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Wenger calls on fans to back Ozil

Arsene Wenger has called on supporters to get behind Mesut Ozil stressing Arsenal need to stay united through the ups and downs of the season.

After a below par climax to last season, the German international – despite playing an important role in Germany’s World Cup win – remains the target of weekly barbs from frustrated fans, unimpressed former players and media commentators with his performance against Dortmund the latest to be scrutinised in intense detail.

Eager to point out his entire team was piss poor in the Westfalenstadion, Wenger, not for the first time, urged patience from critics of the Gunners’ record signing, citing a post-World Cup hangover as a possible reason for his lackadaisical performances.

“It’s a bit unfair because I believe the offensive talents on Tuesday night were not in best condition to express that talent. On the other hand it is post-World Cup and he came back on August 11 and it takes a few months to get back to your best.

“Many of the World Cup stars don’t even play at the moment. It’s natural. I’ve seen it before. It is more mental than physical.

“They (the supporters) should not be concerned. We all go through periods where we are less good. We are a union, players, supporters and directors. Fans need to be patient.

“You want your best players in every game but you have to be united and go through hard periods. Everybody judges players on one game but football is played with many ups and downs

“Why should he be a scapegoat? For what? We lost one game since the beginning of April. But we want to respond after a disappointing performance.”

On the subject of whether Ozil is being played out of position on the flank, Wenger was quick to point out that the 25-year-old isn’t confined to hugging the touchline.

“That’s a secondary debate in my opinion because he has the freedom, when we have the ball, to go where he wants. If you look at the heat map where he plays, you’ll be amazed [to see] he’s all over the pitch.”

Arseblog News fully expects a bit of rotation when we visit Villa this weekend and wouldn’t be surprised if Ozil is deployed from the bench. Given the likes of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Tomas Rosicky and Santi Cazorla haven’t played much (or at all in the Czech’s case) it could be time to freshen things up against a side who are enjoying a bit of a purple patch.

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Please please please. Play him through the middle!

Andy G

And play him from the start! I’m sure he’s desperate to find his form again – he can’t do that by sitting on the bench.


if the “offensive talents” were not in great physical condition, why play them then?


This is what is most confusing to me. We just played a very demanding game against Citeh and then fielded near enough the same team at Dortmund. Cazorla was fresh, Rosicky hasn’t played any football, Oxlade-Chamberlain is sitting around, so too is Podolski and Campbell.

He needs to trust his squad more. We could have still lost as our approach played into Dortmund’s hands, but at least we would have had a better chance making our approach work with less exhausted players on the pitch.


Even though I am his avid fan, I have always believed that this is one thing he truly lacks – Arsene is not good at rotating his players. Maybe because he has not worked with a really big squad in a long time. But he is definitely not good at it.


We have a lot of forwards in this team (+1 for Theo in a month) and we keep playing a midfielder in one of the wide positions. It’s frustrating to watch at times when one or more of these midfielders is in poor form. I imagine Arsene just believes in playing his best players, which means Wilshere, Ramsey and Ozil technically should all be on the pitch. But Ozil is no defensive cover, even on his brightest day. So play a diamond? Which, of course, Arsene would never do. But FFS if you’re going to play those three put Ramsey… Read more »


he likes continuity.. because for the type of football he wants to play, that is required.. and that is also the reason for him preferring small squads.. the downside being last season he broke down even the really fit ramsey

Formerly Known As El Capitano

‘jim’ Read the comment from Arsene again. – “It’s a bit unfair because I believe the offensive talents on Tuesday night were not in best condition to express that talent.” He didn’t say ‘were not in great physical condition’ .. I think Arsene was referring to the fact the whole teams performance was so piss poor, not just Ozil’s, so he cant be expected to be in the best creative space, when people like Arteta, Kos, Per, Ramsey, Bellerin were shanking every pass… he needs quality service as well… and his comment was also directed at the fact Dortmund, pressing… Read more »


I thankk fuck there’s Wenger for perspective. the Ozil out brigade should be ashamed.

