Sunday, April 21, 2024

Arsenal 1-1 Man City [4-1 on penalties] – player ratings

Arsenal won the Community Shield this afternoon, after a late Leandro Trossard equaliser took the game to a penalty shoot out.

Ours were good, their were poor, and Aaron Ramsdale made a big save too. Will this be the kind of win we can use to break down the psychological barrier we’ve had with City? Let’s hope so.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Arsenal 1-1 Man City [4-1 on penalties] report and see the goals here 

Arsenal 1-1 Man City [4-1 on penalties] – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Pat Rice and Beans

‘Made some good saves, the one from Foden* in particular was excellent’

Petit's Handbag

The save from Rodri was the header from the corner just after that chance. Think the save from Rodri was better.


That header was from Stones.


Yeah the one from Foden just hit him, you can say he got his positioning right but I think it was bad from Foden more than anything. For me from a proactive standpoint the Rodri one was a better save.

Skinny Ricki

Lovely day. Our squad depth is getting really serious – lots of great options, and we’re going to need them. COYG!

Johnny 4 Hats

Declan Rice – 1 game, 1 trophy.

Hi Harry!

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Timber been in country 3 weeks and has more trophies than Kane.

Johnny 4 Hats

Imagine if Dortmund won the league next season…

Exit the Lemming

If Arsenal had Kane last season we would have coasted the league title. Yes, a Spurs cunt but a guaranteed 30 goals a season Spurs cunt.


not dificult with tuchel at bayern…

Exit the Lemming

You mean the Champions League winner Thomas Tuchel who reached consecutice finals with different clubs right?

Emi Rates

I see Harry had an 86 million quid bid from Bayern turned down on his behalf by his beloved Spuddenham. Must be awesome being 30 with no trophies and the club he’s served faithfully go so many years continuing to block his move. He must feel so inspired to go out and carry them for yet another dead end season.

Exit the Lemming

Yet he’s never downed tools once has he?

22/23 38 goals
21/22 31 goals
20/21 39 goals
19/20 28 goals
18/19 29 goals
17/18 44 goals
16/17 38 goals

Emi Rates

More fool him but more important than anything else, fuck Spuddenham and fuck Harry Kane.

Exit the Lemming

Why concern yourself with teams that are no longer even our rivals? Smacks of a parochial mindset. Spud or not, Kane is a world class footballer that would improve our team in a heartbeat.

Emi Rates

Harry Kane world class footballer? World class cheat who gets away with it for being England captain more like.

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Smith Rowe is looking sharp in the last two games. I think he could be getting back to his best. What a difference he can make.

Luzhny-jerk reaction

His intensity was what really impressed me. He struck me as a bit meek especially defensively last season, but really put himself about in the minutes he was given today.

I think Andrew and James had discussed this on a previous Arsecast Extra, but perhaps he’s realizing he’s got a solid frame and is using his physicality now. Showed some aggression in the tackle and done really nice touches as well.

What a treat to have him and Trossard as depth options (though both can easily be first eleven guys).

Exit the Lemming

You’re judging he made a significant contribution based on his 14 minutes of game time? I thought he was practically invisible

God is a Gooner

Ramsdale out!


I think he was joking!


I get the sarcasm, even if nobody else does!

Johnny 4 Hats

No one does redemption arcs like us. We even do one weekers.

Ramsdale drops a clanger.
Arsenal linked with Raya.
Fans begin to question Aaron.
We hear of his utter heartbreak last season.
Rambo saves a penalty which wins us his first Arsenal trophy.

These aren’t just redemption arcs. *Cue sumptuous music* These are Arsenal redemption arcs.

Johnny 4 Hats

To the person who downvotes every single one of my comments :

I love you. I’m proud of you. Keep doing your thing.

the person who downvotes all of Johnny's comments

thanks man honestly sometimes I doubt myself but being appreciated like this makes it all worthwhile

Johnny 4 Hats

I absolutely adore this comment.

But that one downvote is me.

If it’s any consolation, I did it with a tear in my eye while mumbling “I am become death. The downvoter of worlds”.

I’ve had a beer.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Feels like I’m in the middle of the redemption arc of the person who downvotes all of Johnny’s comments.


the one single person?

I suspect your sarcasm is somewhat lost on a few on this thread.


Bang on with the bonus rating .


Timber was so good, either MotM or co-MotM with Saliba. I don’t think the goal was Tierney’s fault necessarily but I certainly didn’t get substituting him in for our best player on the day.


Agree. Timber was on fire today. So far my favorite signing of the summer. This is when he is not playing in his natural position


Are we sure it *really* isn’t though? I only mean that he looks perfectly comfortable that and inverting might negate the difference. I like the balance between him and white too


He’d probably play well in goal he’s that good!


Yeah he’s just one of those guys you might call “a good football player”. Could probably do a good job in midfield or on the wing too

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Timber and saliba (as young defenders against the best team in Europe) looked so assured it was unnerving


Christ yes, even more so when you consider this was Timby’s first official game in England *and* his first one in Wembley. Nerves of steel from the get go!

Blackpool Albert

Completely agree. Timber MOTM. A titan today!

