Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Germany rule Ozil out for 3 months

After undergoing a scan this afternoon in Munich, the German football association DFB confirmed that Mesut Ozil has injured ligaments in his knee and will be out of action for up to 3 months.

Obviously it’s a massive blow for the Gunners who currently have Mathieu Debuchy and Olivier Giroud ruled out with long-term injuries, as well as the likes of Mikel Arteta and Aaron Ramsey sidelined with muscular problems.

There’s been no confirmation as to whether Ozil suffered the problem while training with the World Champions or if he arrived crocked after the Chelsea game last weekend.


Arsenal have released a statement: “Arsenal can confirm that midfielder Mesut Ozil is returning to London from international duty with Germany after picking up a knee injury during Sunday’s game at Chelsea.

“Ozil complained of a sore left knee after the game and the club advised the German FA to run medical checks when he joined up with his international squad.

“The club will make further assessments and it is too early to say how long Ozil may be out of action.”

Arseblog News lets out a collective sigh.

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Formerly Known As El Capitano

Come on now guys.. its not as if we had, like, £150M+ tucked away in a bank somewhere like Chelsea, that could of been used in the summer transfer window just gone, to buy players that would of helped prepare our squad for situations like this occurring in a season,… And as if a World Class centre mid for a really cut down, bargain price, like so cheap for the quality of player that as a football manager you’d be absolutely doolally in the head not to sign him, ..wanted to re-join us and we turned him down… …. ………….… Read more »


That’s not the solution. Do you want us to buy every attacking midfielder in the world “just in case if all midfielders in the world minus one injure themselves”?


It’s just people wanting Cesc back whilst unheeding the concerns of the real world.


These are straw man arguments… In the summer one of the best midfielders in the world wanted to join us for a knock-down price. We chose not to do it because we had bought a player the year before who plays in a different position and had lots of midfielders anyway.. Now, he’s going to help our rivals win the league… There is no argument to suggest we did the right thing here. It’s not the case that buying Cesc would have meant we had too many players.. Just sell some. Santi (as much as I love him) to Athletico,… Read more »


Yeah, we sell the guy who sparked our comeback to win our last trophy. Good call.

Assimilating new players hinders the teams synergy, something that is rather important and i’m fucking sick of transition so we keep the good players and only sell the bad ones, adding players where the team needs them.

And it’s not a strawman, it’s a scarecrow because it’s useful and necessary. As long as people believe we can operate like Chelsea/City/United, I will keep telling them that we can’t.


“Assimilating new players hinders the teams synergy” ..where did you read that nonsense? Did Ozil ‘hinder our synergy’? Has Cesc at Chelsea? By that logic, never sign anyone and you win the league. Better players will improve the team. Santi played in Cesc’s favorite position on Sunday, you might remember him as one of the players Hazard walked past to earn the penalty and not as the guy who clipped the best pass of the game over the defense for the second goal. As stated above, he’s a good player and one which I like a lot but we should… Read more »


Yeah, I remember Cesc putting that ball in. After we threw so many men forward looking for the equaliser. Didn’t see him ripping us to shreds the rest of the time. Losing players, reduces synergy, when players adapt to the system it helps it, losing a big part of our attack (and Santi is a big player for us) would lose a big part of team synergy in a time when the team is still trying to find it’s identity and integrating important new players, when they ARE integrated we will be a lot better. It’s the losing Santi I… Read more »


The ball still needed to be made, regardless of the mistakes we made in the build up.. and for the sake of argument, where is your counter of our number 10 gliding past Cesc to earn our penalty…? It didn’t happen you say..? Ahh. Look, I like Santi, I’d love to keep Pod too but like you say we can’t afford them all. So we sell them, buy Cesc, play better and deny Chelsea the liberty.. You can say all you like Chelsea have “no style”… well what’s ours? We lose, they win. That’s enough to convince me Arsene made… Read more »


Yeah, it happened. Hazard is a good player, he made a good play and Santi failed to stop him doing so.

I guess we just differ on how important team synergy is, if it doesn’t matter so much then sure we should have jettsioned Santi as his versatility counts for less with the good cover we have out wide.

Also, I can see Chelseas style of play is effective, it’s been borne out before, but I don’t have to like it.

