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Fulham sign Eisfeld on permanent deal

Arsenal midfielder Thomas Eisfeld has joined Championship side Fulham in a permanent deal for an undisclosed fee.

The 21-year-old German moved to the Gunners from Borussia Dortmund in January 2012 but has found first team opportunities few and far between at the Emirates.

The high point of Eisfeld’s short N5 career was a neatly taken equaliser against West Bromwich Albion in last season’s Capital One Cup and he was also on the pitch the year before when Arsenal staged their remarkable comeback from 4-0 down to win 7-5 in the same competition against Reading.

Eisfeld moves across London to join forces with compatriot Felix Magath, the former Wolfsburg and Bayern Munich coach who failed to keep Fulham up last term, and pens a two-year contract with the option of a 12-month extension.

Good luck to the young man, he looks like he’s got what it takes to play at a high level…he just needs game time.

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Good luck to the ICE


The Eisman goeth…


Shame, looked like he had something, but perhaps not enough given what’s ahead of him at Arsenal. Fancy he might have a decent career in the Prem.


Hope there is a buy back club inserted! We can go back for him in 4years time




I’m sure there will be ala Vela.


Its a shame to see him go. Technically he is fantastic but he isn’t the tallest or strongest and kept picking up injuries. Ultimately we trust Arsene’s judgement completely. He sees them in training everyday so he will be able to evaluate whether or not people can cut it at Arsenal. Its a shame never the less. Good luck to him.

Walcott's left footed curl

Should have given him a loan deal and seen how he developed.

Seduce me, Arsene

Maybe there is something psychological about the practice of loaning youngsters; perhaps they ride their laurels a bit and don’t train and work as hard as they can, since they still have the ties to the big club and presumably will return there.

It would be something worth looking into; whether or not players will work harder if they are transferred permanently to a club (with a buyback clause) as opposed to if they were loaned to the same club.


I find it hard to accept that young, ambitious sportsmen would somehow under perform and not be totally committed because they aren’t at their parent club. If anything, a loan move gives them the ability to show their credentials while gaining valuable first team experience. Look at Jack and Ryo at Bolton. Those two loans moves showed Arsene who was ready for first team football and who was surplus to requirements.

Seduce me, Arsene

In a game of small margins, where 99% of people are ambitious (and usually young, all things considered) small defects or advantages end up making a world of difference. For me, it’s very plausible that even a minute psychological complacency will make a difference in the long run.


Back back clause ahoy?!


Not really a huge surprise.

All the best at the biggest club in Fulham.


Where the hell did this come from?
To be honest I don’t think the lad would have gotten any game time. Even if we don’t bring in a other midfield.
Good luck Eisenberg 🙂

remember the invincibles

its that sad time when you have to say thank you and good luck to another youngster. The goal in the capital one cup will certainly last in my memory. Fulham have a talent on their hands


Yea, for every player we sell there should be a buy back clause!

Dick Law

Darn it, forgot to put one in for Park.


Dark Arts

Buyback clauses tend to give the more dominant clubs a wider control over players throughout the game. Although this benefits us in one way, our wider interests are to operate in a healthy and fair environment. Player quotas should force outright sale of excess.

They’re not wholly disanalogous to extortionate interest rates on loans. The power relation also reminds me of extreme confidentiality settlements. Come to think of it, perhaps they are identical to everything in the world I even mildly dislike.


Good luck Eisman hope we see you back soon in the prem!!

Dan Gunn

At least you got his name right…

Dan Gunn

Eeek my bad. I guess I must be Goose.

Heavens have mercy!

Santi Claws

Was that originally a Top Gun pun? If not that is one marvellous recovery you’ve pulled off

Four star German

My fellow countryman was stagnating and needed to play. Felix will get the best out of him. Championship football will be good for young Thomas

Biff Baxter

Wait, so now we have LESS Germans? Who’s in charge over there?!


Fewer Germans.


Just signed one from Barca yesterday, so we’re breaking even 😉

Soqed Hozi

Care to elaborate?


Georgios Spanoudakis from Barcelona’s academy.

