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Wenger eyes ‘dogs who always want more’

In the first of many Stateside media and promotional activities Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis sat down for breakfast with local business leaders this morning where they were quizzed on a range of football issues including talent spotting.

Having spent much of his 17-years at Arsenal ensuring the club’s name is synonymous with youth development, Wenger spoke openly about the traits he looks for in prospective players identifying three key characteristics.

“There is the kid who battles with himself, the real champions, the guy who is driven by an inner motivation and has a consistent desire to be better because he has to be better.

“The second guy battles with others. He wants to show others he is better than them and he is ready to go out and show that.

“The third guy is a different case, he wants to be respected by others.”

Underlining that the top players define and achieve their ambitions utilising a combination of all three factors, Wenger revealed that he wants his squad to show animal devotion to the cause.

“At the top level of competition you find these types of people. They have a mixture of the three characteristics but there is a dominant one there. I personally am inner driven.

“You want people who are consistently driven, you want ones like dogs who always want more. We try to identify that and try to make them stars.”

Wenger also touched on how top players benefit from having a role in the team tailored exactly to their qualities. Citing the case of swoontastic ‘Invincible’, Robert Pires, he continued:

“What’s important is finding a position that suits perfectly a player’s qualities, a position where he can express his technical qualities and a position where you do not expose his flaws.

“The little details are very, very important, like preferential vision. Some players see more on the right and some see more on the left. If you see a player who passes to the right all the time because of that, then you put them on the left.

“Robert Pires is a good example. He has unbelievable preferential vision, so on the right he is a normal player but on the left he became a world-class player. On the left wing he saw everything, but on the right wing he saw nothing.”

Arseblog News refuses to believe that Bobby saw nothing on the right side…he once blew us a kiss while we were sitting in the East Lower as he played towards the North Bank on a glorious spring evening in 2004.*

*This was possibly dream.

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happy gunner

John terry is still a cunt. Through the left or right eye of pires


That would be even apply to Mr Magoo!


Pires could look through his japseye and still see that John Terry is a cunt

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Mr Magoo didn’t see the incident, but he can see still see that John Terry is a cunt.


It’s Thursday evening, where’s our weekly Thursday evening signing??

Gutbukket Deffrolla

WENGA OUT!!!!!!!!! in America.

Arsene's musings

such good musings from arsene there


Arsene’s The Boss!


A nice factual comment there, I like it!

Bolarinwa Mayowa

The Demigod only sees whatever he wants

Al Gilmore

Ahhhh RP7 – a Rolls Royce of a player….still have that ol’ Che Guevara-style Bobby T-shirt I got outside the ground back in the day.

Piece of shit

My dick has preferential version, it can only see my right hand.

The Panther

You are actually ‘Piece of Shit’ so I will thumb you down.


Bit shit if your a goalkeeper.

Tibetan Gooner

there’s is a fourth one, it’s kinda fashion in club football now a days where we player’s so derived by money and want to lot more and more…no end! there’s is suger daddies as well to feeds these insatiable players…


I do think that is what he is referring to when he is talking about the third type though…


Then there’s the 4th guy.

He’s the one with pictures of the boss covered in jelly, wearing a tutu and smoking bananas. I give you Sanogo as that’s the only reason I can think off he’s anywhere near the first team.

Andy Mack

‘that’s the only reason I can think off he’s anywhere near the first team’ and that’s why you’re a supporter and he’s the manager.


Is that the best you can come up with? Put me right in my place there. Doesn’t change the fact that we’re a strain, sprain, bout of diahorea away from our back up ‘striker’ leading the line and that’s something this lowly ‘supporter’ can see he’s nowhere near ( if ever) being capable of.


Take your hatred somewhere else.


Your pervy ignorance is abysmal. Sanogo has made positive contributions in the games in which he has appeared. The boy is a thoroughbred colt who will become a world class player under the guidance of Arsene Wenger. I’ll trust his opinion over yours any day of the week. It seems you are not aware of our squad which includes as strikers, Podolski, Giroud, Walcott, Sanchez as well as Sanogo. Goals will also come from midfield with Ramsey,Cazorla and Ozil.

dink arnold

This idea that Sanogo isn’t or ever will be good enough blows my mind. First off, we haven’t seen enough of him to say; he’s had 4 starts and 10 subs, that’s it. 0 starts in the league. And you can go on and say that he’s nowhere near capable enough? How do you even know? He’s looks lively on the pitch, makes lots of great runs, looks strong. Once he gets his finishing boots on he’ll likely be a beast. And that might not be too far away. Hell, we might not have won the FA cup last year… Read more »


It’s not hatred. I remember when Anelka joined. Looked like bambi on ice but he had skill and pace to burn and you could see the potential immediately. Sanogo is miles away from that.