Formerly Known As El Capitano

– Chair –

Yes, you’re absolutely right, how stupid of me…

Utilising our transfer budget too its full potential by acquiring a decent sized squad with lots of ‘World Class’ players, that would in turn, enable our manager to rotate the squad a lot a more, meaning players wouldn’t be over played and so close to injuries all of the time, and then, god for bid if (when) the injuries do occur we’d actually have the quality and depth to deal with them …

That’s not the solution.. that’s such a dumb strategy..


Yeh, and spending lots of money on attackiong midfielders when we need both a CB and a DM (something that mght not come cheap) is a brilliant idea.

We have to keep to z budget, it would be nice to have a blank chequebook but we don’t.

We cannot do that.

We are not Chelsea.

We are not City.

We are not PSG.

Hell, we’re not even Man U.


Our budget would be better utilized on players we actually need, such as defensive midfielder a defender, maybe even another right back (Chambers proved a revelation, but it would be quite a gamble). Adding another attacking midfielder on top of Ozil, Santi, Wilshere, while Ox, Ramsey and Rosicky can play there too, would be downright stupid. As for rotation, we have (and had) plenty of options to rotate, but Arsene seems reluctant to do so, so it’s his problem, not a problem of not having enough personnel. Let’s get one thing straight, it’s Cesc’s and only Cesc’s fault that he’s… Read more »

Formerly Known As El Capitano

Why cant we do that?
We have the money there, sh*t loads of it infact.

But I’m not just insinuating that ‘Oh we should of purchased Cesc, and loads of other attacking players’ ..
My point was, we should of looked at what’s happened previously, which is every season this ridiculous injury list.
Taken note, and been more proactive this season and sorted out the huge holes in the squad.
So we’re prepared when this sort of sh*t happens as usual.


So Santi/Wilshere/Rosicky and even having having an option to go 4-4-2 and spread his responsibilities around isn’t enough for you?

We made mistakes in the summer, not buying another AM is not one of them.

Formerly known as El Capitano

I dont think 4-4-2 is really going to work, we need 3 in midfield for us to get our passing game going. Of course, Santi, Wilshere, Rosikcy are great players, and they can do a job there. My point was and still is, we could of had Cesc as well, and another CB, and whoever else. We’ve got the financial muscle to make it happen, but we dont utilise it. .. and here we are again. For the next couple of weeks/months our quality fit central midfielders are Santi, Jack, Rosicky, Flamini, Arteta.. Nearly all of those guys are injury… Read more »


Well, I was only thinking of AMs but we are a little light in CM with Flamin’s regression, although Rambo should be back soon and so should Arteta, along with having Ox and to some extent Coq/Hayden to cover back there.

You do believe we should have signed Cec though, right? Otherwise that’s a strange cheek to put your tongue into. Otherwise, we agree entirely as lack of a CB will bite us on the arse if Hayden isn’t ready to step up, but signing Cesc wouldn’t have changed that.

Formerly known as El Capitano

Of course I do.
I totally understand the reasons why AW didn’t resign him.
I totally get that he wasn’t the player our squad was crying out for in the summer, like a CB, CF.. etc but, I honestly would of resigned for 3 reasons:

1. So nobody else could sign him, especially those cunts from West London.
2. In my opinion you can never have enough players of his calibre in your squad.
3. He was AW prodigy.


You do realize that there are rules that prohibit you from having more than 25 players in the Premier League, right? Because at the moment our squad is bang full. You can’t just have an infinite amount of players.

Formerly known as El Capitano

Yeh of course I know that


Hey, if money were no object I would want him back for all those reasons. Can’t argue with that..

Formerly known as El Capitano

But that’s my point. They recently released the financial figures, and there is enough money in the bank, we could of got Cesc & a CB for that matter. Considering we’re playing Ozil out wide to accommodate other players. I’m pretty sure we could of found a way to work Fabregas into the side. Unfortunately the games changed now, you wont get 11/12 players to play the whole season, the games faster and takes a greater toll physically on the squad, you need the quality and the depth to compete successfully across all fronts now. Our biggest problem over the… Read more »


I don’t get the people panicking. An injury to Özil is obviously a huge blow. He’s a class player who had been getting steadily better over the last few games.

But we do have Wilshere, Cazorla and Rosicky who can play in that position. Not too shabby replacements, if you ask me.


