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Arteta and Ramsey to miss Galatasaray and Chelsea

Arsenal will be without Aaron Ramsey and Mikel Arteta for their next two games after the pair picked up injuries in the 1-1 draw with Sp*rs today.

The captain suffered a calf strain while Aaron Ramsey hurt his hamstring, something which left Arsene Wenger flummoxed after the game.

“It’s a hamstring injury for Ramsey. I rested him in midweek so I don’t understand.” he said.

With an Interlull after the Chelsea game they may well not miss as much football had this happened at another time, but it’s still not ideal with two massive games this week.

Wenger was also worried about Jack Wilshere who went over on his ankle in the first half but was ok to continue, but said he wasn’t yet sure if the England man would be out for the Champions League and Sunday’s clash at Stamford Bridge.

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Me So Hornsey

Frustratingly familiar.


Odd that every time I watch an Arsenal game, I keep thinking of Shad Forsythe.


Shad, you’re fucking sacked, get your stuff and gtfo!



Big Chief from Antarctica

It’s wasn’t a coincidence I thought of Diaby when Ramsey went off. Cazorla and Diaby when both fit, Cazorla is technically better but only just yet Diaby got that strength/stamina. The same strength/stamina that Ramsey has but more height. Diaby’s injury record is too abysmal too rely on him but if he does – wait for it – a Ramsey, we are seriously in for a treat. He deserves it, I recall someone saying that he once fought at the Somme. I just had about enough of these draws. The more we have, the more it feels like a defeat.… Read more »


I’m just more sad than angry at how our season is slowly falling apart.

Gunner From Another Mother

A little early for that, don’t you think?


Please wenger’ could we just surrender possession to chelsea and hit them on the counter rather than trying to dominate them on their own turf? I think with diaby and wilshere or diaby and flamini shielding the back four, sanchez and ox hugging the lines, danny leading the line and mesut just behind him could be our best tactics to get all three points?


Haha, people still have faith in Flamini??

Ola Odus

Not too early actually, anyone who thinks this team can be better than Chelsea or ManC., after 38 games is really in denial.
By next saturday we’ll be looking at 9 points behind Chelsea. ManU whoseem to be in crisis would have caught up with us, maybe then some Wenger loyalist will see that he failed to address the problems of last season, CB and DM, even any layperson can see that.

Don Cazorleone

well you certainly make an appropriate spokesperson for the laymen

kampala gooner



Three injuries in one game! And they told us Arsenal isn’t able to take it to the next level.


At least we got no selection problems anymore, just play whoever’s fit.


Whoever is left more like


At least the injuries are early I guess.

Still fucking annoying though.

Tony Hall

Are our players made of fucking glass?


No, prehistoric training methods and poor squad management are the problem.


But Shad Forsythe’s been brought in as a fitness coach and the players have been rotated (people were complaining that Alexis didn’t start today but we can’t have it both ways.)

I think it’s time to admit the scientific probability that we’re cursed. It’s the only rational thing to do. The Emirates was built on a Celtic burial ground or something and we’re screwed.


Arsene would have us believe that last statement if he was asked about it tho…….never his fault.


Even though he answers to nobody & has control over 95% of club matters……never his fault, nope


Tell us more about these training methods please!! I assume you know what you are talking about and not in fact talking through your arse…

Zip watcher

Why Shad, why?


Diaby to the rescue.
Guys he’s next in the med room afterwards



The Woj Factor



who did we offend?!!! why do we keep losing one player per game?

Gooner from Pretoria.

Seems like Diaby’s Lifeline opportunity is earlier than expected…Hope it turns out well for both the club and him…


Well so much for the new fitness coach. Although this is clearly not just his fault as the problem has been there for years.

We now have the February /March injury crisis in September. That’s going some even for us. And Wenger’s decision not to sign a defender which looked stupid at the time, can now be seen as insane.

this aint FIFA bitches

Have we had a game this season where we have not lost a player to either injury or red card?

ooh to be

To be fair, CM is one position area where we are covered pretty damn nicely! imagine if it was Kosh and Per :/

Gooner from Pretoria.

Injury Gods Manufactured in Tottenham???Theö then two playas today…


With Walcott’s return on the cards, Abou and the Ox can do a fair job in the middle. Not to mention Flamini, Wilshere and Rosicky also available as reliable back up. We’re well stocked no worries


Yup, that “very reliable” Flamini……………..directly responsible for 3 (maybe 4) goals scored against us this season

Big Mac

The fitness department should all hang for this chamblic fucking disaster. You get injuries but nothing like this without being completely incompetent. We can’t blame Shad. He wasn’t in charge for the preseason training but Colbert was. He really is a dinosaur and his record speaks for itself but it’s not just down to him. If you prepare and train your team like you did in the nineties and don’t rest players you will have these prolems.


