Thursday, April 25, 2024

Video: Arsenal train before Galatasaray game

A look at Arsenal’s open training session which took place yesterday. The old school porn music is what makes it …

Via r/Gunners

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kumbukani kaunda

be there.


Loved the porn style music.


It’s pretty damn good, but I still don’t think it quite hits the heights that this Oscar worthy gem manages:


I would be pretty ashamed to admit my familiarity with old school porn music. Just saying.


All it needs is a Ooooooooooo-yyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh over the top for me to get the fap oils out.


Now that was fucking interesting.


Some players don’t seem to be taking the warm too seriously – Poldolski? – maybe he knows that he will never have to actually play.
Also worried about Alexis – if he needs his trackie bottoms on a sunny morning in Hertfordshire, then he’ll need his arctic survival gear for away to Burnley and Stoke.


I think you need to stop looking too much into it they were just warming up and stretching.


Maybe Alexis is still adapting to the London climate. Coming from a South America. or maybe he is wearing it to help in warming up the muscles faster.


So, you really think Alexis is going to be intimidated by the WEATHER? Please gents…
He has been playing in Europe at top level for a while now. And, in case you don’t know it, in “a South America”, Chile in particular, has a cold winter as well.


I have an almost consistent schedule when it comes to our club. The days leading up to a game cause me to be excited, I wonder about the potential starting line-ups, the injuries etc. Game-day, I’m already on my one track that leads to the kick-off time, everything else goes by on auto-pilot, while all I’m really doing is waiting for the game. During the game, I’m excitedly typing texts to my Gooner friends all over, or discussing in-game matters with some Gooners I’m watching it with. Post-game is always a ritual- Arseblog match report, player ratings and then seeing… Read more »


I’m with you.


Agreed I have just read nothing this week and I am just going to watch the game and hope…COYG!


AND I’m back! Haha. “You make me happy when days are gray..” Indeed!


Isn’t that the theme tune from Debbie Does Dallas? It goes on forever


Anyone else notice how little Sanchez did in that warm up?! F*ck shads instructions, Alexis has got his own routine…!

Mr. White

Our seasons gonna change when Theo comes back


is it me or does sanchez doesnt really looked interested in any of those workout routines Shad were giving to the team? he hardly did any of it, please tell me im reading too much into it.


Please. Really don’t think anyone should be looking too much into this.

Gif Richard

About four of them followed Shad’s warm up properly. No wonder they’re all injured!


Boom chicka wow wow


When everyones walking over at the start and saying hello to everyone else and having a kick about before training starts, the camera pans to the right and Koscielny comes walking up last, lol it made me laugh because it reminded me of on Jumanji when that last rhino comes past ages after everyone else, i could picture Koscielny as a rhino in our defence, piercing Costa thru that hamstring which resembles a slow cooked lamb shank. Costa needs to see the best man marking CB in the League in action and then he will know the Premier League, scoring… Read more »

nj gooner

Is it just me, or does Shad seem to be teaching some pretty skilled hop-scotch strategy?


Would have been funny if three or four players fell down with hamstring problems mid warm up!
You gotta laugh…

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