Thursday, June 13, 2024

Report: Ospina’s gonna be a Gooner

According to French regional Nice Matin, Arsenal have agreed a €4 million fee with Ligue 1 side Nice for Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina.

The 25-year-old, who starred for his country at this summer’s World Cup, is out of contract next year at the Allianz Riviera and favours a switch to North Londn above offers from Valencia and a club in Mexico.

On Saturday Arsene Wenger reaffirmed his intention to bring in new blood between the sticks after watching Wojciech Szczesny and Damien Martinez play 45 minutes each in the friendly victory over Boreham Wood.

After a week of rumours, it’s thought that negotiations with all parties are advanced and that the deal could be done before Arsenal set off for the USA later in the week. That’s not to say Ospina will take part in the New York jaunt, he’s still on his holidays following his exploits in Brazil.

A drop in the poo-ometer is in order.



UPDATE (11.35am GMT) – Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivère spoke to French radio last night (Le Parisien link here) about talks with Arsenal. “There is no agreement yet but we’re not far,” he’s quoted as saying. 

It looks as though this could be done sooner rather than later. 

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Good signing!don’t really know much about the man but Woj always responds well to competition so it can only be a positive!


He’s honestly a very good player from what I’ve seen. Arguably the best possible option, for peanuts on a lengthy contract too. Can’t really complain.
I think he will threaten Szczesny even more than Fabianski did and that’s going to be good for Arsenal.


I’m not so sure. A French friend of mine says he is more than capable of calamity, albeit being a good shot stopper, he is known for rash and poor decision making. He’ll fit in nicely then!

Merlin's Panini

To be fair, there aren’t many goalkeepers that don’t make barmy decisions, especially in their early- mid 20’s. At 25 he’ll only get better and wiser, as will Szczesny.
I would still expect Szczesny to be number one this season, quite comfortably. Golden glove last season (albeit joint with Cech) says a lot.

Santi Claws

Signed this guy once on FM. He was a top notch Cup keeper till I formed this defense that was tighter than a nun’s crack and I decided to play them all in all matches all season because they were just bossing it and Wojciech turned into an utter menace in goal and then Opsina got grumpy and asked to be transferred. I rejected his request because I’m not that kind of manager, I’m not about to give in to my players’ outrageous demands, fuck that, they’ll do what I tell them to do, ain’t no pre-programmed cuntbucket gonna tell… Read more »

Miyazaki fan

Pete? Is that you?

Merlin's Panini

That truly was a gripping tale and a great example for all managers. Congratulations on your wonderful career. 🙂


hilarious comment…

Definitely the perfect replacement for Fabiabski…Plus adds needed competition and experience in between the sticks…#Coy#


Goalie Moley

Trex d' Gunner

Competition is the name of the game baby. Another master stroke by Arsene, he is cheap and a wonderful shot stopper. There shouldn’t be any complacency from Woj, cause he could easily lose his spot to Ospina


No diarrhoea today; this story checks out. Me gusta.

I don't comment here often

Lovely transfer poo


Guess him touching his Arse in the picture was a sign after all. 😉


Thiago. ombre? u have heart in arse?
Ospina. yes right here


Alexander Frey must be fuming

Merlin's Panini

Do you mean the goalkeeper Sebastian Frey?

Or the retired Swiss midfielder Alexander Frei?

Or Alexander Frey the composer?

Bould's Eyeliner

wiki wakka


Good healthy compitition for Woj can’t be bad. Looking forward to next season


He’s first choice for his country and he’s 25 so I don’t expect him to come over for an all expense paid holiday in London (ahem..viviano..ahem). The fight for the no.1 goalkeeper spot will be a fantastic contest on its own. This is great stuff, given the fact that we had a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich not too long ago. UTA

Merlin's Panini

Who was the giant douche and who was the turd sandwich? Please explain.
(love that South Park episode by the way)


I assume he means Fabianski and Almunia and I assume what he really means is two mediocre options.

Merlin's Panini

bit harsh on Fabianski.
Ok, he was pretty bloody dodgy at the start, that Porto game sticks in the mind, but looking back over the last couple of years I can forgive him that because he was superb when called upon.
I think he could’ve been a much better option than Almunia if he was given more time to get that out of his system earlier.

Black Hei

Yeah, he looks already injured in the photos. That is a sign of a gunner.


