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Four more Arsenal matches selected for TV

Four of Arsenal’s fixtures in December will be available on Sky Sports and BT Sport after the second raft of live TV selections for the 2014/15 campaign were made.

The visits of Southampton, Newcastle and QPR have been included as has the Gunners trip to Anfield which has been moved back 24 hours.

Arsenal play seven times in December with a trip to Galatasaray also set to be televised. Matches away at Stoke City and West Ham United will not be shown live in the UK…but that won’t stop people finding a dodgy foreign stream and tuning in anyway.

It’s maddening in this era of big money TV subscriptions that all the games aren’t available all of the time, but ho hum…

Latest TV fixtures 

3 December 2014 – 7.45pm Arsenal v Southampton (BT Sport)

13 December 2014 – 5.30pm Arsenal v Newcastle United (Sky Sports)

21 December 2014 – 4pm Liverpool v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

26 December 2014 – 5.30pm Arsenal v Queens Park Rangers (BT Sport)

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We’ve got the Live blog. no worries.

“some cunt on , some cunt off”

Kills me every time

supa dupa

Man i wanted to watch the ones on bt sports but there is the live blog so im cool.


AW was right on point. Not much difference between the two teams’ performances but unfo rtunately we still lost and that is frustrating as hell.

The Dude

I think you clicked the wrong link!


The Irony of it all is that we can see every Arsenal BPL match in the US because NBCSN streams every game live in HD even though it’s not on TV. Less than 10 years ago we had to put up with dodgy streams for any type of professional football outside of the USA.


In the UK we’re told that if all the 3pm games were televised it would be bad news for all the lower leagues and for grassroots football as everyone would just be watching premier league all the time and not playing saturday league or going to grounds to see games.

don;’t know if that’s true but I can’t imagine the premier league/FA would pass up extra billions in TV money without good reason so perhaps there’s something in it…

Merlin's Panini

We’ve got Liverpool on my birthday now. Better fucking win that one.


I clicked like and scrolled up to check the date. Its my birthday as well!!! We better pummel them.


Is this the start of the campaign to get all the games televised Mr blogs?

Closet mc

How lucky we are in South Africa I watch every single Arsenal game including Emirates cup.. Carling cup can say I have watched every single game for the past 3 seasons. Supersport has all the rights.


Yep, I think we get to see all the games in South Africa


I never miss a game in Canada! Seems weird that we have better coverage than in the UK. The only thing not televised over here is the Capital Cup.

Do you still have to wait for Match of The Day before you see any highlights of the day’s events?

Merlin's Panini

If you don’t have Sky or BT sport, yes. It’s shit.


At least it gives you an excuse to go to the pub!


It’s great in Canada. We even get English commentary, unlike some NBCSN matches where they have to listen to the awful US announcers.


Umm I’m not sure listening to English commentators is a plus. You know, Redknapp, Owen, Savage, Carragher and the fucking lot?


That lot may all be Arsenal haters but trust me, their live commentary is so far superior to anything available in North America that there’s no comparison. The North American commentators seem to have heard most of the phrases used by the British ones, but they have no idea when they should be used or to what they actually apply. Plus they seem to be obsessed with the notion that we must be told what foot a player uses to make a pass, every bloody time. Generally, a British commentator, even a cunty one like Michael Owen, can say more… Read more »

Glasgow Gunner

Watching Arsenal via America, Canada, Spain, Belgium or Holland. While sitting in Glasgow is a bit of a mind fuck but I’m grateful all the same.


Hmm. Galatasaray away sandwiched in between home games vs Southampton and Newcastle, could have been worse


just took a little time travel back to to the early 2000’s Arsenal. man what a team, what players, personalities, leaders. and i’m not even talking about the amazing quality we had back then compared to now… very few players in the current squad give me that ‘Arsenal’ vibe (to me only Mertesacker, Koscielny and the home grown Wilshere and Gibbs).


In germsny all games are live on telly. All on sky. The bundesliga package is just 10 euros per month.

sadly they only show prem games when its the big teams


Fox sports in Australia has every premier league match live every week
Espn and SBS (free to air channel) have champions league and FA Cup
Setanta has capital one cup

..all this coverage… But you guys actually get to go to the stadium! Id swap you in a heartbeat

steveafc forever

Football in this country way overpriced fans getting ripped off all the time just lookhow cheap it is in Germany


Surprised you cant watch all the games on TV in UK. Seems a bit odd since in Singapore we can see all the BPL Matches live every week.


Not if you don’t pay $60 monthly to those Singtel bloodsuckers.

Live streaming all the way for me. The quality isn’t so good but I save hundreds by not giving Singtel even a single cent!


BeIN sport brings all the games live and simultaneously. ..all cups and top 2 leagues from England; top league n cup from France Ger Spain Italy n US. For less than 20 quid. Too spoilt. Sadly the english commentators n pundits are crap. Cant have it all. The price for a year of online access not bad either



Don Cazorleone

Give Rambling Pete a job


Hmm seems like were being shortchanged here in England then. Im a plus one for a campaign for all matches to be shown.


Anyone in UK get NBC sport here in UK,
I am with Sky , but could not find the channel.
May be Virgin Media users can tell me, if its available there.
As there are few matches which get shown there idea how to get it though.
All help appreciated.

Gus Caesar

The only live PL games you can legally access in the UK are those shown on Sky and BT, all others are blocked.

Gunning 4 EPL

In Nigeria we watch every match we desire thanks to super sport

Ant Lester

I’d prefer American commentary over the dodgy Russian HD SopCasts I get.

I’d pay for ArsenalPlayer streaming if they did it.

Chairman Meow

Why the fuck can other countries watch seemingly every single arsenal game but here in the UK we have to either pay extra to get the channels (when sometimes they’re not even on those channels) or stream it illegally online?
fucking joke.
Dont think im ever going to pay to watch an arsenal game except live, sky & bt sport can suck the proverbial cock

Gus Caesar

The whole set-up in the UK is a joke. Only a third of games get screened live so, when you can’t get to a game, you have to frantically scramble around trying to find a feed somewhere. I don’t see why there couldn’t be a Premier League-run Arsenal channel that you pay a tenner a month to view and get access to any game not on Sky or BT, i’d pay for it. The argument given is that it would affect attendances at other games, especially grassroots level, but I very much doubt that the casual fan is going to… Read more »


It’s mental how far behind the uk coverage is just because of these big money battles between broadcasters.

I moved to New Zealand from the uk a few years ago, here we have every single game live and on demand with full highlights and match previews all on premleaguepass it’s epic, they even show two games a week live on free to view TV channel one!


Arsepedant, actually the games themselves have English commentators, the one American on the show only gives insight during the buildup and post-game from the studio. I have no idea what you’rr talking about




Blogs, please delete if inappropriate, but I’ve found mobdro quite a good app on android for the footy. 😉
Do a Google search.


thanks..but could find it here in UK…
like goals against Chelsea…sorry still moping.

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