I hope you’re as fat as your name suggests. Would make the irony of your criticism on the fitness coaching even more enjoyable.

You have no facts! Stop jumping on the bandwagon and blaming people for things you know nothing about!
Fuckin people…

Big Mac

Our history of injuries speaks for itself. Something is really wrong in the fitness department and if you can’t see that you’r probably as old as gar14 suggests.

matty t.


Gooner from Pretoria.

Hopefully injuries aint long term..


Injuries in midfield shouldn’t be a worry since we’ve got like a million options in that department. So why fuckin moan about it!?!


Because this is the internet. It is what it was built for. Moaning about things and looking at p0rn


We are quite shit! Having mikel arteta as your 1st choice dm and flamini as backup is laughable. All flamini does is to roar and scream at his teammates while being terrible at his job. We have an inept manager who’s goal is to finish 4th and qualify for champions league. Can’t wait for arsene to sign another attacking midfielder in January while relying on Diaby to be fit to play dm. I used to think our problems in the past was down to loss of star players and money issues. Wenger has fallen off badly! This man can sign… Read more »

ooh to be

keep your opinions in texas pal




Haven’t seen the stats yet but Arteta was immaculate before he got injured. Flamini wasn’t great today though.

I’m still trying to understand how we didn’t win this game though. Spurs we’re really poor.


Against an average team like Spuds Arteta is ok, but as proven last season & against Dortmund this season the better teams will exploit him all match long. That is the problem, we need players that can compete against the best AND be THAT much better than average teams like Spuds……unfortunately Arteta isn’t at that level, and never was. Just a stop-gap buy that Wenger fell for.


Go follow the Houston Hamsters or whatever the fuck team plays kickball at the local Hunky Dory Dome.

Virginia Goon

Rough on us yanks, but on point. I laughed…


Sorry. Emotional response 🙂 my bad


That was uncalled for, our club is a global club which welcomes everyone irrespective of location, nationality, sexual orientation etc
I am at liberty to support whatever team i choose to support, there’s nothing you can do about that.
There are better ways to respectfully disagree with the opinion of others.


And the team you support is Chelsea? That whats I gathered from saying you couldn’t wait to see them beat Arsenal. Also whatever grievances you have, calling someone who achieved top 4 finishes for so many years on a far lesser budget than direct rivals inept is well…kinda inept. I agree with you people shouldn’t have been attacking you for your nationality they should have been attacking you for your stupid opinions


Celebrating constant 4th place for participating in the ucl which wenger has never won and probably never will is billshit. Moral victories are for minor league coaches. He has NEVER defeated a mourinho team so why would I be optimistic ahead of the gam e? He kept on playing ramsey till he got injured like last season. He played sanchez in a cup game he lost and benched him for a derby! He’s playing a useless formation which isn’t working. We have plenty possessions which we rarely do anything meaningful with. Celebrating 4th place is the mentality of average. We… Read more »


Buzz summed it up well. Sorry if it caused offense to other Americans. Your comment was stupid and your ‘support’ is laughable. i should have left it at that.


yeah. ..but the houston hamsters handegg team made me laugh. and that is a rare thing, considering the institutionalised bad mood of my wife

Virginia Goon

I wasn’t offended. I thought it was quite clever, you’re use of explicit language made it a bit sharper. Still like I said I laughed. Good thing about our sporting franchises and there names though is a majority have historical meaning behind them, which while I agree some our lame, is pretty neat. Take the Houston Astros Baseball team, Houston, NASA, Astronauts. Or the San Francisco 49ers. In reference to the year 1849 and the mass migration that took place during the gold rush in 1849. Or my personal favorite the Philadelphia 76ers. Something very miniscule in our countries history… Read more »

Ola Odus

Could not agree with you more, once upon a time Arsenal had WC winners Vierra/Gilberto as DMs., now we have USELESS Arteta, a guy with ZERO caps for Spain, and a Milan reject who was bearly capped by his country as back up, how standards have fallen!

No chance of him EVER beating a Morinho team, any Gooner hoping we can beat Chelsea is in coocoo-land.


Any gooner hoping???
you dont hope we will win???


It’s like going to an exam you haven’t studied for…. of course you ‘hope’ you grt lucky and succeed when you could have been studying for the exam. What preparation is wenger making to defeat chelsea?


