Friday, December 1, 2023

Swansea 2-1 Arsenal – player ratings

Another fun day at the office, except by office we mean dank dungeon where you’ve been taken by a smelly old man who has tied you up and who insists on touching your special area with his toothless, sore-crusted mouth.

A 2-1 defeat, here’s how we thought the players rated – remember you can add your own ratings too. Have fun!

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Even Swansea knew a win would be asking too much of them but we let them have it anyway

Thats how hopeless we’re atm.


Please, please include a manager rating for this feature. Please.

On a more analytical note, it would at least be interesting to see if that narrows the gap between your rating and readers’ ratings for players.


What does your comment have to do with what Heroldgoon said?


Very little. I wanted it to be seen and commented on. Through experience, I discovered that, on average, the easy, knee-jerk comments were usually at the top, while taking a little while to think about what one was saying usually meant the comment was toward the bottom of the pile. The conversation on this website is determined by some technological constraints operating in conjunction with comment policy. I find it very problematic that it allows unrelated replies. But if that’s what it takes to be part of the conversation, I’m not going to impose restrictions on myself that everybody isn’t… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Podolski should be our new manager.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Or something unrelated or other


I read the comment policy (again), obviously properly this time, and got ‘keep comments on topic.’ I’m sorry, there won’t be a repeat from me.

Mr Gooner

Sir tries to use a wide range of vocabulary to talk nonsense, Arseblogger shows him his place. Makes me feel a lil better 🙂

ooh to be

oooh he used a fancy word


He’s got a point though. So often the replies to the first comment have nothing to do with the comment itself – the reason being that people want their comments as close to the top as possible to be seen and read.

Just a suggestion but maybe implement a comment system where the readers can “sort by” top rated, newest, oldest etc. ? It works really well on other sites.


You could also choose your favourite comments and have an ‘Editor’s picks’ choice, ha. No worries if it’s not possible though.


What bothers me the most is how Wenger cuts this pose of a man bereft of ideas when the team isn’t playing well. At the bear minimum go to the touch line and encourage the lads. Am even wondering whether we are capable of any tactical alterations when the going gets tough. Failing to find a solution for Montero makes me wonder how we are to deal with a more accomplished DiMaria.


I agree. Our inability to change the course of the game is quite worrying. Surely if you see a particular player struggling you try help them out.

I feel sorry for the lads. We are underachieving massively due to the way the team is set up and the instructions they are given. That Swansea team shouldn’t have been a match for us.

Last season against Everton I thought AW’s reign was over, but somehow he miraculously turned it all around. We kind of need something similar again now…

Fred Fernackerpan

Arsenal didn’t let us have anything … we took it.


I think the time may be right to make space for ‘manager’s rating’



Can we have a sack-o-Venga-meter?


As much as I think he should have gone gracefully at the end of last season, how would encouraging that kind of howling mob mentality in the comments here help things? It won’t improve the site and it won’t get rid of him any faster.

Gunner in Canada

Exactly. All the whining about Wenger Out , and think for a moment, who would you replace him with ? Right now, part way into the season ? Moyes ? Please, don’t make me laugh, it hurts too much.


Well, at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between Wenger and Moyes.


Come on Arseblog, you can see from the voting that most of us agree with trev’s suggestion.
Don’t be stubborn and ignore the fans – that’s not a very popular approach at the moment.


Hi Blogs, thanks for your reply. I think we all appreciate your efforts in bringing us the latest news and making available a forum for fans to air their views and opinions. At the time of writing this comment, Trev’s comment proposing the addition of a Manager’s rating has 138 thumbs up and 7 thumbs down, so there is clear support from the readers. Perhaps you could give some thought into changing the ‘player’s ratings’ into ‘team ratings’ then you would be able include a rating for the manager? After all, the primary purpose of you providing the news page… Read more »


I don’t get how people want to rate the manager’s performance. Most of his work happens prior to the game kicking off. What will we be rating? His gestures he makes to the officials, how many times he stands up and zips his coat up… We would need to stick a camera in the changing room too to see how he is doing in there too! The only thing you can rate is the lineup and subs – sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. As badly as the team are doing right now it is a tad difficult to rate… Read more »


It’s hard for me to justify rating some of our players since they are playing in new positions (monreal), shouldn’t be playing at all (flamini) or are coming on so late that it doesn’t even make a difference (sanogo).

