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Ramsey: I’m still not 100% fit

Aaron Ramsey says criticism directed at him this season is unfair claiming a spate of minor injuries ,mean he’s still not fully fit.

The Welsh midfielder has looked a shadow of the player that so often caught the eye last year with pundits and even his own manager urging him to take his game back to basics. 

Last season the goals flowed for the 23-year-old – he netted 16 in 34 appearances for the Gunners – but this year an eagerness to find the back of the net has, at times, resulted in poor decision-making in the final third.

Speaking after yesterday’s 0-0 draw between Wales and Belgium, Ramsey offered an explanation for his wayward form.

“It was tough out there. But I’m not worried. I know my qualities. I’ve had a few injuries this season and I’m just getting back.

“To be honest, I’m still not 100 per cent physically there. It does take a bit out of me. It will take me a few more games to be back to my best. I’m not worried. Certain criticism from people is unfair.”

One of only a handful of first team members to have a full pre-season Ramsey suffered an ankle injury in early September, twisting it in an international against Andorra, before injuring his hamstring against Spurs which kept him sidelined for a further three weeks.

Unlike the Gunners six-man England contingent who are in Scotland for tomorrow’s friendly, Ramsey will be heading back to London Colney today following his international exploits meaning he has five days to get ready for the visit of Manchester United on Saturday evening.

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Maybe because he wasn’t as mobile as he’s used to being, he was trying to overcompensate creatively with the overcomplicated play?

Reality Check

It’s complicated..


I think he get back once he get in a goal cos in some matches you can see his desperation to score. Also generally the team is yet to take the kind of shape of last season. Fingers cross.


A resurgent Welsh Jesus is exactly what we need to kickstart our floundering season. We believe in you Rambo!

#YOLO Toure

Reckon it’ll be around Easter?

Sorry that was poor.


How could somebody possibly downvote that?!


Not having a settled system hasn’t helped.
I’d play him as a holding midfielder

Chairman Meow

Im finding that every single thing you say I disagree with, are you a ‘troll’? haha

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

we are always patient. damn it, we waited 9yrs for a trophy. but we need you to hold your end of the bargain so to say.
you could start by doing one over RVP(rick) this weekend.


I was wondering who Rick was for a second there…

Scott P

Rick van Persie, most dangerous striker in all the lands… or none of the lands, I can’t remember which…

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

I hope you aren’t still wonder. but just in case. robinvanprick.

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

I hope you aren’t still wondering. but just in case. robinvanprick.

Gunner From Another Mother

Same here. For a second I thought Rick was the little boy inside him.

Gunner pundit

Wenger Please start Ramsey with Wilshere in central midfield.


He’s tried that before, it doesn’t end well. They get in eachother’s way and leave vast gaps behind them.


well it’s true.

Isha nla

A pundit indeed

Was born a Gooner

Jesus shall resurrect… in due time…
After 3 days
3months or maybe 3 years…
But he shall surely resurrect…
We know that for sure…
But dont wait till after Arsene run’s out his contract before you do tho’… That’s 3years right?


So he says, ” I am not worried ” twice ? I am worried now !

jamie r

Ill judged backheels in central midfield have little to do with fitness issues.


It’s all part of his plan. He knows he needs to put the extra work in to get to full fitness so he thinks to himself: ‘you knowwat? If I just backheel this football over to that lad on the other team there, then I’ve got to go chase him down. A little mini-workout layered into the match’. And so he did.




Decent team going forward, Wales


Agree, that game against Belgium was one of the more entertaining 0-0 I’ve seen.
I know he’s the enemy but I can’t help it, Eden Hazard is fucking quality.


A fit Aaron Ramsey , playing at his best in top form, is like having 12 men on the pitch for us.
Resurrection time please Welsh Jesus.


And he’d have 10 other players with him too, so that’s like 22 players, we’ll be unstoppable!


Mou sure would envy the size of that bus.


He will come good
There’s takent there


That last submission is so wrong
Damn Apple….

He will come good
There’s talent there …..
But you all knew that

Mark Hughes

Unless it’s his brain that isn’t 100% fit, he should have the experience to realise that running up the other end of the field when we are 1-0 up isn’t the correct decision.

If anything, these injuries making him less than 100% fit should have stopped those runs happening.


I think the criticism is more than fair considering how poor his form has been and the fact it has appeared to be more a decision making and attitude related thing than not competing physically.

I believe Rambo definitely has the ability to be a top, top midfielder, but it does make you wonder whether his form last year was just an anomaly/purple patch or whether he can truly be THAT PLAYER on a consistent basis over the course of his career. I really think/hope he can!


