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Ox: He reminds me of Luis Suarez

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain says the way Alexis Sanchez closes down opponents reminds him of the energy of former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez.

Heaping praise on the Chilean international after his brace sealed three points for the Gunners away at Sunderland, the England midfielder drew a comparison with the punchable, tooth-faced, bitey racist…but in a good way.

“He’s a world-class player – everyone saw that at the World Cup. He’s proved that and he’s played for Barcelona where we’ve all seen what he’s done.

“He’s an unbelievable player and part of his game is his character and his hard work – that’s where he’s got both his goals from today.

“He reminds me of Luis Suarez when he chases everything down and he makes nothing into something. He’s done that for us twice today and he’s scored goals at important times for us.”

He certainly has. The double at the Stadium of Light took Alexis’ tally for the season to eight for the season, a damn impressive start for someone getting used to new surroundings. If you’ve a spare moment, do take a read of @7amkickoff’s latest post where the Suarez comparison is further analysed.

Meanwhile, Wojciech Szczesny doesn’t give a fish’s tit about how the Gunners beat Gus Poyet’s Black Cats. Accepting it wasn’t Arsenal’s best performance the Polish keeper instead focused on the positive of securing a rare clean sheet.

“I couldn’t care less about the tempo of the game and how we played,” the goalkeeper told Arsenal Player.

“You expect a tough, physical game here so that means you have to dig in, defend and try to score goals on the counter-attack. We did that today and I’m delighted with it.

“We’ve not kept a clean sheet for a long time so it was good to get one. Hopefully we can keep a few in the coming games because we have conceded a few too many goals.

“The only way to get the momentum is by winning games. We’ve won two now after winning midweek in Brussels as well, so we’re looking forward to the next game. If we keep winning then we’ll be very happy.”

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Aww yiss.


We play well and we lose – “No winning mentality”, We play badly and win – “We are just shit”.


In the end- “No matter how well we play, we’re not winning anything”


Of course only real significant trophies need apply.


We need to re-learn how to counter attack. Passing for the sake of it just gives the opposition time to reform their lines…


I wonder when the media starts with ” Arsenal one man team, Alexis Sanchez”.


At the moment it wouldn’t be too inaccurate…

Wenger's Waterbottle

I would say his game has less bite than Suarez’s though. I’m sorry, I will see myself out.


Same energy and hustle, better orthodontist.

Rob Smith

, while The Ox is fast, 9amkickoff and Arseblog are faster!

Santa Claus

Suarez without the fangs


Offically my new favourite player in football, I can take my Fabregas posters down now.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

I burned my Fabregas poster when he tackled Danny Welbeck from behind at Stamford Bridge… after the whistle had blown and when the referee’s back was turned… the only purpose of which could be to injure/intimidate the Arsenal striker.

Can’t wait ’til Cesc falls out with Mourinho and they refuse to talk to each other. Judging by his poor attitude at the World Cup (screaming something at Del Bosque and leaving training early on a bicycle the day after a match where he’d been benched), it is only a matter of time.

the only sam is nelson

I’m still struggling to understand how yesterday’s game saw 4 minutes added compared to the 6 added after Hull spend 25 minutes of the second half on the floor waiting for the trainer to come on

perhaps it’s something to do with the clocks going back?

bergkamp's hooped sock

Much needed 3 points. Forward now.


Szcz is very almuniaesque right now. Goalkeeping situation isn’t very healthy either.


No he isn’t. You clearly don’t remember Almunia.


Its no wonder he’s already becoming a favorite of most of our fans. I mean he’s simply never stops running, never quits, even when its not going for him you will not see him sulking- head down and whatnot, with every loose pass he chases it down and a genuine good guy……remind you of someone? ROSICKY : fascinatingly also many Arsenal fans favorite!!

It’s clear what we fans want…not a messi not a Ronaldo but simply a guy who week in week out put a proper shift in…

Time for the other ” normal players” to follow his lead.


I agree. His workrate is the benchmark for all other players in the squad. You can have all the talent in the world, but without hard work , it isn’t worth anything.

alexis' shorts

Yea, the work rate in our side is lacking. Our technique is second to none but the effort and chemistry
are not there. If the chemistry isn’t there, the work rate has to be present to give yourself a fair chance
week in week out. If you have the chemistry and the work rate, you can be invincible…

mr hanky

One man team..hah.Welbeck puts in a good shift every time…so…okay a Two-man team then


Having a Luis Suarez could be a good thing, means he will do Luis Suarez things…….. and (no cannibalism and racism) are not good things. though it could also mean the remaining ten players sit back and watch him be Suarez which we all know got Liverpool jack squat. I trust our players are not as fickle. Time for everyone to step up!

i feel like “suarez” has been over used here…oh well. Suarez

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash



My friend, who doesn’t like football, says the transfer market is like selling and buying farm animals. If so, then we just bought ourselves a well endowed South American bull. The other calves in our team really need to step up and become the beasts they were, just a few months ago.

Naija Fan

Why didn’t Wenger get Song back when we all know how we needed someone in DM. If I understand Fabregas loss due to Ozil, how can someone explain Song’s. Now the guy is showing everyone his stuff.

alexis' shorts

Yesterday was his only game of note. It wasn’t even that great but on that logic we should really be trying to
get Gervinho back over Song


“Why didn’t Wenger get Song back when we all know how we needed someone in DM.”

The second part of this sentence answers the first part of this sentence.


Song is better than any “DM” we have right now which by its own definition we really have none…



Arteta is just better in every way, Flamini is more disciplined and I’d rather have Rambo there too.

Coq could probably do a job better than him, and Hayden for that matter.


