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Joel Campbell reiterates Arsenal commitment

Joel Campbell has reiterated his commitment to Arsenal by claiming he’s happy with life at the Emirates.

Reports surfaced before the international break that the Costa Rican international was getting increasingly annoyed at his lack of game time, but in a video interview with his personal website the 22-year-old made clear he’s happy to be learning his trade at such a big club.

“What they have been saying is not true, I’m very calm. I have not been furious. Obviously, yes, I would like to be playing, but that’s something that has to be earned day by day. I have to keep training and waiting for the opportunity, I know it’s a very competitive team.

“It’s one of the best teams in the world where there are many important players. I have to be patient, keep training and I know my chance will arrive and I’ll have to take advantage of it when it comes.

“[I’ve learned] a lot [from Arsene Wenger]. He is a coach who has many years in football and with Arsenal. I am learning from him and from my peers every day in training.  I’m doing my best to be a better player every day.

“Very much, very much,” continued Campbell when asked what he’s gaining from life with his high-profile teammates. “The truth that is [that to be] on a par with those great players for me is a good deal of inspiration. I try to give my best, to learn from them, to observe them and what they do.

“The truth is that I left a good impression, my teammates are happy with what I do in practice and every time I walk onto the field. I feel comfortable with what I’m doing and I hope to have more opportunities to continue to grow as a player.”

So, that should clear that up…for a bit at least. Nice to hear you’re happy Joel.

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Hmmm anyone remember how good him and Sanogo were in the emirates cup? I was very much looking forward to seeing them up front this season, don’t really know why he isn’t being played!

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Arsenal is rarely getting a two-goal lead during games and when we do we don’t keep it for long time. Difficult for the coach to give them game time. Whatever happens, Arsene will give game time to Sanogo though. Hope he has at least the effect he had during the FA cup final if he can’t score.

Andy Mack

When Wellbeck and Giroud are both fit then Sanogo won’t be in the squad.
Similarly when all the main wingers are fit, it’s unlikely Campbell will be in the squad. But with our injury record they’re both likely to get some game time this season.


I actually pray to God that Sanogo doesn’t get game time in an Arsenal shirt this season, he may have potential blablabla but he is not ready to be anywhere near the 1st team, his spot should belong to someone like Akpom or Afobe who actually score goals!


Oh good. Campbell speaking out, Wenger speaking out for Podolski’s sake, Rosicky still locked in the dungeon…

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Love the attitude of the kid. Hope his patience and hard work pays off for him, either at Arsenal or somewhere else-deserves the opportunity.


Fantastic Attitude… Hang in their son ur chance will come any moment

Me So Hornsey

I like his attitude. One thing about him is that I definately don’t think this guy will shirk ANY of his defensive responsibilities. I just get that feeling.


Love his attitude, but he’s competing with Alexis, Walcott, Chambo, Gnabry, Cazorla, Rosicky, Podolski and Ozil.
The squad planning at the club is non existent

Andy Mack

I can’t see Rosicky being here next year, Poldi maybe but no longer, and Cazorla maybe 2 years. That sounds like very good squad planning to me. Alexis, Walcott and Chambo are all flexible to some degree position-wise and I heard Gnarby is as well (but don’t know!). Everyone would be moaning if Campbell came straight into the 1st eleven and had the usual year to settle in. The Home crowd whingers would have jumped on him and broken him mentally in the same way the did with Gerv.


Comment: you gotta love his attitude.

i want to boff welbz and I'm not even gay

Which roughly translated means ‘2 more months and I can start sorting my Bosman out, chill out everyone’


Campbell to score the winner next weekend (from the Dame Judy Dench of course) against those horrible, horrible bastards. Viva ARSENAL!


Comment: Fantastic lad, great attitude.

Trex d Gunner

Great attitude from the young chap. Patience is a virtue.


What a great attitude this boy has. If only Arsene would play him To give him the opportunity to prove himself. He has so much potential. I fear that we’ll lose him like Podolski. What’s the point of having a squad if you don’t play them.

I’ve lost all belief in Wenger’s man management. Although he’s a massive cunt he could learn a lot from Mourinho.

The Deboer, Bergkamp and Bould management team is what I’m hoping for next. Not now but at the end of the Season.

Que the thumbs down….

Mate Kiddleton

I cannot thumbs down any suggestion that includes the mighty Bergkamp


I’m still not sure who you’re calling a massive cunt…


Obviously Mourinho?! I wouldn’t disrespect Wenger like that despite my frustration with him.

Andy Mack

He’s trying to protect Campbell. When we’re actually playing well as a team, then you can rotate.
With most teams, when you’re leading by 2 goals then you’ll blood the newbies but with us that’s not possible at the moment. The last thing he wants is to put JC into a stuttering team and have the home crowd whingers on JCs back. That’s what broke Gerv and causes so much problems for any new player.


So so wish he makes it at arsenal,great attitude.

CF Sanogo/Giroud
LW Alexis/OX
RW Theo/Joel

That’s some tasty options up front, wengers’ problem is he has not bought defensive players when he had a chance, and now we are suffering, on top of that he chooses to play nacho out of position rather than playing per and chambers in the middle and belerin in RB and Gibbs in LB… But that’s just my idea of playing ‘right’ players in right positions…


Sanogo a ‘tasty option’ up front……. Mmm not sure he’s that yet.


Did someone forget Welbeck?


when you analyse 3 players Cambell, podolski & rosisky they are all unhappy at not being played which is frustrating for them and us at times, but we would’nt want any players at the club who are bench warming and happy to take the money each week, going out early in the capital cup denied them more playing time which is a shame. nice to hear a comment from any player thats not being twisted by the media


It’s like the press make up stories to have a dig at Arsenal…… Whatever next.


I think getting knocked out so early in the league cup screwed things up for a lot players on the ‘fringes’ of the squad – especially Campbell.

Mark Hughes

So while two players, who could potentially be his competition, are complaining about lack of game time, Joel is keeping his head down as he knows he’ll get his chance (probably ahead of the whingers). Smart PR by his agent.


He’s an exciting prospect. I think he will take the spot Podolski will likely vacate either this Jan or in the summer. That’s not saying much as Poldy does not play a lot either but he has better opportunity in the squad than the German and he knows it. Hence the positive outlook. Also to bear in mind, Santi is not getting younger. Whilst I’d expect Wenger to replace from market, it also opens up opportunity for the Costa Rican meanwhile. He will face competition in the wide areas more from Gnabry. Walcott, Ox and Alexis will likely be ahead… Read more »


Campbell’s positional awareness, when he has been on, has been very good. He helps pry open the other side quite well. I think for many of the fringe players, its whether he can sustain over a longer duration that is key. Podolski has had impact coming on last 10 minutes but over longer durations when he has been given opportunity, he has been less effective and it bears impact on the team. This is the key issue why they are not getting the time. Its tricky bc you won’t know of course until you do allocate them the playing time… Read more »

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