Monday, April 22, 2024

Arsenal’s New York squad announced

Via New York Red Bulls official site comes the news of Arsenal’s travelling squad for the game against Thierry Henry’s side on Saturday.

The players who have made the trip are:

  • Goalkeepers: Damien Martinez, Wojciech Szczesny
  • Defenders: Hector Bellerin, Kieran Gibbs, Isaac Hayden, Carl Jenkinson, Ignasi Miquel, Nacho Monreal
  • Midfielders: Mikel Arteta, Santi Cazorla, Francis Coquelin, Abou Diaby, Mathieu Flamini, Kristoffer Olsson, Aaron Ramsey, Tomas Rosicky, Jon Toral, Jack Wilshere, Gedion Zelalem
  • Forward: Chuba Akpom

It does seem a bit light in terms of striking options. Where Yaya Sanogo and Benik Afobe are is anyone’s guess, but it’s a chance for Chuba Akpom to impress after a good showing against Boreham Wood.

Meanwhile, there’s some jet-lag going on here, we feel some NYC BEER might help.

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Francis Jeffers' Sous Chef

Thierry up top for the 2nd half? DOOO ITTTTT

Leth Gooner

Perhaps the reason why we took only Akpom, so we can have an excuse to play Henry in the second half.


I wonder at halftime, Thierry puts on the Arsenal jersey and plays for Arsenal….

I feel like something like that happened in some game last year. Can’t put my finger on it…..


Think he might even have popped a couple into the net.

Formerly Known As El Capitano

Looking forward to seeing some of the younger lads play on a bigger stage.
Hopefully they will have what it takes to make a career at Arsenal.

I cant imagine how difficult it is to break into the first team from youth level, taking into consideration the Premier League and its transfer windows


It was Raul when he played against Real with Al-Sadd.


Did that ever happen really ? Changing teams at half time in a friendly ? if so link please.

Elliot Ness

Think I’ve seen Raul do that in a friendly Schalke – Real game.

Jamie Tarrant

Ruud Van Nistlerooy did it a couple of years ago. He played first half for Real Madrid Legends & second half for Man Utd Legends (term used loosely!)

Guinness sipper

Is Jon toral any good?


yes, he is any good..


$350 to watch Chuba up front? YES PLEASE!!


Very light considering its a short pre-season. We with the world cup and Feo’s injury, we are certainly looking a little short, the man city game in Sept will be the first real big test, with hopefully a full squad to choose from, even though it will be one where a lot of players have not played together/gel’ed The FA Community Shield Arsenal V Man City Sun 10 Aug 15:00 Premier League Arsenal V Crystal Palace Sat 16 Aug 17:30 Premier League Everton V Arsenal Sat 23 Aug 17:30 Premier League Leicester V Arsenal Sun 31 Aug 16:00 September 2014… Read more »

Leth Gooner

My guesses are:-

* Sanogo and Afobe are staying back for negotiations for possible loan deal and permanent deal respectively.

* Gnabry injured

* Ox not fit yet


I puzzle over defence line!?


The real puzzle is Two Goalkeepers, One forward? lol


No Afobe nor Sanogo seems odd.


Also, there’s no one who stands out as being even a potential striker. The closest I can think of is Santi playing as a false 9.

Maybe this means we’re planning to give Akpom a 90 minute audition for this season’s first team?


I believe that might very well be the case.


It does seem odd, Sanogo moreso than Afobe. Yaya is our only cover as a ‘proper’ centre forward, so unless he picked up a knock or is being saved for Emirtaes cup to have a really good runout and see how ready he is, it makes you think there’s some fireworks in the bathroom to the Balotelli smoke.


You are very wrong here. Arsene played Sanogo against pool, bayern, and in the FA cup final, he clearly don’t need an assessment of his qualities. Though I’m curious about Campbell and Afobe, but I guess the former will play a lot at the Emirates cup.


Yeah, when the only other option was a knackered and out-of-form Giroud. When there’s guys like Balotelli available, you need to be sure you’re backing the right horse for the season ahead.

I’m not sure that it IS the case, more likely to negotiate loan deals as someone else said, but it’s a reasonable thought, and not *very* wrong imo.


I’m not saying that Sanogo won’t go out for a loan, I’m saying that Arsene doesn’t need to see him play against red bulls to decide it.

12th Man in The Clockend

I’m loving that boy Akpom. Aggressive, hungry, fast, good finisher. Shame Ansah went so I’m hoping Akpom can really push on through.


No way where is the first team dam paid a lot for TIX


Well… a good chunk of them just won the World Cup. The other chunk of them made it to the semis. I agree it sucks, but it’s just something we have to deal with because of their Cup success.


i paid $46. Worth it! 😀


its $46.00 well spent just to see the Welsh Jesus.