One bright spot was Oxlade-Chamberlain. I thought he was electric tonight.


Think he’s been excellent since Alexis arrived. Great player to mold himself on


Fair enough on the attacking side, but remind me again who was in front of Chambers and needed to cover him as much as possible when Montero had the ball?
This is an unbalanced team lacking any kind of in-game intelligence.
I really like the Ox’s drive, but often it looks like he is running “with the ball somewhere around him.” Look up the rosicky thunderbolt against s**rs and also see the touch today that went to Cazorla before the goal. Both were a bit unintentional and fortuitously ended up with a team mate.


I agree. He could have definitely provided better cover for chambers today. I’ve never been 100% sold on the Ox. He is too inconsistent but I hope he can fix that with more games and a consistent role on the team. I just thought that today he was one of our only attacking players to show creativity.


IMO at the moment the Ox is better and more consistent than both Jack W and Aaron R. He puts in a good shift his commitment is strong and his game is less ostentatious than the other two.


A 5 for calum chambers? A 5 for Cazorla?

For what? I guess if you start on a scale of 6 for just showing up that would mean -1 for their performance


Deep breath alert. It is a number. Based on an opinion.


I did. Chambers got a 2.5 and Cazorla a 3


“schoolboy defending” = chambers
“schoolboy everything” or “just a schoolboy” = cazorla


How did you manage half-stars? I’ve been begging for them to come back.

H. P. Arsecraft



Thanks for the gif mate, well worth reliving. Could you tell us how many stars you gave Monteiro? Thanks.


Is that the moment Sanchez says “oh what the shit have i gotten myself into?”

Well if he hasn’t already!


Chamberlain was good today.
Sanchez is good any day.
right now it feels like we’re playing because we have a fixture


Deep breath alert. It is a number. Based on an opinion.

Ain't Sano(go) stopping us now

I tried guys..


How is it that when we needed some bulk to defend our lead against Anderlecht, Arsene puts on Podolski instead of Sanogo, and yet does the opposite when we needed a goal today? I really wish I could read Wenger’s mind at times… :/

Gunner in Canada

Agreed. Poldi should have been brought on when we are looking for a goal, not when we need to defend that lead like against Anderlecht.

Another thought: When we had the lead, would that not have been a better time to bring on Theo, with Swansea pushing, leaving gaps behind, rather than when Swansea had the lead, sitting back, making less space for Theo to start with ? Just a thought.

Fireman Sam

That would be a sensible substitution policy. None of that at our club sir! It seems Arsene once attended a “how to befuddle your opposition with contrary substitutions seminar” – Swansea’ll piss themselves now I’ve brought on Sanogoals late in the game, but just wait and see hehehe” chuckles Wenger maniacally. And then they win. Fuck.

alexis' shorts

Yea, I and all Gooners were begging for a Chambers substitution because Bellerin is not gonna be turned for pace. On the training ground he’s even faster than Walcott. After we opened scoring, I wanted Bellerin on for Chambers and anyone on for Cazorla. What’s troubling about Cazorla’s form is it’s just down to complete lack of confidence around the penalty box, where he used to score or force keepers into great saves he can’t even come close to the target. Replace him with Jack/Rosicky/Alexis in CAM spot and have him available as a sub. Although it’s unlikely to happen,… Read more »


I gave big Yaya 10/10 and I hope you do too.


Aye. Put on to win the ball in the air, won the ball in the air.


I can only imagine Ozil
chilling in his pad saying,”glad I’m not part of this train wreck.”