Scott P

I don’t think there are many that think he is actually shit and should be sold or something… I think most people are just concerned about his recent lack of form, and justifiably so. We just want the best for him and ultimately Arsenal FC, which is why there is so much discussion about how to best take advantage of his large reservoir of talent. Talent that is likely lying just below the surface


might he just need a rest? i’ve never understood the ‘play someone toward fitness” thing, when that person has been playing all summer. weren’t there also excuses made for him because the lack of winter break last year?in other words, the guy needs a break not more playing time at the moment!


Unfortunately the Arsenal fan hivemind is often far too hell-bent on finding scapegoats to blame for poor performances


Thoughtfulness is futile.


I suspect some fans scapegoat players because that’s the best way to stay hopeful. Boo Oezil till he stops being so lazy; failing that, bench him or sell him and we’ll soon be winning again. More depressing to acknowledge that the problems run deeper than one lazy player and won’t be so easily fixed. That said, I’ve actually yet to meet a fan who’s blaming Oezil rather than Wenger, both for failing to buy a balanced squad and for persisting in playing Oezil in a position to which he’s unsuited. He doesn’t do running about on the wing, he doesn’t… Read more »


Careful, Miranda, you’re gonna find yourself thumbed down and trashed for stating the bleeding obvious.


I think is Ozil is a great player going through a bad patch. And for what its worth i disagree with Arsene about Ozil’s positioning. Yes hes not staying on the wing, and yes his heat map is impressive. But wouldnt it be safer for the team if he was allowed to roam in the attacking central no.10 role. At least the guys that stay on the wings will familarise with the fullbacks both in the attacking and defensive sense. And also the fullbacks arent left exposed when he would of roamed away from a wing, the fullbacks pushed up… Read more »


Well, the problem isn’t entirely Ozil, he’s part of a generally shite performance by our midfield right now. Ramsey is also part of the problem, etc. I don’t know if Chambers and Rosicky in the deeper midfield role is the answer. Chambers has been impressive at RB and CB, but he has very little, if any, senior experience at DM, and I’m not sure Rosicky has played that much in that deeper role either, he’s absolutely an attacking midfielder. Why not Arteta and Flamini? Is Coquelin entirely out of the picture? The Ox was very impressive at CM last season,… Read more »


Well, I quite like Coquelin and don’t think he’d be any worse than Arteta and Flam both of whom lost their legs at least two seasons ago. Arteta is painfully slow and doesn’t much like the position anyway; Flam has become a red card waiting to happen, which is why Milan let him go. Given a run of games Coquelin could even get to be good as it’s his favoured postion. But Wenger evidently doesn’t agree – he’d have sold him or loaned him out if he’d found a taker this summer – so we might as well forget him… Read more »


I have to agree with the boss on this one. Ozil has been a bit shite..but so has everyone else. To lay the blame entirely on his door step makes no sense whatsoever.


“You want your best players in every game but you have to be united and go through hard periods. Everybody judges players on one game but football is played with many ups and downs”

Tim Stillman
“But Özil now has one assist in his last 18 Arsenal appearances, which tells its own story.”

Oezil is not just having one bad game, or a few, 18 games is nearly half a PL season. Not necessarily his fault, I just don’t think Wenger knows how to build/field a balanced team anymore.


Couldn’t agree with you anymore about wenger struggling to field a balanced squad.
Abt Ozil – Is that enough to scapegoat him for? Ramsey had an entire preseason and is so crap for most part this season…on the other hand ozil went to the WC and pretty much came back right at the end (admittedly looked jaded).
Bottom line..i really hope the team comes good this season. Like every other arsenal fan, i am tired of being an almost good enough team.