Bloody Spurs. Seems their obvious tactic to compensate for lack of quality is to kick us off the pitch. And it bloody worked.

Sufficient cover but far from ideal of course.

Would think Flamini will come in for Arteta (particularly next weekend) with Diaby as an option (for Gala)

Don’t know if Ramsey and jack is a bit of over articulation on our part anyway. One of (or both) Santi and Alexis should be in the squad. Miss a bit of the close control and invention.


I would say in some way it is a good news. We need two wins against Galatasaray and Chelsea (but in reality a draw in SB would be a massive point). And those two injuries will force wenger to play with Ozil in No. 10, with ONE B2B player (Wilshere – but if he is injured then we have a problem imo) and two quick wingers. We will play with 4-2-3-1 formation again, formation we played last season. Wenger just need to accept Ramsey and Wilshere don’t go together, like Lampard and Gerrard didn’t. He needs to choose one, and… Read more »


It’s not Jack and Rambo that can’t work together, it’s Jack and Ozil. They’re both no.10s.


It’s funny how Chelsea and Arsenal don’t seem to live on the same timeline. I remember Costa was supposed to out for 3 weeks. The next week he was playing. Giroud was supposed to out for 3 weeks. Turns out he’s unavailable for 3 months. Arteta and Ramsey should be back after the interlull, which means they’re out until after the new year. Oh well, this was a typical Arsenal day. Pass, pass, pass, ohlol injury from nothing! Pass, pass, pass, ohlol another injury out of nowhere! Pass, pass, pass, ohlol sucker punched by sh*t! Wait guys, we’re losing, maybe… Read more »


Shad? Paging Dr. Shad….


The only thing i wish here, is that this happened in the summer or January. Forcing Wenger to buy a DM. Ramsey has been really off lately, and Arteta was very poor against Dortmund, but i do rate Arteta slightly better than Flamini. Worrying times to be honest. But i do think we can still qualify..hopefully. And what is up with this new fitness coach? It seems to be getting worse tbh. Players are getting injured without even being tackled. Aghhhhh i don’t know. The joys of being an Arsenal fan. 2 points dropped today in my eyes.. And not… Read more »


Hard luck and sad to see so many injuries but this is the very reason we have a squad and not just a starting eleven. A. Diaby, F. Coquelin and M. Flamini will have to come in and show what they can do. Still have I. Hayden who is pretty decent in midfield. They have not really got a look in but this is when you prove your worth like Wilshere, Fabregas, Senderos, Song, etc.

The furure of Arsenal begins next match… and..

Future Forever Victorious

We are Stronger Together



Diaby can make his glorious return to the Premier League by repeating his best achievement… Twatting John Terry in the face 🙂


While this is frustrating, it’s early in the season and we still have quality to step in.I never wish an injury on someone but maybe a few weeks off will put rambo back in check, careless again today. Plus, does anyone else get tingles when you see alexis, santi, ozil, danny link up with each other…and the ox, Gibbs and Theo to accent the attack? Being on Chelsea, their d is suspect and it’s time we fire on all cylinders! Arsenal 4 chelski 0


I think I just figured it out…diaby to remain healthy, the players sacrificed themselves for the greater good. By mid January our entire team to be healthy for a title run, with Diaby in the dm role!


We have to sacrifice a seasons worth of injuries to the injury gods so they give Diaby a season of football, and he will gloriously lead us to the title – who’d have thunk?!


F*ck it, I’m placing all my hopes on Diaby! That’s right, I’m that desperate. There, I’ve placed a bid of 40m + 1 hopes on Diaby.

Ancient Gunner

And Flam: Wake up!


Ive been supporting Arsenal for about 15 years now, and when I was younger I would always check for the latest information, I would always check the injury news part. In all the years supporting the club not once have I seen that list empty!!! Its amazing its like voodoo!! Ive often realised to myself sometimes we were actually really close to having a clean bill of health but once someone is fit a long term injury is replaced by someone else… e.g ashley cole, van persie, eduardo, ramsey,diaby,walcott, and now debuchy…its quite amazing really, once someone comes back… Read more »


Doesn’t this make it an average of two a game for the season so far?

Man Manny

Pls play Diaby against Gala and Chelsea. Coq can do a job too. Flam shd get a spell on the bench to sort his head out… too many cistly errors for my liking.

Andy Mackenzie

So who’s going to be in the DM position, Flamini?
I hope not: After his performance this evening, both Galatastray and Chelsea will more than likely run circles around him. Let’s hope that Arsene can get Diaby up to speed with his conversion, or we’re not going to fair well I fear. The team is once again starting to look a little thin, same old story!