@joeos….. What is ‘pervy’ ignorance anyway?


How old are you, 12?

You have obviously forgotten all the great players Wenger has developed. You must have come on this blog a year ago complaining about Ramsey.

Don’t worry, school starts again in September.


You flatter him calling him a “supporter”


ooh that hurts. You cut me real deep. Yup can’t saying anything anywhere in the vicinity of ‘negative’ on this blog. Wake up people.


Aye, there’s no intelligence or awareness level required to be a supporter…we’re all the same but with different opinions, some more measured than others but no less valid as opinions; when you start making absolutist statements though, you’re gonna piss a few people off.

Bould's Eyeliner

It’s perfectly fine to express negativity. In fact, many of us do when things don’t seem all that great. However, the way you phrase things, how to put this… it sucks. You suck. You suck at writing, at being ‘negative,’ because what you say has lacks anything that might be of interest. There is a dearth of constructive quality to your criticism, and it isn’t even remotely funny. In fact, I more so enjoyed your bouts of ‘wannafightaboutit’ and I am eagerly anticipating a response to my comment as well. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Oh and… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Thumb-troll. Loves the red ones.


i’ve read this three times now, and it still doesn’t make any sense…

Springbank 1965

Have you learned nothing or do you enjoy misreading situations?

Two words: Aaron Ramsey.

If Wenger thinks Sanogo’s good enough to be in the first team, then that’s where he deserves to be.


First time I saw Aaron was the Emirates Cup in his debut season with us . Immediately you could see the quality and even through his tough times following his injury and the drop in form, I still thought his effort was immense which is why it pissed me off when fans where on his case, groaning from the time his name was announced to every loose pass. I believed he would come good. Can’t see it with Sanogo at all. Sorry!

Seduce me, Arsene

The Arseblog comment section is quickly becoming like everywhere else; where anybody with anything remotely critical to say about any facet of the team or club is pilloried like he’s a Spud. Accept that people have different opinions than yourselves and none of us no much, if anything. You have to hear all the many points of view to create an informed opinion – or else you are just pigheaded. It’s not like this guy Crispy is picketing Sanogo’s house with a big “You’re a Massive Gobshite” banner – he’s just saying he doesn’t think he shows the signs of… Read more »


Indeed, I think I see potential in Sanogo but not everyone appreciates the same things as each other, I look at his impressive physicality, pace, workrate and the fact he’s getitng into good positions and see a player with potential…others concentrate on the misplaced passes, lack of goals and conclude he’ll never be able to improve on that.


@Seduce me, Arsene: You can be critical here a lot, but what you say needs to make sense. Especially when we are talking about a very raw player which pretty obviously have a lot of talent. And believe me, I won’t be thumbed down for saying that Sanogo is raw, needs a lot of work, and perhaps will never make it at the top level. (Needless to say, I hope he makes it, and that he will do it very quickly.) So if you, or anyone, come here and say you don’t see anything at the player, while virtually everyone… Read more »


@seduce me, arsene: funny how you decry others’ responses as intolerant, how differing opinions should be accepted, when you are unhappy other forummers are also expressing their opinions at your post.

Springbank 1965

@Seduce me, Arsene Few people know that Sanogo was France’s leading goalscorer in their U-20 World Cup win – where he arguably outshone Pogba, Digne and Thauvin. Or that he scored 10 goals in 13 appearances for Auxerre in 2012/13. @Crispy certainly doesn’t or he’d be more patient. @Crispy indeed has an opinion, but it’s not a rational one. It’s based on such a small sample and he should know better. But instead of knowing better not only does he go out of his way to ‘slag off’ one of ours he thinks himself more insightful than Wenger who sees… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

DR… Exactly! If you write off this player after a few games, when he’s still young, you are essentially ignoring Arsene Wenger’s ability as a coach. He develops players. You don’t start by developing finished articles, you start by developing young promising talents. Sanogo is currently being developed by Wenger, so writing him off now would be a bit short-sighted.

Desert Fox

Genuinely baffled as to how this got so many negative responses!


Sometimes I hate to admit it but wenger sees things most of us don’t see and he as proofed dat overtime with the likes of Song, Adebayor,Ramsey to say a few.
Any decision he makes I believe its for the good of the time


The way he transforms players is remarkable. People like Crusty Crispy just don’t see it, they all want instant success yet they will moan that we have no youngsters coming through.

This is the biggest problem in England. The pressure and fear of failure because of financial reasons is killing/killed the sport from a far deeper level.

Wenger has always given youth a chance, and alllowed a pathway for younger/reserve players to progress into the 1st team. To do that amongst the likes of Citeh and Chelski while battling for trophies…. he has some bottle.