Gunner From Another Mother

You can observe that he’s playing poorly and want him dropped (for cazorla, rosicky, or ox) without laying all the blame on him. As has been much discussed, Ozil is no workhorse. So when he is out of form, he contributes next to nothing. Meanwhile, if a Ramsey/Rosicky/Sanchez is out of form, they can be slightly forgiven since they are at least making a nuisance of themselves for the opposition. I know people say its not Ozil’s game to run hiss ass off all over the pitch, but when nothing you try is coming off, it would be nice to… Read more »


“It’s a bit unfair because I believe the offensive talents on Tuesday night were not in best condition to express that talent. On the other hand it is post-World Cup and he came back on August 11 and it takes a few months to get back to your best.

the why are you playing him every single game and out of his best position? are people like rosicky, campbell, poldi incapable of doing a better job than an out of sort ozil? why not rest him and bring him back when he’s ready?


lol….you lot blind or something? The manager says it: “he has the freedom, when we have the ball, to go where he wants.” just shut the hell up you useless know nothing clowns …… “play him in the middle!”…….. hahah poor little goonies. NB: ‘A club is a union between players, supporters and directors. You have to be united and sometimes go through periods together where it goes a bit less well.’ Do you understand the above sentence ? Even when we are shit on the pitch ..our duty as fans is to support…not demand sackings and change like we… Read more »

Harold A. Ballitch III

The problem in starting Ozil on the left is when he does decide to drift inside or to the opposite wing, nobody fills in the huge gaping hole left in front of left back. He needs to be played in the middle behind the front man, or even as a target man up front who brings everyone around him into play. The left is not helping him one bit


Yeah, and five of Dortmund’s key players weren’t even playing, but I don’t hear Klopp complaining about how It’s a bit unfair’ or blaming the World Cup for his team’s lack of energy, confidence and tactics.


Yep but in the other hand I never ever heard a Dortmund Fan complaining about a particular Player. And I count myself as a Dortmund fan so I read a lot of comments and posts in forums.

But to be perfectly honest to you, Klopp does complain about the Post World Cup Situation. He even used the same words as Arsene, and even criticized the dating of the first qualifier matches a week ago because Dortmund lost the first match this season against Leverkusen and had no time to train properly aswell.


Will be great to see the little Mozart start on Saturday.

Ozil starting from the bench will also help.

Any news on whether Podolski finally found his chin-pads?

Arsene's Zip

Chin pads?! That’s the funniest typo I’ve seen all day!


Shoot me!


No we need more people for the search operation 🙂

Veryxerioz Gunner

Reports coming in from the shinpad’s agent say it was annoyed that Poldoski doesn’t feature it on instagram especially as tuesday was its birthday hence has gone on strike!

One UK
one arsenal
Go Gunners


The boss is right but he isn’t always helping Özil when he can. Reckon that we would’ve seen out the 2-1 against Man City if he took Özil off, put Gibbs on the left with Monreal to shutdown Navas. Then simply move Sanchez to the right. From then the focus would be to keep the ball and defend when necessary. If Wenger had done any defensive sub like this there would be less fan anxiety about Özil. I believe Özil will come good and that the team in general will come good even with our injury record. It’s just that… Read more »


gibbo was not fit to face city


Or maybe he’s talking about the Ox it’s an easy mistake to make…


well done.


Pretty sure Gibbs was on the bench. If he was on the bench, he could’ve played the last 15 minutes as left winger to see out the 2-1. Wenger has done this a couple of time before when his nuts were in a vice.

Dave Gooner

No amount of blather by Mr Wenger will paper over the abject nature of Tuesday’s defeat. We were lucky to get out of it with only a 2 goal feficit.

Personally, while Arsenal losing any time ruins my day, our players not trying and not caring enough to try harder ruins my week.

If Mesut Ozil doesn’t want to be scapegoated, he needs to play when he doesn’t have the ball as well as when he does. He needs to try a little harder.

Stop the moaning get the fuck on with it.


I dont think playing him through the middle will make any difference. The guy is out of form and his confidence level is very low. However, playing him through may give him less responsibility of tracking back and helping defence something hes not good at.


Thank God our next game is away. Our away fans always support our players, not matter what happens.
Hope the home fans show him the support he needs.
Mesut Özil is our player, he is sufferring from bad form and low confidence right now. We need to show our support. I know if we do, we’ll both come out of this happy. Just remember how happy we were when he signed. Of course supporters of other clubs and the papers ridicule him, they hate us.
I am an Arsenal fan and I support Mesut Özil.

Wenger admirer

I second that.

Dave Gooner

Its the home fans fault?

While I want Mesut Ozil and Arsene Wenger to be happy, (and I’m sure we all do), I want 3 points more. Seriously.