It seemed like Song had a falling out with Wenger but I’d take him back now. We need a DM and CB and he can play both so it’s a no-brainer…if he has sorted his attitude out

Finsbury Park Gooner

Any news on Gibbs? He’s one of our best players at the moment and we can scarcely do without him.

American Gunner

Off subject, FLAMINI suck! Why is he still on our team

alexis' shorts

Because if he hears you say that about himself or someone else in the squad, you’re gonna get two boots
in the mouth. Hope you’ve got a dental plan.


Arsenal just can’t do right. City lost to west ham and they have everything people like to stress we are lacking. Boom! COYG.

Va va voom

He and Balloteli are like north and south pole. Direct opposites!


Wenger bought well. People criticise him for not willing to spend. He spends big on Ozil and they complain. But he also bought quality for price in Welbeck (see Balotelli), Chambers(versatility), Debuchy (solid performer), Ospina (a steal). And then there is Alexis for 33m. Another big buy. not a word from the mundane media about how effective he has been as an Arsene Wenger signing. Granted Wenger has placed a considerable risk in not signing a Cback, let’s not lose track on how solid his acumen is in the market. As a reference see Liverpool and the money they have… Read more »


he is not deficient in tactics mate.

it just so happens youll get better results when same tactics are applied by world class players/winners like bergkamp vieira henry pires and gilberto than say…arteta jack and flamini..

its not rocket science

managers coach and players win games. tactics is a fancy word. if you want to win you go out there and do just that, WIN!

furthermore…wenger did his tactics ages ago….his tactics have given doubles and european finals to again its all about the players quality.


On that note, we come back to this whole ‘DM’ bollocks. Frankly as I mentioned last summer (and before), we do not need to think about a replacement yet. This is not priority and can await next summer. Arteta and Flamini are good enough if properly supported. I watched the game again against Anderlecht and Flamini was decent, put in a number of important tackles. I don’t think Arteta is over shadowed against better opposition more than our tactics need to adjust to make us more compact around him. No mythical physical beast DM type would have done better with… Read more »


You may be right about our tactics being poor (i fully agree), however that doesn’t negate the quite obvious fact that neither Arteta and especially Flamini are food enough.

Neither would start for either one of Chelsea, City, and possibly United. And they’re the teams we should be in comparison with.

Boombastic Shaggy

Arteta and Flamini aren’t food enough? Nice pub on the Suarez reference.


Agree that tactics is more important than personnel right now though improving the later will help the former. Matic and co may be fantastic but if we don’t press as a team or make aggressive runs to set up devastating counters, they won’t be able to help anyway


People call for Wenger’s head and a replacement. Who?

Recent calls include Martinez (over rated) and Klopp. Know where Dortmund lie in the much less competitive Bundesliga? 14th! Where are those voices?


Klopp has been fantastic for the past 5 years. Dortmund are having a shocker of a domestic season, but they still tidily beat us. I like Wenger but we could do a lot worse than replacing Wenger with Klopp when the time for Wenger to retire comes.


Klopp? Because they’re having a bad season right now, you want to claim he’s over hyped? Dortmund have consistently been one of the best teams in the last 5 years. What Wenger has done in the last few years keeping us in the CL has been amazing, but Klopp has achieved arguably greater. He took a club that almost financially disappeared not that long ago, and with far more limited resources, has transformed them into a top European club, winning the bundesliga (which is in fact a tough league) twice and reaching the CL finals. Al the while having his… Read more »

Andy Mack

Klopp is at a club with great supporters. He will not move to a club which has fans which boo it’s own players or a manager (AW) that is very respected around the world. He does have a wobble (he took Mainz down) but given a bit of time he usually does well however he wouldn’t be sure of support from the fans here when the wobble comes.


u people crack me up with your sarcasm and sense of humour,…a far cry from the clowns that show up on Facebook. arseblog, home of the best fan blog readers

Dial square

Ray Parlouresque….


Suarez’s overbite and sanchez’s underbite would make for quite a fuckin head I imagine.. It’d be like 80% teeth!

Oh and I fuckin love Alexis, best signing we’ve made in years. More of these please arsene


Im glad you guys are seeing how good Alexis can be. I say it again, he will get better.


I see Walcott and Sanchez having a formidable Counter-attacking partnership reminiscent of him and arshavin. Remember that Arshavin goal vs MugSmashers in the 4:4 draw.

Tony Hall

Less talk Ox and more action. At the moment Alexis may well be playing like Suarez but most of the rest of the team are playing like Chamakh!


Naija fan. “I understand Fabregas loss due to Ozil…” I don’t understand that at all. (Admittedly with the power of hindsight, a bit) Fabregas, was a tried and tested prem player, world class in every sense and committed to us. Now he’s lighting up the league for Chel$ea . Ozil might have done great things elsewhere, but for us he’s been a massive flop, and unless there is some kind of resurrection (we’re talking epic Jesus style here), he will go down as a flop of Torres proportions. Worst decision Wenger ever made, a big fucking nail in his coffin,… Read more »

Az Ahmed

Ozil’s absence has only highlighted how much of a creative influence he can be. We have looked flat going forward. A lot of that is to do with the amount of space Ozil creates by dragging players out of position.

Mr Brain Is a Gunner4life!

I hope other players around him could try to borrow from his (Alexis) leaf and up their games, instead of standing in awe and gazing at his performances.

Chris B

Not to sound like an overly clingy girlfriend, but… Alexis, don’t ever leave us. If you do, I’ll cut myself.


He reminds me of Francis Jeffers! LOL!

Goldman Sachs Wenger

It is no coincidence that the two players who work the hardest are ones who came to us from much more successful teams.
Apart from TR7, I don’t see anyone with that work ethic here.


Wenger out now….
I mean why didn’t he buy Balotelli?

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