Dan D

5 for most players about right. For 65 mins the game was a pretty uneventfull affair; Swansea played like they would he happy with a point and we played with no urgency, pace or desire. The riot act should be read to manager and players but we all know that simply will not happen. This is simply not good enough and is a cycle that keeps repeating itself. We’ll hear the usual bolkocks in the press about how we need to learn, wake up, blah blah blah but bottom line is there has to be something fundamentally wrong in the… Read more »


The problem is the same problem we’ve had all season. Both so-called defensive midfielders ahead of the ball when winning 1-0, cheap giveaway, leads to a goal. Then a second goal because we don’t have two CBs playing CB and you can’t expect Monreal to come out ahead against a big center forward in the air.

If you tallied up our goals conceded this season I think you’d find at least 50% of them involve either both “DMs” ahead of the ball or a situation of one of our so-called CBs getting beaten in the air.


Players are used to starting the season (in their heads) late April as they push towards that “like a trophy” its gotten in too much in their head they dont see what this first games are anymore. Theres a rot in the team right from Wenger to his players and the staff right down to the fans . STOP THIS ROT!


NBCSN commentary team of Arlo White and Stewart Robson: -34/10. Robson in particular needs to be banned from the commentary box when Arsenal plays. This guy is officially the Tiki Barber of the Premiership. His snide, misinformed comments and barely-concealed glee at our misfortune just made an awful experience worse (every time Chambers in particular hove into view, Robson was having a go at him). I’d gladly trade the entire NBC commentary lineup for Jonathan Pearce, at least he doesn’t appear to be biased like the fuckers we have Stateside. Low ratings all round, I’d just rate Alexis a bit… Read more »


I thought the NBCSN folks were reporting from London. At least that’s what it looked like to me 😉


NBC’s an American network, though. Granted, ESPN’s not much better, but still.


ESPN, when Ian Darke is blethering in the broadcast booth, is absolutely the worst.

Le Prof

I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself. Is there some folklore surrounding Polynesian barbers or something I’m unaware of? What is a “Tiki Barber?”


Tiki Barber was an American football player who fell out with his coach, retired rather than work with the guy, and went out of his way to throw him under the bus. To my knowledge, it’s similar to what Robson has done, which is why Arsenal TV sent him packing.


The worst thing is, the back 5 is gonna be exactly the same after the international break anyway.


The never ending cycle; scraping for top 4, getting our ass kicked out of the champions league presumably and and our best player Alexis being snatched to a stronger contestant.

Right that was perhaps a bit to negative, but I’m tired of being let down.

Jeff Brownlow

A bit of perspective please people.
First of all, Rambo. Was I watchin a different match to Arseblog ( who I really admire……normally). I mean what do you want from the chappie? The 2 Swansea goals were nothing to do with him. He went out there, tackled, played simple ball, and didn’t get caught high up the pitch, while the opposition attacked through the gaps……that was last week, not today. Credit wher credits due, please.
That cud have been a nice away win, against a damn good team, but, our back line is not strong enough.


looked like Ramsey was the one involved in the tangle from which the ball broke for their free kick. Sure, a little less Hollywood today, but he is not making the interceptions and tackles and simple passes that keep the game moving and keep possession with us. He is still too eager to get into the box, and perhaps him, and the team will be served better if he shaves his fucking face and gets into the basic groove of the game for a few matches before trying to be the pretty boy that scores all the time. Only player… Read more »


At least we’re above Sp…ah, who gives a fuck.


Hate to say it but carragher is spot on. Chambers was getting roasted on his side time after time. And wengers answer was to do fuck all.
Put the ox with him and tell him to double up and help chambers out. That may have helped. But again the threat was obvious within minutes and Arsene does nothing. This can’t carry on.


The Ox was tracking back more in the second half, so I’m guessing he was told. He just didn’t do a very good job.


I suffered a lot of abuse on this site when i said that this would be the season when people notice cazorlas lack of regular form. He is average 80% of the time


I thought he was phenomenal in his first season when we played a classic 4-2-3-1 and he played in the number 10 role. Sincce then Wenger used him in different positions with different playes around him every week. Makes it not easy to find form.


