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Report: Arsenal 1 – 1 Manchester City [4-1 on pens] incl. goals

Result: Arsenal 1 – 1 Manchester City (4-1 on penalties)
Competition: Community Shield
Date: 6 August 2023
Venue: Wembley Stadium

Arsenal: Ramsdale, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Timber, Partey, Rice, Odegaard, Martinelli, Saka, Havertz

Subs: Turner, Tomiyasu, Kiwior, Tierney, Smith Rowe, Vieira, Trossard, Nketiah

In a tactically tight contest, Arsenal won the Community Shield to kick start what we hope to be a strong season.

Both teams found chances hard to come as their defences were well marshalled. It took a well curled effort from Palmer to break the deadlock. Arsenal were not fluent after conceding but Trossard’s last minute long driver took the game into penalties.

Fabio Vieira’s kick won Arsenal the game, but not before De Bruyne hit the bar and Ramsdale saved Rodri’s tame effort.


To lay down a marker for the 23/24 season, Arteta had all his latest recruits in the starting line up against the champions.

Timber, who has been impressive all across the backline throughout pre-season, played on the left side of defence in place of Zinchenko. Rice took up the “left 8” spot and Havertz started up front.

First Half

The energy and anticipation was palpable. You could see in the players’ eyes that they wanted to make up for losing to City last season. However, Arsenal’s start to the game was quite subdued and City dominated possession for the good part of the first 20 minutes.

The Gunners were limited to defending stoutly, blocking off passing lanes against City’s 4-2-4 formation while selectively pressing Ruben Dias.

The small moments when Arsenal had possession, City’s cynical fouling stopped momentum and frustration set in. Yellow cards were brandished to Partey and Havertz for kicking the ball away and tripping an opponent on a break respectively. Even Arteta was not spared a caution, rightly protesting why City wasn’t cautioned for some of their fouls.

Havertz, who for the first time played as a centre forward for Arsenal, won his aerial battles and was decently effective in holding up play. And it came as no surprise he was involved in the first decent shot on goal of the game on 25 minutes. He received the ball with his back to goal from a rampaging Ben White, swivelled and shot only for Ortega to block. The rebound dropped to Martinelli but the City defenders formed a wall to block the attempt.

The men in red slowly wrestled back control. Our possession looked more effective and we could keep the ball calmly and sharply. Ben White was enterprising with his passes and Timber’s confident feints and dribbles put pressure on City. But the main orchestrator, in and out of possession was all Odegaard.

He was involved in the next attempt, threading in Saka who darted in from the right and laid off for Havertz. The German’s effort with his right foot lacked the venom required to take it past Ortega.

Despite a long range effort from Rodri close to the end of the half, Arsenal ended the stronger side and would look to build on a solid last 10 minutes.

Second Half

The tactical chess game continued into the second half. Patience was the name of the game.

Declan Rice showed a bit more of his tackling ability but also started making runs into the inside left channel the way Xhaka did to provide new angles of attack.

Stones had a header saved by Ramsdale and Saka missed after a whipped low cross from Ben White but for most of the 30 minutes, there wasn’t a lot of room to score.

It needed a great moment of quality to chance the complexion of the game and unfortunately, it came from City’s substitute, Palmer who curled the ball in with his left foot from the right. Tierney could have done better with the defending as it looked too easy for Palmer to feint and step into the box. 0-1 City

City almost doubled the lead immediately, twice, through a counter from Alavarez and Foden which was well saved by Ramsdale. The ‘keeper had to come to the rescue again from the resulting corner as a Rodri bullet header to the near post was pushed away to keep the score as it was.

The last few minutes of regular time saw Arsenal go to a back three with Vieira and Smith Rowe joining the attack. The ball just didn’t stick but they perservered with over 8 minutes of injury time.

In what looked like the final kick of the game, Trossard, who has been excellent in pre-season drove a low shot which deflected off Akanji to wrong foot Ortega and equalize for the Arsenal. 1-1 Arsenal

The match went into penalties as Arsenal dispatched all their attempts expertly. City’s efforts though were less than ideal as Kevin De Bruyne hit the bar and Ramsdale saved Rodri’s weak attempt. Fabio Vieira, a player who looked to prove a point this season slotted home the winner.

It was a tight game as both teams showed great defensive nous to cancel one another out. Defensively, Arsenal looked ready for the season though an extra week to iron out offensive play would be very much welcomed based on today’s game.

Onwards to a great season ahead!