Cesc > Wilshere, Cazorla, Rosicky


We had terrible injury luck, yet we can still field a competitive team that can handle the next 10 or so games. And Ramsey, Arteta and Walcott will be back soon. Hindsight is always 20-20. It’s easy to complain after the fact, but we had and we still have more than enough midfielders to last the season, even with all these injuries.


The injury fairy rains diarrhea on us once again.its fucking mental.
The Emirates must be built on an ancient Indian burial ground. Oh well, everybody that complained constantly about how shit he was can now rest easy.


Don’t be stup….I mean, come on. If Chelsea lose terry or Cahill to injury, who do they have to cover for them? They either play Zouma, who much like our Hayden is highly rated but has no premier league experience or play Ivanovic as a CB. To compare our situation to the Chavs would be them losing cesc, matic, Oscar, and even Willian at the same time. The number of injuries we have is simply unprecedented. And please fuck off with Cesc. The cunt paid for some of his transfer fee to leave us. He played half-assedly for us for… Read more »

Formerly Known As El Capitano

The fact that every single season this happens to us, without fail. I knew this would happen again this season, you knew it, every Arsenal fan knew we would hit some horrific injury crisis again. AW surely must of had a suspicion it was a possibility as well. AW should of taken the necessary precautions to make sure that if/it does happen we’ve got the quality & depth to deal with it. The fact that this year we had the budget to make those key signings & additions and we didn’t do it is a joke. Ramsey. Debuchy. Giroud. Ozil.… Read more »


You obviously haven’t heard of Shad Forsythe. You don’t overcome injury problems by buying five players for each position, which isn’t even possible. You change the people behind the scenes. Like, I don’t know, the fitness coach. Just a thought.

Grammar Nazi

must HAVE*
should HAVE*


Look El Capitano, I’ve read about ten comments of yours above, and whilst I understand this is a football blog, can you please, please stop writing ‘would of’ and ‘should of’. It’s ‘would HAVE’ for Christ’s sake.


You speak like a true fan. Cesc was good while it lasted… we can’t blame every defeat on his departure. Would any of you exchange last season’s Ramsey for Cesc? I thought so. Let him be. He chose to leave. We let him leave. He is not Arsenal to decide when to waltz in and out of the team’s heart. As someone has said already, the Spaniard’s leaving lies squarely on his shoulders. Not Arsene’s. Not the fans. Hell, not even on Goonasaurus’ snout. The queston should be why we are the ones who bear the brunt of injuries season… Read more »


I know right? I do this all the time in FIFA 14 and it always works. Arsenal keeps wining the league because I shrewdly went out and bought Messi and Ronaldo for 100M each. Not sure what the hell is wrong with Wenger? If he would spend less time managing the squad and our budgets and more time with realistic football simulations I could see this club wining the league every year.

Craggy McEddy

Would have, could have.


Congratulation to the 130 people who thumbed down El Capitano’s post. Go out tomorrow and buy a book called ‘Irony’. And whilst you’re about it buy a book on Football Management – Clougie’s Autobiography will do – and send it to Wenger.

He needs it. Believe me – he really does !

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

Central midfield is the one area that IS equipped for this sort of injury-run, you dingus. Cazorla is a natural and worthy replacement while Ozil is sidelined.

RoyKeane's Beard

We have enough mids to cover his position. Carz,Wilshere,Ox,Ros can all step in in his absence,plus that opens up the wings for others to get a chance like Campbell,Podo,Gnabry to come in and show what they can do.Only place we’d be fucked if we had more long term absences is in defence *Fingers Crossed.

remember the invincibles

good god. so much for him getting better when “Walcott’s back”.


Shh, that might become true. Don’t jinx it.

Good Omens

Sighs. Wake me in May.

John Dale

God forbid Walcott comes back and Ozil is STILL played on the left wing. That…. that will be pure %#$@#$!

Why is my name required

The root of these injuries is our medical team or the training methods. This isn’t a coincidence.

A Yank

Generally, yes. We get injured like most people have breakfast. But if this happened while training with the German team, it’s not really on Arsenal.

Of course we still manage to lost players during these fucking breaks at a rate that far exceeds that of other clubs. Or at least it feels that way.


Just to be clear, I know fuck all about physiotherapy etc, but it does seem quite damning that he turns up to Germany training and they instantly notice something is wrong, get it scanned & diagnose the problem in a day. What the hell are our medical staff doing? They may as well hire me, the results would be the same.


