob-shites, just like the press do.
So the media can say anything they want about CF knowing that AFC will not discuss it.


Yep Ivan deep in transfer talks not as deep as the mug smashers are it would seem.


Even a 100 million pounds is a budget after all…


If you’d tried to follow the debate alot of arsenal fans are having, and will be having this summer, objectively you’d believe world peace could be achieved if Wenger just bought a player…

Andy Mack

Same every summer.
And apparently if we don’t buy player X we’ll be in a relegation battle next season……


“The manager is not scared to spend, has the experience, but as always will have to juggle a set budget.”
If I recalled the set budget is not that low…
I’d rather juggle with 50 Millions than trying to make a profit on sale as we had to do for a while.


Looks like Costa is off to Chelsea, who would thought that a club can do actual transfer business before the world cup.
We have missed that boat again, if we don’t go for cesc and he ends up at Chelsea then we have to pull 2 or 3 great signings out the bag just to stay in touching distance of them let alone overtaking them.


Agree. People forget that Chelsea blew this season. Add Costa and Fabregas and the return of Courtois and Lukaku to that squad. That’s a hell of a summer.


Funny thing about Chelsea, is that opposed to a lot of people I think they are potentially buggered next year. They are down to 2 home grown players (Cahil and the old cunt). Even if they bring in Fabregas and recall Lukaku, that would still mean a 21 man squad. The 2 kids they used last year (Salah and Van Ginkel?) are now over 21, so go on their main squad as well. Add Courtois and Costa and they are full, without replacing that left back, or Luiz. They could offload Mikel, Ba and Torres to free up some space,… Read more »


cecs would qualified as homegrow


I know, and included that. The 21 man squad figure above includes both Cesc and Lukaku.


I know we compete in the market too, but brooding just because we saw a signing else where is not my thing. …we shall sign ours too.


I might sound really stupid here, but I just want to clarify something. Am I right in saying that Dick Law is a fabrication? And thus any news article which reports his whereabouts is complete nonsense?


No fella. This one is real. He’s the cheif of transfer negotiations.


I thought the same lol. Sceptical about this American lawyer too : /

Cesc Fabregas

Just imagine our line up cesc, rambo, ozil, wilshere, cazorla… Do u want to play total football? here you go…


Barry, Richards and Remy?! Sweet!

the only sam is nelson

Add Milner and we have a purring engine – BRRM

*gets coat*


where’s the double thumbs up button ?


Thumbed down for bigging up a fellow poster?

You miserable git or gits …… you know who you are!


It’s 100% true if they call him Dicky Law.

Bergkamp's bronze statue.

He’s such a cock tease!


Cesc is not going to Chelsea. If he does it will only be to poke Jose in the eye.


Its not that I dont want him back. Im just accepting the fact that he might not be coming back and acknowledge the fact that we have some very good midfielders either way. Cesc was an idol for me but things don’t always go the way we want. It goes the way chelsea want. They’re like that a cousin who buys all the toys you want just so you can’t get them.


We could use Cesc.. We had way too many midfielders out with injury in season just gone. The teams around us have depth.. We can now compete financially..(apparently)..We need depth.. Not just a handy first eleven!.. C’mon AW.. Fuckin sign him FFS!


Let’t bring Cesc back.
Now we’re lack of right midfielder so bring Griezman to our squad.
He is young and talented french man. You guys probably know that what Arsene means to french?
Griezman will be happy to join in this club.


Aside from the football, the image for this post is brilliant. It’s based on Archer if u don’t recognise it. Go watch it.


Cesc going to another Chelsea team will break me man. I’ll never ‘love’ another footballer again.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Samuel Eto’o please! Until recently the highest-paid player in the world, the man has still got it at age 33. And he’s hell-bent on coming to Arsenal and flipping the bird at cunty Mo*rinho after those callous age remarks. Get the feeling our pure transfer budget (not counting wages) is really only about £60mm. Get Eto’o on a free this year and spend the £60mm on two £30mm-class players (left winger + DM for instance). We could spend next summer’s budget on an expensive (and younger) World Class Striker. Who knows… Yaya Sanogo may have developed into a WCS by… Read more »


£10m for Remy, £7m for Aurier, £35m for Benzema, the rest on a quality DM, maybe someone like Sven Bender (or, if the kitty has expired, even pick up someone like Barry or Milner on the cheap. Slate them however much you want, Barry has had a great season and they both know how to win the league!). We were only 7 points off winning this year. I think the addition of those four would easily make up those 7 points, and then some. I personally don’t think we’ll get Fab back, as much as I’d like to. I also… Read more »



Love the pic to the artikel, hilarious

True Red

In reality Costa was always going to Chel$ki. A better option is Morata but only if we can tell Real to f*ck off with the buy back clause they want.


Well, seems to me that the striker position should be our main target, together with Cesc Fabregas. Aurier seems to be an arsenal player already.

I’d really like to see Jackson Martinez come to arsenal because I don’t think we realistically are gonna buy Benzema or Cavani and I think Jackson Martinez is a deadly fucking striker with loads of speed. I’d love him to come here, the only problem is that he’d cost loads of money to bring here because he is a Porto player…


According to some AST guys. Vela is a real possibility. I expect him or Griezmann. Remy as well I think and add to them Balotelli and Juanfran. We’ll be Champions.