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Fuck you Man City!

Johnny 4 Hats

I find it so amusing that the pundits and City fans wank all over this incredible talent Cole Palmer.

It’s like “oooohhhh, can you believe it. A young player gets 30 mins every six months for city.” 

And he’s the same age as Saka. 



Johnny 4 Hats

And before any city fan says “Haha. It’s not even a real trophy” tell them to rewatch Pep’s reaction when City scored.

Not sure you do that in a preseason friendly.

Glenn Helder's Perm

I saw him interviewed after the game. Looks like holding a conversation and using words is a bit of a stretch for him. Makes Harry Kane look like Gore Vidal.

Johnny 4 Hats

They both are fluent in gaping dribble.

Dave Cee

He is talent tho. I kinda wondered if Arsenal might even go in for him this summer given his lack of game time at City


Very enjoyable after Guardiola’s celebration.


his belly was bouncing a bit there, seems to have treated himself to a few patatas bravas in the offseason


We don’t notice belly bouncing in polite society, thank you. And when we are rude enough to notice, we recognise that it is a sign of extreme handsomeness, cleverness and overall brilliance.


I notice my own belly bouncing a fair bit, not sure what it has to do with politeness, handsomeness or cleverness but it certainly is something we can have a bit of fun and banter with as long as we’re not shaming anyone


Alan Smith can stick his neutral commentary up his arse.


You mean Lee Dixon?

Bill Hall

Well fuck me we beat em, I will take that 🙂


Havertz gonna break PL scoring record if last year is anything to go by


was 4-1 on pens

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

If I had one criticism it’s that Vieira could have put it that pen MORE in the top corner

The Arsenal

SO happy for the kid.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

AFL will be fuming


wow, really?!
u’r just pathetic if u think that having well argumented opinion opinion on a player would spoil my joy because I am more than happy he netted a penalty for Arsenal and that we won the game. I am also happy for Trossard, saka and Odegaard and for Arsenal above all. Gloat all you want about single player if thsts what gets you offI will be happy for My club.

Yankee Gooner

My dude…

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

It was a joke dude, lighten up 🙂


Doesn’t the postage stamp go the other side?


So impressed with our character. It started off with City dominating possession, it looked like a repeat of previous performances but we managed to get a foothold in the game and looked dangerous and equal to them. Then going down against a team which kills you when they have the lead, but still we managed to claw one back and win it. Really impressed with Timber, Trossard as usual making an impact, Rammy saved a penalty and then that final touch by Vieira! Good way to start the season.

Kampala gooner

shiiiiiiiit I could get used to this


It’s not important. It doesn’t mean anything.
It’s not important. It doesn’t mean anything.
It’s not imp .. oh eff off.
We beat them. We beat them on penalties.
Suck it, cheaty state-owned w*nkstains!!!!!


So impressed with our character to claw our way back into this one


Especially against a team who’s always had our number for so many years. No more inferiority complex, we’re at least equal to them and it’s about time we had the results to show for it.


that ref was so poor! he might have given a yellow to that Wenger statue if the game was at Emirates, while city got away with dark arts as usual.

Emi Rates

Rhodri’s penalty was poorer.


His tackling is poorer still, and the officiating, well that’s bottom of the barrel


It’s Attwell, are you surprised? Bloke gave a goal 10 years ago that went out for a goal kick, how he was ever “fast tracked” to the elite officiating list after that is beyond me


No.I say it was a brilliant save!😂

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Agree was absolute shit, if this is state of officiating we will have players clocking up 5 yellows very quickly and missing games

Tomiyasu vain

Its Atwell in a City fixture… do you notnremember New Years Day 2022? what did you expect?

A Different George

He’s a terrible referee, the one I dislike most because he is clearly the most insecure and has to assert his authority no matter how inappropriate. Two of the yellows–Partey’s and Alvarez’s–were for kicking the ball away (neither very far), both ridiculous overreactions to very mild “dissent.” And a card to a manager in a friendly–that’ll show him who’s boss.

Attwell always looks like he’s afraid that he doesn’t have the players’ respect. And he’s right


Apparently it’s a new rule now that kicking the ball away, even a millimetre is an automatic yellow. In that case you’ll have whole teams on yellow cards by half time


Either way…
It looks like we are worthy opponents to the champions of Europe.



The quintuple is on lads!


sextuple if you count the Club World Cup next year


50/50 game. I’ll take that against them. Normally we fuck up somehow and they take us apart.