Instant success? I’ve been a supporter since going to my first game in 75 so I’ve seen my share of shit times. I’m also an original AKB. I just have an opinion that Sanogo isn’t ready for the first team or at least should be used very sparingly instead of being used as starter against Bayern for example like last season. He’s not good enough now for sure and he may come good in the future but this is where opinion differs from many on here. At least it sparked a bit of debate but unlike you Chris Gooner I… Read more »


If you a have a cod eye you only see the middle 🙂

Gutbukket Deffrolla

…or the chips.


The more I listen to him, the more I realize Arsene knows so much about football. Revolutionary.


i think this particular wengerism/observation goes deeper than football…


Couldn’t agree more. Wenger is an excellent manager because he doesn’t think just as a manager. He understands human nature incredibly well. Besides the excellent and profound observations above, I also think that his advice to Ramsey (with the results we are now quite aware of) can very much be abstracted to a philosophy on life: “He went through a bad patch (…) I sat down with Aaron and I told him, ‘I don’t think people don’t like you, but they don’t like your game at the moment’. It was in his hands to change that. He had to come… Read more »


complement* although training and education are certainly worthy of compliments.

the only sam is nelson

“Oh, goals? Hungry for goals? Success? I thought he said Pizza. Or booze. I forget which.” – TGSTEL upon reading this piece


“You want people who are consistently driven, you want ones like dogs who always want more. We try to identify that and try to make them stars.”

thats why

In Arsene we trust

LosAngeles Gunner

He should better eye and find a Defensive midfield dog or we will have problems this season!


He is the Arsene Wenger, and there’s only one of his type

Chaillah the Gunner

why didn’t anyone of them ask Wenger if he remembered its Thursday today?


The first type of player is Messi, second type is Ronaldo, thrid type Flamini. I’m also the third type when I play. I’m not as good as the other players but I run like a dog, chase everything and give my all. When a better player acknowledges what I did, it makes everything worth it. Even if that doesn’t happen, I feel great that I gave it my all. Sign me up Arsene!

The Man Who Would Be Bling

Then there’s Carlos Tevez who literally looks like a dog. He gets you close to that dog like behaviour because he looks like a dog and absorbs their instincts because they trust those that look like them. Although, having seen a lovely dog walk past me, I think I would say Tevez is more of one of those Trollz that you got in the pink and green colours with the frizzy hair in the 90’s.


That’s just low mate

The Man who would be bling

I didn’t write that.

The Man who would be bling

Mystery solved. Left computer open to talk on the phone. Shared computer, very dumb flatmate.


Carlos Tevez is a mongrel dog, just the type of player I would like in my team instead of show ponies.
Not complaining, I just think our team would have won more games in the past with a pit bull like Tevez


“If you see a player who passes to the right all the
time because of that, then you put them on the left”. sczesny will make à fine left back in the near future. watchout gibbo!!!


he was actually passing the ball to Sagna if you hadn’t noticed because Sagna won nearly 100 percent of THOSE aerial duels (clearances from Szczczczezny to halfway line)
Gibbs (with all due respect) won’t win those

Nationality ? a Gunner

aaaaah. That would explain our interest in Suarez last summer.


Now that’s deep understanding of football. Impressive Le Professore

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!


People like you annoy me. You’ve accomplished absolutely nothing in football but yet you are quick to question people’s credibility. You can question Wenger and Sonogo all you want but they are living their dreams, you are on the internet questioning their credibility. Tell me who the loser is in that equation.


HCG…….WTF are you going on about. Yes Wenger is living a £8m year dream trying to make an awkward excuse for a footballer our next Henry? Do me a favour! Do you honestly believe with a choice of Giroud or Sanogo as only specialist strikers we have a chance in hell in winning the league because that’s what we’re really talking about here. Sure we have players who can fill in there but we shouldn’t have to. We’re cash rich and we need a top drawer striker. End of.


* Leaving this comment as a bookmark so I can come back in a couple of years and taunt you over Yaya’s 20+ goal season.

He's gotta hit the target from there (for me)

‘Amaury Bischoff was there, 24/7/14’t


Exactly what I just did, Yacine. I understand people having opinions. What you’re doing Crispy, is passing a damning indictment- that’s different. *An opinion:”I don’t think Sanogo has the talent to make it to the Arsenal first team. The jump in quality of performances required is just too large for him to make, in my opinion” *An absolutism:”Sanogo has absolutely no talent or potential and he’s never going to be up to Arsenal standards.” Thing is, it’s neither you, me or Blogs who decides what’s up to Arsenal standard. Heck, as much as we love The Arsenal, we don’t know… Read more »


Yacine…. I’ll take your taunts if you’re right. I would love to be proved wrong about Sanogo. What I struggle to comprehend is that we’re putting our faith in a ‘raw’ kid as our 2nd choice stiker. He should be our 4th/5th. If he was, I’d like to see him come off the bench in lesser fixtures. But he started in the CL against Bayern. Thats how thin our striker department is and it hasn’t been addressed (yet).