Bill Hall

Bernardo Silva really does look like some kind of ratfink weasel man!

Blackpool Albert

Sort of. More like a wharf rat actually. But Jesus Crackers he can ball!


If you mean “he can foul 4-5 Arsenal players up and down the pitch without getting booked aviary single game” then yes. He can. Also, loved the moment when Rice made a proper mug out of him in the middle of the pitch.



Damn autocorrect


*every no?

Tricks Popsicle

‘He can ball’…..wth does that mean?!

Santi’s Thigh Grab

He plays the football well.

The Beast

Means he’s good at football.
You’re welcome

Exit the Lemming

It means he’s very adept at organizing Cinderella themed nights in medieval European castles which feature a banquet followed by dancing in a ballroom.

Exit the Lemming

A conniving and cheating little cunt but yes, a hugely talented player

Exit the Lemming

If Bernardo Silva and Jada Pinkett Smith had a love child….

Exit the Lemming

(I think I meant Bruno Fernandes and Jada Pinkett Smith)

I miss santi cazorla

Trossard should be the first name in the starting lineup

Exit the Lemming

He strikes me as completely fearless, unfazed by pressure and supremely confident in his own ability. That’s a long winded way of saying he’s a winner

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Elite mentality.

Emi Rates

I love Trossard!


0 out 10- Lee Dixon in ITV commentary. Cole Palmer MOTM? Yellows to be given atthe start of the game but not at the end for identical fouls? Blokes been drinking Gary Neville loopy juice.

Bob McNabs Eyebrows

As much as I love him, you have to remember he’s a city fan


Is Lee Dixon a City fan? He played for us I think he would be ab Arsenal fan. I know Robson’s not but he is an idiot.


Never stops yapping about them on commentary on FIFA 19

Tricks Popsicle

Dixon is a City fan.


I think its mostly that he’s just a bit of a gammon sometimes


Why would an ex Arsenal player with 8 major trophies be remotely a Man City supporter?


No idea what this discourse is about. He did commentary in the US last year and was openly pulling for Arsenal. There may have been some sarcasm missed?

Tricks Popsicle

Because he has supported them from childhood. Good grief 🙄

I miss santi cazorla

Giving an early yellow to the DM really disturbs the rythm and to do it selectively against one team is scandalous

Skinny Ricki

Love Lee Dixon … but also saying that Palmer was the matchwinner when there was still 8 mins of extra time?! (Having played at Anfield in 89, you’d think he’d know better).

Crash Fistfight

“not every foul is a yellow card”

No Lee, but when they are offences worthy of a yellow card, they should be.

Crash Fistfight

And it’s about time that barging into someone whilst they are in the air is a yellow card for every other team apart from us, as well.

Scott Rice

Barging someone in the air is a serious offence in rugby. Referees should penalise it more in football too. It’s unfair and sometimes dangerous

Crash Fistfight

Yeah, I said the same thing when Silva did it today.

If it’s considered dangerous play in rugby, it’s not about being ‘soft’ when it’s football.

Exit the Lemming

Yep, remember when Bernd Leno got injured at Brighton by the Maupay Dick?


He was a defender and an old school OB, he has some bias. But he is hilarious and usually has some good insight.


Not yesterday, he didn’t.

A Different George

My hopes for Howard Webb were disappointed. Appointing Stuart Attwell to referee a high-profile (even if “non-competitive”) match, at a packed Wembley, and a world-wide television audience, makes me think that Webb just doesn’t get it. Because Attwell certainly doesn’t.


Webb’s appointment is all for show.
Meet the new boss.
Same as the old boss.



Exit the Lemming

I don’t normally say anything about refs but Attwell was atrocious (for both clubs) today


Trosard should be given more chances to play than martinelli

Public Elneny

We get a lot out of the Tross by using him the amount we do. I don’t know why that needs to change really


I’d like to seem in at 9 while Jesus is out – lethal off both feet, super-tricky, great football IQ… could be very interesting.


Agree with everyone except for Havertz. Need to see a lot more from him.


His holdup play was excellent. That’s where he’ll be important. Think, hanging on to a one goal lead, bring him on to keep possession when getting out of our own half. That could be really valuable.

Naked Cygan

Bit worried about the fitness levels. There was a huge gap between the 1st half and the 2nd half display.Hopefully we will be up and running next weekend to full fitness. Havertz was great in the first half. Not sure how many games Timber played as LB at Ajax but he looked really solid.


It’s all about the fitness levels through mars april and may next year

Anteneh Ademe

Those who are criticizing Havertz need to chill

Exit the Lemming

He’s a Champions League winner whose played in England for 3 years and has 37 caps and 13 goals for Germany. We spent $65 Million on the finished article


I winder is their any truth in matt Turner joining forest as he was collecting his medal today.


What I find really obnoxious is the rumored £7 mill fee.

Public Elneny

At least it’s better than the fee we got for Leno!

Still £7m would have been Matt Turner’s market value if this was like 10 years ago, I really don’t understand how we keep getting mugged off like this

Spanish Gooner

What exactly has he done to deserve a higher fee? We bought him for £5m, he never played, now we’re selling him for 29. That’s good business!

