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Suitors line up for Jenkinson loan

Carl Jenkinson appears to be edging closer to a year-long loan move with a number of Premier League clubs eager to offer him first team playing time this season.

The 22-year-old has repeatedly asserted his desire to inherit the right-back role from the departed Bacary Sagna, however, with Arsene Wenger adding Mathieu Debuchy’s experience and Calum Chambers’ youthful versatility the ex-Charlton man doesn’t look like moving up the pecking order in the near future.

West Ham United, Swansea City and Newcastle United have all been tipped as possible destinations while Hull City manager, Steve Bruce, confirmed this weekend that he has already made an approach for the England international.

“I had a conversation with Arsenal about four or five weeks ago to see if it [a loan] was possible,” he told Sky Sports. “And apparently so, it might be. We’ll look at that situation but we haven’t had confirmation from Arsenal.”

Jenkinson moved to the Emirates from Charlton in 2011 and was rewarded for his promising progress with a new long-term deal which he signed alongside fellow Brits Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieran Gibbs in December 2012.

He’s made 57 appearances for the Gunners and memorably scored his first goal for the club last season away at Norwich. A boyhood Gooner he’ll be hoping he can up his game wherever he plays this season in the hope of securing his long-term future in N5.

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Joel Campbell's gurn.

So torn about him. I remember against Chavski in the league cup he was horrible. Yet against Bayern he was sublime. I so so want him to make the grade. Fan favourite for sure


Don’t forget the draw a couple seasons ago with Citeh. He maybe hasn’t got the technical level, but the boy is a potential powerhouse.



Always said he was never good enough for us and now the signings of debuchy and a younger chambers from Arsene seems to confirm that.

About good games even Heskey has those

ramsey's spirit

Categorically disagree with you. Jenkinson can be good enough, and a loan will help, good luck to him and i hope he proves you wrong. Backing Arsene in this 1


It’s almost like he’s a young player who doesn’t have much top level experience!

The trick is to know which is the abberation and which is the ‘true’ player, the good performances or the bad ones; I tend to think that it’s easier for a good player to have a bad performance than vice-versa.


I have a different reading of the situation, it looks to me Chambers is a long-term prospect at centre-half. He’ll be covering this season at right back while Jenkinson gets a season under his belt of regular football to develop the experience needed as a top-flight defender. He’s got a great engine, and can definitely cross (when he concentrates!).

Of course, if this turns out to be a permanent deal then I’ll be both wrong and upset…


Jenko MUST go on loan. It’s for his own good to play week in, week out in the premiership. Wherever he go I hope he would have a great season, and play blinders against the title pretenders. After a year of fixtures tucked firmly under his belt, he would be more than welcomed home to challenge for the RB berth.


I don’t feel sorry for Jenko if he leaves(loan or sold). He’s lived the dream. Played for Arsenal. Scored for Arsenal. Won against spurs. Won the FA cup. And become a good enough right back for many premier league clubs.
Hopefully he will continue to develop and have a future at arsenal.

remember the invincibles

I would feel sorry for him, because he’s come so close. I’m sure he isn’t satisfied about having only played a handful of games for this club. If there’s one thing I wouldn’t doubt about Jenks, its that he wants to become an Arsenal legend in every sense of the word and is willing to work for it. I would be heart-broken for him if he didn’t make it, but I’m sure he’ll find solace in the realization that he achieved what so many haven’t 🙂 Personally think he’s going to get better and better and that he does have… Read more »


Loan would be the best thing for him. And I really like Steve Bruce and his big head for some reason, hope he ends up there for a season playing week in week out.


There’s a head behind that planetary gut?


Something has to support that thing that approximates as a nose.


For the better benefit

Amaury Bischoff

Carl Hoyte/Justin Jenkinson. Deja vu


Chambers will definetly be CB or CDM for Arsenal, calum is in no way threatening Jenkinson. However bellerin or even Manguillo are future competitor to Jenkinson


Not good enough for Arsenal IMO

Gary Baldy

I think you have missed out the word ‘ yet ‘ from that sentence. There is no reason he can’t come back better. How he progresses is down to him. He doesn’t have to have silky skills, all he needs are four things :- 1) Solid defensive qualities 2) A good engine to get forward when needed 3) Crossing ability 4) A player ahead of him on the [right] wing who is prepared to offer him some protection by doing their share of the defending. Good luck, Jenko ! I hope to see you back in an Arsenal shirt soon,… Read more »


Let’s hope The Corporal gets good loan experience and comes back a superstar who is good enough.