Oops, just saw our statement. I take it back, as you were!
*still can’t belive how poor our training/medical set up appears to be. How do we have so much trouble compared to the other clubs?

A Yank

Oops… Beeb now reporting he arrived with it. My bad. As you were.


I think we also forget that it’s generally accepted (and lauded) that ‘the only way to play Arsenal is to kick them out of the game’.


That’s because we allow ourselves to be. The creatives in this team need a tough enforcer in the mix to afford them some protection.


I dunno. We seem to get cards for less, so I’m not sure it would actually help, unles we learn to play with 9 men every game (8 when we play Chelsea ofc).


Or that we keep playing the same players every game, even when there is a match in the midweek for Champions League


Except that Arteta and Ramsey both got hurt despite having been rested the game before.


I think it’s down to our training. remember when clichy left for man city, he said he was shocked at how tough tackles in training were. I do not think we have intense training sessions, and making the step up (physically, mentally, etc) is too tough to do on a weekly basis. how else could we train and train and train and then just get injuries every single game??


wenger’s fault. he was run into the ground. i don’t understand the “playing for fitness” argument when ozil was played all summer.


Ligament tear/rupture injuries are by far most frequently from a traumatic blow or sudden jarring twist or unnatural movement, not overuse.


I promise myself I will not make a Cesc reference…

Wow, and we thought the injury situation was bleak last season.


OSPINA – DEBUCHY _____ _______ ______ – ARTETA RAMSEY – GNABRY OZIL WALCOTT – GIROUD except three defenders we have a very competitive team sitting on the injury table the real question here in terms of ozil is: 1. was he injured during the CFC game? if so – why the hell did he make it on the plane un-noticed 2. was he injured in German training? if so, how do you tear a ligament, that is a pretty extreme injury 3. HOW THE HELL ARE THESE PLAYERS BEING PHYSICALLY TRAINED? its not a co-incidence they are all self-sustained injuries,… Read more »


Where is Diaby in this lineup? He would captain our all-injured squad 🙂


He was due to captain the injured team but he got a last minute injury.


He could be non-player Manager, couldn’t he ?


Don’t worry…the little mozart is here to save us


TR7 will save our crumbling season


Somebody put me out of my misery.


” Grabs rusty shovel”


“Grabs syringe with tetanus vaccine”.
Safety first!


Better make sure I don’t get an infection before you kill me.

Giroud's abs

Shad, why is this happening? Tell us, Shad!

A Yank

There’s a good bit from (I think) Amy Lawrence in the Arsecast where she talks about his integration into the medical staff. And it’s just that, an integration. He’s not taking over and making wholesale changes apparently. That sort of put a downer on my high expectations that his arrival would solve some of the problems endemic to us. If he’s coming in and figuring out what he can do that isn’t stepping on the toes of what’s been established, then it might take a while to un-do whatever is behind our terrible recent injury history. But that’s going off… Read more »


In Shad we tru….oh fuck it bad luck is bad luck.

Remember in the past when we’ve won trophies (not last season :), way in the past, we had some real injury/suspension bad luck and thread bare squads but this conversely helped us to consolidate and build real team/squad and winning spirit… I fancy the same might happen this season. Positive thinking in the face of negative press please all gooners!

Fergie the Gooner

I’m baffled as to how the club didn’t pick up on this and let him travel.


“So, Ozil, any pain or weird stuff going on with your legs that we should worry about?”
“Ja, I felt great pain in training today, I think I tore a ligament”
“Nah, it’s probably all that mental strength trying to burst out of you, carry on”


I guess if he didn’t feel it then no-one ever checked it, just as well the Germans are thorough though.


You’ve obviously never torn a ligament. I have, partially, just like him. It hurts as fuck.


Indeed, I’m glad to say I haven’t.

Hmm, guess it must have happened over there then.

Fergie the Gooner

From the Arsenal press release it looks like the club requested that the German team carry out the tests. They’ve not done us any favours by shouting the results from the rooftops though.

Andy Mack

I’d guess that after the Chavski game every one of our players was hurting like f*ck with bumps, bruises, strains and ankle twists etc plus pretty much every player carries a knock into every game, so if it was a ‘tiny’ partial (which I assume hurts a bit less) then it probably wasn’t thought to be ‘that bad’.
I suspect that if we hadn’t had the sh1t kicked out of the whole team then the medical staff would have had a bit more time to investigate.


