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No Ox for England, Vermaelen crocked

Roy Hodgson has confirmed that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will play no part in England’s final World Cup game against Costa Rica.

The knee ligament injury he sustained before the tournament has not recovered sufficiently for the midfielder to be used in a game which has no importance beyond salvaging some pride. However, there may be a start for Jack Wilshere as the England manager is set to rotate his squad after the disappointing showing against Uruguay.

Meanwhile, Thomas Vermaelen started today as Belgium scored a late win over Russia, but was forced off after around half an hour with a hamstring strain.

The Arsenal captain has been notoriously injury prone, but quite how it will affect the rest of his tournament remains to be seen.

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Talbot's Neighbour

Good arse… Bad arse…

Lethbridge Gooner

So Wilshere will play, eh? Hope he doesn’t get injured again from another meaningless England game


No point is crocking Ox’s 2014/15 season by playing him now. Seem to remember Jack was crocked for a season due to meaningless internationals. Crocked Vermaelen is good news though, isn’t it? Certainly ManU et al wont buy him crocked. He’d be forced to stay, resign, etc


He can’t stay and quit at the same time.




I think it was actually an emirates cup games where Jack got crocked. You are right though, our record is appalling and always seem to coincide with one another. Diaby fit for start of next season. Imagine if he had a blinding couple of seasons. God knows he deserves it. Make Yaya look like Tim Breacker.


Yes, he will resign because of a strained hamstring…


Two players that are always injured….should have snapped up Cesc in a heartbeat. We need to buy sooooo many defenders!


No logical relation. Unsupported assertion. Poor comment.


Thank you for that input Mr Spock erudite as ever. (correct though)


And so injuries have given us the most Arsenal related news in a while… bleh, internationals.

Good stuff though, this World Cup


No need stressing the Ox in a meaningless match. Let him take his time to get proper fitness going into pre-season.
Was looking forward to seeing him on the world stage though. But the Verminator will be fine. #COYG


I hope with the Ox it is more a case of just not ready, as having read on sky sports it’s that he has suffered a setback. And that, quite frankly would suck.

I just want us to sign some players


I love the OX we are a much better team when he is fit and firing, hopefully he can get these niggling injuries out of the way and kick on this year

Mikel Artekkers

Good, hopefully an injury to Verm will put the breaks on any impending transfer


Kinda knew that the Ox would take no part in the World Cup, didn’t we? Makes you wonder why Woy didn’t just bite the bullet and replace Alex before the start of the tournament – not that it would have mattered much. England have been pretty awful. At the end of the day, Hodgeson is not to blame for his country’s humiliation, but he could have done better. Leaving behind Ashley Cole and not enticing back John Terry left his squad to the mercy of rubbish like Jagielka, Baines and Johnson – and it was poor defending which led to… Read more »


Sometimes you really do get thumbed down just for being you, don’t you Fats?

Black Hei

It’s still his fault you know. Why did he have to pick such a hideous looking avatar. There is fat-adorable and there is fat-ugly.


It is VERY ugly

Merlin's Panini

If he wasn’t going to take Assley Hole he should have taken Gibbs over Shaw. I don’t understand why Gibbs isn’t ahead of Baines as well. He’s played in the Champions league for a number of years whereas Baines hasn’t, ever. I’m not sure it would’ve been the right decision to bring back John Terry, not just because he’s a massive cunt, but because, well, he’s a giant twat. I mean, because I think he destabilised the camp at the last world cup and I think the performances would have been even worse than they were had he been coaxed… Read more »

Chairman Meow

Nathanial Clynne had a great season, but the ridiculous liverpool hype ensured he wasnt even considered.
Johnson was our worst player by a country mile would have much rather have Jones AT LEAST tested in the friendlies, but no Roy picked the old guard despite the shite about all the youth players, whos only opportunity (par sterling who definitely deserves to start) was to try and turn a game around when it was already too late.
To conclude, if i ever see glen johnson in an england shirt again im going to puke my guts up.