Amaury Bischoff

No disrespect to Justin, we were friends, we trained hard together but we didn’t make the grade. Anyone want to skype me?


Would like to see him go out on loan for the experience and come back to challenge for RB. Chambers to be one for the CB position in the future – ideal situation for me. Don’t want to see Jenko go tbh

ramsey's spirit

I agree but i must add, i think it is very important that the loan be in the premier league, preferably to a club without a 1st choice right back of any ability

Edu's Braces

He’s the sort who could really benefit. He’s never had a full season and it would do him wonders to iron out those moments he has, just make sure wherever he goes he’ll be first choice and dont let him near toxic Newcastle


I mean, if an inexperienced 19-year old comes in and makes them send you, a 22-year old, out on loan; it really says a lot.

Joel Campbell's gurn.

Or it affords an opportunity to get regular week in week out playing time so next year, when Debuchy is 30 Jenks can really challenge. I really agree with the idea that Chambers is a utilty player and not a direct replacement for Jenkinson. This is Jenkinson’s real chance. 3 years time, when he is 25 he’ll be our #2


Just because you can form words and put them together doesn’t mean they need to make sense!

Maybe Jenkinson is not confidence inspiring enough to be number one (with a even younger backup) and he is too good to be a bench warmer. Enter Debuchy as number 1 and with Chambers coming in, there is the possibility of giving game time to Jenkisnson, to actually make a smart and informed decision.

Not a knee jerk reaction, akin to which would have seen Ramsey sold for a pittance to the first bidder. Perspective… most on this site have it… you don’t.

Joel Campbell's gurn.

I literally have no idea what you just said. Ironic given “Just because you can form words and put them together doesn’t mean they need to make sense!”

1) Jenks insn’t confidence inspiring
2) too good to be a bench warmer
3)Debuchy is #1 and Chambers coming in means ‘there is the possibility of giving game time to Jenkinson, to actually make a smart and informed decision.’

I seem to be missing something here…

Joel Campbell's gurn.

AAAAAHHHH! I retract my previous statement, I thought you were arguing against my comment but suggesting something similar. You’re arguing with the original – apologies!


The experience will make him an even better player. He has the raw attributes to be a great right back for Arsenal.

All real Gooners want to see him do well at the club. For those of us who will never play for The Arsenal we live our dreams through players like him.


Would really like to see him go somewhere where he gets to play week in week out. I thought whenever he got a few back to back games he was improving noticeably game by game.

Crucial that he goes somewhere where he’ll be first choice though.


It this point in time he is not good enough. He can make it at Arsenal but he most not give up. I don’t think he will develop the skill of Bellerin but he can be developed into a Sagna type player.


Heh, some people didn’t take the time to read the comment properly. He isn’t actually bashing Jenkinson.


If Arsenal get a call back option should Debuchy suffer a long term injury it makes alot of sense sending him out on loan.

If i was Jenko I’d go to Wolves. if they get into the UEFA group stage they will play alot of games.

TR7 > CR7

Do you mean Hull? … And the Europa League? … In which case that’s actually a good point.


Swansea would be a good team if their interest is real, considering the way they play. Hull have Steve on the other hand and he has always had an interest for ou younger lad it seems.

So if Jenks need help choosing I would say either Swansea or Hull. He’s a fan favourite however and will be missed if he leave. Feels like the Justin Hoyte-gate all over again. Big heart just not good enough according to Wenger and co.

i want to boff bendtner and I'm not even gay

I can’t quite see what Carl has done wrong while he’s been there. It wasn’t that long ago he was picked in an England squad. Maybe the plan is to make sure he gets game time, but you never know what that Muppet Wenger is thinking loll


Don’t worry guys, I’ll be back before you know it. Anywhere except stoke will do!