Great effort, great win, love the spirit of this team, fight till the end and never give up.

And a question not relevant to the match. I looked at the dug out and are we getting new coach? No news regarding backroom staff.


Rubbish game but at least we were nice and solid. Timber MOTM – shut up Lee Dixon!

We had no penetration and needed a massive stroke of luck to equalise. Why have we signed Havertz? Absolute garbage.

Referee Stuart Atwell a complete joke: HAYLEY Atwell would have done a better job!

Now let’s win the title!

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

You say we had a massive piece of luck to equalise – all city needed was one piece of magic to take the lead – what is the difference? We outplayed them


We didn’t. It was fairly even over the 114 minutes. The only two decent chances we made were fluffed by Havertz.

Ramsdale kept us in it with a couple of great saves at 1-0

In the end we were lucky.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

I felt we were pretty much toe to toe, and at worst we kept them quiet – compare that to previous encounters

Bleeding Gums Murphy

That’s very different from “we outplayed them”

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

To outplay Man City is to keep them quiet


You’re forgetting Saka’s chance in the penalty area from a White (I think) cutback in the second half.


You almost made a good post, had to ruin it with the silly Havertz bit and no penetration nonsense in the middle

Tomiyasu vain

Ihad more issue with sullying Hayley Atwell’s good name.. she’s awesome in M:I 7


I totally agree. She’s gorgeous!!! And a great actress!!

Sorry, Hayley!!

Crash Fistfight

I don’t get why it soiled her name?


I was actually slagging off the ref. Hayley is a great actress but, as far as I know, has no talent or experience as a soccer referee.

If she has actually completed her soccer refereeing badges and sometimes turns out in the middle on Hackney Marshes then I’m very sorry to have impugned her refereeing abilities.



That’s fair. She forgives you.

She has been a secret agent and a highly skilled train-hopping thief mind you, so I feel like she has the physical and mental capacity to officiate a football match. And to do it better than Stuart Atwell she’d only need to get about 18% of the decisions right

Crash Fistfight

Yeah, I didn’t see an issue with what you said, hence my post above.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

I agree Timber was awesome, and their goal came from his position shortly after he was subbed. Atwell should have been wearing blue


Lee Dixon attempts to commentate like he absolutely hates arsenal … I have zero respect for him ..


I believe that he grew up as a City fan


Showing your age if you have zero respect for Lee Dixon.

I love wenger

Dixon is legend, best comment of the day.

A Different George

Dixon very often comments for the NBC feed in the United States. He often sounds like he is bending over backward to be neutral when Arsenal play–but he also, openly, remains an Arsenal supporter, with close connections at the club. He makes no secret of his dislike for Spurs–but he also praises a Kane goal, as he must in that job. Yes, he grew up supporting Man City (where his father was a player). So what?


He won 8 major trophies with us, so I believe despite the commentary he deserves the greatest respect from all Arsenal supporters

The Beast

Have a proper look through Lee Dixon’s career with us as well as much of his work as a pundit. If you’re an arsenal supporter (or just like decent ppl) he definitely deserves your respect.

Having said that, couldn’t understand why he suggested Rodri didn’t deserve a yellow for that foul on Partey. But we all make mistakes.


Oh no, Stuart Atwell thwarted again! Peps crying into his cargos. Timber is a gem. We outplayed them for long stretches and they don’t look scary at all going forward.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Amen to all your comments Billy


Huge psychological win over City. Hopefully it’ll give us more confidence going forward when facing them in the new season.


Great spirit to come back, how Rodri finished that match without a yellow needs to be explained and Partey got a yellow for his first foul. Double standards!

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Partey didn’t get yellow for foul.

A Different George

Right, for kicking the ball away about three yards.


Rodri deserves to get 2 footed in the tunnel.


His penalty miss was just pure *chefs kiss* after all his indiscretions were ignored by Stuart “Pep…Pep…please notice me Pep” Attwell


2 down, 4 to go.


At the very least it’s useful to train those arms to get used to lifting trophies

Emi Rates

Even if we hadn’t won I thoroughly enjoyed that. It’s great watching the team again after this long wet and dreary summer.

Real football is back!


Never in doubt! Get in boys!!


and Leo makes the difference again. don’t know why Mikel has to wait so long to make changes. we have depth too now unlike before, so use it! else, we aren’t going to last the distance yet again.


Totally agree. Maybe there was an element of the preseason mentality, but I do think it’s a long standing issue that he makes changes a little on the late side.


