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Sp*rs 2-3 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal came out on top and took all three points in a hectic North London derby at White Hart Lane this afternoon.

The Gunners were 3-0 up at half-time thanks to goals from Bukayo Saka, Kai Havertz, and a Hojberg OG. We then handed Sp*rs a lifeline when a David Raya mistake saw Romero score, and with 15 minutes to go it was 3-2 after Declan Rice conceded a penalty.

Those final stages were unpleasant, even Bukayo Saka said so, but the only thing that really matters is that we won the game, and that Sp*rs are sad

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Sp*rs 2-3 Arsenal match report and see the goal here

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Sp*rs 2-3 Arsenal – Player Ratings

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Nervy in the end with 2 cheap goal conceded, but who cares 😬
King Havertz of London, 3 goals and 1 assists in 2 derbies, wha(ka)t else??
C’mon Forrest!!!


Would like to think that MA instructed the Raya pass that led to the goal and the uncharacteristic DR penalty to give them confidence for when they play Ciry! All part of the plan!






Credit to Rice, if you’re giving away a penalty then take away the opponents Crown Jewels. Shame it wasn’t on Richalson.


I was so praying for Big Gabi to do a Diego Carlos on Richarliprick and get him red carded… he was sooo on the edge at one point!


We really do give nothing away, except when we give things away. But what a team; we are competing for the title with a few games to go. Whatever happens, just love this team!!

That bottle of Spurs Tears is going to be flying off the shelves … !


Spurs are a shitty club. We RULE they drul.

Like White and Rice

Run Forest, run!


Sadly life with Man City is nothing like a box of chocolates, you pretty much always know what you’re gonna get (them winning)


My daughter was very disapointed with that Forest result, she believed it wiuld be a perfect sunday for us.
I told her “eehhh… look… sometimes too early is too early, let’s wait for May 14th when Sp*rs will handle us an occasion to win the title against Everton on the last day”


Man, we are very rude. Their equalizer ruled out. 3 goals down at halftime. Glimmer of hope with Raya howler. High expectation with the penalty. In the end, they still lose the 3 points to us. Must be devastating for them, although it’s very nervy for us. On to the next match!


10/10 for tricking their fans to staying the whole match for St. Totteringhams


I hadn’t checked my calender, good spot



Ashburton Patriot

comment of the day. bravo.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Kai had me purring again today. The defensive unity in our forward line is something that every opposing team will hate more than our attacking threat – and our attacking threat is league leading

El Mintero

Having Partey back in, freeing up rice and allowing Havertz to start up front, is critical to how we play now. As a consequence, the Saka goal was superbly executed. The pass from Havertz was sublime and the finish from Saka just phenomenal. Aside from the two errors, I thought this was a very mature and controlled performance up until the last 5 mins.

John C

I must be one of the only people who would like Partey and Rice to swap positions.

Rice’s super power is his defensive work and covering of ground whilst i find Partey’s passes often put our players into dangerous situations leading to turnovers and making us more vulnerable defensively


True. You’re the only one


I don’t think I’ve ever been more uncomfortable watching a football game than I was watching the last 20 minutes or so. But we won and Spurs are still shit so that’s always lovely.


Daily routine that was.


Honestly when the referee blew for full time, I had to lay on my kitchen floor with my shirt pulled right up, just so the cold flooring offered some sort of soothing calmness close to my heart and my face, as my head was still on fucking Mars after Raya passed it into Mustafi Mk2 for their first.


Happy St. Totteringham’s Day Everyone.


Happy St Totteringham’s Day!


Last game of the season west ham go to man City……don’t worry guys I know a chef


Does he know how to cook a Lasagna …….really fucking badly?


Wouldn’t it be perfect if West Ham do to them at the etihad what they did to us at the emirates? I’d put David Moyes forward for a knighthood.


No longer can I see an Arsenal side without Havertz in it ! Exceptional today !


10/10 arteta for sticking to Kai up top and not even tempted to bringing in Gabi Jesus or eddie

Forest gooner

Eddie is a nightmare for us

I miss santi cazorla

Eddie is a freeloader.