I maybe would have preferred a proven signing but part of the reason i support Arsenal is that Arsene Wenger gambles on youth and i do hope that is pays off and we have a good player that’s also versatile



sam gooner

Its not such a big gamble. He has been quite good. Besides Debuchy has a good history with injuries. Feel for Southampton, What would happen to the world when all the saints are going.

Gary Baldy

As an aside, will they have to change their song to; ‘ Oh when the Saints, have gone marching out [ to other clubs ] Oh when the Saints, have gone marching out [ to other clubs ] There’s going to be plenty of left over squad numbers, Oh when the Saints, have gone marching out [ to other clubs ] . . . ‘ Okay, it’s a little harsh and I have nothing against Southampton, and it doesn’t really scan either, but I had to share or it would have been in my head for at least all of… Read more »


I hope he doesn’t go permanently, but his positioning was always a little suspect.

Kanu's big toe

Gotta love Jenks! I hope he does really well if he goes out on loan and comes back to Arsenal a far maturer and consistent player. Would love to see him in the first team taking out Sp*rs season after season.


Please let it be loan and not permanent. Have seen enough of him to know he is good enough. See you in a year Corporal Jenks.


He really needs games. I hope its at Swansea or Hull City, teams that play some sort of football. Guy is the best crosser apart from Ozil and has so much stamina. Really hope he can come on!


As far as crossing goes, I’d put Poldi ahead of him too.


Let’s be honest. We love him because he’s a gooner but, if Wenger’s going to loan him out at the age of 22, then the writing’s on the wall for him. Investing £16m on a younger right back doesn’t bode well (obviously) and anyone here saying Chambers will be a DM or CB are full of shit frankly, because he’s played as a RB for the majority of his (short) career. For those Arsenal fans here who have been following the team for a long time, you know how Wenger is with players. He wouldn’t buy two right backs in… Read more »


You do realise that because he has played at RB so far, it doesn’t mean that’s where he will now play forever.

Have you heard of a couple of players called Thierry Henry and Lauren? They did not play Centre Forward or Right Back when they arrived, yet both flourished in those positions under Wenger.


Calm down, mate. Wenger said part of his high price was because of his versatility, and the infamous ‘English premium’. And maybe the reason he’s played mostly at RB is because Lovren, Fonté, Hooiveld and Yoshida were ahead of him at CB, and Schneiderlin and Wanyama at DM at Southampton (which could be because of his age). Also, it seems he plays mainly at CB for England u19.

For all those reasons, I don’t think Chambers’ arrival means the end for Jenkinson.


How about we bring in Chambers and then just.. keep the other defenders? Eh? With our injury record, they’ll all get some playing time anyway. It’s not as if we have loads of options back there.


Hoping for a loan to West Ham, proper team and he’s still in London. His heart is red and white and I think and hope we will se him back at the Emirates soon. Good luck Jenks!


This is master-stroke from Arsene. Debuchy turns 29 today..so he has at least 2 good seasons in him with some resale value. Plus Chambers gives us that cover at RB/CB. Sending Jenko on loan will give him that much coveted playing time and he’ll be ready to be the 1st choice RB in a year or two (Premier League ready). Also, since Jenko is 22..that will free up a space in our 25 man squad. While Chambers being only 19, can continue to be in the 1st team, without taking a spot in the 25 man squad list.

Msian Gooner

I don’t think this is the end of Jenko’s career at Arsenal. Don’t be surprised if Arsenal refuse to put a selling price in the loan deal. I think this is simply a case of = 1) Giving Jenkinson regular game time ala Alex Song and Wilshere. I think AW likes to call these loans “finishing school” where you polish rough diamonds. 2) Guaranteeing Chambers any playing time at all. As backup CB, he’ll have very very limited game time. As backup CB and RB, he’ll be a vital part of rotation. I agree with those who say that a… Read more »

Arsene's Wengerboyz

Hopefull he’ll come back and give the 30year old Debuchy a run for his money next season.


Ospina gets #13.