He’s our second choice ‘centre forward’, but really not 2nd choice ‘striker’. Sanchez/Walcott/Poldi are all ahaed of him; it’s disingenuous to imply that he’s the only guy we have who can do things up front. It may sound like a purely semantic disntinction to you, but there ARE different kinds of forwards, who fulfill different roles and have different characteristics, you take some of the nuance out of any discussion when you’re careless with how you describe things. For example, City only have Dzeko and Negredo to fulfill that role, United only really have Welbeck, Chelsea now have Costa but… Read more »

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

I’m not done with you Crispy, Wenger is addressing a business forum, filled with captains of industry. People who probably paid thousand to hear him speak. Do you see where I’m going with this?


Erm no. How dare I have an opinion.


By all means have an opinion, old chap, but if you come on a public comments section then you can expect to have it challenged. Especially if it’s as moronic as dismissing a player after only a handful of appearances.

Seduce me, Arsene

The irony when it is in fact Crispy who is challenging the populace opinion. He risks being cast the villain while others risk nothing, and yet berate him for disagreeing.


No one’s risking anything. This is an anonymous site; red arrows don’t mean anything other than people disagree. It’s hardly having one’s forehead branded or being tarred and feathered, and if you think no one can be negative around here, come on after a bad result, or for that matter stand outside the Emirates on a day like the Villa game on the first day of last season. But no one’s seen enough of young Master Sanogo yet to make a definitive judgement, and that’s where fellow gooners on this (usually) rational comments section disagree. It’s not as if he’s… Read more »


I wonder what kind of dog Thomas Eisfeld is…hmmm

Gutbukket Deffrolla



“synonymous with youth development”. Sounds revolutionary. Sounds a bit revisionist.

gooners n roses

What kind of dogs though specifically? Not chihuahua i suppose?

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Nationality? a Gunner!

Best! Screen name! Ever!


Yours isn’t half bad either 🙂

Blaise Hayes

The problem with Crispy and others like him isn’t their difference off opinion it’s the over the top personal insults and bull in a china shop manner of expressing themselves.

Perfect example:
“He’s the one with pictures of the boss covered in jelly, wearing a tutu and smoking bananas. I give you Sanogo as that’s the only reason I can think off he’s anywhere near the first team.”

An ass is still an ass even if they’re right.


How’s that a personal insult? Its a flippant attempt at humour. Lost on you as you jump on the thumb down and slam Chrispy bandwagon.

My original point and opinion , lost in all the vitriol is that I didn’t think Sanogo is good enough for the first team yet. I like to see young players coming through and I see more from the likes of Akprom for example than I do from Sanogo now, which is why I’m mystified he’s played as much as he has been.

It’s an opinion. That’s all.

Desert Fox

I am actually going through these and finding myself leaning more towards defending you, Crispy.

But then you just mis-spelt your name and I suddenly had visions of you angrily smacking the keys on your keyboard and so, I shall slip away to the shadows of the online chat room and leave you to fight this lonely fight.


When Arsene talks, I listen. So insightful. Boner time.


Suarez certainly possesses dog-like qualities! The way he tries to take a bite out of other players is just doggish.


Dont insult the dogs mate…


@blogs….i am pretty sure it wasn’t a dream….it was the bad preferential vision at work

Black Hei

Any truth to those Firmino rumours? Long days zero news.

Arsene's Wengerboyz

Arsene may have added the 3rd kind after working with TGSTEL.


According to you, in which of these 3 categories would you rank Ozil?

Highbury Clockhand

I think Arteta would be a labrador. Per would obviously be a german shepherd. Walcott would be a whippet. Ramsey a wolf, podolski a dachshund….wow, this is fun!

Merlin's Panini

Nah, Debuchy would be a Daschund. Podolski would be a boxer dog that’s way over-excitable and keeps running around and getting in the way, then sniffs your lap when you’re sitting down and dribbles all over your special area and you have to push him away because, as loveable as he is, you don’t want smelly dribble there.
Giroud would be a big poodle, Sanchez would be a bulldog, Wilshere would be some kind of terrier, Koscielny would be Santa’s Little Helper (just because he looks like oldskool Bart Simpson)…

Highbury Clockhand

Haha! That was brilliant, you’re way better at this than me, all of those were perfect! But what about Wenger? An Afghan hound?

Merlin's Panini

hmm… maybe he could be a little bit the Afghan hound. Yes. I think there might be something else even more Wengerish but I can’t put my finger on it right now.

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