You forgot to mention Ben white’s customary shithousery with their keeper during our first corner we scored 😂


It’s in the bonus rating 😂

Andre Woodward

Benny is by far the best keeper botherer in the game. A masterclass in shithouse

El Mintero

Absolutely hilarious watching him trying to steal the gloves off the goalie at that first goal…😂


My favourite Ben White moment was when we were making a real pigs ear of keeping possession in the first half. I think Trossard ends up with the ball out wide, then somehow dribbles it back onto the edge of our box where he nearly loses it. The ball is fucking bouncing around, Spurs cant get it, nor can we really keep any sort of quality long enough to the control whos actually on the bloody thing, I am on the edge of my sofa about to lose cabin pressure. And the ball fortuitously lands at Ben Whites feet, and… Read more »

Goodly Morning

He probably shouted… HAVE IT!


Exactly, that moment was great and Ben did us a favour there, no nonsense! That moment and then checking the keeper gloves were really the standout moments

Crash Fistfight

I loved that moment. It was if he was all of us fans watching at home, haha.


… to a resounding cheer, I might add.


Yes. This is what any player with sense should do when there is clear confusion. Get rid of the issue and start again haha.


He is now my fav Arsenal player! Amazing player!


Far better was that Spud fuckwit in the blue top screaming at Declan for our corner, from just metres away. Spuds stewards (them wot let Rambo get kicked in the back!) did nothing but then Dex launches that pearler, Kai knocks it in and Dex turns to the yob prick and does the GET IN THERE double fist pump almost in his face… priceless!


Havertz man of the match.


With Saka close to him

Red Cannon

White was pretty damned close, too. Without him the 2 goals off corners wouldn’t have occurred. He should have gotten 2 assists.


Weren’t there only 5 minutes to go when they got their penalty, not 15?


87th min the pen was taken I believe


Maybe 15 including the injury time? I know it felt like 4 hours either way.


I thought, sadly, that Tomi was just terrible today. A real problem both ways. Also, with the exception of the last game, I think Rice goes really quiet when he’s not playing in the middle.


Oh and yes of course, and a very happy St. Totterinham Day to all.


And to you too!


DId not see that at all. I thought Tomi kept Kulusevski pretty quiet and Rice was a warrior throughout.

I dont like to say this but it gives us hope for their game against City: I thought Tottenham looked alright today. I was glad that both Rice and Tomi were there and I thought they gave a good account of themselves.

But fair enough, not everyone will agree.


Agreed. As much as I hate to admit it, the Spuds performed well above their normal level today (probably due to it being a derby). They gave us a game, and credit to them, but what we saw today has not been their normal level this season. They were basically running on pure adrenaline and we won’t see that from them again.


No. They had a good 15 minute patch before their goal was disallowed. We then handed them a couple of goals.


At halftime the passes were like 344-125 in their favor. Take the blinders off…despite who they are, they played well today. Well above the level they are actually at.

Exit the Lemming

They had two attempts on target the whole game…and Raya had f*ck all to do otherwise.


They also had 63% possession for the game. It’s not like we bossed it. We were just incredibly clinical. Let’s not pretend it was anything that it wasn’t.

The Arsenal

We are good enough to go and cede possession to city and get a result. We did the same today and countered much more efficiently and sharply. We are a multi faceted team capable of winning/playing in various different ways. If not for Raya it’s an away masterclass.


But let’s also give credit to Mik for being brave enough to change tactics – they were clearly expecting our front-foot, all gun(ers) blazing rocket start and we sat back stifled their attacking midfield and then hit them with perfect counter-attacks.

Kampala gooner

credit to them? have you lost your……. please never use that term in regard to that lot.


Spurs played with energy and chaos, the kind of thing City feed on, so they will have to do really well to get anything from City and I hope they do!

Exit the Lemming

I’ve seen Spurs play a lot better than they did today (earlier in the season)


Yep – let’s just hope they’re only 1 win away from top 4 when they play Citeh so they have some skin in the game.


Yeah I agree. Wasn’t ready to receive passes and always looked vulnerable


Disagree about Rice, thought he was exceptional as usual


I agree wasn’t a great game for him, Johnson took him on the inside too much but he doesn’t look fit and carried on throughout.