Springbank 1965

Quite right too.


I paid 200 for the ticket and I got it a couple of months back and I am travelling to Newyork from Columbus, so the travel tickets and the expensive Newyork hotels ends up being almost equivalent to flying to London to see Arsenal play.

But who cares, It’s Arsenal!!! It will be my first Arsenal Live game, so excited to see the Welsh Jesus play!!! Hope he scores a 30 yard screamer. And, did I mention about one KING playing? Stuff of Dreams.

Zorro in the box

Enjoy the game mate!

Chairman Meow

Should have saved the money then to go England and see a competitive game where all the players arnt rusty as fuck.


that’s why you don’t pay that much for a pre-season friendly! it’s insane how crazy people are going to get tix for this. might as well save the money and go to london for, you know, an actual game.

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

So you think the NY Gooners should pass up the chance to see the team play in the US for the first time in 25 years cause pre-season friendlies aren’t even worth it? Ludicrous.

Hell, I trotted up to the Boreham Wood match, paying over £30 for the pleasure, and I have a season ticket! Isn’t it just nice that people like watching our team play when they can? Not to mention the fact that just a *flight* to London is $800-1000, that’s a lot of $50 friendlies to not attend in order to save up.

The man who would be bling

Sadly, for Americans, much like Australians, seeing Arsenal at the Emirates is just not possible. The cost of a ticket to London just to see a game from NYC is too high for most mortal people to afford, so seeing the team on home turf is exciting, even if it is just a friendly.


A few things: Anyone who bought tickets for this match thinking they were going to see a first-team starting XI was clearly delusional and/or has no clue how preseason, especially after a World Cup, works. Scalpers/Touts were selling Supporter’s Section tickets for this match for well over 1300 USD months ago, and while that may be rather steep for a friendly, some things you just can’t put a price on. I would gladly pay it if I had it. You are attending this match to support the Club, the Youth organization, and fellow supporters worldwide who would give anything to… Read more »

The man who would be bling

Right on, mate. I’d pay to watch Arsenal play in a litter box, let alone in NYC where the beer is cold.

Myanmar Gooner

Even watching Wenger alone sitting on the bench in my country’s stadium for the entire 90 minutes is worth more than 50 bucks..


chuba akpom is actually quite impressive – he’s got the talent – hope he does well.

Joel Campbell's gurn.

I Imagine Sanogo, Afobe, and Campbell (must be back soon?) will stay behind for some extra striker training? If none of them are deemed up to it maybe this will determine if they go on loan/ we get new blood?

Daft Aider

Campbell is not due back to training until Monday, as are several other players


Campbell hasn’t had time to unpack yet. I’d guess Afobe isn’t now considered likely to make it with us and like Aneke he has reached the point where, age and contract-wise, where he’d have to either step up to the first team – unlikely realistically with four-five in front of him, including the younger and more talented Akpom – or be released. Big shame. He was full of promise at 17 but too many severe injuries too young and too many disappointing loan spells. Great opportunity for Akpom, though. A slight lack of central defenders! I wonder if Wenger wants… Read more »

Ian Dorren

This is all set for that man up front in the second half! Diaby!


1) Why just Akpom and why wouldn’t Sanogogo
2) I’m sorry, how many games are on this trip? I genuinely don’t know. But there is only one pure central defender on that list sooo, what up with that? I guess he’s expecting full 90 from Miquel and Hayden with no back up in case they get injured?? Idk somebody tell me what the deal is
3) Seriously why can’t we sign a CB?
4) Speaking of which, John Terry is major cunt

I'm not Giroud

Yaya to go out on loan?

Trapped in Wenger's basement

When is vermaelen coming back?


Back in training on Monday I think, along with Kosciely and a few more.


All of the WC last 16/QF lot are back on Monday (kosc, giroud, campbell, vermalaen, ALEXIS!)

Mate Kiddleton

Only one striker?!


Maybe wenger wants to see how he copes with a full 90 as he did so well in the 45 minutes against Boreham Wood, but it is a bit odd that there isn’t one back-up… Or maybe Thier- no I don’t wanna jinx it.


Only me that’s surprised that Coquelin is travelling? Haven’t heard or seen much of him lately!

Springbank 1965

He went out on loan to Freiburg where he just didn’t fit in positionally – right time, wrong player.

Bild thought him the ‘third worst’ player in the Bundesliga. I can’t imagine the experience did his confidence any good at all.

But he has played well for us in the past both at right back and as a DM.

It might well be prudent to forget the baggage and do a tabula rasa – a LANS if you will.


I think possible loans are in place and we are actually signing another forward. Although it is just one game. Ah fuck knows!