Had to be in London. Takes a couple of days for the swelling to drop off enough to get an accurate scan. The fact the Germans got one says it is older.


Seems like you know what you are talking about there, Burnbabyburn. You should apply for a job on the Arsenal Medical Team. (This is not sarcasm. I’m totally serious.)

Burn Baby Burn

Sadly, it’s knowledge from a lifetime of footballing injuries and not professional experience.

For better or worse, based on the consistency of the injuries I’ve sustained I’ve determined that my doctors had to be affiliated with Arsenal.


Suddenly my history of knee injuries makes sense! Turns out 3 knee reconstructions means I am a gooner through and through (well in the knees anyway).


Let the good times keep rolling… *deep and heavy ass sigh*


Feck!stupid interlull


I wonder what we did to piss off the footballing gods to deserve such bad luck.


Moan that Ozil is shit all the time?


Genuinely think this is why! People moaning about how shit the best no.10 in the world is so now they have to see how it is to not have him in the team what so ever </3


this is entirely wenger’s fault. he was run into the ground. i don’t understand the “playing for fitness” argument when ozil played all summer. he needed rest. so stupid and avoidable.

similar thing happened to walcott — played too much after injury — and ramsey.

i love wenger, but so sick of his idiocy. players need a rest! and there’s no excuse with options on the bench. fuuucccckkkk




What the actual fuck is going on?!?


Oh fucking fucking the fuck off already!

New Shuttle

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Sack Venga and all will be fine!

(or you could equivalently slit a dagger through my heart)


Sure, if only Wenger didn’t sign that new contract, Özil definitely wouldn’t have injured himself with Germany.


If only Wenger studied more biology when he was in his 20’s, fuck that guy. Football managers these days always have the latest technology in injury-prevention but not this geezer.


Of course Fabregas in our squad would have been overkill Wenger, he’d never get game time with our constantly fit first-team players.


You seem like the kind of gentleman who would be interested in purchasing some volcano insurance…



Who the fuck is behind this sorcery that Theo and Mesut are not allowed to play together?

Zip Watcher



Wenger’s Arsenal is cursed. Always on the news for the wrong reasons. So much for the long awaited Ozil Walcott partnership.


Yes – as noted before a gypsy curse is on The Emirates & London Colney, Wenger has injudiciously walked under countless ladders, run over the lucky black cat, and lives at number 13 – and he lost the lucky rabbit’s foot. Since it’s Halloween soon, I’m sure things will – er – get much better. Get the exorcist in, FFS!

A K 57

oh for god sake. Our season is going up in smoke.


Actually Jack’s healthy and playing pretty well right now.
Smoke up Lads!


Ha Ha ! We need gallows humour right now !


How the bloody hell did this happen ?

Does it explain the poor performance on Sunday ?
Did he manage to tear his ligament in a solo training session ?

It’s all bloody Shad’s fault


Yeah, we never used to be plagued by injury after injury before Shad got here!

… Oh.

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Trying to hold in the tears/maniacal laughter at work..ffs

Chairman Meow

almost unbelievable


Arsenal must have the worst medical staff


Jesus fucking christ, are you fucking kidding me?


Bloody brilliant. That tear might have been the reason why Ozil’s been so quiet for the majority of the games. You reckon the pundits will get off his back now? Fat chance. Get well soon Mesut.


I doubt it, I don’t think having ligament damage would make you brilliant one week and not so good the week after.

I think the number of players acclimatising and his style of play sometimes needing a littel more familirity was the problem.


Silver lining in the form of Gnabry?


I’m fairly sure he’s injured, or we would’ve probably played him against Southampton. Or at least been on the bench. Can’t remember 100%, but I’m fairly sure he wasn’t there.

Besides, losing one of the best #10’s in football for 3 months is the kind of dark cloud so big and dark that you tend to not give a shit about a silver lining.


Fuck fuck fuck fuck………

Big Chief from Antarctica

Al Bundy had less misery.


*whispers* we should have bought Cesc


Why did we not buy another attacking midfielder in the Summer? All is lost!


Seriously though, it could be a big problem as if Santi goes down then until Rambo is back it’s most of the creative burden on Wilshere. Looks like the Daily Mail will get their wish to see him dropped though, so not everyone is unhappy.