I totally agree. At best Cazorla is a very average midfielder. That explains why he never features for the Spanish national team in any meaningful game. he might get some playing time in their friendlies or if they’re playing the likes of Andorra or if they’re leading very comfortably and want to give their stars some rest. He’s very low in their picking order miles behind Iniesta, Fabregas, David Silva and Busquet. Hell he’s even behind Juan Mata.


i meant pecking order but who gives a fuck anyway.

Big Chief from Antarctica

I’m in a foul mood. The players might regret every single match but that doesn’t change the fact that they don’t show it on the pitch. Wenger takes the blame too. I’m the biggest fan of him and still not on the Wenger-Out side. The way this season is panning out we can still sort it out but the title, from an Arsenal perspective, can be over by the end of November. If that happens then I can’t defend Wenger anymore. Whether he stays or not, but for this season, there can be no defending anymore. That brings us to… Read more »


I don’t think this team is nearly a midtable side, I think it’s nearly a top 2 side. Even without management this team would hit somewhere around 4th-5th most seasons. It’s not like United. Where most managers looking on at Fergie leaving would want the job but also be petrified of it. We are not that club. We are not champions. We don’t have players who have won multiple trophies over 10-20 years. We have players who must be thinking ‘we are so close’, ‘I need a rest’, ‘why is he picking Yaya instead of Lukas’, ‘Poor Mesut, we should… Read more »

wenger's coat zipper

How about Klopp?


Whats the point of these ratings anymore? Same old bs. Everyone is crap except alexis. You started seeing alexis clearly getting frustrated near the end. Wenger is crap too. Last ditch effort to rescue a point is to bring on sanogo. Really?


The Ox was better than Sanchez today.

Jeff Brownlow

No one mentioned Rambo in a positive light today.
He passed simple, tackled well, protected the defenders ( now there’s a difficult job!) , didn’t get caught high up the pitch……..much better performance.
Credit where credits due please

Asfand Ali

I disagree. Of what I saw of him, he just did what Arteta did 2 seasons back. I dont remember him making 1 creative pass. He lacked pace and creativity and mostly passed to Mertesacker, Chambers or Flamini.


Seeing the way how things keep getting worse and worse, the quote “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”, is apt for Wenger. Speaking metaphorically.

Double, Double, Double....

It’s easy to be pissed off and point the blame at the players and manager but as we all know, our voices are rarely heard; CBs, DM, ticket prices etc. (the list unfortunately goes on) the only
time they are heard is in the stands, so get behind the lads and remember who London’s finest is, up the Arsenal

Jack cassidy

I honestly think wenger has to go but we currently have no one we could replace him with.

Completely tactically inept and hasn’t addressed the important areas in our squad.

How can every single fan recognise these issues and he can’t? Must have dementia or something #wengerout

wenger's coat zipper

I’ve said it before, what about Klopp?


What about him? He’s struggling with BvB at the moment. Top of the bottom third. Apart from that he apparently likes heavy metal.


Can anyone please explain why Chambers had next to no help during the whole game to defend against Montero. Every chance Swansea got, they had time on the ball to feed that gobshite, leading to the 2nd goal. Merse was right, tactically clueless.


Merse was absolutely right in everything he said midweek, yet Wenger launches a personal attack on him purely for giving his professional opinion, an opinion which I would warrant the majority agree with. Wenger’s better than that, but I guess it’s indicative of the pressure he’s under currently. At yesterday’s presser after the game he looked and sounded like a broken man.

Asfand Ali

Can I just say that had swansea not scored there 2 goals the ratings of these players would’ve have gone up +2 per person even if they had played the exact same. In my opinion we played pretty well (only watched 2nd half as I was at work) and attacked pretty well. Overall we dominated the game (what i saw of it) but the result didn’t show it. Come on, seriously… An unstoppable free-kick and a bad bit of defending from a second choice left back playing at centre back cannot result to a bad game. As of late, all… Read more »


How did he surprise you with not taking Rambo off? He always keeps players on that have had a miserable day. Just ask Ozil. Cazorla completed 90 minutes in probably his worst game in an Arsenal shirt. But when he played well against Chelsea, he got taken off after 65. This is now a regular thing Wenger does.


