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Singapore press expecting Arsenal summer visit

Arsenal could return to the Far East next summer with speculation building that Arsene Wenger’s men will participate in the Barclays Asia Trophy, set to be held in Singapore.

The four-team tournament, which features three sides from the English top-tier and a host club, has visited the region every two years since 2003 being hosted by Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Beijing and Hong Kong.

There’s no official confirmation that Singapore have won the rights to the competition, although The Straits Times claims a deal has been agreed for the new National Stadium to host games in mid-July.

Arsenal haven’t played in the sovereign city-state since 1991 when they beat Liverpool on penalties in the Caltex Cup; David Seaman saving the decisive spot-kick from Ian Rush after Nigel Winterburn’s last-minute equaliser.

It remains to be seen whether Singapore is the focus of the tour or if the Gunners see it as a stepping stone to another region. Australia is looking to lure European clubs Down Under for games in Melbourne while their Antipodean cousins in New Zealand tried to organise similarly high profile games last year.

Last summer the Gunners pre-season preparations were stunted by the late-finishing World Cup, but they did find time for a quick jaunt to New York where they lost to Thierry Henry’s Red Bulls.

After years shunning extravagant globe-trotting the lure of big bucks and brand expansion opportunities has seen Arsenal travel to Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Japan in the last few years.

An attempt to play a game in Nigeria in 2012 was aborted late in the day due to security issues, although they did send Bacary Sagna, Per Mertesacker and Lukas Podolski to the region to do a dance. 

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Me So Hornsey

But more importantly will there be any beach football for the boss to take part in once while over there?

On a side note to Arseblog:
The recent addition of multiple ads underneath your page make it a bit of a minefield to scroll and leave comments while using a phone or pad. One wrong touch or click and you’re ejected into another cybersphere completely. I know they’re necessary but any chance of calming them down? Not being blasted by ads remorselessly has always been the thing that sets Arseblog apart from many others Arsenal blogs.


On a phone you should see our mobile theme, which is optimised and not as ad-heavy.

On iPad that theme doesn’t work so you get the sidebar at the top appearing underneath the posts before you get to the comments. It’s not as if there are more ads since we re-designed (in fact we took a couple of the ads away).

Happy to try and make it a better experience for everyone though, so I’ll look into it and see what I can do.

Me So Hornsey

Ok thanks Arseblog, I think maybe I have a iphone update problem then as the ads have appeared underneath only in the past couple of days at a much thicker and plentiful rate.

It’s not exactly like we pay a subscription or anything after all, I only pointed it out as I thought others maybe experiencing a similar problem hence less comments are being left. But then maybe it’s just the Interlull.


It’s definitely the Interlull. If I wasn’t at a friend’s I would have been hibernating all weekend


I got a mug from that caltex cup…lost it. Damn it.

Will get a new one this time round. Will be a sin to lose it.

arsenal fan

Can’t wait!


If it happens it’s going to be awesome. Finally can watch the AFC live

Kevin Moody

There are reports here in Sydney that Arsenal are being lined up to play the A-League All Stars in late July. We won’t be playing in Melbourne – Real Madrid, Man City and Inter Milan have been confirmed for that tournament – and the New Zealand tournament was not a success this year (West Ham and Newcastle were the EPL teams involved). Carly Adno, one of the writers who wrote the article below, is a genuine gooner and I’m sure she would only raise the prospect of a trip down under if there was a realistic chance of it happening.… Read more »


Mertesacker really is a good dancer

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

Mr Blogg. well what can I say! where do you dig out such historical details?
anyway its always good to know something I didn’t know before about my team. thank you


Arsenal have also been tipped to come to Australia for the All Stars game; which is in Sydney

Madrid, Inter and Man City all got confirmed for the Melbourne pre-season tournament today.


Singapore, Australia and Japan. Plenty of potential fans to expand our fanbase, and plenty of shirts to sell potentially 🙂


As a Singaporean, this is great great news for me! Gonna be singing my throat hoarse… we love you Arsenal we do!

Le Jim

That moment when you’re an Australian student who used to live in Singapore for five years, and returns to Singapore every half-year due to family being there, but you can’t go back this certain half-year due to being in the biggest exam period of your life. AND because of said exams, you won’t be able to watch them in Australia if they come, either. 🙁

Also, a heads up, the pitch at the New National Stadium in Singapore is absolute wank.
A steaming pile of shit, if you will.


Yeah mate, the field’s a proper shat. Been in the papers, post Juve game. One wonders where they blew all their money on? The stands? Because fans, if there are any, will get injured sitting down.


Come to India too <3
But the pitches here are ridiculous. Better don't come, I don't want to see my players getting injured!


Wow. That video is quite something. I think we should just do that instead of a summer tour next year. Come on Shad, you know it makes sense.

Andy Mack

Never been there in the summer months. I’d guess it’ll be hot and wet.


I like Singapore. Great food. But in truth we should have gone to Singapore (and OZ) this last summer) instead of revisiting failiar places AND currently, the club would be better off visiting the US. It is a MASSIVE un-tapped market with plenty of potential. As I have mentioned before, it is a great opportunity for Arsenal to spread their brand and more importantly discover talent. The game is growing in America. They have the money and facilities plus demographics. Some traditional sports are losing traction with the millenials. IMO Arsenal could do no wrong setting up a slew of… Read more »


I have lost so much faith in Wenger, I wonder if he is aware of the growth prospects in the USA….naaah, let Manchester United and Real Madrid attract crowds of 108 000, we will play at a “boutique” stadium in front of 19000 (or some suchlike) because we are The Arsenal and we are a “boutique” team and instead we will travel to a fairly saturated market where the travel experience is sooo much more intellectually stimulating

Tazmanian Jesus

Per should dance every time we score. No matter who scores.


And there’s no summer in Singapore.

I’ve been there. It’s always hot and wet because they are next to the Equator. It’s like someone left the heat on all day.:P

Andy Mack

I actually meant our UK summer. Been various times sept through to april but not may to august which I think is ‘wet’ season. Isn’t it?

Andy Mack

Rainy season……


Great stuff…
Loving that picture of the fans in Singapore!
Hello from the UK 😀


Please come to Australia. Melbourne in particular is booming with football at the moment with Melbourne Derbys consistantly getting 80k + crowds. And what better time to come then after the Asian cup.

I’m sick to death of all new Australian football supporters jumping on the Chelsea bandwagon. As a lifetime gunner it makes me sick and would love to see more Aussie gooners getting on board.


i remembered merson walking out of the airport with a pair of boots (hi-tec) around his neck…oh man… how long ago was that…


I still have the signed photos of David Seaman & Tony Adams when they last visit Singapore.
I took their photos at the aorport, develop them and get them to sign after one of their training sessions at the Padang.
Watch the goalkeeping training and realised how good David Seaman was.


That video was flipping hilarious. How good was Per? He’d wipe the floor with Crouch in a dance-off.

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