Chamberlain is not injury prone he just needs to be more careful when he challenges for the ball. At the start of the season just finished, Chamberlain injured his knee because of a tackle he attempted to make. The injury sustained against Ecuador was sustained due him attempting to win the ball back. Theo Walcott ruptured his ACL because of his poor technique in tackling. So the point is; Chamberlain and Walcott need to be more vigilant and careful, when they make tackles.

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash


*wind whispers “should’ve signed Cesc”*

Chris B

I’d rather Jack didn’t play than risk any injuries in an utterly pointless England game that holds no relevance to anything. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see him do well for England, but this game isn’t gonna do anything for the lad.


Finally some Arsenal news!


Glad Ox won’t play – was very worried about him aggravating his injury in a pointless match. Jack looks set to play unfortunately so hopefully he’ll be OK.

Naija Fan

Injuries are part of the game but how managers prempt this by ensuring quality backups is important. Atleast the Ox will have a rest. On England, the team has got talent,but lack one exceptional who can who bring something difference, secondly, the team don’t find fight enough to win. On players transfer, do we really need a balitoli?, there is Alexie Sanchez, he can do a Suarez for arsenal except Wenger is buying more strikers the this june.

Tony Hall

I’m not a betting man but I wonder what odds you would get on Suarez ending up at Real and Benzema coming to Arsenal. He is having a storming world cup (did you see his final goal against the swiss, the one seconds after the final whistle?) And we know Wenger is a big fan …


If he does end up at Real mate then the bin dippers would be really dense if they didn’t get Benzema as part of the deal.

Tony Hall

Yeah but they are I mean this is a club who paid how much for Andy Carroll lol


Let’s not forget that overall, Giroud didn’t had a worse game than Benzema – Benzema hit his ‘two’ goal beautifully, but other than that he was quite wasteful and selfish and didn’t contributed to the match beyond all his chances. I was pretty obvious that Giroud is a better team player and very useful defensively.


Yes. Giroud made a defensive headed clearance from just outside his own six and just a couple of touches from his team later played in a perfect assist to Valbuena. A nice little capsule of how terribly underrated he is, and how annoying it is for people to insist he isn’t good enough for us. We’d be very hard pressed to find another supposedly world-class striker who pulls such effective double duty. Now I admit he doesn’t often gallop for us as eye-catchingly as he did in that play but for France he is pushed by competition for his place.… Read more »

Injured Gooner South Africa

Thumbed this down for the part where Sonogo should go on loan, agree 100% on everything else.


Most Arsenal players are underated, i.e. Ozil receiving worse ratings for the last match than both gotze (6 successful forward passes in 70 mins? Seriously?) and Kroos (15/24 attacking third passes vs. Ozil’s 29/37), while Ozil created 4 chances (Gotze and Kroos had together created 0).
But let them pundits and analysts be ‘clever’, who gives a fuck, right?


@InjuredGooner I like Sanogo. A lot. The FA Cup final truly convinced me that he will be big for us. I just think he should go on loan just because he needs more regular games in order to really develop, and I can’t see that happening with us next year, unless we have a really long League Cup run (and hey! Why not!).


When Ox looked like making the 2nd game many praised the Eng medical team and slated the Arsenal one.

Are they now going to slate the Eng medical team?

Or, should we just accept we are not doctors and not make judgements from behind a keyboard with no real medical knowledge and/or first hand assessment of the Ox’s injury.


An overdue post, and its bad news

Arsenal needs TV to stay at the club we dont need to sell any of players.

Chris O

Would someone mind explaining to me the shocked reaction about England players wanting to skip international matches? Is this really news? Didn’t Fergie withhold players from the international squad all the time with mysterious “injuries” that popped up at the last minute?

Merlin's Panini

Yes, but no one admitted it at the time.


England suck.

That’s what you get for playing mainly Liverpool.

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