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Ladies go first as Puma ties the knot with Arsenal (inc. promo vid)

Arsenal’s new £150 million kit deal with Puma came into effect at midnight with the club confirming that next season’s clobber will be available to purchase online from 11pm on 10th July.

The drip, drip, drip of information since news of the sponsorship arrangement broke 13 months ago ensures this latest development is hardly a surprise…we’ve done six stories about it on this site alone.

The designs for the home and away kits are common knowledge – the red version was even pictured on sale in China a couple of weeks back – while pictures of the training gear and other bits and bobs have also been floating around for some time.

Arsenal Ladies will have the honour of wearing a version of the new kit for the first time when they take on Chelsea in the FA WSL Continental Cup on 6 July. Given the figure-hugging Puma kits being worn at the ongoing World Cup we wouldn’t be surprised if Sepp Blatter turns up to officiate that match.

This evening (with heavy heart) Arseblog News plans to wash, iron, fold and vacuum pack all its Nike-branded Arsenal clothing before placing them in a safe that contains a JVC Adagio Dolby Surround Sound hi-fi, an Adidas 1992 bruised banana away kit, a Dreamcast console (replete with dial-up modem), a Sonic Adventure 2 cartridge and an unused packet of Jiffy condoms which are now out of date.

We urge you to do the same before swearing allegiance to our new German overlords.

Couple of promo vids below…

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PUMA…just do it!!

coat taken…


Only God knows how I’m going to look like in this new figure-hugging kit #abitscared


I’d need a team of firefighters to cut me out of it…

Little Dutch

Actually sounds like the Ladies are wearing a one off home kit for the Chelsea game, so it won’t be the official one.

Springbank 1965

Any reason why we can’t have the £150M in one go?

Up front?

In a generous act of good faith?

Or did Dick and Ivan not bother to ask?


Are you kidding!!!!?what would we do with all that money?


Pretty much the same reason I have no intention of paying my landlord 2 year’s rent up front I imagine.

Just incredible

New signings to be announced imminent now please. Pictures can be taken in new kits now

Ivan Drago

So about €60 for the new kit, and another few hundred on gym fees to fit into it


Seems I’ll be getting an XL


Hopefully now that Puma are official and the potential faux pas of new signings having only Nike gear for their photocalls has gone, the transfers can start coming in and all the doom and gloom merchants predicting another last day ‘panic buy’ can do one!


When are they releasing a kit for fat fans?

I don’t think I will be able to wear this kit. 🙁


Me too,the ladies will be all over me




Are the ladies kits also tight?

We're going to Wembley!

We all hope so!!



The only Olivier is Giroud

As a skinny bastard I can’t wait to put it on and doing a few Olivier Giroud goal celebrations in it. So what if I’m not as handsome as he is? I may also not have his hairstyle, accent or tribal tattoos, but whatever. I’m not nearly as muscular either but there’s no shame in…Argh fuck it, I’m just gonna put on some PaddyPower boxers and do a Bendtner.


Might see some signings now. Who’ll be the first newcomer to pose with it; maybe three or four signings together…….probably not tho


Our window is finally open expect at least 5 signings by midnight

Andy Mack

You’ll probably have to wait for the Mens 1st team Puma launch (10th july I think). but don’t expect much.


Sonic Adventure 2, what a fucking great game.

I like the new home kit, was never much of a fan of the navy sleeve stripe on our last Nike kit.


I, for one, welcome our new German overlords

Biff Baxter

I for one would like to see that Dutch lass model the new figure-huggy kit. I hear she’s well good at football.


So the new association with Puma begins in earnest. Hope this brings change in the club’s on pitch fortune. Few leagues and at least one champions league title please…Can’t come to terms with Chelsea being the only London club to win the tournament. Wake up Mr. Wenger and get some gold plated stars quickly. C’mon Arsenal!!


Where the fuck was Balotelli in the announcment pictures?!


Yankee Gooner

Alright, you lot: put down those bacon sandwiches and join me for 10,000 crunches! I plan to finish them in time for the Adidas kit launch in 2022.


Love the new home jersey and i can’t wait to see Alexis Sanchez terrorizing opposition defenders in it!


from those video…are our 2nd and 3rd kit white and black/grey respectively?


Maybe I could ask my Nan to knit the team a new kit… hang on , I can’t, she’s dead.


I feel bad for laughing :/

Joe Starkey

I’m so excited I might puma pants


This is very clever, well done 🙂

Merlin's Panini

I like this kit a lot. If the yellow one is the one I’ve seen bandied about recently then I like that one even more!
Good start from Puma. Nike have been really hit and miss, in fact I’ve only liked about five or six kits they’ve made out of 39!
1996-98 home
2000-2002 home
2008-9 away (yellow)
2010-11 home
2011-12 home
2013-14 away (yellow)

Those are all the best ones. Some of the others made us look like Ajax or, even worse, Charlton at times.


Joe Starkey you have made me laugh out loud sir.

Belfast Gooner

From some ofthe pictures I have seen, and from what I make out in this one, the kits have a foil badge, not emrbroderd, like the Nike kits. Think Il stick to my Arsenal Home 10/11, Away 08/09 and Away 11/12 as they look similar, or at least have the same colours to the 3 new kits anyway!


Balls to the sticky on badge though.
We are class. It should, no must be embroidered.


Form-fitting does not work too well for me, those 10,000 crunches might be what it takes to shoehorn me into this kit. For now my 98/99 (home) 02/03 (home) and 08/09 (away, yellow) will have to do!

Who the F**k are Sp*rs?

I like the white one, very smart even though it looks a little, dare i say, sp*rsish.


what happened the red lip on the sleeve, was nice. bring it back.


To bad Liverpool didn’t wear Puma in the early nineties, remember Jan Mölby? That would have been hysterical.

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