Thursday, April 25, 2024

Sanogo starts: Arsenal v Borussia Dortmund teams

Here are the confirmed line-ups for tonight’s Champions League game with Borussia Dortmund.

Arsenal: Martinez, Chambers, Mertesacker, Monreal, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Alexis, Sanogo

Subs: Huddart, Koscielny, Bellerin, Rosicky, Flamini, Podolski, Campbell

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller, Piszczek, Subotic, Ginter, Schmelzer, Gündogan, Bender, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang, Großkreutz, Immobile

Subs: Langerak, Hornschuh, Durm, Kehl, Kagawa, Joic, Ramos

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Welbeck needs a Break…Giroud not qualified…..Need a Big Man Up Top …Looks like a good desicion


I hope Yaya scores; he’s been on fire for the French under 21s.

Dortmund are such a good squad, especially their bench. I am confused by their domestic form.

I guess we are cheering for a tie in the other game to guarantee our qualification.



HE did!!!!!!


I’m very happy and proud of him. Yaya will carry the team for a long time. His talent is genuine. I spotted it from his first Arsenal game and GENUINELY believe he can become our best striker this season.


to be fair one of sanogos best games was when he was thrown in at the deep end against bayern.


well that was FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!! lol. he completely made that goal from nothing.


No, no, so-no-go!


Go, go, Sonogo!

If all he was waiting for was to make me eat my words I would said it a time ago.


Sanchez looks tired or is it just me? His reaction time is just fractionally slower today. Hope he gets well deserved early departure today

Ultimate Gooner

Hope Sanogo will press the hell out of Dortmund center backs..


They’ll be too busy laughing at him. Might be a decent ploy by Arsene.


Yaya will come good. Chumps like you only hold him back.

Once he gets his confidence up, the guy will be a beast. Can you really not see his raw ability??

Petit's Handbag

Apart from hope I’ll back this guy and say all I see is another Kaba Diawara/ 1999 Christopher Wreh


Gar14, I really can’t believe his unique talent is doubted by so many


The stage is set for Campbell, Podolski and Rosicky to come on later. But why not start at least one of them?


Wenger must either be blind, stupid or insane. Sanogo over Poldi? Ffs!

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Exactly how many games have you managed in your illustrious managerial career? Calling Wenger stupid? He may no longer be in his prime but not too many can boast of what he can still do


Whenever Podolski has started, he’s been shit.
Better as a sub.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Now, what do you think about starting Sonogo?


No problem with Sanogo starting.always causes defences problems and goals will come. Did well early season in emirates cup and started charity shield when we smashed city 3-0. If anything would play sanchez no 10, play podolski wide left and drop cazorla.


OK, best of a poor situation. Let Sanogo worry them up top while failing to score. Bring on Podolski at 60 and let him wield Mjolnir that Thor attaches to his left foot on match day. Hopefully that’ll do the trick. If not I guess we are fucked. Maybe.


Predictable as usual. Just hope subs aren’t made with just 10 mins to go again.


Predictable yes and I agree with your hopes of not having a repeat of the usual 10 minute subs.

Scott P

Don’t forget how well Sanogo played against Bayern Munich last year! He was so unlucky not to score there, if it hadn’t been Neuer in goal, he probably would have. COYG!

Hank Scorpio

I won’t forget. Nor will I forget the fact that he’s been shit most of the time and not scored in a competitive game for near on 20 matches.


That’s the spirit, Hank. I expect you’ll be at the Emirates tonight, booing lustily from the opening kick-off. Great way to support your team.


He does have a point though. No point booing our team but the decisions being made really are getting strange

Hank Scorpio

I never boo my team but I’m not oblivious to the facts either. Sanogo has been largely shite and cannot buy a goal.


Either of you want to reconsider those comments now?


To be fair he scored away at everton last year and it was incorrectly ruled out for offside.

Still 1 in 20 is pretty tame

Andy Mack

He’s been denied a couple more by poor officials.

Andy Mack

I guess you’ve been watching a different team as Sanogo has usually worked hard and shown good potential. Not outstanding but certainly not shit although he has had a couple of poor games but that’s usual for a 21 year old.


safe to say we getting thrashed sigh


gladly eat a slice of humble pie


I’m done with Wenger’s arrogance, if Rosicky and Podolski can’t get one proper bloody game till December, with the awful form of thee players, then what good is he as a manager?


Good to know, I’ll adjust my expectations accordingly.

Sanchez's Skid Mark

Same old shit. Boring.




Podolski is so Going this Winter !


He is frontpage of the the latest version of kicker magazine. The headline reads ‘the sad worldchampion’


You heard it here first – Sanogo opens his Arsenal account with not one but two (!) goals


Both own goals probably


And then to banjax himself in a failed celebration. Because Arsenal.




Brad ……that’s one 😉

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Yet again us poor (but mighty) Gooners are left hoping the manager’s eccentric decisions pay off.

We’ll be hammered again by the already Arsenal hating media if we lose & Sanogo does sod all when we had the likes of Poldi on the bench.


Podolski cant even get a game ahead of sanogo. He will no doubt be screwing. I think this will push him into a transfer.


This is just insane. I mean really. He continues with Cazorla and leaves out Poldi and Rosicky yet again. I know how he says people who’ve never managed a single game keep commenting on him but this is just ridiculous. I’ve started worrying about Wenger’s health now. His inflexibility is killing this team. Just try something different FFS.


bye bye Poldi 🙁


Actually apart from the uncertainty of Sanogo and his lack of goals it’s not a bad starting line up. If Alexis isn’t too knackered and Ox maintains his recent form I think we can do some damage.

