Friday, June 9, 2023

Alexis: Arsenal can achieve big things

Alexis Sanchez says he’s looking forward to working with Arsene Wenger and firmly believes Arsenal’s squad can win silverware in the coming season.

The Chilean striker, who signed yesterday from Barcelona in a deal worth around £30 million, may join with a wealth of experience having played in his homeland, Argentina, Italy and Spain, but he insists the lure of the Emirates is the stuff of boyhood dreams.

“I feel happy to be here,” he told Arsenal Player in his first official interview.

“I know this club has a manager that looks after his players and takes care of them as well. I am here to win titles and to achieve as much as possible. Every child dreams to play in a ground like Emirates Stadium.” 

“Arsenal is a club that cares about the players and I can learn a lot here. It is also a great team. That’s why I am here.”

It’s been widely reported that Wenger took time out from his television work in Brazil to finalise his seduction of Alexis in person; a meeting which appears to have made a big impression.

“I was told that he is a manager you can learn a lot with. He wants to achieve great things in football and that helped me make the decision to sign for Arsenal.

“He has mentioned some certain positions, but I am not worried about it right now. The manager and I will talk about my role as soon as I start training.

“Wenger’s style of play is the sort of style the Chilean national team has. Therefore I am used to it. Arsenal plays very well, which fits my style. That’s why I moved here.” 

The second biggest signing in the Gunners’ history, Alexis also touched on the exciting opportunity to team up with last summer’s mega-signing, Mesut Ozil.

“Mesut Ozil is an important player worldwide, both at club and at international level. With Ozil in the squad Arsenal was [close] to winning the league title. I hope I can make a contribution so we can win as many titles as possible.

“We have a great squad and we are a big club. We can achieve big things.”

As you can probably tell, Arseblog News is pretty darn excited at the prospect of watching Alexis Sanchez strutting his stuff in the famous red and white.

He also seems like a pretty swell guy…the type who takes evasive action when spotting an endangered rabbit, saves it’s fluffiness from a wild boar and then diligently feeds the little chap daily even though it might make him late for training.

We kid you not…

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Watch out Europe

Formerly known as El Capitano

Genuinely didn’t see us making this sort of signing. He is a top, top player.
Debuchy looks like its basically a done deal. Just have to sort out that DM role, and sorting out what we’re going to do in regards to a CB and whether or not Tommy V is going to stick around..

It could be a huge season for us.


Wenger is making a rod for his own back. Now we’re used to signing the likes of Ozil and Sanchez, where does he go next? Convince Messi to sign? Build a time machine and get Cruyff from 1974? Create an android super-footballer from Meccano?

N. Bendtner

Is 52 still free?

Joel Campbell's gurn.

Are you some kind of masochist?


It’s ok. By signing world class players, Wenger’s only attracting the sort of fickle fans that will leave if we don’t continue the trend.


Apparently, he also seems to be attracting fans that can’t understand a blatantly obvious compliment to Wenger.


If time machine is fair game, just bring back the Invincibles (Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Pires, and Co)


In other news, it appears Sanchez brought in a replacement for Sagna’s wife as well


Wow … a superstar who saves rabbits and has a wife even more beautiful than Ludovine … what does he do for a hobby, cure cripples? I get happier and happier about his signing with every passing minute.

Mental strength

Wenger be like ‘I told ya fools I was up to something, did you think I was just chille-ing in Brazil’


Welcome to Arsenal, Alexis!

Imagine Sanchez cutting in from the left and Walcott on the right! When they get tired, you can bring on Podolski and the Ox on the flanks!

I think Giroud could be our assists leader next year, haha.

Gunner From Another Mother

Not only that but he seems to be a genuinely nice guy. And I love how he is immediately using the word “we” at every opportunity. This man really wants to be here and I think it will show in his performances. Ugh I can’t wait for this season to start already…


Haha, fantastic story. I know most people don’t care what footballers are like as people, but I think it’ll be much easier to root for a guy who protects cuddly animals than for, just to take an example at random, bitey racist fuckers…


I cleared my cookies so I could green thumb this twice

Ramsey's spirit

lol cheating tips from the owner himself!


automatic suspension!


thanks for ur advice lol

That Genius Bergkamp




Gareth Murray



Maureen would’ve videod the rabbit being killed by the boar and beaten off to it later while wearing a gas mask and his mum’s bra.


I was about to post that Ed had won today’s comments, but this one hasmhe laughing out loud and trying to hide from my boss!


Le Prof is a magnet for players who want to develop and better themselves.