Matches are slipping by, points are being dropped at an alarming rate. A couple more weeks like this, and we’ll be scrabbling around looking at 4th before Christmas. And I can’t help noticing that the German World Cup winners elsewhere all seem to be performing fine.

Enough of the boohoo. Go win some matches. We’ll all love Mesut Ozil then.


What a load of hyperbolic garbage. We’re four games into the season for fuck’s sake.


well said …but i have a question for you? why do they hate arsenal? have you ever thought that they are just clever and being professionals they know that they can take the mickey out of the arsenal fans seeing them moaning every second day? if you were a journalist would you not laugh your arse off on how easy you can turn arsenal fans against their own club? Now imagine youre a united or chelsea fan or spurs troll and you can make arsenal fans turn against wenger….. so in retrospect…i dont blame the rivals or the media….i blame… Read more »

Arsenal Wenger

Welbeck for the brace in the next match!

Good Arse

Her we go again with the ‘thou shall not critically observe’ Ozil malarkey. He is playing poorly. Why can’t we say that? Is he that brittle?

And as for Blogs and Gunnerblog’s disdain for the ‘run about a bit’ mentality, I think that it is a little high brow. If you’re not playing well, the least you can do is put in extra effort doing the basics, such as marking, tackling and keeping with runners. If Ozil had ‘run about a bit’ more….perhaps Seamus Coleman would not have had a free header.


I think pretty much everyone is saying he’s playing poorly. The issue is how to get him back to his best. The ‘run around a bit’ mentality is a Redknappian construct, there’s more to his problems than that. Agree with you on the Coleman thing, he should have done more there. I must see if I can find it, but there was a guy on Twitter midweek who posted some interesting stuff about Ozil and the distance he covers, the number of sprints he makes in a match. He’s not a lazy player, but I do understand why it looks… Read more »

Good Arse

I’m no fan of the ‘run about mentality’ as a footballing philosophy. But when little is working out for you, I think it’s the least you can do…..whether it’s EPL or my weekly 5-a-side. So I believe it’s fair to ask Ozil to put more effort in. And the same would go for any other player in the team (except the goalie!). We always seem to err on the side of the carrot rather than the stick. Sometimes…you just gotta use the stick. And perhaps Wenger is…..he could be tearing Ozil a new one behind the scenes. And if he’s… Read more »


Özil does a lot of running but he doesn’t seem to like tackling. He simply runs into the space but puts no pressure on player or ball.


You might want to hear the Spanish perspective on tackling. Xavi: ”Tackling is desperation, not development…it is a last resort…teach kids to be smarter and they won’t need to tackle…” Xabi Alonso: “I don’t think tackling is a quality, it is a recurso, something you have to resort to, not a characteristic of your game. At Liverpool I used to read the matchday programme and you’d read an interview with a lad from the youth team. They’d ask: age, heroes, strong points, etc. He’d reply: ‘Shooting and tackling’. I can’t get into my head that football development would educate tackling… Read more »


He’s an almost entirely attack-minded player, doing most of his work in the opponent’s half. I saw a heat map from a recent game and it made this really clear. I think when he is at his liveliest he keeps our attacking possession ticking over, sort of like the job Arteta does more generally. I have faith he’ll come good and I think getting behind him is important to help that process. We can leave getting on his back to the narrative-driven gutter hacks of the press.


I am an Arsenal fan and i support Mesut Ozil
(even if i can’t do umlotts)

Good Arse

You can support Mesut Ozil and still be critical. I tell my kinds to get their act together all the time….but I still love them.

Peace brother.


I hope they tell you to stop calling them kinds.

I agree be critical in the pub, on line, in your bed but if your at the ground dont boo, or groan or whinge or moan… cheer on the team

The Night Elf

Arseblog News should also re-emphasize that John Terry is a


Hasn’t Cazorla started every game except Dortmund?


If Welbeck doesn’t score soon he’s got a booing in his future. The home fans aren’t the most patient lot.


I certainly hope not. That would be pathetic.

He came straight into the team with a weekend to adapt and has jumped right into 3 matches in a week. He’s done fabulously well to get into useful and dangerous positions given that situation.