You don’t understand many things. Hope Ramsey will be three weeks maximum.

“It’s a hamstring injury for Ramsey. I rested him in midweek so I don’t understand.” he said.

Ancient Gunner

The bottom line: Arsenal are playing really good footbal now. It’s coming. And after seeing Bellerin, Coquelin, Hayden the other day, I’m not worried at all. The only problem we have is our supporters. Quiet as mice at home. Abusing anyone when we’re not winning everytime. Too young. Too inexperienced. Too stupid. Knowing nothing about football. Just screaming their silly heads off at any chance. Football is real against real opponents. Arsenal are great!


Shad Forsythe is not God and needs time to raise the fitness. Wenger’s dated back room put our players in such poor state you think a couple of months would fix it?? The question fans should ask quite simply what AFC pays 8m to its manager for if he cannot or refuse to fix fucking shortfalls in the squad for years. And what’s more embarrassing is Wenger got the gut to suggest he’d ‘…develop Diaby’ in a DM role…. you fucking kidding me arent you? At 28, Diaby is as good as 23 in experience terms and just admit you… Read more »



Always wonder how Wenger truley sees the team


Average game; average performance; average result; average Arsenal; average Sp*rs. We look like exactly where our league position says we are: a fourth-place side. Average. Whatever happened to all that euphoria when Wenger signed a new deal last summer? Sad when reality bites, isn’t it? The great thing for us is that it looks like Liverpool are back to being a mid-table side – so that means that we’ll probably snatch the much-coveted fourth-place spot again at the end of the season. Good: that’ll keep the money flowing in. And that’s all that matters to Kroenke and co. I guess… Read more »


Flamini was shocking and not just in this game. Never a top player 5 years ago and at/~30, he has no legs and strengths to play DM…just like Arteta. With what these two take pw ~130k, we’d afford any WC DM frankly. Of course, paying for one is least of our worry when there’s close to 200m in the bank.

Ola Odus

Wenger want to prove everybody wrong that he can win the BPL with Arteta no caps for spain and Milan reject Flaminni, that could be a long wait!


Reckon could be time to give diaby one more go at dm and see how he does. I wouldnt mind even seeing coquelin given a go at holding mid. Its his natural position and at least he has some legs unlike arteta and flam. Also like his aggression and he is a decent passer. The problem with flamini and arteta is that they are too slow and are easily dispossed when pressurised (see flamini today) This is a constant trend especially in the big games, opposition press and dispossess our dm and counyer quickly while our full backs have pushed… Read more »


What’s annoying with Flamini’s own goal (yes I’m gonna call it an own goal) is that he actually ran back after his mistake, and went shoulder to shoulder with Eriksen, but he couldn’t beat Eriksen… He couldn’t beat Eriksen! What DM in the world can play in that position if he can’t outmuscle a player like Eriksen?!


but it wasn’t an own goal…


Great, now we have our 2 attacking DM’s (Ramsey and Wilshere) injured because Wenger wants to play them together, when 1 of them could have been rested today with Santi/Rosicky/Alexis coming in instead. Drop the 4-1-4-1 and start playing Ozil in the middle with Ramsey and Wilshere rotating between them. they’re both injury prone anyway so it works out for the best. now we’re in danger of seeing Flamini and the Ox as the DM’s against Chelsea if Wilshere isn’t fit by then. i feel that if 1 of Ramsey and Wilshere were benched today for Santi we would have… Read more »

Truth hurts

For the first time in 15 years I am scared of us playing against Chelsea. Even when they trashed us with 6 goals I remember being optimistic before the match. I hope the opposite happens and we win or least get a point, but boy am I scared? Especially living with 4 cheesy fans my Dad who will call with that annoying laugh. Please boys play that game like your life depends on it. LOL @ cheesy.. Autocorrected but will let it stay I missed Debuchy in this match, no offense to Calum he tried. And I still insist we… Read more »

Kay Tyma

I can bet wt wenger that nobody has Flamini in his Fantasy team…that has forgotten all aboit football and can only bring a man down…sp*rs were nva gonna get a goal if not for him…but i don’t blame him, I blame wenger for putting his hopes on a player like him…he’s below average and wl not make it to the bench of any of our big contenders…

Kay Tyma

I can bet wt wenger that nobody has Flamini in his Fantasy team…that guy has forgotten all about football and can only bring a man down…sp*rs were nva gonna get a goal if not for him…but i don’t blame him, I blame wenger for putting his hopes on a player like him…he’s below average and wl not make it to the bench of any of our big contenders…

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