Wenger used to do this too I think, so perhaps we’re hyper-aware of it. I think Arteta said something last season about how it can disrupt the team to make substitutions – I think he sees it as a bit more of a gamble that can go either way than we do as fans. I guess we kinda know he’s right, too, from seeing Vieira come on and fail to impose himself, or Eddie.


Nice to knock them over, needs to happen more often.

Really impressed with Timber and happy with other signings.

Thought Saliba was outstanding and more convinced his injury cost us the title.

Still think Mikel has trust issues with some players, only giving them a short run out. My only concern though.

Bring on next week.


Saliba was absurd today. Too good.

The Arsenal

Saliba was flawless. Rice was decent, definitely more to come, Timber was excellent. As good on the ball as Zinchenko but a better defender.. Actually thought Havertz was pretty good in the.first half but became very frustrating in the 2nd. Played some nice stuff in patches and i commend the players for not giving up and kept fighting to the end and they were rightly rewarded.
Vital stop from Ramsdale from Foden

Tomiyasu vain

Delighted with Timber. But we are looking at the shiny new thing because it is Saliba who uttely nullified Haaland

The Arsenal

”Saliba was flawless”.

A Different George

I think we will see a lot of games where basically nothing of interest happens around Saliba. It’s the defensive equivalent of an attacker who is unplayable.


Timber! What a player

Tomiyasu vain

Best thing about it is that we do end up with something to show for last season


This is huge. This is the last hurdle in the race. This is as big as us beating Liverpool for the 1st time.


The worst bit of all was hearing Lee Dixon of all people, awarding Palmer man of the match after the goal, based on 13 or so minutes of play. Only to see Arsenal equalise and go on to win on penalties.


Dixon is a legend, but his commentary was shockingly bad today. After Silva’s cynical pull back on Timber, he said “not every foul is a yellow” or some such. After Havertz’ cynical trip and yellow, he called it a stupid foul.


Trossard again.
Where are the 27 people who disagreed with me in the lineup comments?
I can’t hear you now!
When he plays, we play well. It’s as simple as that.
Ps fuck off Man City. Man was this overdue.


Trossard is fantastic. Here’s one reason to start Martinelli instead: When Martinelli plays, Walker has to play because he’s the only defender with the pace to keep up. But that’s all he’s good at, really. So City are much more limited on the ball when Walker plays. If he doesn’t play, Martinelli blows past whichever other right back they use.

Yankee Gooner

Trossard should start up top, even when Jesus is healthy. AFC are just more effective with him in the lineup. Crazy but true.


Martinelli coming off is the reason they equalised. Tierney was caught between blocking Palmer and checking for Walkers overlap.


In the end, Martinelli keeps Walker honest as a defender; not someone bombing forwards and making an extra attacker for City. If he played his usual attacking game, Martinelli would have a field day.


More silverware that spurs will win this year.




They won an audi cup, lmao


Yes, the Audi Pre-Season Exhibition Competition For Tottenham And Three Amateur Clubs Cup. Sincere congratulations to Spurms for that scintillating achievement.


I can’t explain it but I hate the sight of Jack Grealich I rarely have thoughts like that but that guy
on the other I like Phil foeden.
lucky to tie the game but both sides played well with a soft touch on the hand brake.
timber is going to replace Ben white at right back? Did you see benplay. He was very good.
party remains slow or if you prefer lazy at times. That is remains a problem


I thought Partey was class

Santi’s Thigh Grab

The fact that you don’t liked the sight of Grealish but like the appearance of Foden, an alien from out space living amongst us, raises some serious questions about your aesthetic choices.


I think Viera rather smashed that into the roof of the net, rather than ‘slotted home’! A nice result but more work needed on the training ground!


I just wish that Arteta makes the subs earlier… Havertz, Partey and Martinelli needed to be subbed, you could see they were tired around the 60 min mark. Also Ramsdale still makes my ass clinch whenever he’s making a pass. I guess I understand why Raya is on our radar. I also hope we buy a striker. Oh yeah, Halaand can put his three fingers up his ass


Stuart Not Thatwell

Tomiyasu vain

Just Shat well will do


He probably shits badly, too. Can’t do anything right.


Bit harsh on Tierney I feel . He had Walker going outside him so couldn’t commit to the City forward . I thought Partey was more culpable for their goal after getting mugged by Foden .
Anyway ,it doesn’t matter , we won, up the Arse!