Wouldn’t say terrible, definitely more of a 6 though than an 8. He had moments where he still showed clear rust instead of the confidence on the ball and off it that he was showing back in November before his injury. That’s to be expected, and I think I’d still rather have him despite that than any of the alternatives. He should be getting better now every game.


I gave you a thumbs up but d actually disagree. There was something wrong with our left side, especially defensively. I was very down on Trossard’s peformance. It is worth keeping in mind that Kulusevski is a pretty decent player for them

Fireman Sam

I agree with LGfromNYC that Tomi had a poor game. He always has good awareness and a good defender mindset but just seemed very rusty/clumsy with his close ball control.

Trossard also was not having a good day. Seemed half a yard too slow, a bit indecisive, just generally not as sharp as usual.

Once again I give most credit to our centre backs and today Benny Blanco was excellent.


View must get really hazy staring all the way across from NY? Tomi was quietly excellent.


I did not see clearly but did rice kicked him in the balls for the penalty?


No balls they’re all cunts


He felt that ofc…

Like White and Rice

Shouldn’t be a penalty when you make contact with the ball. Rice made contact with both of them!

Exit the Lemming

yep, a dead ball specialist


Kai and Saka were sensational today, Spur couldn’t handle them at all. If Odegaard and Trossard were a bit more sharp we would have been completely out of sight. As it was a total brain fart from Raya made it way more tense than it needed to be.


usually Odegaard and Trossard are a bit more sharp..

El Mintero

Trossard was pretty average today I thought.

Red Cannon

Odegard was clattered about 5 times in the first half. No wonder he was less than his usual scintillating self today.

Fireman Sam

Yep if Ode and Trossard had been at their usual level I think we’d have scored another couple.

We used to love those 5-2 wins over Spunts!

Spanish Gooner

I wonder how Chelsea fans see Havertz. He was a hugely talented player they signed for a lot of money, then they had a bad season and had to sell him to ease financial problems, and now they’re having to see him flourish at their rivals. To me that seems very Nasri/Adebayor – esque and I’m so delighted to be on the winning side of that kind of situation

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

The difference in your examples was that chelsea were not getting a tune out of their player… I can’t think of many (any?) players we’ve sold that have been given regular first team football and have not performed, only to sell them and they go on to thrive.

Exit the Lemming

He scored the goal that won Chelsea the Champions League. So yeah, what an under achiever. We can only dream of reaching a final.

Master Floda

They’re used to this. After all, they also sold Salah and De Bruyne.
And eventually they will have to sell some talent again when they fail to get their shit together.


Don’t forget Lukaku,

John C

Lukaku’s garbage, Salah and De Bruyne on the other hand have been the best players in their positions in the world for 6-7 years.


Wonder if Edu will make a cheeky call to Salah, given the goings on there?

Swamp Puppy Gunner

Do I have a head injury? A question worth asking considering I was surprisingly unconcerned for the last 20 minutes of this match. It takes a howler from Raya and a very unlucky attempted clearance from Rice for Sp*rs to conjure anything markedly like scoring. They are rubbish, they signed rubbish players, and their play is more akin to kickball than anything I’ve ever seen. Special boos for Richardlison that violent skillless bag of lizards parading around in a man suite. Never in my life have I seen a professional footballer( with Fernandes as a close second) so many times… Read more »


To be fair, they can be dangerous especially with their tails up and their horrible fans making a noise. At the end of the day though they can usually be relied on to fail miserably. It’s the history of the Tottenham.

Exit the Lemming

Credit where credit is due. Romero and Van De Ven are good players. Kulusevski and Johnson are clearly talented but diving cheating cunts. Son has always been a thorn in our side but he’s way past his prime now.


Yeah, you do need to get your head checked…… by a Jumbo jet 😅


I don’t care about the rest of that post, you get a thumbs up for “violent, skillless bag of lizards parading around in a man suit”.

Swamp Puppy Gunner

Swamp life gives you a good eye for these things.

Charlie George

I liked that. But I have no idea what “kickball” is.