T dog

Not sure about viera playing on the right unless he can somehow traoritisé himself.

Exit the Lemming

Nerveless penalty magnificently executed under intense scrutiny and pressure. Give the lad some credit ffs


Go on there Havertz lad ! Thought he gave us the something different I’ve been asking for and he did just fine ! Tiiiiiiiiiimber was superb ditto Saliba & Rice made me feel a sense of calm ! Ben White ?? Well he’s just a lovely man who doesn’t watch football but is really rather good at it All in all Harry a good day !!

A Different George

I thought of Ben White never watching football when I read the (incredible) interview with Ramsdale, who said he watches football constantly. And I bet they get along great. A really likeable group of players, as well as a wonderful team.


Look at the photo above. All faces show great excitement except Ben. He is politely clapping his hands. If it turned out he were a concert quality oboe player I wouldn’t be shocked. Interesting fellow.

Yankee Gooner

The entire orchestra tunes off the oboe, so this is plausible.

North London Forever

Just back from the match – what a day to take my significant other to see Arsenal play live for the same time!

Odegaard MOTM for me. What a player, what a captain!

Timber was great, Rice had flashes of greatness. Saka was really dangerous for a period in the first half.

There’s more to come from this team, but will do a post-mortem later. For now we revel in victory.

On Viera bien

Saliba: immense, majestic, unflappable – regal


You forgot RollsRoyce

El Mintero

Timber looked great at LB. Very impressive so far.


Trossard, starter or game-changing substitute?


Insert “why not both?” gif


Clone him. Start him up top while Jesus is out, and use Trossard #2, #3, #4, and #5 to manage the minutes of Saka, Martinelli, Havertz, and Odegaard.


`I’d like to see Mik try him in. front while jesus is out – tricky, twinkle toes and lethal off either foot… could work?


If Saliba asked me to dump the missus, I’d have to give it some serious consideration.

Aleksander Włodarz

On the seaside holiday atm so didn’t see it but so happy to hear that the Gunners have won! 🍷

Der Kaiser

Saliba was unreal in that game


Thought Havertz done well today, more than happy with his contribution, well done lads 😀👍

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

10/10 for the Arsenal fans.
I swear I heard the blue half of the stadium once before they scored, and when they scored… oh around the 99th min when they started whistling. All the noise was from the red half of Wembley

Fireman Sam

Yeah I noticed that too – top support for the Gooners today.

Not surprised it was Trossard who made things happen. He has a directness and intelligence that comes in very handy!

Exit the Lemming

Most of their fans are: tourists from Asia/children under 10 years/blue rinse puppy fattys/the Gallagher Brothers


They can’t fill their own ground, how were they going to fill their end at Wembley…

Merlin’s Panini

Nice to start the season with a trophy, albeit a fairly meaningless one. Still when you’re the team that aren’t the champions it can be a psychological boost to know we could be them (even though it was really a draw), although Liverpool didn’t do so well after winning it last season.

Merlin’s Panini

*beat them


If this was a marker for the officiating to come this season then we have to brace ourselves. As if competing against city is not hard enough. Arsenal got 3 bookings from just 6 fouls while city got 1 from 11. Rodri got away with at least 2 bookable fouls. As Paddy on Twitter put it ”Rodri probably doesn’t even get a card on his birthday…” It’s absurd what he gets away with.


Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who saw Odegaard juke some dude so bad he was literally limping when he got back up. I even said to the missus “I have heard the phrase ‘breaking ankles’ a million times but this was the first time I ever actually saw it happen”

Yankee Gooner

Can confirm.


I’d love to watch it! Do you remember when it was in the game? Thanks 🙏


at the 21 second mark


0/10 – the new ‘rules’ from the referee that will be forgotten about in about 3 months time. They do this shit every season and it’s always the same.

The referee is dishonest to his federation

Determination Cultured

Think havertz had a poor game.


Great penalty from Fabio

Exit the Lemming

Was I the only person in the universe who thought Saka was awful today? He should have been hooked at half time and switched with Havertz with Trossard put through the middle.That said, a deserved win against the most numbing side to watch since Guardiola’s tiki-taka Barca will bolster the confidence for the season ahead. There are foot fungi more likable than Rodri who should have been booked for both instances of cynically pulling players back who had evaded him. We would however, have been denied the unmitigated joy of him missing his pen had he been red carded. The… Read more »

Wayne Godfrey

New Rice chant
Ricey ohh
Ricey ohh
He’s only played two games
And won as much as Kane

Vinny mochan

Bit harsh to criticise Tierney for there goal he was marking 3 players

Public Elneny

Maybe he should have cleared the initial interception better, but he was wrong footed by the deflection off Rice. I’d say Partey (for completely selling himself), Rice (also took himself out of the equation) and Gabriel (for not getting out to close down the shot) were equally to blame


Pep complaining about too much extra time being added is a joke. His teams have always been practitioners of the niggly “little” fouls to stop opponents from breaking past them as they all push forward. You start totting those up and it adds a good bit to the clock. Maybe if he could get his side to stop doing that he could be happy with a more reasonable amount of time added?

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