Andy Mack

With Santi and Jack we’ve double the creative flair of many EPL teams.
Hopefully Diaby, Rosicky, Ox and Coq are fit and Zelalem may see some time from the bench.

Arsene's Apologist

I’m speechless. Unbelievable.


Dlessing in bis guise 🙁


You are a mucking foron.


A forty-five million quid moron at that.


Lads and lassies, I meant Gargoyle, not Özil. Wish him a speedy recovery!




I say it will be the silver lining for Santi to let him play in the 10 hole.


The whole thing is just getting me tired and confused! Gosh

Safe Hands

Bloody, bloody, bloody hell! Gutted. Let’s hope everyone else can muck in enough and that Cazorla finds his first season form.

Let’s hope for as quick a recovery as is safely possible. I’m sure he’ll come back stronger and raring to go.


Oh for fucks sake.


This is almost becoming comical. It’s absolutely baffling the number of players that get injured for us. Unbelievable.


Would like to point out that United has 10 players crocked with Herrera the latest addition and no ones on their back about shit medical staff.


That’s beyond ridiculous




This is unbelievable. Apparently he didn’t train at all with the German team, so must have been injured before when with us.


BBC said he was carrying the injury when he arrived.


BBC said that was the statement from the Germany camp.


Straight from the horse’s mouth. Yeah, the BBC are not that well connected as they would have you believe.

“The 25-year-old complained about discomfort in his knee on Tuesday when he arrived in Frankfurt. Having been examined by team doctor Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt today in Munich, it was discovered that he has a partial lateral collateral ligament tear in his left knee. Mesut Özil is expected to be out for ten to twelve weeks.”

By the way, how fucking awesome is Dr Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt. Fwaar!


How fucking awesome is that Name!? Hyphenated first AND surnames. Wow.

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt is not an old fart. Seriously, the initials of his last name are MW are a formation in football. Incidentally, this injury reminds me of last year’s injury during the game against Bayern, whereby Ozil was blasted by the media only to find out that he was injured during the game, but decided to man up and not ask to be substituted. The injury against the chavs may have happened early enough during the game to explain how he was reluctant to get on the ball. Clearly, he is too proud to complain about pain. My opinion is… Read more »


We’re all doooomed!


Fabregas not looking so surplus to requirements now……

Andy Mack

Yes he is.
If Jack and Santi get injured then maybe he’d have been a decent ‘buy’ but he’d have had little game time this season for us and half the emirates would be booing the 2-faces Spaniard.


little game time — yeah right. he’s better than ramsey and wilshere and on par with santi and ozil.

Andy Mack

Let’s see when he goes ‘on strike’ for his next move.
Luckily the 2-faced shit won’t be doing it with us!


Fuck off! fuck you!!


Wow Wenger WTF? Rosicky Santi all are above 30 so why didnt he replace them with Fabregas in the first place and now this :/

Andy Mack

Santi isn’t quite 30 yet.


Ruled Out for 3 Months + Arsenal = 4 1/2 Months

*wipes tears*


A Yank

I applaud your optimism. With a 10-12 week diagnosis, I would have thought he’d be getting his leg amputated.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

Maybe we can ask the German FA if we can leave him with them to recover?….

Wenger: C'est fini

Beyond a joke now. Arsenal lose more players every season than anyone. It’s simply demoralising to the fans.

Andy Mack

According to ‘’ we don’t.

red or dead



I dont know what to write.

Midfield Corporal

So far this season AW has been chopping and changing all these offensive players at his disposal without finding the right formula. Maybe now his options are becoming increasingly limited he’ll be forced to stick with a settled side and things may click.

Finsbury Park Gooner




Finsbury Park Gooner






Oh my fucking days


I blame Wenger…Playing Ozil wide a position unsuitable to someone who clearly struggles playing their and the physical ramifications that entail.

The consequence of not buying the right players for the right position and rotating players when they are playing poorly.


I actually did giggle reading that post. Kudos to you for that.

Andy Mack

Yes he just couldn’t play their for Germany either…….. despite them playing him there mainly.


Oh Fuck off…Different team, different system….He played wide at madrid aswel…SO what..He cant play there for Arsenal in the premier league.

Andy Mack

IMO It’s not his best position, but he can play there for any team.


What is this? Effing Poltergeist Fünf? Is the fucking Emirates build on a cursed ancient burial ground? We demand answers, yes we do!

another goon

No more Özil on the wing, we might actually win something now.

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