Hank Scorpio

Always disappointing when yet another promising youngster is sold but in fairness we’ve not really had any that have come back to bite us in Suarez like fashion. Just shows how cutthroat football is I guess

Zorro in the box

Fortunately nothing as awkward as Pogba. Closest I can think of is Seb Larsson.

Mind you we get bitten at a more senior level (RvP, Nasri. Bastards).


One German midfielder out, another in…?


Always felt he could develop into a Ramsey if given time and opportunity.

Good luck to him. Hope Wenger put a buyback clause in the deal.

It Is What It Is

First off, apologies. Many have said the same before you, but……..

With Crowley, Zelalem, Ox, AR16, Jack, and the current Germany U-12s midfield, he’d have to develop exponentially – like the monkey boy of Mahdreed – to be appealing before his contract is up. You can add jail bait TR7 to that list too.

A sell on clause – a la Mr Chips – could be worth more to us.

Gooner aj

thought he would replace rosicky, hope club has a buyback clause in his contract . when is ryo leaving?


All the best to him!


Best of luck to him, at this stage in his career (and considering the competition in Arsenal) this is probably for the best. At almost 22 years of age he needs game time, and not at all convinced that a loan deal would have been the best solution.


The other thing is once he’s 22 I think* he no longer counts as an U21 and so takes up one of the 25 places in the squad for senior players. I think we may see a few players being let go once they pass that milestone because of that rule (Le Coq may be another one close to this). Bit of a shame about Eisfeld, but he never had the impact on matches you’d want beyond the odd goal – that’s okay for a young forward but midfielders need to affect the game more than I remember him generally… Read more »


easy come Eisy go.
good luck in every west London derby

Edu's Braces

Bit like Lansbury I really thought he’d come through. Not presuming to know more than the prof though. Good luck.

Monkey Nuts

I think we had hopes above expectation with Lansbury because he came through our ranks. But the reality is very few make the grade at Arsenal and he’s found the right level at Forest.

Gooner aj

he wears the No.45 , is balotelli coming ?? :p

oge jenny

that deal should have been a loan deal all the same good luck to him,wish him the very best


Good luck to him hope he does well. Just unlucky we have so many midfield options


I hope we were smart enough to stick in a reasonable buy-back clause…


50% sell on clause for sure!


Hopefully it’s a sign of the times. We are looking to step up a gear and start winning titles and cups again, therefore only the very best will do for us. Maybe a few years ago he would’ve got a chance, but now we are wanting instant results and players like Alexis have arrived to deliver #COYG

The Man Who Would Be Bling

Why not have both? Use the money we have (which is not as much as the likes of City, Chelsea, whatever some fans are saying) to buy top class players who make us competitive for the top trophies, and bring young talent through (or at least give a chance) from the academy. If we signed three central midfielders tomorrow, how would we ever know if Zelalem can make it here? We’d become like Chelsea who have every young player wasting their career on Chelsea’s books by going on five year loans to Clapshat Utd in league 2. I never want… Read more »


Yes, you are right, but there is Zelalem and others. It is not possible to make room for each of them. Keeping Eisfield meant playing him, and then giving less opportunities to Zelalem or others. I don’t know if the decision to let him leave was a good one, but at some point you have to make choices. Wenger knows.
And anyway, turning 22, maybe he had to take a slot in the first team to be allowed to stay?

the man who would be bling

True, you do have to choose the best of the crop and let go of the ones that won’t get chances, fair enough.


Nawwww, I liked him.

Who the F**k are Sp*rs?

You do? I nearly swerved my car off the road when I read that.


Glad to see him moving and hope he gets regular playing. This guy has it. Were gonna hear more from him I think.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

It’s hard to make it in football. I hope he sees this as an opportunity to make a career in football.

The Man Who Would Be Bling

And by making it in football, he can have a career in football. : )


Always liked him, hope he does well at Fulham.

Anyone know if there’s a buy back clause or sell on fee included in the deal?


Arsene knows.

Ox-on Ox-off

Think he’ll probably hit a Seb Larsson level. Good but not good enough (I hope)!

Pakistan Arsenal!