Stuart Steele (*Stuart_Ten)

For weeks i’ve been refreshing my twitter search ‘Sanchez’.
Now it’s confirmed..I still can’t stop! Help!

Such an exciting signing, been a fan of his for a long time.


Will the pressuare of replacing Bentner get to him?


No one can take his place.. 🙁


Sounds like Emirates Stadium was somewhat influential in Alexis’ decision. Nice to know that the investment has a return greater than just game day revenue.


LOL – I love it…this is what it’s all about – everyone getting excited – even the likes of Özil tweeting the warmest of welcomes as Theo Walcott ran around like a giddy schoolboy jabbering his excitement over the winger’s arrival whilst in between sips of his celebratory Piña Colada, Arsène spoke of the depth and quality that Sánchez adds to the squad. Everybody’s a winner, smiles abundant; where’s the dark cloud? The truth is there isn’t one; how can there be? It’s a great day, one where the spirit is lifted on so many levels. Having built a reputation… Read more »


Today’s word is… Moist.


Maybe even Stan is “moist” today.


I’m just so happy and exicted considering for years we had to suffer with joke signings like Silvestre Bischoff etc

Amaury Bischoff's Agent

No talk about my client.

Amaury Bischoff's P.I.


Amaury Bischoff

I pay you both.


Now watch Ozil come into his own, with Ramsey floating and Sanchez shooting…… what a dream team already…… Welcome Sanchez, very very welcome…..

Saffer Gooner

And Walcott fit… Ozil was deadly threading through balls to Di Maria & Ronaldo. I reckon his mouth is watering at the thought of feeding Sanchez & Walcott. And it they sit deep we go with the one touch Ramsey, Cazorla, Giroud, Jack combos… Nice to have options!!


This is still surreal for me. When we were first linked to him a few weeks back, I thought to my self ‘he is exactly what we need’. Never thought it would happen tbh but now that it has, I’m over the fucking moon! Can’t wait to see who comes in next, but I’m totally relaxed about the rest of this window now. In Arsene I trust!



Top Welsh

The Hardy Boys!

Arsene's Apologist

It is very obvious that Wenger builds teams rather than collects players. You can see exactly where Sanchez fits, and at only 25 it is a fabulous future ahead. In a couple of years, at most, I think he will be fully situated as a true no. 9, the likes of which we have not had since Henry. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Costa Gooner

Over the godamn moon. Bring it on


Alexis is a great player, no doubt about it. I eished he was in Arsenal team everytime I see him play for Barca. I`m i very excited about his signing.

Just for the sake of reminiscing the good times, which news was more exciting, Sanchez or Ozil?
For me, Ozil`s.


Sorry for those typos. Mobile keyboards suck.


Ozil +1

A Gooner in Houston

Got to agree that it was Ozil.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been elated by the news of Sanchez signing, and as many have said, think he can be that piece that we’ve been missing.

But Ozil is a totally different level of a player. He’s what you build your team around, was the star of WC 2010 (similar to what James is this WC), and is considered the creative silk of the best football machine in the world right now. Ozil was surreal, Sanchez is just plain manic!

Oh to be a Gooner~


Mega signing by A W. With more to come.
I have the smiliest house in england with my three little gooners all as ecstatic as me.
Bring on the season.


He loves his rabbit.
He loves his rabbit.
Alexis Sanchez … He loves his rabbit.


Debt paid down on massive stadium and now world class players coming on board to both entertain us and win trophies.




Amaury Bischoff's Agent

That should be made into a song.


waiting for culann davies video

Thru' n thru'

Add Khedira, who is a beast. Give him the 140k per month and give madrid 20M, get a good keeper and another forward if possible (not necessary but important depending on Giroud’s form) and we are great to go! (forgot debuchy and keep verminator which i still rate). Khedira would be a fantastic signing, as important as alexis. COYG

Amaury Bischoff's Agent

Just out of curiosity, why another striker? Giroud, Sanchez, Sanogo and Walcott and Podolski can play that role if needed. Wouldn’t another forward just be congestion? Also love that you said ‘Verminator WHICH I still rate’, like he’s an actual robot. Switch it on, Gibbs, will you, lad?


Koscielney has injured himself running through a brick wall again. Be a darling a start up the Verminator, would you?

Be sure to put it in sports mode too.

Desert Fox

Doubt he will want to get out of bed for 140k a month


A pet rabbit? The gems you people find 😉


Unrelated, but does anyone think the Arsenal players may feel uncomfortable in the new Home Kit? I’m not just referring to how tight the kit is but also the red “Patches” on both Shoulders. Can’t it distract them? It’s like constantly having something annoying on your shoulders. Not criticizing, just hoping the players will feel good in their new kits.


