Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Podolski linked with Juventus move

Having been rather pointedly left out of the squad for Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Everton, Lukas Podolski’s future could lie in Italy with reports that Juventus are interested in doing a deal with the Gunners.

There has been talk of a loan arrangement, but Arsenal are looking for around £10m for the German international and would prefer to sell him.

It’s been suggested that official contact between the two clubs could be made today, while the forward also has offers from the Bundesliga and MLS.

Podolski was back in Germany at the weekend, watching his old team Cologne draw 0-0 with Johan Djourou’s Hamburg, and on Sunday night posted the following on Twitter which seems to signal the start of something new:

Whether or not he’ll be involved in Wednesday’s Champions League qualifier remains to be seen. It does feel as if Arsenal could use him, but if the decision has already been made to let him go, then chances are he’ll miss out.

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He can’t be linked with an mls team for this transfer window. The mls incoming player transfer deadline was August 15th. Only out of contract players can join now.


So he arranged a photo shoot just to hint that he could be leaving?


Would be sad to see him go. Always gave his best and never gave up on the team for one moment.

P.S-What juve really mean to say is “Can we loan just his left foot?”




This sums it up perfectly. I’d also really miss Poldi’s chant!

Alexander Partridge

That post stopped as soon as I posted an emoticon. Oops.

Bet Poldis buzzing about all the new sightseeting he can do in Italy.

joey sixpack



The only thing that will make me feel better if we sell Podolski is signing Marco Reus…. Guess I’ll feel sad for a while then eh.


Huge blow for the dressing room


Knowing me knowing Juve
There is nothing Lukas do


Adds depth. I’d say there are other candidates to be sold over Poldi. If he goes now do we think he’ll be replaced or Chambo promoted permanently?

I was thinking about how he should’ve been there to rescue us on Sat like West Ham away last year, top class impact sub on his day. Maybe all this pining is just me wanting to see an arsenal player score a worldie again.

If you do go, thanks for the memories!!!


He’s a good impact player.
But he’s not getting any younger, Arsene doesn’t trust him down the middle, he doesn’t have the athleticism to play on the left in the big games, hopefully a chance to get back what we paid and free up some wages for Reus

why is my name required

i hope wenger knows what he is doing. For God’s sakes. If he has someone in mind to replace Podolski then im happy. But if he does nothing.. get ready to feel the wrath of the fans


I really like Poldi and think he brings something different to; the team but I think its his 100k per week wages that are making him expendable to club.


Black Hei

If Podolski leaves, I would like to see another striker come in, instead of another inside forward.


I cant help feel we wasted Poldi on the wing with his defensive shortcomings, and a somewhat small motor where he goes missing after 45 mins of running up and down the wing. In my opinion he is a typical old school striker who likes to attack and leave the defending to those better suited for it. And he allways played striker in his club career before joining us, but was more commonly utilized on the wing for Germany though. He also notched 19 goals for relegated side cologne his last season before joining us with a pretty sick convertion… Read more »

Black Hei


Podolski is has a big shot and a wonderful cross. But his lack of movement, agility and dynamism means that he hardly gets opportunities to utilise those qualities.


Poldi out, Draxler in?


Hmm, yes, but if it is Juve, Poldi out, Pogba in!! 🙂 That said, I too, am sad to see him go. Thunderous left foot and infectious humour.


Podolski, love the guy and love his 15 goals but, It was interesting all the talk of our weight before the Everton game, 11st average is incredibly light, and Ramsey saying we would win with our mobility. Then after the Everton game Martinez admitting that in the last 10 minutes they were really tired and could not keep pace, yet it was Arsenal who had all the international players arriving late, unfit and an unprepared team. That mobility is a real asset and will be more so when we get match fit. Does Poldi fit in with that? Also can… Read more »


Everton played aggressive for most of the game. They didn’t let us breathe. That is the reason they were tired more than us. But if we look our team. We are too static, we are not enough aggressive and we rarely press high. There isn’t enough movement without the ball. That is what i think it need to be changed but I am saying that for 5 years now. So I don’t really think we were better prepered than Everton was.

m a gunner

Hopefully Wenger has a younger better replacement in line then this will make sence he has scored a lot of important goals for us ! Good luck podolski !


Blogs is probably right, It doesn’t make much sense to let him go unless someone else is coming in.