That was against Brazil in the World Cup. He took a fucking battering in that match, if memory serves.

Black Hei

In other words, he literally got his arsed kicked.


Haven’t seen much of him but from what I have seen he looks decent enough.


Good signing. Hope he gets more chances than Fabianski. Wenger being more ruthless which is positive.

happy gunner

Now fingers crossed nobody gets injured. All we need is a cb (or two if verminator leaves) and a defensive midfielder.

I have a feeling arsene’s been having the same food as the Germans… Talk about efficiency.


2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

For the first time since Seeman… an Arsenal goalkeeper whose name I can spell!

Neddy Boo Boo

Is this ironic ? it was David SeAman not David Seeman… LOL

Guess Seaman also goes into the list of goalies u cant spell 🙂

the fonz


Wenger's underpants

Don’t worry, I sea what you did there.


I Always thought it was awesome having a Keeper called Seaman, who kept a lot of clean sheets…

(My Taxi is outside)


I hope wozcek doesn’t do a Casillas

Merlin's Panini

What do you mean?


Win a shit-ton of trophies with a team full of brilliant pkayers, I assume.

Personally, I’m onboard with him ‘doing a Casillas’….

Ian Chindolo

Its arsenal forever . We need good signings this season so that we can be on top of the leaque…

Merlin's Panini

yeah, that pipe ain’t gonna fix itself. Ospina looks like he could use a spanner.

murray's whale ale

Love the fact that despite signing blockbusters like Alexis and Ozil, Wenger still has a keen eye for bargain buys like Ospina. Fantastic value, Arsenal till I die!


Erm.. seeman?



Diawara, Kaba

A keeper in a different mold too, smaller and better reflexes.Makes for a good mix.
on a side note, i really wish we splash that cash and get Carvalho.A commanding midfield presence and center back are probably the only two things between us and premiership glory.
I cant remember being this excited in a very long time.

Merlin's Panini

I know nothing of Carvalho other than that he’s Portuguese. Who was our last Portuguese player by the way?

Hihbury Clockhand

Wasn’t he actually from France? All I remember about him was he was rather tubby looking and had a prominent widow’s peak, and that he didn’t play enough for me to remember him properly. What kit number was he?

Merlin's Panini

France U18, Portugal U21. Portuguese mother, French father but born in France. So he’s both really. I think he was maybe number 28, which I guess Gibbs took after him.

If we’re going purely Portuguese though I guess we go back to, who, Boa Morte?
Not a good track record really is it?

Highbury Clockhand

Apparently he now plays in the 3rd German division. At least on his CV he’ll have ‘Played for Arsenal’. I had ‘Top scorer 2004/05 for Rumpus Bros Lumber’ on my school application, I thought it sounded kind of badass.

Zim Gunner

We now basically have nailed down 3 signings before august. Whatever am I going to do on Deadline day.

Black Hei

1. Get all the new signings on a swanky Puma shirt.

2. Wear the shirt and parade yourself around the neighbourhood

3. Listen in horror as your mate tells you that Wenger just signed Cavani

4. Burn the shirt.

5. Buy a new shirt with All the new signings.

Sincerely PumaStaff

Mark Gill

ZIM.I’m sure we will be watching as AW always signs a last min deal for someone I love transfer ddeadline day just hope its that DM from sp lisbon


Yeah man.. What’re we gonna do 🙁

Mark Gill

Arsenal forever good or bad we are the best that’s for sure


Thank God its not Almunia…gone are those days. I like the smell of London.



Merlin's Panini

Perhaps now would be a good time to try to tie Theo down to a longer contract? Seeing as he “signed da ting” for only 3 and a half years a year and a half ago, which, in my opinion was fairly non-committal, it might be the right time to offer a new one. There’s a good feeling around the club, he’s injured and he only has two years left.


he is a good replacement for Fabiansky. Szczeny needs to work hard to take thr goal poles.


Good signing again. That’s very ‘osp’cious for Arsenal!!!

Al Gilmore

Good signing. Nipped in to get him before the england cricket team. They need an Ospina too since Swann retired.

I’m here all week. 😀

Black Hei

Whoops, BBC just reported that Khedira deal is off.


Was that ever ON???

el bahja

In other words John terry is a cunt

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

Thumb up 5 Thumb down 2

HAHAHAHA. I hope it stays that way.