A pity you don’t include the ability on this page to assess Wenger’s performance. He is an awful manager of a club that is in disarray and declining. We have an absentee owner who knows and cares nothing about footballc a board that is totally ineffective, and a manager for whom the game has passed him by several years ago.


Yeah, fuck this! I’m off to go support Liverpool.


Unchanged team= Unchanged performance, who would have thought it!?


Not many quality rotation choices at this point.

Anonymous Physicist

This. We have a pretty big squad. So why are we trying to do everything with the same 18 or so players? If people don’t perform week in week out, they should be benched for a couple of games. Our midfield hasn’t been performing for weeks, so why hasn’t Rosicky featured at all? Why is Cazorla still starting every single game, even though he has almost never looked up to the task this season? And what the heck is Monreal doing at centre back? We got Chambers to play CB or DM (according to Wenger), and we’ve got a bright… Read more »


Arsenal fans expecting the world: beabitrealistic/10

Very dissapointin today onviously… flamini, in my opinion shouldn’t be anywhere near an arsenal quality midfield. Ramsey needs to ‘make sure of it’ when he releases the ball, something he has forgotten.

I enjoyed the tactical battle nonethelesss, though was a little boring – a 1-1 would’ve been fair – nothing could be done about goal one from Swansea.

If you wanna watch a team destroy everybody go and support bayern/real/psg.



It’s so annoying watching this fucking team these days. You can see things happen before they do… That free kick.. Soon as he hit it I looked away I could tell it was in. Montero was skinning Chambers alive.. We have the lead.. I said to myself sooner or later Chambers is gonna get sent off or a telling cross is going to come from that side.. Low and behold.. It’s just not good enough, we have no idea what we are doing most of the time because we don’t react to what the opposition are doing. It’s like playing… Read more »

Tom Whittaker

Highlight of my day was when I was dropping a mate home in Bristol, an area I don’t know at all, approaching traffic lights, he said “mind out for these traffic lights, they’re unpredictable”.


I will tell you something. Until Wenger won’t go Arsenal will struggle. I mean what a stubborn bastard he is. We all see same mistakes only Wenger and executives don’t. I will tell somethin who are probably in all fans heads. 1. tactic nonesense (sam first eleven no matter who we face; players playing in wrong position, lack of organization in direct free kicks, corners… offensively and defensively; we are to open – half of the team upfront the ball; slow build up play) 2. We don’t fix our mistakes – same every game (Gibbs faul – he should do… Read more »

The Dude

Les Dennis?

sh gooner

I am very sorry to say this but I have to. Our players are a bunch of irresponsible, complacent p***ies and we will never win the league/champions league with these lot. Unlike what we’ve been told all these years, these players have no “mental strength”. They are easily intimidated by top sides and at the same time when playing lesser sides they are complacent and they think that they will end up winning no matter how bad they play. Our double winning side and the Invincibles were balanced. They had confidence that they would rip the opposition apart no matter… Read more »

Gunner Sore Arse

Piskies? What have those little Cornish folks got to do with our shit performance?

Giroud's 6Pack

I love these boys and am prepared to travel half way around the world for a 90 minute glimpse however, I’m genuinely shitting myself about the immediate future. Bartley at centre back .. what could have been? Monreal is playing remarkably well as a center back but you’ve got to be having a fucking laugh. Throw someone up from the youngens who is a natural plx.


I think Arsene is desperately waiting for Sanogo to start banging in goals so that he can say I told you so. Unfortunately for him, his little project isn’t quite working out and fans have already ran out of patience. Poor Yaya!

Jim Buttitta

You should rate the manager too. Today he gets a minus 5


Ramsey gets a 5! No way! O at best.

Utterly useless today.