This Reus noise is surely bullshit. Isn’t it? It would be FUCKING awesome if it weren’t, mind you…


I can’t really let the Reus stuff go away since he’s said a lot of times that he’s favorite club is Arsenal and his favorite player is Rosicky. When he’s agent (or was it BvB’s owner?) said that is ‘never about the money’ with him, I started getting hopeful that he was one of the few players who just wanted to play for their favorite club (together with his favorite player) and not care about anything else. Add to that Wenger saying early in the summer (when we presumably had talks with him before his injury) that there was players… Read more »

Petit's Handbag

I’m really gonna miss this guy, I’ll never forget that picture of the bench sitting there in the pouring rain looking like someone had just Pissed on their corn flakes….apart from Poldi sitting there smiling ear to ear for no apparent reason. I like to think it’s because he knew how lucky he is to be a footballer.
And that is why I like him
In fact I fucking love him


That really is one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen. I love that picture!

Edu's Braces

Childish thought but if we’re rich can we not afford luxury squad players? Its not like he’s agitating for a move :’-(


I can’t help feeling that Wenger has wasted Podolski.

ronererier than ever

Like I said earlier Wenger doesn’t know how to manage established players. He is all about square pegs in round holes. Sanchez isn’t a striker, sanogo isn’t a footballer, ozil/cazorla/ox aren’t wingers.


I generally don’t want to be all doom and gloom, but this sort of thing gives me a “close, but no cigar” feeling: We’ll be close to winning the league, but then a series of injuries hit and we’re stuck with Campbell and Sanogo trying to drag us across the finish line.

We’ve got a seriously good squad right now, with a lot of depth, so let’s please not remove some of that depth. It’s the kind of thing that always ends up biting us in the ass.


The fact that Wenger said only a day or so ago “we have Podolski” makes me think we are keeping him?

Dan D

The curios case of Lucas Podolski… On the one hand he has failed to grab the ball by the horns when given the opportunity as a centre forward at Arsenal. And together with his lack of mobility not entirely sure if he’s the best option we have on the left. But on the other hand he can be ruthlessly clinical in front of goal (and has been for Arsenal), for me certainly has a degree of top rate class about him and rarely wastes a pass or shot when given the opportunity, plus has proven to also be a great… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

I love Podolski and will miss him but I don’t blame Wenger’s tactics or formation for him not being able to run up and down the pitch for more than 45 minutes.


Going to miss that smiley bastard..

Springbank 1965

Arsene Wenger: “We have Sanogo who will be an important asset, we have Giroud, we have Lukas Podolski, we have Joel Campbell who can play centre forward. We have Alexis and Walcott coming back. Let’s not forget that.” Yes, we have Sanogo. But Sanogo isn’t an Arsenal calibre centre forward just yet. Yes, we have Joel Campbell. But Joel Campbell isn’t an Arsenal calibre centre forward just yet. Yes, we have Alexis. But Alexis’ best position is on the right. Playing him through the centre isn’t yet proven. Yes, we have Walcott coming back. But how many times must we… Read more »


Frustrated and its a Bank Holiday, so; Do we sometimes forget that there are 1,000+ millionaire managers working at top clubs throughout Europe trying to do everyday what Arsene has done for 17 years! And he doesn’t know what he is doing? (With that consistent luck he would make a lot more money playing professional poker). Arsene doesn’t know how to manage established players. (The Invincibles were all established players. Please… Fabregas who is established and knows him best wanted back!) Sonogo isn’t a footballer. (U20 World Cup 4 goals for France, he’s young, so was Anelka) Ozil isn’t a… Read more »


Of course he’s a very successful manager, but that doesn’t mean he never makes mistakes. In fact, the few mistakes he actually does make are usually related to his extreme faith in his younger players, such as Sanogo. Sometimes, such as in the case of a young Fabregas, his faith is rewarded almost instantly and he’s proven right. In other cases, such as Jeffers, Almunia and Senderos, it just costs us points. Right now, he seems to put all his faith in Sanogo really breaking through this season, which means Podolski can be sold. However, if he’s wrong, and Sanogo… Read more »

ZA Gunner


Ronaldo's Paunch

Can someone explain to me why we’ve more or less sold Podolski? I know there are complaints that he doesn’t contribute much and sometimes disappears in cames, can’t last the whole match, etc. But the guy brings 15 goals a season. And goals can mean the difference between a loss and a draw/win. Isn’t that in itself valuable? Also you can argue that we have replacements in ox/campbell/alexis, but these guys aren’t consistent yet, in the case of alexis and campbell they still have a bedding in period to the EPL. Poldi’s been here for two years now and his… Read more »



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