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Venkatesham replaces Fox as Arsenal CCO

According to Sportcal, Arsenal will promote Vinai Venkatesham to the role of Chief Commercial Officer as they prepare for life without Tom Fox.  

It was revealed earlier in the week that Fox had been headhunted by Aston Villa with Randy Lerner offering his American compatriot the Chief Executive Officer position at Villa Park.

Oxford-educated Venkatesham has held a variety of job titles at Arsenal since 2012, most recently as Sales and Marketing director.

He played a lead role renegotiating the Emirates partnership and bringing on board the big-money deal with Puma. He’s also been a visible presence when the club have announced other secondary and regional partnerships and previously worked for the London 2012 commercial team and Deloitte.

A lot of progress has been made on the commercial front in the last 18 months with the club expanding its portfolio to 19 partners.Let’s hope under Vinai’s stewardship this growth continues.

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Made me giggle more than i was supposed to.


Continuity is probably a good thing.


a CB please. 🙂

Harish P

Seems to have good a background, and that’s great work getting Puma in. Tom can Fox off with pink bubblegum if this is the guy to step up.


Can he play as a striker and DM?

offbeat madoda

30+ goals a season at least. He has the physique of a young TH14


Oh no, we’ve lost our fox in the (executive) box.

Hopefully it will be a case of vinai, vedi, vici for the new guy with the unpunnable surname.

Djangoon Unchained

Well played sir, well played. Although regards this whole situation, does any one else ‘fink-it-a-sham? No? Well, I tried. I’m afraid I can’t get my coat, it’s already been burned at the stake as an offering to appease the Gods of Pun.


‘Yes, we’ll buy a world class striker’ I said to my friend who’s girlfriend’s called Kate and likes pork. ‘WHEN KATE’S HAM FLY’



Lost in translation, mate….


Venkatesham? I hardly knew him!

the only sam is nelson

all we need is an AW quote saying “we look to an internal solution in this case”


And there was me thinking we would let another transfer window pass us by without signing a new chief commercial officer.
I would say why can’t we conduct all our business with this sort of ruthless decisive efficiency? But for all I know Vinai Venkatesham could be the CCO equivalent of Silvestre or Andre Santos.


Oh yeah, Indian! B-)

Neil #2



Good luck Vinai…Bring Arsenal to India next summer. Will be great to watch our team live:)

All Singing All Dancing Crap of Arsenal

Indian name…. please bring Arsenal to India next summer


happy to see Arsenal merchandise prominently displayed in puma store in india..


yeah…was really pissed off when nike dint do it

AN Other

If Arsenal can become the most loved club in India then we would have massive following for generations to come. I, once, went to India Vs Lanka cricket match and large section of Indian crowd sang Arsenal songs. For few moments, I thought I was sitting in emirates.


Bring Arsenal to India.
So I come from Pakistan to watch my team play!


Get in!


I don’t think you guys realize the kind of fan following Arsenal has in India and Nigeria. By kind, I mean numbers.
Easily 20-30 million young football fans (2 % of pop)


likely a huge underestimate, and that’s just for India

Alex Song

Vinai , wana be frands ?


Yeah , just google ” Bangalore gunners” and see for yourself. That’s just one set of fans in one city in India. Arsenal is big here.

Really impressed with the way puma launched the kits in India. I bought the away number and found it to be not so great. That is my personal view , the older Nike one is better.

murray's whale ale

One butter chicken


Was that really necessary?

gooner bank

Out of context, but cannot help of thinking about balotelli move. I think we should go for him. 16M is worth to gamble


I love this blog. Great to see that Arsenal gets a lot of support from India view to the comments from Indian Gunners.

Nikhil Agarwal

Bring Arsenal to India man. Pleaseeee


Thanks very much for Tom Fox – we’llbe back for your best players after the takeover;)


Oxford educated no less. This has to be a positive! Considering the classless cnuts involved in other clubs its always nice that we hold the higher ground at the arsenal.
Now, a back up cb, dominant midfield holding or otherwise, and a striker oh for a big powerfull technical bang bang striker…..

La Défènse

Indian Gooner living in Nigeria here. @Saketh I second.


I got it Swedegooner.

It was terrible.


Next year’s pre season in India please…Nepalese here

Ronaldo's Paunch

oh ffs we need a dm and a striker not this guy who is he even, typical wenga signing some unknown when we need PROVEN QUALITY. WENGA OUT!

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