He’ll find the net.


I am backing Ozil. It is you(Wenger) not playing him as 10 that I am not backing




Wish we had sold him and got Cesc back.
Another massive error from our manager.
Chambers at right back, no cover at CB, no cover at LB, a 19 yr old kid to cover another 19 yr old kid at RB.
Plenty of small slight no10’s.
Danny Welbeck to cover for Giroud.
The option of Flamini or Arteta at the base of our midfield….

Chairman Meow

You again eh Rich… like a fatgooner clone without the ability to structure proper sentences


Wenger has to 100% support his players in public. It’s his duty as a manager. I notice though that – rightly or wrongly – he has been less inclined to build his team around Ozil as the ‘key man’, unlike with Fabregas. If so, maybe it is unfair to judge Ozil to that standard when our model isn’t ‘get the ball upfield to Ozil and wait for something to happen’. I’m still waiting to see the Ozil that enthralled me at the 2010 world cup. On his day he has the vision and ability to unlock any defence in the… Read more »


Chances were created & squandered!!
Easy, preventable & saveable goals are conceded. And whose faults are all these? Ozil of course!!
Some Arsenal fans are really nuts!!


I’m amazed they haven’t found a logic twisted enough to blame Giroud.


I’ll take a crack at that:

Giroud was injured! We had to rely on Sanogo! Not good! We had to therefore sign a replacement! Welbeck! Yay! Oh crap no time for DM! No one to stop Mkhitaryan (diving cunt) and Aubameyang and Immobile!

Therefore it’s all Giroud’s fault for being injured.

I feel dumber already.

Man Manny

Ozil is our player and deserves our support. Many rival fans will enjoy nothing more than seeing him destroyed by his own fans. Make no mistake, a firing Ozil is not a palatable proposition for other teams so they are hoping and praying this form continues. Genuine fans of Arsenal have one duty – contribute your quota to nurse him back to health. That is the least you can do. As for Arsene, he is gradually running out of excuses. I saw Muller, Lahm, Goetze and others take city apart on wednesday without any sign of a world cup hangover.… Read more »

Dave Gooner

Sorry mate, its his duty to nurse us back to well being, not the other way around. You earn support, you are not entitled to it. I am not a cheerleader. I’m the one shelling out here. Mesut Ozil gets paid more than my – still unpaid for – house is worth every two fucking weeks You know when we trot along to the Grove and empty our wallets to bring our carefully nurtured offspring in their expensively purchased Arsenal kit to see their heroes, the heroes who adorn their bedroom walls? To see what? …disinterest? No fight? A team… Read more »




did someone force you to go to the grove and spend that money Dave Gooner? you do it as a gesture of support and love to the club….. but from the sounds of you, you are considering it an investment for ‘good times’ this is not a nightclub in the west end forcing you to pay membership to have a good time drinking . Arsenal is there and they are doing their thing in their own philosophy and time. Whoever wants to go and support its there. You though, you want to go and moan that you aint getting satisfaction… Read more »

Dave Gooner

I force myself to go. 45 years following the Arsenal force me to go. What kind of a stupid question is that?

I am not a cheerleader. I do not appreciate Mr Wenger telling fans to “support” anyone. His job is to get the team to show on the pitch.

The season is passing week by week, the points are being dropped against teams we should beat, and we are not getting any better.

I will not applaud that, just to make an underperforming player feel better about himself. Ozil needs to grow the fuck up.


It is so rarely that I think both sides of an argument are totally off the mark, I just had to get involved here. “Football clubs are there to make money.” What a load of BS. Football clubs are there to play football, win games and cover themselves in glory. If you want to support an entertainment franchise, there’s always american ‘football’. Hardly any football clubs are run as if they were meant to maximize profits. (See chapter 4 in ‘Soccernomics’, available in your favourite bookstore.) Also, I don’t get that ‘I paid money, I am entitled to behave like… Read more »


Rich. Cesc was patting the chav badge the other night. So Cesc can fuck off


lol goebells…he was patting his chest. it was more a “me!” moment rather than any chelsea allegiance. he has stolen ball ( with foul but who cares) does overlap, receives and finishes.


the fans back ozil, but does wenger, why the heck doesnt he play him in the middle!!!