I watched it with a neutral and he told me the same. There is no way this game will be lost. Arsenal is very serious team.
I agree.
But I almost had a heart attack

El Mintero

I agree with you, I was also unconcerned, no way did I think we’d lose that one.

Exit the Lemming

Yep, weird feeling for an NLD. I never thought the outcome was ever in doubt.


Strange game. We had limited possession but scored three in the first half. Thought we were lot more composed but then conceded two nothing goals. Anyway, we did what was needed and one more have is out of the way.
Equally important is the fact that spuds might have to get something out of city to ensure champions league football and they are the side that is most likely to do some damage to city.


Think we missed leo tross when he went off, that composure, hold up play and just giving us a breather .
Love Gabi Marti but Tross is quietly more efficient and effective

Bleeding gums Murphy

He had a poor game defensively and got very lucky a few times.

Crash Fistfight

I thought both Trossard and Tomiyasu were very sloppy in the first half, but we went 3-0 so recency bias seems to have kicked in.


Agree completely, wouldn’t give either of them more than a 6 or 6.5 at most, Leo gave the ball away at least twice in dangerous areas in the first half by dallying with it way too much. He was better after that, but nothing specatcular.


It would be nice if we could fuse together Trossard with martinelli.


Leandriel Trossinelli

Fireman Sam

Gabiandro Martinellissard


big differences in my rating and you lot. On reflection I underrated Kai, but think you overrated odie.


a word about white…wow everything you want in a teammate and player. I think he was motm.

Fireman Sam

Benny Blanco you magnificent baller!


500/500 minutes the lads have played in the 15 days Spurs have had to rest and prepare for us really showed when we handed them a chance to get back into the game. Kai and Saka both excellent and taking their chances gave us the cushion we ended up needing. I’d like to be more insightful but the adrenaline still hasn’t subsided!


Hate to be that guy but why are my comments awaiting moderation (again!)?


It happens occasionally dude, it’s not personal

El Mintero

Everybody gets moderated…

Exit the Lemming

Me especially….


King Kai! Absolutely ran his ring off today. Terrific performance.


Havertz was so good today!

He barely ever misplaces a pass.

At times when he’s charging forward with the ball, it appears he’s got the power and a bit of speed, but he stops.
I’d love to see what would happen if he just keeps charging forward. He’s got the quality to do it.


I give a 10 for everybody and Raya is a 10 because he is not a machine. The boys were and are excellent.




The same 11 back to back in two London derbies and 6 points from them games with 8 goals scored and 2 conceded.
Everyone deserves a 10

Celebration Police

By the way, Happy St. Totteringham’s day to you and all Gunners all over the world.
Wishing all of us many many happy returns of the Special day in the beautiful game. That’s the only thing I came to say


Ridiculous from Raya trying to chip the ball in btwn 2 c*nts. He will learn. Glad we held our nerves and won in the end.

And who else think Richarlis*n is the biggest c*nt in the world. I certainly do. Even big Gabi hates him. Lol.


Was watching the game with my little daughter. She saw Richarlison and said, “I don’t like that man.” He hadn’t even done anything yet! She could just tell…

Exit the Lemming

If Richarlison bit into a pickled onion, it would make a face at him.

Charlie George

Richarlison is in a three-way play-off for Biggest C*nt in the World with Antony and Mudryk.


Which of them has the worst neck tattoo?


Mate – you just cannot… CAN NOT leave Maupay and Bruno (insert either of Fernades or Guimaraes here!) out of that club!

Exit the Lemming

You’ll be hoping that the speculation about him (Guimaraes) coming to the Emirates is without substance then?


The worst thing about Raya’s mistake was that Partey was in a shit position to receive the ball. It was bad execution of a bad decision. So poor, and if we had been playing a good team we would have paid the price. Shortly before that he had come to claim a ball pathetically allowing Romero (who impressed me today) a free header in the six yard box that he thankfully failed to put on target. He’s definitely the weak link in our defensive unit but we are stuck with him now so just have to get on with it… Read more »


If we look back at this game without the emotion that goes into an NLD then we were very flattered to go in 3 nil up. But then if you look at the second half again I think we actually controlled it very well until the Raya moment (got to think that the Spuds would have had a rocket up their arse at half time but we limited them to very little) and even in the 20 or so mins between that goal and the penalty I didn’t feel like they caused us too many problems (even though Neville kept… Read more »

Only one Dennis Bergkamp

And a happy St Totteringham’s day, boy did the heart go through the wringer to earn it today!