A guy at my work has paid 200 odd quid for a ticket. Dont think he will be impressed by squad…..hahaha. told him just to go emirates cup


think the Boss was pretty adamant at the weekend that there would be no more striker signings. My guess is that Sanogo is about to go on loan and Campbell is being seen as someone who will be given a chance in the squad, but has only just arrived in London and isn’t ready to travel.
Assuming Afobe is about to go on loan (or permanent) also. Nice opportunity for Akpom.


Try the Brooklyn Local 1 while you are in NY.


No Gnabry? Might be confirmation that he’s getting loaned.


Gnabry is still injured from last season. Sanogo must have picked up a knock which is a shame.

Other than that strongest squad we could’ve had of those who are back in training.


We rock… But John Terry and Mourinho are cunts!


Agreed but can we stop giving them so much attention now?

People will think we actually give two shits about them.


They are two shits.

The man who would be bling

More of a shit and a half.

Springbank 1965

Maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but if you were told you had just two shits left then I’m betting those ‘two shits’ would be both well-timed and somewhat savoured.

So be careful what you wish for. Or ‘not giving’. Or something.

To Pooh is to Do

Yes.. I have nothing to add.. my moniker says it all.

Lekula omar steven

Good luck to you all. It’s nice to meet our Legend Henry.


I think Akpom has too much competition for the forward places on Saturday.


All you lot complaining about the squad. Its not full strength for sure. But there is a number if 1st teamers. Big game players like Santi. Arteta. Ramsey. The Jack Attack. Sczc!. I would still pay top dollar to see any of them live playing for the Arse. Be thankful you have that opportunity. I am hoping Diaby pulls thru a game injury free. He can be the man to bring us success if he stays fit.


ARSENAL 2014/2015 Central Midfield is a massive debate. Personally, I want to see Ramsey and The Ox play ahead of anyone we’ve been linked with for most of the campaign. Oxlade-Chamberlain can be a beast in that engiene room. If either of them get a knock or go off form we also have Jack Wilshere. Then Arteta and Flamini give us great experience in depth. However, there will be big games where we need a solid defensive midfielder. The dream would be Mascherano. I’m not sure if any of the others would be better than Ramsey, The Ox and Wilshere?… Read more »

Paki Gooner


how do you get enought time to write a whole thesis?? Just trust Arsene to make the right decisions and get excited every time a signing is announced, no need to go into so much detail about it..


All that effort, only to be thumbed down into oblivion.

Zorro in the box

I hope this was thumbed down mostly for the ironic banter of it being a friggin essay. Hinterigger sounds a lot like Hingle McCringleberry who we’ve not been linked with yet this summer but who will no doubt come back into contention… On a serious note, you’re likely right, but we need a serious upgrade for Arteta – he needs to be managed well because asking both him and Flamini to do that job the whole season will wreck them both. Would love to see Arteta retire with us although I think he’ll feel like he can play till he’s… Read more »


Lavezzi definitely wouldn’t be an upgrade on Podolski and I don’t think Moura would be either. The Arteta/Flamini/Diaby/Ramsey situation is problematic, while all of them can fulfill some (most) of the DM roles, arguably none of them can be as good as Mascherano or perhaps Pogba. On the other hand, Arteta is working extremely hard to have an added value outside of the pitch, e.g. see his comments about taking care of Alexis. Arteta is the player I would like to see retire with us, but I’m not too sure it will happen. One way or the other, the DM… Read more »


too bad it’s sold out.hopefully they comeback next season to the Midwest.


Or the West Coast. They could easily sell out the Rose Bowl, Qwest Field, or BC Place.


Chuba has some good future for sure. He is a nice lad indeed.

Hey Blogs, how is the American Beer? I really hope it isn’t as bad as its reputation. Have a good one anyway. Cheers.

Chairman Meow

its weak

The man who would be bling

It tastes like cold urine. Instead of warm urine.


Too much Champ Man, Nialli Quinnalli!


Nialli – so much wrong with what you just wrote, I dont know where to begin. Truly head’s gone.


this is Chuba Akpom’s game to impress, make or break time, Wenger seen enough of him to make judgement, chances are slim you feel, but wenger has said he will not be buying any more strikers so maybe he can be part of the squad time will tell, if he goes out on loan then you feel he could be sold, but interestingly he’s included Francis Coquelin who i thought would never pull on an Arsenal shirt.


You can’t keep a good coq down i guess


I’m surprised at Coquelin’s inclusion too. The fact that he was farmed out last season must tell him that Le Prof has limited faith in him. I’m certain he will be sold if he can find a club or shipped out on loan again.

Mallu Gooner

Ya, especially since we ended up short in midfield towards the fag end of the season.


Good to see Coquelin and Miguel in the squad. Hope they both get chances to win a place before their contracts expire.