Fan should backing him they should stop critics,ozil performance will be great


tactically AW doesnt have any, he picks the team plays the system and hope it works, when teams dont press us and hassle us it works fine but when teams do it fails miserable,the midfield are ok going fwd, but losing the ball with the wing backs high up the pitch we get the sucker punch and are left wide open to counter attacks,
patience is one thing but for how long will be be so gung ho


“Fan’s need to be patient” I think we’ve been pretty fucking patient for a long time


I think Ozil needs to be played in his preferred position, his better performances has come from the middle. He wasn’t signed 42mil to be wasted on the wings. Playing there is making him susceptible to much criticism which isn’t good for his confidence. Playing Ozil on the wing is limiting opportunities for players like Ox and Campbell.


I thought Wenger gave Wilshere the number 10 shirt for a reason. Maybe we should give Özil a rest, play Jack in the number 10 role with Rambo-Arteta behind, and Cazorla-Welbeck-Alexis in front. Özil is a great player who is playing poorly at the moment. There will be plenty more chances for him to shine in the future, especially with our injury record, but if he can’t get back in the side because we start firing without him, then all well and good.


Özil was magnificent at the 2010 World Cup and excellent for RM too. But he had Schweinsteiger, Alonso etc as strong, skilful, powerful DMs alongside him in midfield. He was asked to create goals or chances and he did. If Wenger had no intention of buying a world class DM, I’m not sure how he thought he’d get the best out of Özil or why he signed him for so much money really. I’d have loved to see Mesut playing alongside Vieira or Petit. Wenger has addressed the issue of lack of pace up front but not the DM issue.… Read more »


I don’t know why people are blaming this guy. When he was at Madrid he play with the likes of Ronaldo , Dimaria etc players with alot of pace. When he got to asenal his playing with the likes of an old, lazy, sluggish players and to make the matter worse, Arsene doesn’t assist him at all rather put him in a place where he can never flourish. All this will not make this guy be what he suppose to be.Mr Wenger if this guy need rest or if he needs to be where he suppose to be put him… Read more »


Ozil has been compared to Arshavin recently but I think the comparison should be more inclined towards gervinho. Ozil is at a place where gervinho was when he played for us, low on form and confidence. As fans we didn’t back gervinho enough and became easily fustrated with him and looked to him as a scapegoat. Now hes banging in goals for Roma and showing what a class player he is. Don’t let such a class player like ozil follow the same fate as gervinho. As long as someone puts on the shirt you back them to he hilt!

Tibetan Gooner

Ok Mr. Wenger backs Ozil and who’ll back Mr. Wenger himself for some part which we might have done better if he could or would’ve replaced Verminator…or the whole transfer itself was hacked in some sorts, I support, continue watching us play but many times this transfer flops: non replaced positions, not having squad depths, tactical flaws ect….only Ozil’s form or whatever, didn’t do only damades we have had but also from managerial ends or whole decision makerss like the board. Nvm thanks, just opinion.


Is the last part of that long sentence in Tibetan?


Paspartu! He was banging his chest while looking at the badge! I was one of the many that went mad when we didn’t get Cesc back but now I tire of people that bang on about we should have fucked Ozil off for Cesc. A few factors he fucked off! He then had the opportunity to leave when his beloved Pep left , he stayed and obviously just expected us to get by without him until he was ready! We decide otherwise! To round it off he joins one of our hated rivals to play for a man who constantly… Read more »


as for going there…it was our fault for not taking him back. Not like he had many options…….

I only hope the players reward wenger for the faith he has shown to them…he said no to cesc fabregas for them…they better fucking appreciate that and perform accordingly


No defender
No deffencive midfielder
No world class striker





2 FA cups(2005,2014) and a Community Shield.
I gather that that you are not very good with numbers


Here is an idea – play to the players strengths!!! it would help to build the confidence obviously required to try out different styles of play etc!!!


There might be something in what he says. Thomas Muller was absolutely rubbish against City and he was one of the real stars of the World Cup. But we can’t keep leaving good players out when others are not at their best. Ramsey looks really sluggish to me and he doesn’t get the criticism.