Tomi is off at the moment. Skinned 1-1 often, and reliant on us doubling up. Havertz was great. Rice delivering the corner for the 3rd goal and giving it back to those spursy fans was ace.


Terrible Raya mistake but you have to give him props for the way he plucks balls from the air. He makes it look easy but I’m not sure it is.


Absolutely right. As a keeper I know how hard a skill that is. He was fantastic after that mistake, the sign of a great mentality which is essential for a keeper. Make a mistake? Forget it and focus on the next ball coming your way. One of the hardest things for young keepers to learn, in that position you often have plenty of time to think about the error you’ve made.

El Mintero

Yes, but don’t make the error in the first place. He had totally switched off when he did that.

Exit the Lemming

That’s a bit like asking a striker to never miss an easy chance. The nearer you are to your own goal, the greater the consequences for an error. He made precisely one error the whole game. You need to cut the guy some slack.

Fireman Sam

Agreed. I thought Raya was superb most of the game. The brain fart was a nightmare he will want to forget but credit to the way he got over it on the pitch and put in some solid catches.


It happened again, it happened again, Oh tottenham hotspurs, it happened again


After the Rice contest, I think that sprs is not a proper footBall team up there.


Bonus rating: 10/10 to everyone for confirming St Totteringham’s day at the best venue possible for that.

Paul Smith

Best. Bonus. Rating. Ever.

Sebastian Bazylak

Just got a feeling that Raya has the same issues with keeping cold blood as Ramsdale. Another mistake that luckily didn’t cost as much as one with Munich.


Increasingly obvious that neither Ramsdale or Raya are good enough. Two very good keepers but nervy and mistake prone at times.

El Mintero

Indeed. Why not move on from both?


Yeah, I really like the Aston Villa keeper, he has good potential. Plus I think he may have won the world Cup.

Exit the Lemming

Even the purported ‘greats’ like David De Gea, Onana, Alisson, Jordan Pickford, Ederson, Lloris, Begovic and (gulp) David Seaman have all had their fair share of catastrophucks.


Havertz has been absolutely huge in big games for us this season… what a player he is and I don’t care where he plays as long he’s on the pitch

Exit the Lemming

Caveat: up top but not in midfield. Arteta must have learned that by now?


No bonus rating for not only beating Sp*rs on their own pitch, but also literally booting them in the nuts in front of their own fans? Come to think of it, do they even have nuts?

Exit the Lemming

Ben Davies is probably lucky to still have his

Like White and Rice

Heh, “in a hectic North London derby at White Hart Lane this afternoon.”
Did they rename the toilet bowl after the dump where they used to play when they last won a trophy a million years ago?

Like White and Rice

Spuds whole team spent the entire match flopping and diving to try to win penalties. They knew they had no chance to get anything unless they could con the refs into giving them gifts.

Exit the Lemming

The grass grows quicker than Richarlison can think

Kampala gooner

Here here for reminding them what they really are. shit!


I’m having roast chicken and spuds right now!

Billy bob

How funny, I had the same for dinner too!!!


Mashed woulda been more appropriate mate!


Seemed like Tomi and Trossard struggled to contain the play down our left hand side in the first half. Kulusevski torched them a few times and Trossard got lucky his giveaways weren’t punished. Really good work from CBs and central MF to support and stop penetration into the box. Could have been a different game if we conceded in the first half.

Exit the Lemming

I thought Trossard was occasionally a bit over elaborate in our defensive third.

Charlie George

They’re shit and they know they are and they’ll always be shit.
But hopefully they will be a little less shit when they play City.
Or get a dodgy pen or something.

Exit the Lemming

Wouldn’t it be the most delicious of ironies if they beat City…?

Matt P

All those who mocked the Havertz signing are looking pretty damn stupid

El Mintero