Andy Mackenzie

Are the members of the board totally myopic. When are they going to wake up and smell the coffee? For as long as that stubborn French **** stays in the Managers seat, our beautiful club will be free falling downwards and we’ll all suddenly wake up and be smelling bottom of the table and relegation

Alex Partridge

I actually thought Flamini played pretty well! Heads and shoulders above a lot of the others! Think it might be time for Santi to have a rest.


So, that Ramsey thing, where he was good for a year and now he’s shit? That’s a pisser, eh?

Also, shut up, Jack. No one’s really buying the hard man act ATM.

The saddest part is that I never thought for a second we’d win, and I’m not sure I really give a shit anymore.

I’m bored to tears with this fucking team.

Romford Pele

I just don’t know what to say. If we could just hold our nerve and pull our fingers out we could actually get results with this depleted squad*.

But to change the subject slightly, I thought the Swansea fans were utter bellends throughout the game. So sick off the opposition fans making out like they are hard done by when their own players are making some pretty appalling challenges.

*I really can’t be arsed to deride the lack of signings in key areas…January is a while off yet.

Lightening Pace

The Swansea fans we’re silent until they equalised. At least our away fans showed good voice and got behind the team, shame the team didn’t properly reward them and keep the Swansea fans silent

Down under

Whats the bet wegner doesnt sign anyone in JAnuary and uses the excuse “ovorall we have key players back and there was no one in de market”


Has anyone else noticed that since Mesut “scapegoat” Oezil got injured we haven’t become worldbeaters but in fact turned even worst? Just me?


Yep. We lack creativity to the point where we’re basically just giving Alexis the ball and hoping for the best. Luckily, he’s flat out amazing, but even he can’t carry us on his own.


Well played. Well put.

Yaya Sanogo + Kolo Toure = ???

Same old same old… and now we’re off to face ManU.


I don’t have a lot to say about the ratings, other than the ratings of Ox and Chambers being slightly too high. They were both good going forward, but they’re also both guilty of losing the side completely to Montero. Ox provided almost no cover for a 19-year old who was having a nightmare, so 6+ seems a bit high.


Wenger out! Should have signed more players to provide depth in defense and defensive midfield, should play players in their CORRECT position, should change tactics according to the opposition – currently we are like some drunk that having got hammered can’t seem to understand that drinking too much will have the same result!!!!! WENGER OUT!!!!!


I do think we really miss Ozil out there no matter what people thought of him. We are turning the ball over way too much in the middle (esp Ramsey and Flamini) and don’t have that mentality to keep things simple and keep possession like we have so well in the past. Ozil for all of his faults and not taking games over as we want him to does an understated job in my opinion of keeping the ball and not doing something dumb or too risky with it. I looked at the pace we had out there today with… Read more »


i agree with you about chambers. one of the most vital skills of a fullback is how to dribble offensively but, more importantly how not to get dribbled while defending. for all his speed, chambers is still very raw, reckless in his tackle. to be fair, he’s still inexperienced and i think his best position is CB, probably in the mould of koscielny with the speed to tackle higher up the pitch but with a good passing range. what’s ironical is that wenger identified him as a CB and maybe as a future DMF. my question is this: when wenger… Read more »

Glaswegian Gooner

Just an utterly miserable week all in. It’s unbelievable that we’ve already surrendered any chance of the title by the start of November. I’ve not been a Wenger out supporter, and the only time I seriously contemplated wanting him gone was after the 3-0 defeat to Everton in April. Even then though, my faith in him was restored somewhat by the FA Cup win and our early deals in the transfer market getting Sanchez, Debuchy, Chambers and Ospina (all of which were completed by mid-late July and which made me think we were going to address ALL the areas in… Read more »


Just thinking aloud…anyone miss Ozil? Now that Carzola & Ramsey are playing like shit!!
I for once missed him. He would have made a difference…attacking wise.
But defensively we are rotten at the moment….the culprits esp Chambers. Monreal is trying but not good enough for CB. Gibbs is always too attack-minded…the effect can work both ways.

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