Ozil needs to raise his game but so does the whole team. So far this season there has only been about 100 minutes of football in which we have played good arsenalistic football. We have been lethargic and looked jaded. Once Ozil gets his mojo then I’m sure the team will also automatically improve. I will always support mesut but I hope he steps us sooner rather than later

Injured Gooner

Ozil is merely behind schedule, it’s as simple as that. The fact that we’ve had injuries has unsettled the squad, and when you’ve had that combined with the fact that we’ve stuck with Sanogo and had to panic buy Welbeck has compounded things further. Arsene was asked what the limit was one could add to a squad before it started unsettling the squad, the number he mentioned the number 3. With Belerin, Cahmbers, Debouche, Sanches, Campbell and now Welbeck; we have 6 players pushing for places. When one looks at the CL match of mid week, the only consistent position… Read more »


We haven’t had a good game since the Community Shield. Villa have been ruthless in defense and are a great counter-attacking team, which seems to be our weakness right now. With Villa playing at home, perhaps the home support will cause them to open up the game a little bit.

COYG! We need 3 points very badly this week.


Not interested til we #findramblingpete. Ozils form will get better as soon as hes back


Excuses can’t keep going on, When will ozil produce. A year ago they said he was adapting to English foot and we said ok. A year later is is recovering from worldcup fatigue( other top players that played in the world cup are doing just fine ex di maria) wenger has to tell him to work harder and its that simple. his style of play combined with his current form is not flattering at all. what aggravates me the most is hungry players like rosicky who are 100 percent and had a good pre season are languishing on the bench.


If a Central defender gets a red card tomorrow mr Bean (wenger) will play himself or he will play OZIL in there .


my club is bigger than this

Wenger OUT


Bottom line is…He is not playing well and hasn’t played well since December. Apart from Man u and Everton at home i cant recall him having an influential game where he was the difference. Hes been OK but i personally expect more from him. Wenger is playing him out of position and its obviously not helping, but his form was poor last season in his favoured position. Blaming him for the teams current problem i wrong. No one in midfield is performing. Only Wilshere the last couple of games and Sanchez have done anything of note. Everybody else not just… Read more »


Fans call on wenger to play ozil in his best position!

Puff puff

Admit it!Özil is arshavin all over again;”play him in the middle and he will Excel…blah blah blah….”Özil fan boys will look for every excuse….1.He is new and has to adapt 2.He needs to play with fast wingers 3. He is being wasted on the wing 4.he is special and must not be given defensive duties 5.Hes tired from world cup…..6.He is going through his menstrual cycle…Özil is special and should not be criticized…they say….The reality is he is seriously overrated!

Man Manny

Since when has Ozil been overated? Is it after pulling England asunder in 2010? Or is it after having the highest number of assist in europe in the four years before he came to Arsenal? Some posts are not worth the space they are wrtten on…pathetic.

Puff puff

To prove the extension of Özil being overrated I can name soooo many no 10s better than him…Coutinho,Silva,Nasri(I say painfully),Iniesta,Götze,Isco,Kroos,Eriksen,Cazorla,James Rodriguez,Mkhitaryian


That’s a list of players all right, but that’s all it is.

Laycock Street N1

Hardly “Billy’s Boits” when the Pod wore his shin pads!!! Caused to be slow!


I understand he cost us 42.3m but frankly, there is too much pressure on him. It is becoming a bit of a millstone around the neck. which is prob why Wenger decided to shunt him wide. had he been a non performer through the middle, there could have been additional pressure to our defensive line when turned over. I think both Ramsey and Ozil could do with a bit of a breather,before coming in to some big games around the horizon. Perhaps coming on as subs later in the game will relief the pressure particularly if they get something out… Read more »


He doesn’t have to be Arsharvin again.

I’d rather have someone of his caliber than not. I think a bit of work needs to be done on the mental side. The footballing side is obviously there. He needs to discover a bit of mental strength to his play. he is not naturally the most ‘positive’ player and sometimes lets things get to him when all is not working out. This is where a bit of sport psychology may be helpful.

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