Gazidis should just mk tins happen by bringin in players,for mi big names r nt dat important bt playin who will want to play dere heart out rosicky lik of players..cesc should b a must if he is available,its a long race to d trophy,wth so many glass legs player we hv eg Gibbs,diaby(king of glass leg)theo,wilshere n ramsey..if all dis players r fit al thr yes arsenal will go places bt its nt posible,so wenger trully really need back up to all dis players…..


Gave up trying to read that mess about six “words” in.


if n h g fdn bfgr ft m k jgf ss.



Remy, Bony, Vela, Fabregas, Aurier and Lars Bender


I assume Serge Aurier is more or less a done deal

Cliff Bastin

I don’t understand the choice of picture.


Ha, Gazidis as Krieger is just fantastic


I prefer the second kind of deep.


I’m cautiously hoping that we are doing the usual Arsenal sneaky transfer tactic, where noone suspects us of signing anyone and then suddenly BAM Cesc is back.
I’m realistic and understand he may not be what Wenger is after, but the thought of him at another English club is just sickening…Fucking sickening


Cesc deal to chelsea is done. Great business for them sad day for us.
Liverpool about to do more business and we sit on our hands. Costa is and was perfect for us and at 32million in today’s prices that’s not too outrageous.
I know it’s early in the window but I have almost zero faith in this club when it comes to transfers. The fact that we need at least four or five players of which 3 have to be top quality to be able to Compete worries me even more.


Where’s the confirmation that the “deal is done”, all I can see is talksport confirming it, and they are unreliable as fuck. If he goes to Chelsea this transfer window would be ruined for me and most arsenal fans.


liverpool bought a 32 years od striker and an inexperience cm !!!business will be trying to keep madrid away from the suarez, madrid always get the player they want


Your transfer window is about to be ruined then my friend. The deal is done. Just wait and see


High time they get Mr Blogs on an episode of Archer.


Targets: Balotell £28-£35, Aurier £7-£10, Sven/Lars Bender (either) £25-£35, Marco Reus £30-£45 or Di Maria £30-£45! That’s between £90m to £130m. Tell me we wouldn’t challenge on all fronts and be a team that instils fear in the hearts of opposing teams again!?! Imagine the line up. szsz – aurier – kos – mert – gibbs – bender – santi – ramsey – reus/di maria – walcott – balotelli, bench: *keeper*, verm, wilshere, ozil, flamini/arteta/rosicky, ox, giroud. Send this message to Arsene! He can thank me with a free season tickets for life 😀 (I’d snap up Remy too for… Read more »


Sadly we are not going to spend for £130m, it will be more like £35-40m by the look of things lol.

Mr. White

The mirror are quoting some popular Spanish journalist, “conversations taking place” and gazides just said, “we are in deep conversations already” so really hope we sign him. Seeing cesc playin for another premier league team will make me loose my love for football

Rambos mate

Gazidas say this last year we are deep in negotiations ,quite confident one player will come. Probably on dead line day


It feels like those wanting Cesc back are thinking emotionally rather than anything else. I count myself in that to a point. Not that I think it is vital to have him back in our team but because the idea of him wearing the blue of Chelsea is enough to make me sick. But that is from an emotional point of view, a point of view that the manager has to avoid when makinhg decisions. Without question Cesc Fabregas makes Chelsea or Arsenal a better team, but £30m plus his wages for a 27 year old central attacking midfielder makes… Read more »


You are pretty much right, this debate isn’t rational but emotional. We don’t need Cesc, though he would improve us and add further depth to a position in which we already have probably the most depth in the league. But the sheer thought of him in the blue of Chelsea? Unfathomable.


We need another world class player desperatly, and that someone is obviously not gonna be a striker. Cesc Fabregas would contribute a lot and the pressure we currently have on Özil would be lighten which could hopefully lead to better performances. Cesc Fabregas is a player with loads of creativity and scoring capability, he can score goals against the best teams in the world and that’s why we should get him, he is world class.. Next season is truly gonna be a bitch in the competition aspect and with the lack of ambitions from the board this will most likely… Read more »


With all this speculation I think it’s important to remember who it is we support. Call me cynical but in light of the many defections of former heroes in recent years, player loyalty is extinct and i wish players would stop pretending otherwise. Be a hard working professional and be grateful for the fortune you get in return, but spare me the badge kissing unless you mean it. it’s good to keep in mind that ultimately our love lies with the arsenal.

GaGa LuLu

We should buy back cesc, vela and song. Shame we let bendtner go. Its so much fun this way, running in cricles. Selling a player, buying him back. May b shud should sell wilshere and co and so wed have a transfer target to talk bout in a few years.

Who The F**k are Sp*rs?

Other clubs have already started bringing in quality signings. I hope we have already got a plan in motion and we don’t leave it too late again and pick up whoever is left near the end of the transfer window. As optimistic as I am this summer I can’t help feeling apprehensive when Gazidis says money to spend and budget to keep in the same sentence.


Just off topic what drugs was that American ref on to send off Sterling? And what a prick Valencia is!

3 Billion Dollar Stan

Sterling was the prick mate. Going in like that in a friendly a week before the World Cup.

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