Good luck Thomas! Btw is gnabry going to usa with the tean ir not? And looks like Arsene is continuing his trend of a player every Thursday. Sanchez on the Thursday two weeks ago. Debuchy last Thursday. And ospina tomorrow on Thursday. Who’s it next Thursday, Arsene? 😉

barry wickings

its always a catch 22 situation we develope the players natural skills but the timing is never right for them for first team opportunities unless they are very outstanding, Wenger always gives them play time but also he will not hold them back from playing regulary some were else if a club comes in. most come through AFC and go on to good careers so AW is right in the develpement side and finding that real Jem as always which are rare in any club. and it produces money for the club so good buisness model for both. its what… Read more »


This kid suppose to be a real talent. Injury prone.
Than again our player development been shite awhile now. I have no doubt if he’d stayed in BvB, he’d be closer to realizing his full potential. Stlll keeping my fingers crossed with young Jack though, very afraid for him. Lets face it, we’ve lost our mojo with bringing up kids.


Shame to see him go. Good luck to him and I hope he does well.

Merlin's Panini

At 21 I think the signs were there that he just wasn’t going to cut it with us. Fielding a 21 year old (or younger midfielder: Ramsey, Wilshere, Fabregas) or forward is not as much of a risk as it is to do so at the back. Because of this I think it was apparent by last season that he probably wasn’t going to make it. at least not with us. Same goes for Ryo and Afobe now in my opinion. I just don’t see the way in for them. If Olsson doesn’t start some games in the league cup… Read more »

The Man Who Would Be Bling

Yeah, they are coming through at a time when we arguably have more options in creative midfield than we’ve had in years. The ‘fringe’ players like Rosicky, Flamini etc are so valuable for their experience, and the younger guys like Ramsey and Wilshere are top class. Five years ago a guy like Eisfeld maybe could have made it with us, but no doubt he’s learned stuff here, he’s only 21 and he has a long career ahead of him, I hope he does well with Fulham.

Tazmanian Jesus

Damn….was looking forward to the crowd singing ” eis eis baby”…


I suspect that Kris Olsson is a bigger talent


And Zelalem of course

Springbank 1965

Good player, but what are you going to do when we’ve already got the likes of Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere, Diaby even?

He’s 21 and needs to play football. It makes sense.


Bad news if you ask me! He was a very good talent! I certainly hope there is a buy back clause inserted in the deal.


@nikhil there are atleast 5 others who hav said d same thing why don’t u read d previous comments man


I wonder how much we got for him, probably minimal. No way he was going to get into the squad (as it is players like Rosicky, Chamberlin, Flamini, Diaby, etc. will have trouble getting in much less an untested 21 year old) anytime soon so best for him to let him go.

Naija Gunner

Shame to see him leave, thought he’s gonna break into the first team like the Gnab, but all his well he’s still in London.

If he becomes a star there we can always trigger the Arsenal DNA stuff!

Good luck Easyman.

Soqed Hozi

I think he had a tendancy to drift out of games, which is not ideal in the key creative role that he plays in. A very good finisher though, so might still make a good career for himself.


we signed him over Mario Gotze when we didn’t have the cash. But was looking forward to the Ice Ice baby chant

Good luck to him at Fulham!

Darshan Mehta

I believe he opened the scoring against West Brom. And then, Saido Berahino equalised.

Gbenga Ogunbule

wow!!!! What a loss. He will surely make it there…Hope we insert the buy back clause in his contract


Hi had to to – he has Balotelli’s squad number . . .


It’s sad to see how many of these youth players who showed so much promise just aren’t making the grade

Springbank 1965

What you might mean is … make the grade at Arsenal.

And while it’s sometimes sad it’s also part of the process that reflects our ambition and the improving nature of our squad.

We can either strengthen year-on-year or we can keep players like Eisfed hanging around watching their careers pass them by. I know which scenario I prefer.


We don’t seem to be promoting many of our academy youngsters into the senior squad. Maybe there’s a problem there.

Still, good luck to the lad. I hope we don’t come to regret letting him go.


Win league we will, give into hate we will not, but a **** Maureen is, heh heh heh heh…..


John Terry is a cunt.. And mourinho is papa cunt..


He will have a blinding season with Fulham, they will get back up to the PL and Eisman will bite us in the Arsene lol

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