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Community Shield to feature vanishing spray

Vanishing spray. Sounds great.

Spray it on somebody or something and it vanishes. However, that’s just the vanishing spray of our dreams.

Instead, the Community Shield against Man City on Sunday at Wembley will be the first game in English football to feature what is, essentially, a can of shaving foam for the referee to draw lines on the pitch with.

Speaking about the development, FA general secretary Alex Horne said, “It’s great that vanishing spray will be used for the first time in England.

“All the select list referees have been at St George’s Park for tests with the spray and I am sure they will look forward to using it this season.”

In seriousness, it is a good idea, but even with the spray during the World Cup, some referees struggled to keep the wall the requisite distance from a free kick taker.

Let’s hope the FA’s men do better.

And then they can all have a foam party together ….



Sorry, we just thought of Phil Dowd and Lee Probert at a foam party.

We’ll be back in a – bleeeeeeuuurrgggggh

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How will this work in the snow?

Flamini's Phlegm

Really? Thought it makes more sense to just draw a line in the snow.

Third Plebeian

Oh great. So on top of that picture, I now have to visualize Lee Probert peeing in the snow.


More importantly: How will it handle a cold Tuesday night in Stoke?


Hopefully next season they’ll implement Correct-player-indentification-spray.

Or I’ll settle for a pair of working eyes.


Good news. It actually worked fairly well in the world cup, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work in the league.

Gooner Canuck

Rain / sleet?


This is off topic so i apologize in advance.. I read that Bayern Munich lost a game in Portland against an MLS All Star team but i can’t help noticing the names on the Bayern’s teamsheet, Schweinsteiger, Neuer, Lahm and Muller… why do Arsenal have to wait until after the start of the Premiership to have their German players back ?


Ha ok my mistake but it only gives them 5 days to train with the team before the start of the premiership. Bayern’s world cup stars will have a better pre season than ours though.. I’m just worried that the lads will struggle with form for a while.


Bayern’s players get a chance to recover mid season (winter break) wheras ours don’t, making rest time in the summer more important for Mesut and co than for Bayern’s players


seems to me like all those players had a winter break and WILL HAVE another winter break later this year unlike the Arsenal world cup winners


The FA require us to give the players 4 weeks off also.


Since the 4 weeks holiday rule is enforced by FIFA (if I’m correct), the only possible explanation is that they voluntarily came back earlier.


The German, Brazilian and Dutch players of Munich were back with the team just in time for the game, probably for marketing and contractual reasons. They didn’t get much training before the game and played a bit part role. If Arsenal had been playing the MLS All Star Game, it would probably have been the same.


I happened to be at the All Star game. It was great fun all in all, but the German champs came on for an obligatory cameo for 10 minutes at the end, really for nothing more than commercial purposes. On a somewhat related side note, I got to see Henry play for the first time in my life with the All Stars. What an absolute pleasure. Every single touch just oozed pure class. I’m so envious of all you Brits who got to see him play week in week out while he was in his prime. Plus the excellent standing… Read more »

gunnersaurus is my dad

I can’t wait until the ref has a breakdown and starts drawing foam willies everywhere!


Hmmm the league isnt the world cup, each team has 38 matches well the will try


If we spray Jose Mourinho, will he finally just fuck off and vanish!?

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not A.song

Couldn’t agree with you more. only that Maureen will be afar. should start on field with John Terry.

Rocky Road

The refs drove me crazy in the World Cup with their waiting for the wall to retreat before they drew the line. Just fucking spray the line and tell the cunts to get behind it already!

Gooner Canuck


“What line?”


AS17 is for A.Sanchez not A.song

atlast. something from arseblog news. two days without was draining my arsenal blood out


My favourite sports breakdown was Richie Tenenbaum removing shoes and socks during a tennis match.
I think Roger East drawing dissappearing willies on the ground could potentially top that


Any chance of vanishing spray being given to linesmen too so they can mark where a throw is meant to be taken from? I’m getting increasingly fed up with teams (especially those with long throw merchants) taking throw ins from 20 yards further up the pitch from where the ball went out.

realserious gonner

Refs going to piss a line at 10 yards on snow days

Was Born a Gooner

If the vanishing spray can really make players vanish, I really wish that reffree (Chris Foy or so) who acknoledges Chelsea’s zero intent to attack the ball and issues out red cards against them like greeting cards would spray it on Jose Mourinho for too much complaining on the sideline (He’s a football plague) and when Cunt Terry protests he sprays it on his D**k and makes it vanish, leaving a hole there to confirm the actual “Cunt” that he is…


How long until some company starts to brand the vanishing sprays….

Also how does this stop the inept ones among the refs (of which there is a majority) from awarding ManUre and Chelshit phantom penalties and free-kicks?

Springbank 1965

Whoever came up with the so-missing-the-point term ‘vanishing spray’ is a grade A thicko dickhead.

It wasn’t Michael Owen by any chance?

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