Come on Arsenal, destroy them! Fucking take them apart! The time is now!

rogue teller

Here hoping sanogo gets 4 goals. I mean, you can only support him and he’s an arsenal player.


Podolski is def gone in Jan and Wenger never learns as evidenced by Sanogo starting.


Cant believe Rosicky is not getting a chance. Cazorla or Rambo should have been dropped. Ramsey has been poor all season and starting every game. I hope for Wengers sake he finds form very soon, i think Cazorla will shine tonight. Along with Alexis and Chamberlain. And hopefully they create a goal for Sanogo, get him off and running.


Resigned to a hammering. Anything less will be a bonus.

Thanks Arsene for completely taking the joy out of supporting my team.


This is the Wenger I love. He knows best. If Sanogo doesn’t score tonight I’ll eat my dinner.


I’m hungry.


Cannot believe the negativity in these comments. Can we not get behind our team for once?

* Sanogo to score a brace
* Sanchez to score a brace
* Poldi on with half an hour left, will score a brace
* Dortmund to go home with their tails between their legs after getting thrashed

Okay, maybe that’s a bit optimistic. But we WILL win tonight! And we WILL win in Turkey in two weeks’ time.



Love your ‘half full’ vibe but with a rookie at the back, a rookie at the front, a dodgy makeshift defence, a midfield with little pace and power against a Dortmund side that will press the life out of us…….. Ahem.

Come on Alexis and Ox , no pressure fellas


I was closer than you thought. Maybe we didn’t score six, but I got Sanogo and Sanchez right. And Dortmund’s “press” had all the impact of a pillow fight.


Sanogo and Martinez. Two younger players who will have to step up tonight, as the rest of the team in support of them.

Very nervous about this game. We are on such a poor run of form. Hope we win it.

Podolski and Campbell surely options if need be.


Why nervous? after disastrous start of the season and running of poor results i can’t get anymore nervous or angry, if we win i could only be surprised, if we draw or lose it’s same like the latest results, I can’t even get more sad than Saturday’s game, to be honest that was the lowest we can get after playing good dominating the game and in the end we lose the game with one shoot against us, so i’m very calm because i have not exceptions about this game just hope we qualify to the knockout stages.


…because it could get worse.


If podolski decides to leave in Jan, I’m sure most gooners will only have respect when we do meet at crossroads in the future.. His career is being wasted here at arsenal by one man and his stubbornness.. I wonder what podolski has to do to get game time. If he doesn’t get atleast 30-35 mins on the pitch, wenger should stop defending himself as we fans have every right to expect high returns from him as well..


he has been OK coming in as an impact sub and scoring some vital goals for us.

But on longer duration, he hasn’t been able to contribute as much.

He will likely leave in Jan.


I said it before that Wenger has his own favorite players. Here we go……


Lady Yaya, bring us some goals!


Really hope that Sanogo does well today, but selecting him ahead of poldi and rozza speaks volumes for me

masida kumwenda

I hv the feeling,,Sanogo will be on fiiiirrrre


Some of the support on this story is amazing. You’d think most of you had a time machine and had already seen the game or something 🙂 So here’s my contribution to the gloom; I was supposed to start work today at 745am (so around an hour into the game). I swapped shift with someone to start 930am. This way I get to watch the game in full but have to finish at 530 instead of 345.. Then I remembered the weekend and that I stayed up til 630am watching that shit live… For nothing… so I swapped it back… Read more »


Why would you stay up until 6:30? Go to bed at midnight, then wake up at 6:25. Still gives you time for a few beers on Friday night.

Do you live in Hawaii? That’s the only place I can think of where the match would have started at 6:30. I’m on the west coast, and it started at 9:30 here.


Good luck team, hope to do well and start winning some games now, wont be an easy match but hopefully we are in the round of 16 at the end of this match


I am really worried abt Arsene’s mental state..when I saw Sanogo up front, d word dt came out of me was Wenger has gone nuts


Mark my words. Sanogo to score today!


I was right wohoooo!!!!!!!


Your words are hereby marked.


He always had his favorites like Henry, Pires, Cesc. What’s your point? Welbeck is injured and Giroud is out. Podolski has been able to contribute better from LW. That leaves the logical solution as Sanogo up top. Truth be told, it is a difficult thing to get right. Wenger played Ramsey at detriment to our team tow seasons past but then he got into a great run of form because of it and scored goals a plenty for us. You don’t play them consistently, they find it harder to find form. This is somewhat Podolski’s problem but he is also… Read more »


all this Sanogo hatred! he might be far from the stricker we need but it’s not like we have been using our most clinical stricker or like we have an Aguerro or Costa at the club
most of the comments in the ratings were praising our stricker for working hard and working his arse off more than the actual business of scoring goals.

come on Sanogo ……

….for this game and the others you will play in Red and White

Samuel Akinsola Adebosin.

The boss apparently doesn’t want to start this game with 2 nineteen years old defenders? The Reddevils did against us and got away with it. Prayers time for our Gunners to prevail on the night over Klopp’s Dortmound.


What’s a Huddart?


An excellent young goalkeeper.

Bx hell



Well then Sanogo doubters, myself included, how about THAT?

palace gunner

Come on you gunners nice goal


Sanogo scores, Martinez saves. Love them youngsters, no one believes in.

fresh prince

Its striker. Fucking striker. Wtf is stricker?


well said. but if you can get your silly arse anger to tell me what a striker is in my local (African ass) language then i’ll get your point

baba ijebu



Alexis the Sanchez. Thank you AS17

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