I’ve decided I’m thumbing this comment up every time it’s made just to further irritate John Terry & Jose who are obviously the two who always thumb it down.

Nepalese Gooner

Third signing before deadline day, what are we smoking??


we a smoking good fortune n rewards for being patient for NINE YRS


Ladies…would he pass the fit test?


Can’t really tell from this picture in which he’s making a constipation face. I’ll do a Google search later. 🙂

Gbenga Ogunbule

well…can’t comment on this guy cos have never see him play once(bar the worldcup). With what I see in the worldcup I did rather go for the Nigerian goalkeeper. He is brave, compose, mature, one of the best one on one stopper in the world if not the best, knows how to do commend his area, and also he was the best goalkeeper in the LIGUE1 last season keeping 22 clean sheets which was the highest in all the 5 major leagues in europe


he’s not a teenager and he’s not unproven. £24m bid lodged for a beast of a DM. I do not know where I am anymore.


This ospina dude is a great signing and a bargain at £3million. we’re gonna whoop everybody next season!

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

The Brazil number 9: FRED.
I still can’t believe it.

I’d take Fred over Soldado.


That’s like having to choose between constipation and diahorrea.

sam gooner

I wonder where the Wenger out guys are




4m quid for a 25 year old of this calibre. Surely not in this day and age. It’s literally unbelievable.

It’d be another classic Arsene signing.


or Joel Campbell.

Who would think he would be one of the star performers at the world cup.;)

Dick law anyone?

Where MVila or Wanyama or Gustavo? where mitrogolou?


Good. DM next please. After that cover at centre-half.


Cback first. Dm can wait till next summer or Jan earliest. Arteta provides familiarity to the Meterscielny axis. With Debuchy coming in, there is wisdom in continuity (Unless you like Spurs) Flamini is an able back up as is LANS Diaby. Miquel should take the 4th spot Cback and Hayden should go out on loan this time. Maybe the thrid choice Cback coming in can also act as an emergency DM. or wenger could convert someone who can play DM into a Cback. We need someone after all that is a mix of Koscielny’s speed and Metersecker’s height. prefrably on… Read more »


In 2015 news…Ospina’s draw pulls in his long-time friend, James Rodriguez…

Could it be, the way we’ve been doing business this summer is inspiring…optimism?!


I like your optimism but I would classify that under delusion at the moment. Much as I too would like it to happen… 25 man squad + say (5 youth players) Gk – Szsc, Ospina, (Martinez) RB – Debuchy, Jenkinson, (Bellerin) LB – Gibbs, Monreal CB – Per, Koscielny, new bloke, Miquel DM – Arteta, Flamini, Diaby CM – Ramsey, Jack, (Zelalem) AM – Ozil, Santi, Rosicky RW – Sanchez, Walcott, (Gnabry) LW – Podolski, Chamberlain CF – Giroud, sanogo, Campbell That’s practically 3 players per position. Interesting to note that 22 out of 30 players here are from UK,… Read more »


We have an incredibly balanced squad otherwise and one with a good mix of future youth and current experience.

the media of course are commonly blind to these sort of facts.


Note to self: Never ever try to make jokes on the internet.


Great if the deal goes through.
Now we only need a dm. Khedira, Bender or Schneiderlin anyone will do.
N if The Verminator leaves another cb of course.
We are good for the title.
Kos. Per. Deb. Gibbs.
Ramsey. Ozil.
Sanchez. Giroud. Walcott.
Subs – Jack. Ox. Poldi. Santi. Omg does the bench look stronger? Lol.

cavani's pot dealer

Just wait for one more big surprise.


So we’ve replaced a keeper and RB who left by spending 0 thanks to Vela and Cesc transfers. Arsene really is a stud in economics

Gooner in the pilbara

Soo much good feeling
Light hearted banter,no wankers screaming for wenger’s head


Looks like Wenger did go to south America for a bi of shopping after all contrary to what he likes to put out to the press that he normally follows mainly club form. So we have Debuchy who played for France and kept Sagna out. Ospina who had a good showing for Colombia Sanchez enough said And Campbell who led the line well for a truth be told over achieving Costa Rican side and who is only 22. He also has good club form to boot BTW. What’s next? We need a Cback. I hear United are interested in Hummels… Read more »


I’ve only one thing to say….

John Terry is a cunt!

Best regards

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