I thought Havertz played really, could have done better for the second chance he had but he combined well with the two other forwards and held off defenders well. He has a couple of goals for us already so I believe more goals will come. The best part is he offers an outlet for the goal keeper and makes runs for the wingers to pick him out. And how good was Odegaard and Timber. Glad we crossed the chasm that was a win over city, will be great for belief going forward. Declan seems to look better every game he… Read more »


I was not taking this game so seriously as I would generally do for a PL game. Then I saw Pep’s reaction to their goal and thought – f**k, we got to win this!

Great start lads!


Saliba, Timber, White all looked good. Rice was decent along with Partey. Aaron could have done a bit more for goal.
Mikel should use subs especially trossard by 60′. Team shall improve further. Extremely good start for new season 😃

David Thomas

Harsh on Tierney for the goal. Partey was at fault for letting Foden turn and run 50 yards, with everyone else backtracking..


Wonder if the yellow card played a part

Crash Fistfight

He didn’t need to try to nick the ball off Foden in that position in the first place. If he had been goal side, him being on a yellow wouldn’t have been an issue.


We didn’t bring in Harvertz , Timber and Rice to make them watch others win trophies. The UCL is the goal for this season .


I think Tierney had an overload and the covering midfielders should have done better. Instead the whole team dropped off for the goal.

Dr. Gooner

Their goal didn’t bother me from a structural/tactical point of view. The main mistake was with Partey, who over-pursued Foden and got turned with nobody behind him. He needed to be more careful there. Then the ball took some deflections that fell kindly to them while they had us backpedaling, and then it’s a perfect strike. There was no shortage of effort and no structural breakdown, nor a pattern of weakness that was exploited by them.


I don’t know. I think when partey loses the ball he needs to get back and help the defence. I think rice and partey aren’t really doing enough and the defence drops off. Tierney is caught out of position when his clearance unluckly goes to a city player. He tries to cover the over lap but there is an overload. Changes his mind to close down palmer, slips and it’s a goal. I don’t think it’s Tierney fault. I think Tierney needed more help from midfield on the left hand side and he didn’t get it. So it looked bad… Read more »

Hair on Ram's Tail

Rodri and Silva are dirty little creeps who always get away with making obvious intentional fouls to stop attacks. It’s a disgrace that they are allowed to this again and again with no cards given.
Everyone who watches this league knows that Man City has been doing this for years under Guardiola and getting away with virtually every time– everyone except the refs, apparently.

Dr. Gooner

The early booking on Partey for what was barely a foul, and then nothing for Rodri for a worse version of the same thing a few minutes later was difficult to stomach. He even made a very obvious tactical foul late in the game right in front of the ref, and again, nothing. Very strange.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Partey got booked for kicking the ball away, which apparently is a hot button issue for the PGMOL where they have zero tolerance for this egregious behavior which has long been the biggest blight in the game. Bunch of wankers.

Glenn Helder's Perm

Great game, everyone’s already said everything else but Partey… what a player. So, so glad he stayed. When he’s fit and plays well, he’s such a force. Well done to the new guys, too, and really happy for Viera. Another excellent prospect from whom I expect great things!

Dr. Gooner

What speaks volumes to me is not the outcome of the match, but how even it felt watching the game. City are the standard and they still have important advantages over this ever improving Arsenal team, but Arsenal faced down all that pressure today, didn’t blink, and came away with the result. Tactically the game was fascinating. Watching how we set up, it felt like Arteta wanted Havertz, Rice and Timber for this specific match up. They each had important roles and it was apparent how they each improved our resilience against City compared to their predecessors. It was also… Read more »

Only one Dennis Bergkamp

Excellent way to start the season, and for the new boys to get a run out in a ‘proper’ game. Interesting that Arteta chose to start with Havertz and not Nketiah and Timber at left back. Maybe to give all our signings a proper run out in a competitive game? Can’t that these guys are going to play these positions through the season if we have other specialists available. Thoughts?

Dave Cee

Thought Timber was excellent, Zinny genuinely has a fight on his hands for the LB slot. Where does that leave Tierney? No idea
Rice grew into the game was quietly impressive. Havertown wasn’t bad, think he finishes that chance omif it is on his left foot

Dave Cee

Havertz *


People knocked us because we won and would have we’d had lost. Fuck them as I’m happy. Still wish we’d spent the money on Havertz elsewhere as not sure what he’ll bring us, hope I’m wrong. Anyway let’s enjoy the victory.

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