Eh? Distracted by their shoulders? That’s a new one.


LOL.. The Kit has those Red Patches/Lines whatever you wanna call it on both shoulders. As i’m typing i’m thinking wtf am i saying? anyway, if i were to wear the Home Kit i think it would annoy the S out of me. no?




only manure use excuses like that

Az Ahmed

My favourite was: ‘Lost because the grey kits meant the players couldn’t see each other’


Just cut the shoulders off then. Flamini is handy with a pair of scissors.


Saw someone on Holloway road this morning in the new away kit, Alexis and 17 on the back. Excitement building in north London!


The poor press! Now they have to wait for a new narrative to pop up that they can parrot.


This is why we signed the right striker, Bendtner would have driven over the rabbit and Suarez would have eaten this fluffy rabbit.


Poldi’s new best friend.


So Wenger ‘tries’ to get Suarez, but it was all a ploy so liverpool would give him a new contract with a 75m clause in it, then knowing barca are a classless club they would try and sign him forcing them to sell us Sanchez! Wenger you genious just like gervinho, Bale and Ozil last summer!


How does this team sound?

Debuchy Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs
Khedira Ramsey
Walcott Ozil Sanchez

Other key contributors: Nacho, Arteta, Flamini, Wilshere, Cazorla, Ox, Poldi, Campbell, Rosicky

On loan: Gnabry, Bellerin, possibly Jenkinson


Great signing. Just what we need. I said ages ago he’s a bit ‘Suarez-esque’. Without the bitey racist stuff. Win!
What are we smoking at the Emirates? The good stuff. Thanks for asking. You’re smoking a turd in a Rizla. A top class forward coming in while your losing your team (Liverpool-Suarez=Newcastle).

We’ll see how good ‘tactical genius’ Brenda is next season without the player Kenny Daglish signed. The thought of Alexis, Ozil and Theo next season must be brown trouser time for the oppostion.

Amaury Bischoff's Agent

In the words of Messrs Cheech and Chong, they’re smoking ‘Good shit’.


His head is a bit like Kryton’s from Red Dwarf. I don’t care to be honest if he’s got a head like a Rubik’s Cube. He’s mustard.


So so so excited to see this ball of energy on our team. Those top ten goals from Barca were awesome too!


To me this is amore exciting signing as it was done on our terms, not out of desperation. Plus other clubs were clearly in for him so it feels like a win. Still wary of considering him the out and out goal scorer we need.


Sanchez is a Chilean
And he is fuckin’ brillian’
La La La La,
La La La laaaa


Alfonso is a gooner.

The Invincible Puma's

17 goals is a good target for Sanchezez 1st season, chip in with a couple assists say 12, two trophies and an incremental comfort with the English language and Le Prof will be most happy!

Ramsey's spirit

another as of yet un mentioned point is his pace if played on the left with walcott on the right means not only can he score but its another big problem defenders have to mark and track meaning others like giroud have more space as they drag defenders out of position, due to the extra pace they will likely need to play deeper giving ozil more space, or try and beat sanchez and walcott for pace..good luck. oh and Bender over any other dm, hes 25 i believe so more useful for longer.

Angolan Girl who Loves The Gunners!

I just love how Wenger makes the players feel loved & all warm inside, makes me feel all warm inside too. 😀 . Sanchez! Such an exciting player & with the squad we have…Damn!… Can’t wait for the start of the season. Some sexy football we’ll be playing. Forward Gunners! #COYG

North Bank Gooner

Someone found their magic hat 😉



Sanchez and walcott is exactly what was missing last year!


Just fuckin brilliant Le prof


2nd best signing – he will have to bigger than Bergkamp, Pires, Overmars, etcetera to even be considered a big signing but i am sure he will be but let the man settle in first eh?

El Blondo

I just shared a train carriage home from London with 35 drubk Cantalan fellows. Let’s just say the “you’ve got a bitey racist we’ve got Alexis Sanchez” chant fell on green ears. Those fans would do anything to get Sanchez back. Oooh to ooh to be a Gooner!!!

Richard Bartram

I thought you were joking about the bunny thing then I followed the link. Laughing like a drain. What a player and what a top bloke. Love it just love it Richard


Off topic but a great video song – “Mertesacker Emptiness”


Off topic but Sami Khedira looks very special!!

“Advanced talks” OMG!!

palace gunner

Nice signings what with watching world cup, ozil, pers podolski messi would be handy he can be a menace attacking coyg

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