Do you think that not being 100% physically fit affects your decision making abilities, especially when the formation has changed and pretty much everyone around you is misfiring almost as badly as yourself?

My guess is that it does.

But I do agree that he needs to achieve that consistency at the top top level you speak of and I do think he can in due time.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Everybody has seen what Ramsey achieved last year. If it wasn’t for injury, he would have been the second best EPL player of the year after Suarez. You know how injuries or lack of confidence can affect players. The timing for his loss of form is too bad. This year is critical for him to establish himself as a top top player. For what I have seen last year, I am not giving up on Ramsey at all.


Rambo has proved his class but for me he needs to play with a more defensive minded playing next to him. Wilshire is too similar in his play and we cant afford to have two players out of position. Have we got a Gerrard and lampard situation ?? Both players starts their trade behind the striker but gradually dropping back deeper which in my opinion is not getting the best out of Ramseys qualities.


the media underestimate how long it takes to get back from injury — arsenal fans however know better…keep it up rambo


He has been very poor this season and his use of the ball and concentration has been bordering on awful. Cazorla too, but Wenger has kept faith with them instead of giving Rosicky or Poldi a go. We are so disjointed as a squad, no defenders, but so many midfielders and attacking players. We should be rotating far more to let others build up some rhythm. Ultimately the blame lies with the manager. It’s been commented on many times before, but we ARE always one defeat away from a crisis. I truly hope we restore some hope against Man Utd… Read more »


The tabloids have already copied. They’re just waiting to paste.


He looked absolutely knackered against Anderlecht in the final 20mins…exhausted. Yet Wenger didn’t sub him off….why???


why is he playing if he is not fully fit?


Ramboooo…!!!! The fans are being held hostage we need more wins come rescue our season


He was poor even before his injury guys, let’s not make excuses.
Injury is also not the reason why he didn’t celebrate Ox’s goal now is it?

He’s basically reverting back to the Ramsey of 2 seasons ago for the first half. He needs to remember what he did for the second half; he went back to basics.


Fitness has nothing to do with it tbh. I’d like to think it’s just a result of him playing out of position, but it’s not.

He thinks he’s Cruyff, he needs to remember how he made it as an arsenal player. Simple play, not too eager on scoring, helping the team first. Aaron has been seeking the glory.

Bendtner's Ego

Apparently he has some sort of injury affecting his passing judgement?


Teammate Unfamiliaritis?


Mindfuck Showboatitis


In truth some of his forward play over recent games has flattered to deceive but you get the feeling that he is just shy of back to form. The issue for the team was that we needed both Ramsey and Jack to be more aware of protecting the back 4 as much as possible next to Flamini or Arteta. It’s a tricky balance bc both are the link players we need in midfield to transition between 4-2-3-1 (catution) and 4-1-4-1(attacking over load). When we do not make numbers ahead of us, our attack suffers particularly most teams we do go… Read more »


Bad form has coincided with the styling of his hair. I think with a holding midfielder dedicated to defending will give the creative types confidence going forward. Our balance is not right, we attack with hesitation.

mlog oghale

its funny how he is concerned about criticism, does he expect praises for performances that are slowing our season? he is lucky Arsene isn’t like arsenal fans, he would have gained his fitness on the BENCH!


Big big fan of Aaron. But what in good fuck was he doing all summer? He obviously wasn’t getting burnt out at the world cup anyway. Really thought he was going to start this season with a bang given he had all summer to prepare himself.

The Barber Shop

He spent a good chunk of time grooming his beard and trying to find the right hair cut. Understandable really. A good haircut makes you run faster.


got married


good to see a balance in comments. people were getting on me when i said he is trying to be hollywood, but a more measured view has emerged. Ramsey needs to step up his attitude to the game, and realize the main responsibilities of his position.


Oh yeah, Welbz is Dat Guy


Ramsey needs bench time, rosicky needs game time.


I think ramsey has let the praises from last season get to his head. It also didn’t help that he was given a bumper wage increase after only 6 months of great form. However, when on form, he’ probably our most complete midfielder and would pick him over wilshere in a 4-2-3-1 formation as he offers both attacking and defensive qualities.

Still find it baffling that it taking the team so long to gel. I knew we woudn’t start off with a bang, but i never expected the it to take this loong.

Michael Timbs

I also think a lot of his poorer performances have come when he’s been deployed further up the pitch nearer to the 10 position. I don’t really see why he’s been playing there since a lot of his goals last year came from well-timed runs from deep. Naturally injuries and fitness have something to do with his form too, but surely so does playing slightly out of position, a la Ozil.

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