LosAngeles Gunner

Our current squad is good enough to win matches and possibly a trophy but if we are to be a force, that will not lose 6-0 to in form big clubs, WE NEED A VERY GOOD DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER!!!! I can’t stress that enough.


I would love for Thierry Henry to score for both sides!


Why? he’s just another prick in a nyrb shirt until he magically transforms into Henry, Son of Bergkamp


Where are Yaya Sanogo and Benik Afobe?

a) Home Alone, fending off robbers, Macaulay Culkin style. (Arsene Wenger is getting a lift with John Candy as we speak)
2) On the wrong flight, just touching down in New Zealand.
c) Gone to see the new Ryan Gosling Madam Tussauds wax work.

And the best cure for jet lag Mr Blogs, is after you get where you’re going, take off your shoes and your socks then walk around on the rug bare foot and make fists with your toes.
Trust me, I been doing it for 9 years 😉

Brazilian Gooner

You’re die hard gooner mate!


Brooklyn Lager is not bad. A bar with a good selection will probably have Otter Creak’s Copper Ale (from Vermont) and that is excellent. Beware the American version of IPA.


As an Aussie I wouldnt mind seeing Tim Cahill pop up with a screamer to rival his World Cup strike……. something special to beat the Szcz!


What is it with you guys hoping this or that cunt scores against us…..

this is Arsenal – this is bigger than your country, your circle of friends, your marraige.

* this is just a friendly – wait til a competitive game to see the standards of support i expect from my fellow goonsnafflers


Hahahah your right, it is just a friendly. Any competitive game and noone is allowed to score.. not even Tim the Great!!!

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Hope all the Stateside Gooners have a great time at the game. I’m in NYC for a couple of weeks in Nov great to know from reading the comments i’ll be able to watch the United game with fellow gooners.


Hope Henry plays for us. Only way we stand a chance and may give the NY Gooners a little value for money.


What the fuck, that midfield alone should eat several bulls alive.


Good luck to Gunners and Henry. I honestly hope it’s a blowout (unlikely, but here is to a successful round 2 to an amazing zelalem preseason followed by zero first team action. I’m obviously joking, but he probably needs some more physicality to compete at the highest level.) Good luck! COYG.


I hope the US Gooners show Zelalem a lot of love and make him realize the only choice is the US.


Anytime Sanogo isn’t in the side is a good time. Would like Chuba to have a blinder if it means Sanogo is loaned and we buy the striker to compete with Giroud that we really need.

Reading what I only hope is bollox that Wenger is thinking of using Wilshere as ‘holding’ midfielder this season. Overhyped, ill disciplined, limited player with a questionable attitude…….protecting our back four……jeez.


Considering how much he contributed to the FA cup win, you are pretty tough on him.


Maybe but he is currently our 2nd choice striker (which laughable when you look at our history and the strikers we’ve had in the squad in recent years) and as such, should offer a lot more than just making a nuisance of himself and be able to contribute 15-20 goals a season. We know his record. He’s just not ready. Take away all the players the Boss says could play there but pretty much refused to for whatever reason which resulted in Giroud being dead on his feet from the mid point of the season onwards in most games.


From what Wenger said I gather Alexis will be playing cf, so…


Ah, Crispy, you are just full of cheer.

Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

Interesting to see the boss call up Martinez, Bellerin, Hayden, Miquel,Coquelin, Diaby, Olsson, Toral, Zelalem and Apkom. These are ten players but less one to form a starting XI. If there will be no positional clash between the players, I like to see the boss start all of them.But if all things been equal with these ten. The youths have to be given the rare oppotunity to further develope their skills.And is in the games like these 2 US friendlies and the up coming 2 Emirates Cup, can they may be chanced to prove their abilities. Coquelin and Diaby should… Read more »

Monkey Nuts

Does anyone else happen to think that John Terry is an absolute CUNT?

Al Gilmore

Some very good points made across several posts. IF you really are a fan of the team then – 1. You won’t mind who you see play in the famous Red/White. 2. You should be aware that in a pre-season after a major tournament, any player at that tournament won’t be back in pre-season for a couple of weeks after everyone else. So that was always likely to includes our many international players. 3. If you ‘overpay’ for a ticket from a tout, then more fool you. Cos when you spend money you have to think ‘is this worth it… Read more »


On the daily blog some bint was going on about soccer being rubbish lol would love to have left a reply along the lines of: basketball is netball is a poor disguise, baseball is another version of rounders and American football a wimpy version of Rugby!!!

not a comedian


The man who would be bling

No offense, but that was rubbish.

Soqed Hozi

Only 2 centre backs is a bit of a worry. I’m guessing Jenks is cover here if required? Other two auditioning for the 4th choice position in tnext year’s squad, though hienstly would put pleguezulo, even though I can’t spell his name, ahead of Miquel.


It wasn’t supposed to be funny lol just fact

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