Jenks represent a value sorely lacking (and rare) in football these days – playing on the pitch first and foremost for the love of the badge. I love Jenks simply because of that. The very same reasons I loved Tony Adams. I see those values so strong in Szczesny, Giroud, Rosicky, Gibbs, Ramsey and Jack – but the fact that Jenks is literally red/white blooded. Getting Callum to me is a long term plan for the boss to eliminate the need to grind BFG playing every single game throughout the seasons. Yes being a CB is what I think Callum… Read more »


First paragraph says it all perfectly.

Ideally would like him to stay, get some games in the cups or from the bench but I could live with a loan.

Would be proper cheesed off if a permanent move materialised.

Perry S.

in other news, Remy has failed his medical with ‘pool. he had some sort of heart issue when he was transferring from Marseille, but eventually moved. I think the Arse would be wise to try to negotiate something with his camp because I’m sure his wage demands will drop now. honestly, he played last season and scored 14 goals and played in the WC with Les Bleus…his health shouldn’t be a massive concern. probably a technicality and with ‘pool disparate for a good striker, they won’t take any risks. we can afford the very minor risk (whatever it is and… Read more »

ramsey's spirit

I’d personally take a punt on him, it depends on what you di with campbel sanogo and akpom, not that im suggesting any are as good as remey, but i’d want atleast 2 of those loaned out to teams where they would have decent enough supply and game time; maybe offer them for free even on loan to some of the new clubs promoted to premier league just to have a chance of cutting it, though i am a little loan happy personally. id farm out half our youth squads to the premier league strugglers and see which survive but… Read more »


We can’t loan out Campbell right now, he has 12 months on his contract so either sell him for a good profit or get him to sign a new contract.


Didn’t Kanu have a heart defect? He turned out pretty good.

kim kallstrom

Last time the corporal had a run of games he ended up playing for England so I’m definitely excited to see him play reguarly, even if isn’t for Arsenal

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

I do hope Jenks returns to Arsenal in 2015-2016 with more experience, higher confidence, better heading skills, and an improved goal celebration!


Jenko shouldn’t be going anywhere. Why did we collapse (yet again!) last season? Because we didn’t have strength in depth, and Wenger didn’t rotate the players enough. There’s no reason why Carl shouldn’t play 20 games, including sub appearances, this coming season. If we go deep into the FA and League Cups then there’ll be plenty of opportunities for him to get games. And I can’t see why he couldn’t get a game against the likes of Burnley, Leicester and QPR. Carl is decent but not great, but every club has players like him. And if Debuchey or Chambers get… Read more »


“Carl is decent but not great”.

If he is ever going to become great he is going to have to play more than 20 games a season (a generous number especially if Chambers plays as backup right back this year).

A loan spell can only be good for Jenks, as long as he get the regular games he needs.


Chambers can also play at centre-half. And that’s his best position.

Springbank 1965

By his own admission even he doesn’t yet know what his best position is.

Perhaps you could tell him and save him some time?

Springbank 1965

Remember we’ve also got Bellerin and Flamini who can play that position.

Jenkinson needs to improve and he won’t unless he plays regularly. That’s not going to happen behind Debuchy and possibly Chambers.

The thing about playing in the cups is (a) if we want to win them we need to field a strong team and (b) the opposition is usually weaker than us simply because we’re Arsenal. So, Jenks needs to be competitive at the highest possible level.

Which is why a loan move is the right move right now.


I think he’d be getting more time if he was French.


Said it when our interest in Chambers was reported and I’ll say it again now, I think is a great move for Jenkinson, Chambers AND Arsenal. It means that Arsenal have a great young right back to cover for Debuchy, as well as at CB and CDM potentially. It also means that Jenkinson, who hasn’t gotten the game time you’d expect of a 22 year old (due to his incredibly early move to Arsenal), finally gets a chance to go out and play regular football and hone his craft, before coming back to the club in a year or 2… Read more »


I’ve always been a fan of Jenko and thought he could replace Sagna. However, having watched that NY Red Bulls game, Bellerin put in a WAY better performance. Solid at back and tried to get forward and be creative. Jenko just looks frightened when in possession. Send him on loan and hopefully he can come back in 12 months as a real contender for first team.

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